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  1. I still remember the moment I heard this song for the first time and I loved it immediately. I think I was 10 or something. To be perfectly honest, Linkin Park probably affected me and my music taste more than I give them credit for. RIP Chester.
  2. Such an amazing band and even better live imo.
  3. Going to see these guys live on Saturday, hnnggghhhh. I can't wait, so much hype.
  4. This band is just so ... fun, especially live.
  5. I listen to anything that sounds good. But rock and metal are the ones I love the most and I've loved them since I was 10. As for my favorite bands... I really don't know. I usually mention Deftones, Mastodon, Nine Inch Nails and Swallow the Sun when people ask me that question.
  6. It took me +10 years to see this band live for the first (and the last) time. I was never a huge fan really, although I listened to them a quite lot in my teenage years but still, I got quite emotional. This song was the last one on the setlist and it made me slightly melancholic as it marks an end of an era. HIM as a band ceases to exist and for me it's kind of a realization that I keep getting older (turned 25 on Friday) and that all good things will come to an end someday.
  7. Really enjoyed yesterday's show. : )