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    Duh GAMEZ
  1. Get all uncharted games plat they are relatively easy just get them done other than that great job
  2. Just try it i just beat it about 5 days ago it was pretty good pretty funny old DmC's were bad but this is some what a improvement.
  3. well i don't have any but hope to get uncharted 2 plat any day now
  4. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES naruto storm 1 bully
  5. uncharted 2 and 3 im legacy 5 level 75 with star and level 40(UC2) i love those 2 games the most
  6. uncharted 2 because the story is next to the best you can get on ps3 and the multiplayer is just fun and amazing
  7. anything with capital letters in the middle of the name or stupid amount of x's
  8. Walking dead survival instinct
  9. There are a lot of anime out there. And i love them all but some are just better than others in your opinion. Mine are naruto,Freezing,infinite stratos,the entire Dragonball series,fairytale,bleach,and of course pokemon...... Jk its Gungrave
  10. Yo

    Well thank you all very oh and by the way i know there other post for welcoming but i just wanted to have my own...hmm first plat oh i know lego starwars jk maybe uncharted 2 or kingdomhearts finalmix Beyondthegrave.....hmmm. Is that from gungrave?
  11. Yo

    Yo im new here looking to make new friends i have alot of friends already but wanna make more. So add me if you want weirdsonic very open love anime fav is naruto because he loves ramen noodles like me. But i ya know just normal so it is what it is.
  12. um Kingdomhearts hd remix i know this game did not come out this year but i really like that game but for 2013 game bioshock