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  1. Sign me in please I’ll try my luck good luck for everyone
  2. I always said that it would be released in March/April, just like God of War. They released the Gameplay vídeo last June, they will show the release date and pre-order editions on December... so it might be correct. and it’s my birthday, why the hell not?
  3. I still don’t understand the point of these threads :/ wouldn’t be easier to create an alt account and do it yourselves? I don’t know, the time you spend helping people in their profile is the same time you spend doing the same thing to your profile... I found this way faster then waiting for people to download my stuff. Plus the time I spent going to their profile was the same time and effort changing account and redownload mine... But there is something people see that I don’t. What is that? (Serious question)
  4. Almost 2 weeks and no reply. Any luck for you, people?
  5. Looks like there’s no trophy list for the DLC. I kinda expected this. They implemented the minimum trophies, maybe because they were obliged to implement them. If trophies were important for the devs, they should add a platinum in the first place - or at least, more valuable ones (like Little Nightmares).
  6. Are you playing those on Easy? Its recommended that you play the game 3 times to level all characters to a certain level to make things easier on Hard Mode. I’m on my second playthrough now on Easy, collecting all simulation discs again (including the 2 Missables) to try those missions. I’ll might be ready to complete the hard mode with these two difficulty modes mastered and all XP gathered.
  7. This is awkward and a little embarrassing, but it will help people with "Good Vibrations" trophy So, I was playing SingStar and my niece came to my side, staring at me. I was grinding for the vibrato trophy, playing the same music over and over again. At some point, I start to goof with her, imitating an angry Donald Duck but with the right note of the song. She was laughing out loud, but I was surprised when I looked at the screen and saw that I was performing a vibrato. I used to do 3/5 seconds (tops) for each song, singing naturally. With this embarrassing yet funny movement, I did 30 seconds each round on ABBA - Dancing Queen. Here's the video: Now, I can't explain how I do this, but: 1) choose a song you fell comfortable with. The more long notes it has, the better, but don't choose songs that you can't easily reach those notes. 2) All you have to do is to shake your head with your lips loosed - while performing the correct note, of course. If you're having trouble with this, try to clench your teeth only and shake your head left-right. 3) Make sure you take breaks after a while Shaking your head after 30 minutes is not good for your health Try to enjoy while doing it
  8. It’s unobtainable in case you already played the first version of the game. It’s a digital version and it automatically updates to the Deluxe Version of the game (with online dailies). If you bought the first version (like myself) and you haven’t 100%, it’s impossible to do so, because it installs the Deluxe trophy list. The same happens to SingStar and Kerbal Space Program players. You can buy those games now and work on a new trophy set, but older players can’t play through the old trophy list anymore. None of these affects new players
  9. @Sergen I've included the link you gave to the respective games - Bulletstorm and Unreal Tournament 3 @Sinthoras_96 and @Sergen both Darksiders II and Army of Two japonese versions were added to the list Thank you both
  10. It’s already there as “King of Fighters XII, The”. I though it would be easier to find that way
  11. Thank you I did add them to the list... but them I thought: they are still obtainable if you have 4 controllers. LBP 1 and 2 have online trophies (sharing or playing community levels), they really need an online connection. Or am I missing any trophy in LBP3? :/ Edit: Yes, I did forget 3 trophies No problem, I totally forgot to mentioned that on the first topic
  12. Thank you for your help @GoldenShaka. Apparently, those trophies seems Buggy, not glitched. I mean, you still can unlock them somehow, this is a list with trophies that, no matter what, you can't unlock them. Epic Mickey 2 has a terrible trophy because of the autosave cant be disabled and most side quest are easily missable; but you can still unlock the trophy if you are careful enough. That's why it's not in this list. A lot of other games have this issue, it would be a HUGE list if included all Buggy trophies
  13. [ reserved ] ... PS3 Games with Online Trophies ...
  14. BREAKDOWN If you are at any store at the moment, see a game that appears to be interesting but you don't know if there is any glitch or any other problem? All games listed above will be in this list. If the game you are looking for is in this list, there is something wrong with it. [soon]
  15. GLITCHED / REMOVED FUNCTIONS / CANCELED STUFF TROPHIES [1] people reported as glitched, but people still managed to get those trophies somehow. Needs extra info to validate. [2] a new version of the game was released. If you buy the game now, a new list will appear, but if you already have started before the new release, it's impossible to play the older one. [3] the list includes future episodes or other stuff that weren't released. [4] an option/function for the trophy was removed / replaced. [5] trophy list is stacked with other regions. Plat can be obtained if you buy a different version of the game. PS3 (COMPLETED) PS4 (COMPLETED) PSVita