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  1. Portuguese store as well 😍
  2. It's a free update for those who bought the PS3 version. It also shows as free for those that got it from the PS+ when it was offered.
  3. While I was always hyped to play PS1 games with trophy support, lately I've been thinking about why I wouldn't want them. The main reason is that if they are going to implement trophy support for retrogaming, it will be some kind of standard list for each game, just like Arcade Classic Games we usually see popping up on PSN. Obviously these games have a specific score count, so it's easy to implement trophies for each of these games, even if it's the same for all of them. PS1 and PS2 games don't have this system, so it would take months, if not years, to make a trophy list for each game - that's why I think trophy support won't be included. Unless there is a specific team doing this or the devs decide to code their relics to pop up trophies... And since Capcom/Konami doesn't worry that much when they release a new classic collection, other devs must have other priorities. Sure "other devs did great trophy lists for PS2" but these also took time to do, these re-release were meant to be done by their own company. We are talking about games released from thousands of different devs, released day one by Sony, that must compromise time to reprogram a trophy support and we won't get games with trophy support for a long long time, if there ever will be one for each one of them. Now even if it was a Arcade Classic Game style trophies, most people would be disappointed or even trophy hunting wouldn't be that "fun". I mean, you should pop all trophies after playing a few hours, once you reach that "score". The other reason I wouldn't like to see it is about the system designation. If you're playing a PS1 game, the system will recognize it as a PS1 game or a PS4/PS5 game? Might be a nick picking, but it would be better if they create a new "platform" for all these retro games, even if it was a PS1/2/P label.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only person here watching these videos and think how unaware these guys are... Specifically Baldino (but I have a personal opinion about his "journalism" status, so I'm not gonna waste more time in that name). Yet it's Falcon speaking, the only reason I watch Gameranx, this should be, at least, very good. But when it comes to trophy hunting related videos, these "most popular" videogames channels are a bit off. It seems they only know Souls like games (cause everything that is a bit harder then usual, is a Souls-like game), all AAA games and a few other indie games that became popular for some random reason... Not in this particular video, but I remember one channel (guess it was the "hardcore trophy hunter" with 10 Platinums in his collection from Playstation Access) mentioning a Dark Souls game and Crash Team Racing. I mean, are these games that hard? I understand you must get used to the controllers, gain muscle memory, it all takes time. But after that, all requirements are done easily. Those are "easy" compared to thousands other games out there, I don't think those could possibly be on the list. Yes, we PSNP users already know what are the hardest Platinums and why, because we spend time searching for individual experiences for each game. Or because someone simply rants about it in the title of the post. But once you are "informing" some casuals (viewers) about the hardest or most time consuming games to platinum, you need to go deep on your research... You simply don't mention Crash Bandicoot Trilogy because a lot of people say "it's the Dark Souls of Platforming"; because the person from the channel had a hard time completing the game implies it would be insane completing the levels without dying and under time pressure... And, in the end, there isn't a Trackmania Turbo on the list, for instance, when they talked about that game in previous videos in their channel.
  5. Finally 😍
  6. I only own 6 physical copies of PS5 Games, one of them is Planet Coaster. Obviously they had to offer that game from my collection. Basically I don't win the Euromillions lottery because I don't want to 😑
  7. Is this a limited free update? Cause if it isn't, I don't understand what's the buzz about "owning a PS5 to grab this version". I mean, what's to point of grabbing PS5 version of a game if people don't have a PS5 to play it? If it was a limited time to grab the game (like monthly games from PS+) for a console you don't own, I absolutely understand. Now, if people can't play the game, why the stress and need to redeem it now when they can do it when they buy a PS5... you know, when you can actually play it? It's like complaining about a free update for PS5 of a physical PS4 game when you don't have the console to insert the disc 😅
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I didn't buy it, I had a hunch it wouldn't be that good. I don't trust Micronoid anymore. They are always releasing new licenced games and the quality has been between OK and mediocre (look at XXXI Remake). And yes, 45 euros for 6 levels + all the boring limited gameplay, it was an instant No for me.
  9. Why would they disable trophies? This game was (as still is for its genre) too long to complete in one setting. Passwords are basically part of the game. Yet, it's kinda pointless to use passwords if you're aiming for the Platinum. Even to just complete the game, it's most likely you won't, since you don't have enough ammo or items for the final boss. It's good to practice those levels though. Now for trophies, you need to complete level 48 with all 10 neighbors, which the closest password possible is 43 - but again, you don't have your inventory so surviving all remaining levels with all neighbors alive it's almost impossible. And then there is one particular secret level (and the latest weapon, Flamethrower) that is only accessible with a extra skeleton key, very missable, on level 15... So yeah, I really don't think passwords help that much with this trophy list 😔
  10. If they intended the player to complete the story without using cheats, they would lock the access to future story missions while the cheat is activated, don't you think? 😉 But it doesn't lock them, neither the possibility to save the game like GTA 5... Naughty Dog intended you to play Uncharted games without cheating, locking in-game cheat codes until you finish the game once. It's clear that they Intend you to complete the game without cheating, like you said. We're talking about different games from different generations, specially a generation without trophies or achievements that prove your conquers in the game, that's why they lock trophies as soon as you enter a cheat code in these recent versions. Cheat codes work the same way as choosing a difficulty level: they are available from start and it's up to the player to choose their experience. If they don't want these to unlock trophies, they lock them - like GTA does with cheat codes, like Strider does with Easy Mode. Basically, if you care about trophies, they Intend you to play without cheat codes. If you don't, complete the story the way you want. Glitches and bugs that bring benefits to the player are not intentional, but it's a different conversation. About the rest, it's your point of view as a reader of what you read from me. After explaining that it doesn't bother me grabbing the jetpack each and every time I have retrieve a collectible, only stating that it's less accessible and that's longer to get them without a cheat code - if that still makes you think it's a complaint for me, so be it.
  11. Yes, you're wrong. This statement comes across as a reply to "this is going to be a long platinum" even if you use cheats... It's not a complaint, at least for me. Both PS3 and PS4 versions won't allow you to use cheat codes, so there isn't much a difference if you've played previous versions. It asks you to reach 100% so it obviously will take even longer considering the amount of collectibles (and those gold medals and girlfriend stats which I don't know if they're required). And even if cheats were available, none of those would help you with these latest. About playing the game as its intended to be played. Are you seriously talking about it in a GTA game? One of the most popular games where the player uses cheat codes to make mayhen whenever they want and have fun? We're also talking about game released two decades ago where cheat codes were meant to be there, to use them if you want, whenever you want. If the player intends to play all missions with infinite ammo, full health and money, they simply can. If it wasn't "intended" they weren't accessible in the first place :/ or even kept in these versions...
  12. I was expecting a long journey for this game since the 100% completion has been leaked. If cheats are disabled, this is going to be even longer because you can't spawn a jetpack whenever you want. As long as gold medals and all girlfriends stats to the max are not required, it won't be that long either that hard...
  13. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/10742-moving-out/ Moving Out has a new image to the base game
  14. This game was made by a single person and you expect a fix for a minor thing like "1/10 checkpoints don't save your collectibles"? I don't know if or what was updated from PS4>PS5, but I'm sure that there are major priorities. Levels are not that long overall and they're fun to play (except the swamp level, I always hated swamp levels). I can't recall this incident on PS4 to be honest, but I didn't miss a lot of skulls when I played the first time. Those I missed were near the end of the level. I wish "Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure" have a save and quit feature, those levels are long, boring and hideous to look at 😔
  15. "November saves" lol More like "The same, usual games Year saves"