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  1. Does anyone else think the trophy images are mixed up? Like the Toy Chica trophy image is used for a difficulty trophy instead of the trophy about the toy chica cutscenes.
  2. Kinda wish they changed all the trophy icons like they did for the permadeath trophy.
  3. I already 100% this game years ago so I can't imagine it would be too hard to do it again. However it's a minor thing but I really appreciate the fact the trophy designs are different from the originals.
  4. That's easy when you realize you can modify a lip trick like you can with grinds and manuals. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, during a lip trick press square or circle and your character will change positions and you should get a multiplier. Once you get x3 end the trick with a revert and you should have easily more than 10k.
  5. Ditto went special plus max stats and my character still slows down heck i've had this problem throughout the game were manuals kill any momentum I have. *edit* Did it the way stargate1995 described, work pretty well to be honest.
  6. How are you keeping your speed up? By the time I manual past the fountain I've lost all my speed and can't even get up the quarter pipe.
  7. There's actually an even easier way to get it on the Rollercoaster custom park. First navigate to the two halfpipes behind a wall, as you go over the one closest to the wall push forwards to land on the arrow sign into a grind. Hold the grind don't do anything as you'll fly out. Wait until you get high enough than jump out of it for an easy 10 mil plus. Here's a video of me doing it:
  8. After playing a bunch of the online it's astronomically grindy. Each match takes between 5-10 minutes. Depending on how good you are you might get between 1-3 takedowns a match. Getting MVP requires you to get the most takedowns in the match which can be a crap shoot at times. I don't really get how the busting system works as sometimes you'll bust a player as a cop and other times it will be a takedown. As for takedown streaks...I can't imagine getting the 20 streak trophy legit. If all 9 players stick around the lobby wait time is minimal but the last game I played took almost 40 minutes to start due to waiting for 1 person to join.
  9. Haven't found a single game. It honestly seems to be one of those games where the online won't start until there is enough players. Also no private lobbies.
  10. So I worked out what I did wrong. There was a dlc track I missed, as soon as I did it the trophy popped.
  11. For those who don't know the history, this was originally going to be a Resident Evil 2 remake made by fans, that was going to release back in 2015/2016, however they got a cease and desist from Capcom because they were working on the remake at the time. So it was reworked into a tribute of old Resident Evil. So I think some of gameplay aspects of the game are meant to emulate those old games.
  12. I missed the stained glass window look. And yes while it might not be a complete deal breaker, sometimes I do find myself putting off games with lackluster trophy images. Guess I just miss the day's of trophy aesthetics.
  13. Mostly GTA Online, I also play The crew 2 from time to time.
  14. Deadly Premonition was one of those so bad it's good games. Also it was insane how op they let u be in it giving u infinite ammo guns in the first playthrough unlike Resident Evil. I did enjoy it though and I do hope the sequel does eventually come to PlayStation.