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  1. Can't believe that I got tickets to Wacken 2020. It's going to be my first time there 😍
  2. I'm casually trying to learn Dutch with the help of Duolingo. The Dutch do speak very good English so it is definitely not the most useful language in the world to learn but it helps me to understand the culture and the mindset a little bit better.
  3. The Blues because they haven't won it before. And my friend is a Bruins fan so I don't want them to win hahah.
  4. Yeah I was actually thinking about it later and it is probably the best possible ending for him. But it didn't leave a good taste in my mouth. It just felt so anticlimactic after everything he has done although he does deserve the peace that he now got. It probably wouldn't have mattered but it is odd that maybe the biggest reveal of the series doesn't get mentioned in the scene. There are five people present who know that he would be the rightful king and no one says anything about it, even when Yara starts crying that she swore her oath to Daenerys who technically is an usurper. Everyone just swept it under the rug as if it's not a big deal that the rightful heir to the throne is being held prisoner. I don't know, I just found it really strange.
  5. I'm really surprised that no one brought up Jon's heritage when they were choosing the new king. As if it didn't matter at all that he is actually the true heir. Jon's ending is just so unsatisfying, like holy hell. He went through all that. Just to go back there. Just. Wtf. Other than that, I don't hate the ending but l don't really like it either. I'm okay with the rest of the characters and their endings. Bran was an odd choice but whatever.
  6. Just leaving this here.
  7. Well, it kind of became true. I just don't know how I can be disappointed even when I don't have any expectations anymore. Just hoping that Arya would kill Dany now.
  8. Eh, I don't know, I'm actually quite conflicted about the episode. I mean, it had really great moments but ... it all felt... a little bit predictable? Some of the characters had a very thick plot armor. And the Night King's death, to me, was a bit underwhelming. I was expecting some sort of big sacrifice (although yeah, Theon did sacrifice himself but you could see that coming already in the previous episode) or something but. Well, not disappointed it was Arya though. Just thought they would build it up more. I kind of like the idea of Jaime killing Cersei. But then again, he is already a kingslayer so I don't know if they would make him murder his sister as well.
  9. These playoffs are shaping to be amazing. Honestly, I have no idea who is going to win it all which makes it so exciting. And it is so hard to decide who I want to be the winner. In a way, San Jose has always been my team in the west but I love Rantanen and Landeskog. I love how Dallas has been playing lately and they have Heiskanen who is one of my favorite young players to watch at the moment but then again St. Louis has never won the Stanley cup and their drought is ... well, very long to say the least. Columbus and Carolina played so well in the first round and the Islanders deserve this after all the difficulties they've had in the past years. I guess as long as the Bruins don't win, I'll be satisfied haha although it wouldn't be a total disaster either.
  10. I think the dead Starks might rise from their graves. It seems to point that way as the word "crypt" was said like a thousand times in the last episode and they're taking all the women and children there to "safety." Anyway, I think it was mentioned somewhere that the iron swords that lock the graves are starting to get rusty or something too, so. Personally, I've been thinking about the phrase "there must always be a Stark in Winterfell." I don't think we have gotten a real answer for that?
  11. I'm a Penguins fan but I had no expectations whatsoever of them. So definitely not surprised that they got swept although it still kind of stings. Thankfully the Lightning made it easier for me to bear haha. But good luck to the Islanders, they deserved to win. Anyway, despite that, really loving these playoffs so far. So many surprises already. And as a Finn, it is great to see Aho, Rantanen and Heiskanen play well. As for who I want to win it all, I actually have no real preference, as long as it's not the Capitals or the Bruins.
  12. To move abroad for a while. Like to Copenhagen or somewhere in the Netherlands.