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  1. Getting ready for that PC.
  2. Really? Eh, I don't really like it but well, there are a lot of things they're doing in the show that I don't like haha. I can't remember for sure but I think Rhaegar's other children were never called by name. Oberyn talks about them to Tyrion but refers to them only as "nephew" and "niece" so I suppose they were free to use Aegon in the show as Jon's true name. Anyway, I really should re-watch the entire series now that this season is over, see if I can catch at least some of the foreshadowing.
  3. Well, I guess in a way they did kill three in this season if you count Viserion as well. But yeah, he is not really ... "dead dead." I'm just thinking that Rhaegar already had a son named Aegon with Elia in the books. So like. What is Jon's name going to be? Jaehaerys? Or is he going to be Aegon as well which would be stupid as hell. Kinda disappointed that Aegon ended up being his name in the show but oh well. Anyhow, I liked the final episode. I expected a little more from the Rhaegar/Lyanna scene but whatever. I don't really understand why people are freaking about this Daenerys/Jon thing. Yes, it is incest but it was pretty obvious quite early on that they are going to end up together at some point. The TV series is based on a book series called "A Song of Ice and Fire." Though lately I've been thinking if it could refer just to Jon. Anyway, I loved it that Jamie left Cersei (finally) and Littlefinger is dead (finally).
  4. HBO Nordic releases new episodes at 4am my time so for the past Mondays I've woken up at 5.30am to watch the latest episode before I go to work to avoid spoilers and to be honest, I just can't stand sitting at work for 8h knowing there's a fresh GoT episode just waiting at home. It's been pretty fun though and I am usually like 15-30 mins earlier at work so I get to leave earlier as well. As I found the previous episode a bit disappointing, I have relatively high hopes for the season finale. I can't wait to see all the characters together and how they interact. Also pretty excited that the last episode is called
  5. Coke. It's pretty much the only soda that I drink, that and Irn-Bru which I drink 2-3 times a year.
  6. Watching movies Listening to music Reading Writing Wines Traveling Watching ice hockey
  7. Have been listening to Johnny Cash quite a lot lately. Such an amazing singer-songwriter.
  8. That's what I've heard as well. Oh well, maybe Martin will finally release the Winds of Winter to keep me occupied in the meantime. One can always hope, haha.
  9. Never gets old.
  10. Yeah, this was my biggest 'wtf' moment as well. Like, were they sitting there for one day or more? Wouldn't they get hypothermia or something anyway. Then again, I don't know how cold it is beyond the Wall but I'd imagine it's pretty damn cold. Anyhow, I have to say that I did not like the episode that much. I knew about the fate of Viserion like 1-2 weeks beforehand and well, as soon as I heard what is going to happen, I was like "Nope, do not want." I hate the arguing between Arya and Sansa. They did it as kids and they're still doing it. Stop, please. I want Littlefinger dead already. And I don't know, Jon bent the knee quite easily in the end... but maybe he considered the things that Tormund said to him. Honestly, I feel the whole season is a bit of a mess. Things happen either too fast or too slowly. I am happy that they are finally unraveling secrets, characters meet etc. but in my opinion some of the things could have been revealed/done earlier. I just feel like they have taken so much time to set up everything in previous seasons and now they realize that they are running out of time. In any case, only one more episode to go and then we have another long wait ahead of us.
  11. Such an awesome movie, loved the tracks.