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  1. Ok, so this is a weird one: a friend of mine complete the game and most of story related trophies didnt unlocked - check yourself: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8143-marvels-spider-man/GTPM47 So, Act 3 is unlocked, but Act 1 and 2 don’t. Plus, most of the final encounters with bosses are unlocked, but the fight with Shocker in the first Act didn’t unlocked aswell. he asked me if I knew someone with the same problem ever. We tried to change the console language (it’s weird but some games - like Dishonored PS4; won’t start or trophies won’t unlock because they are in Portuguese), delete and reinstall everything and start over. After the boss battle with Shocker, trophy should unlock, but it doesn’t :/
  2. Actually, there are some glitches with morphy’s dungeon. Someone posted the other day one of those dailies with the glitch to allow people to get the trophy. Salute those who did it legit: I had to make 4km without mistakes in Land of the Living Dead to get the trophy... and by this score, with the limited number of player, I had to be on top 12 literally...
  3. I don't have to make any defensive argument or whatsoever, it's just I'm a little "tired" of reading the same thing (yes, I read all your italic purple word twice). You're just making a big deal about something I said... and @DeadStanley just made the same observation like I did. I don't answer all your points the same way you do because it's not relevant to the discussion... Have you noticed that you started every paragraph (not even mentioning in the middle itself) with AGAIN, because you're repeating the same thing from the beginning? The only reason because I commented this topic was because I didn't agree with "beat'em ups don't have enough content for a platinum" and, for those that really care about trophies, Capcom could do something like gold trophies for "No continues" to reach enough points for a platinum. You talked about "People only play games because they have Gold Trophies" or "They don't play because they're bronze", "people will use cloud saves to get some trophies"... and this is not about "what do you think about these trophies". Basically, I honestly think that we have some things in agreement - most stuff you said I didn't answer by the reason above. I'm just continuing with this because I don't like to be misunderstood, but I'm not comfortable (Here) to type in english all the time That's why I'm saying: this was supposed to be something simple like a comment and that's it, not a big philosophy around it There's only one point I got to touch: Capcom are well known for hard or challenging trophy lists majority of the time, so it's not laziness My boyfriend played Street Fighter V and he couldn't get a stupid achievement. Just because a trophy is hard or challenging, doesn't mean that they are not lazy when they made the trophy. Look at Super Meat Boy... I wanted to play it on my Vita, I knew the game was already hardcore... but complete every level per world without dying is a lazy and cheap attitude from devs. Ok, only the best can achieve the platinum... but the game itself is so hard that most players didn't even finished the game... so why make 6 or 8 Golden trophies around "complete all levels in a row without dying"? If you complete the game 100% you'll stand like 20% in trophy progression... That's a shame :/ at least they could do like Wolfenstein II, it has 1 hardcore trophy, bronze, silver, gold, it doesn't matter, it's only 1 challenging trophy, not 10
  4. @NinjaChibusa its not about “putting my opinion down” it’s just you’re making a big deal around my comment that was a directly response to @SnowxSakura, where I’m not agreeing with “beat em ups don’t have a lot a content to justify a platinum” - which according to your profile and comments, you also agree there are content enough for beat em up games. All you’re doing is making “death testaments” bringing stuff I’m not even mentioning - that’s why there is no reason to quote me. It’s like you’re teaching christinism to a Christian priest. I don’t care if it has a platinum or not, but it’s the quality of trophies that makes me consider if I’m going to buy it, skip it or wait for a sale - in this type of games. These trophies are “complete the game”. What’s the difference between playing on a PS4 for “complete this game” trophies? If was a very easy platinum, I’d skip Spider-Man, but I wanted to play it, even if it only had golden trophies and a platinum OR only bronze trophies and no platinum - almost like Sonic Mania. So basically, I don’t care what people think when they look at my profile. You see a lot of “kids” games in my profile and you might think: you just played those games for the easy platinum - it’s wrong, but I don’t care, I played them because I enjoyed the movie and I like platforming games... Not everything: just Capcom. Why was MM split into 2 parts with 6 games when they could sold all of them in the same pack? Street Fighter V costs 20€, already including the “Arcade Mode”, why did they re-release the same game for 40€ Labeled “Arcade Edition”?
  5. So why did you quoted me in the first place? I understand what you are saying, I don’t mind having or not a platinum trophy, but I can’t accept people saying that beat em ups don’t have enough variety for a platinum trophy But again, they’re re-releasing these 7 games for 20$ and there isn’t a minimal effort for trophies? At least MM has some challenging ones, this one is just “complete” or “play”... imho, a simple port like this, with a basic list, and the price tag on it, I’ll be waiting for a huge sale! We can play these games almost everywhere, this is yet another cash-grab from Capcom. Just like MM Legacy, split in 2 parts (why?) to sell each one at 20$/€ and... Hyperstone Heist is better but yeah, they made a Turtles in Time remake for PS3, it doesn’t have a platinum trophy but it has challenging trophies for people replay the game over and over. With 7 games, they could put some effort on this, this is just lame.
