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  1. So I worked out what I did wrong. There was a dlc track I missed, as soon as I did it the trophy popped.
  2. For those who don't know the history, this was originally going to be a Resident Evil 2 remake made by fans, that was going to release back in 2015/2016, however they got a cease and desist from Capcom because they were working on the remake at the time. So it was reworked into a tribute of old Resident Evil. So I think some of gameplay aspects of the game are meant to emulate those old games.
  3. I missed the stained glass window look. And yes while it might not be a complete deal breaker, sometimes I do find myself putting off games with lackluster trophy images. Guess I just miss the day's of trophy aesthetics.
  4. Mostly GTA Online, I also play The crew 2 from time to time.
  5. Deadly Premonition was one of those so bad it's good games. Also it was insane how op they let u be in it giving u infinite ammo guns in the first playthrough unlike Resident Evil. I did enjoy it though and I do hope the sequel does eventually come to PlayStation.
  6. It's possible, use the skip method and you'll be fine. The goal would be to reach the end of week 6 everyday so it will only take four days for both stories. As for dlc your best bet is to find a boosting group.
  7. So I did all the necessary requirements to unlock the Day Walker trophy (mastering each track at day) and yet for some reason the trophy didn't unlock. Before anyone asks I did master the dlc tracks and also I got the Night Rider trophy to unlock. There doesn't seem to be much mention online about this possible bug and I don't want to simply start a new game if there is a simple solution I don't know about as it would be incredibly frustrating if I have to do all these tracks again. So I'm wondering if anyone else encountered this bug and if so how did you go about unlocking the trophy. If it helps the last track I mastered was Brno Circuit.
  8. *GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSPPPP* You're right I've made a bullock of myself. In that case give me your Drawn to death platinum.
  9. i'm pretty sure portal 2 is unobtainable. Unless a workaround has been found... Anyway Nai you seem to be pretty much on top of your trophy list, not too sure why you're posting here but anyway keep going and get that max payne 3 100%...I tried that game once so it's just another blight on my profile. XP
  10. Does equipment get transferred over? Because I have got a beast of an assault rifle that 5 shots crawmerax, lol.
  11. Yeah i have that guy on my friends list and I once questioned him about it. I was trying to find that message to use as additional proof.
  12. Yeah I was looking through some other people's dispute's and I see that MW2 is something of a pariah for trouble. So it's unlikely anyone would believe my claim about it, so I will hide that. However like I said I can provide proof for Showdown, that said the platinum earning video was recorded on a phone so it's not the best quality.
  13. silnev Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 For some reason a bunch of the trophies weren't popping as I did what I was meant to do in order to earn them. Heck I even completed the mode and I didn't receive any trophies so I moved on. One day I logged into the game only for the trophies to all pop while I was in the menus. I was never too sure why this happened however if I had to guess the reason, I looked at the timestamps on my profile and it said the gap between the last spec ops trophy I earned and the group I got was 7 months. So I think what probably happened was I encountered some sort of glitch or error or whatever that got patched during those period of months so the next time I logged in I got all the trophies in one big clump since I had fulfilled the requirements. I know of something similar happening to the crew (I also encountered this issue) where a few trophies were un-earnable even if you fulfilled the requirements, however as soon as it was patched you just had to log in and *boom* you earned the trophies. However apart from my recollection of the event I don't have any tangible proof like a video of the event occurring because frankly this was 2011 and I was 14 at the time so I didn't have equipment nor the foresight to record such an event occurring to later use as proof of my legitimacy. Dirt Showdown Unlike my experience with MW2 I do have proof for this. So essentially for whatever reason the AUS region of Dirt Showdown's trophy list is different compared to others. Mainly two trophies "You've Created a Monster" and "Max Power" have their grade swapped, so Max Power which is a Gold trophy on this site and on my ps4 is listed as a silver trophy on my PS3. Also not only that but also the Platinum image looks different, instead of a Trophy on a grey background it instead looks like someone put the game logo onto a white background and stretched it in-correctly. I have no idea why this is just that it's a problem with AUS region version of the game. Because of this when the game is synced to psn the trophies mentioned above do not match up with the global list so it just doesn't count them, however it does count the platinum. Essentially what will happen is on my ps3 when I'm not signed in it shows the game at 100% however if I sync the console it changes to 88%. It's strange because I don't think I've ever heard of this being an issue with other games.<br /> <br /> In any case I have proof of me earning the platinum such as pictures of the miss-grade trophies also a recording of me earning the platinum since I knew someone might question it's authenticity (I knew of this issue for sometime) and a recording of me demonstrating the sync operation mentioned above. Additionally here's a forum post from also talking about this issue: I'm actually surprised this issue isn't more documented but I guess the AUS playerbase for dirt showdown that over-lapped with trophy hunters is probably pretty small.
  14. The actual online trophies are super easy and can be done in two events. As for the community events I often found that if you just finished the race in a decent amount of time you'd often in come in the top percentage. I think what happens is most people mess up and quit allowing those who just finish a better chance at coming in the top, frankly I found winning the RallyX world championship harder.