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  1. Incredible.
  2. The atmospehere in this song is just absolutely amazing.
  3. That's awesome. Foo Fighters never disappoints. Never been a huge Arctic Monkeys fan so I'm a bit surprised that I'm this hyped that they're coming to Finland in August. Next summer is going to be so awesome, can't wait.
  4. Yeah, Jared Dines is pretty awesome. I love his Youtube channel.
  5. I haven't seen any of the Best Picture nominees outside of Dunkirk yet. In Finland, the nominated movies usually premiere in theaters around the Oscars and some even after the awards. Anyhow, I usually try to see as many of the nominees as I possibly can, preferably before the Academy Awards. I reserved tickets to Call Me By Your Name on Sunday and thinking about seeing Darkest Hour next weekend. The Shape of Water and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri are movies that I really want to see as well. Lady Bird seems to be the least interesting nominee for me as I am not a fan of Saoirse Ronan for some reason.
  6. Well, if this upcoming world tour really is going to be their final, they better come to Finland. The last of the Big Four that I haven't seen live. You start to realize that you're getting old when all these legendary bands are retiring.
  7. With DVa in Quickplay. She wasn't a very good pick at the time but the people I played against didn't really know how to deal with her.
  8. In-N-Out. I remember their burgers to be the best fast food burgers that I have ever had. But to be honest, nostalgia might play its tricks on me as I haven't had it for almost ten years as I don't live in Cali. Really liked Triple O's when I was in Hong Kong. Out of those places we have in Finland... I guess it has to be McDonald's or Fafa's. Their halloumi pita is really nice.
  9. Yes (y) And speaking of Australia, this is perfect winter music:
  10. Started Season 2.
  11. I can also recommend Nightwish as well as Apocalyptica. Also, here is a good list of symphonic metal bands.