  6. Ohh I’m sorry, I thought you create a topic about our Personal Opinion about this trophy list, not something you want to read By the way, do yourself a favor and, as homework, check retroachievements website People there LOVE retrogaming (you know like these titles) and spent time and put effort in each game for people gather some achievements... I mentioned SEGA Ultimate and Classics because there are challenges in it and other trophies related to Streets of Rage (not just “complete the game”). There are other titles like 99vidas, Bud Spencer, Mother Russia Bleeds that are Beat’em ups and each of them have a platinum. So how can you possibly say that this gender doesn’t have any “variety”? Do you even play Beat’em ups? I’m confused... PS: There is a trophy list because they are obliged to add a list, every game that comes out must have a trophy list... 315 is the most Commum minimum points for each list. (What’s the deal with “only gold trophies”? As long as bronze trophies - like Shadow of TR; equals to 1200 points for the platinum, it’s basically the same thing as 14 golden trophies
  7. Actually, you have a lot of stuff for beat em up games. Just like SEGA Ultimate and Classic Collection did. Besides, if they used the description “Continues OK” for silver, why not a gold trophy for each of them (again) with a “Continues not OK”? That increases the numbers for a platinum trophy... They’re just lazy = don’t give a F
  8. Does anyone knows if Lawbreakers servers are already down? Need to update my list:
  9. The only Mortal Kombat available on PS4 is the 10th game, called X, but you still read it 10. Except of course, the DLC edition that is called XL - and it sounds even cooler that way. But yeah, I doubt they’ll call it XI, maybe just 11 is fine this time
  10. Don’t worry people, this will end exactly as “Licky The Lucky Lizard”: Free
  11. A lot of people asked this before, even change the color of the background of the game, but nothing has been done. I made a full list of everything you asked - and most people don’t care and don’t help. Each month there is something bugged, fixed, re-opened and I have to change those things... now imagine someone @Sly Ripper that has a lot of things to worry rather make these changes all the time. the only solution: open each game before you start it; there’s always someone there reporting any problem with that game.
  12. It’s a 77 that bad? I remember PlayStation Magazine gave 6/7 (out of 10) to some games and I really enjoy them a lot. Nowaday, 80+ are so frequent that games under 79 is mediocre, when this should happen to games under 30/40 out of 100 77 is still a very good score, even though I wasn’t expecting too much from this last trilogy game.
  13. Thats the point of my topic. They didn’t reveal the bottom of the statue because of spoilers... I thought there was the “big head” behind all this (like one of the final battles agains the Head of the City in BA City)... nope, just the one we were expecting... from the beginning of the game
  14. So, you start playing a Batman game and Joker shows up... the spoiler is “Joker is a villain”. Is it a “spoiler” when the first thing that people think when they see the Joker is “this is the bad guy?” I don’t know, it’s spider man universe, we are talking about one of the most well know characters in Marvel universe. “This is the game fans have been waiting for” - well fans (and other people like me) know the most iconic villain of Spider-Man... it’s the same thing that “F4 movie casts actor X to play Victor Von Doom” - Press “spoils” Dr. Doom as the main villain before movie release. Guess we are talking different things here. I’m not looking for spoilers before playing the game. If your game has a plot twist, you don’t need to warn people that there are spoilers. If you warn them about it, it’s because it might ruin your experience fully - Like I mentioned Heavy Rain. A character shows up and you know that character from comics or even Sam Raimi’s movie: you know that guy is a villain. This is the “spoiler” they are trying to keep secret when everybody knows he’s Spider-Man Nemesis by looking at him. And I apologize, I thought that if someone says “it has a BIG spoiler” you are “expecting” something mindblowing, not the obvious “main villain being the main villain”.
  15. It’s not the same case. I’m talking about the devs or Sony making marketing based on “there are a lot of spoilers here”. When a company does this, you are expecting a BIG plot twist or some kind of big revelation. When you look at the art book, all characters where confirmed across these 3 years since game has been released, except 2 character (one has been leaked meanwhile). This last one is the first character that appears at the first 5 mins and there is no spoil (s)he’s important in every Spider-Man universes. In the end, your expectations for some “mindblowing” are so high, it will quickly become a let down when you realize there wasn’t need such “big deal” around spoilers... This isn’t a negative point about the game itself, I just think this kind of marketing makes our expectations go high for nothing...