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  1. Running and jumping with or without speed boots is the same thing. Only with slide and jump makes the difference, which is something you can’t do in the first game. In Crash 3 you can use that ridiculous spin attack to glide, that makes things way easier indeed Sure, I’m just answering your questions about the rarity itself I actually found the time trials on Crash 2 way harder then Crash 1 and 3 :/
  2. meanwhile, someone really hated Fallout 76
  3. Speed Boots don’t do anything at all to manage anything. 2 and 3 have them, the times required are shorter. If the first game had speed boots, instead completing a level within 60seg, you would have to complete it under 45 Shareplay might be one of the reasons the platinum is “high”, at least I know some people that asked other friends to 100% it even though these trials are try and error, you don’t spend too much time in each level and you’ll end up getting the relic, after a few tries. In time, this game might become very rare - not ultra; but something between 5 and 10% - just like Crash Bandicoot 2.
  4. Wizard of Legend and 20XX are randomly generated.
  5. Yet another thread about Easy Platinum and the usual ethical comments where’s the other guy that thinks opposite to make balance to these threads? He should showed up by now
  6. I have 98 products in my wishlist... and only 2 DLC are on this sale: Spider-Man and Diablo III. Still expensive for me, so nothing to buy here No indie games nor PS3/Vita
  7. The mode you are talking about is called “master” I agree with @yowzagabowza on “Mystery is unfair”. I like that mode, more then any of the other actually. All other modes are simply repetitive, you need to clean X rows or as fast as you can to earn point be removing infected blocks... bah Mystery is constantly adding bad things to your game (nothing good at all), and the speed increase is unnecessary. This mode is hard and challenging enough, speeding up things makes this mode “unfun”. I don’t mind about hard trophies, but honestly, they could do something more accessible to all players... you need to do T-Spins constantly. They assume you already know how to do it because there are no Tutorials in this game for stuff that actually matters I love the game, but this “challenging” score and modes makes the replay value decrease, at least for me, imho
  8. This is a game for hardcore fans only, period. There is no tutorial to do T-Spins or Back-to-Back, no hints, nothing - they assume you already know that kind of stuff. And, aparently, it’s the only way to get S or SS Some stuff here could easily be more accessible, but no, they force players to invest an extreme amount of time to get used to it and be THE best Kinda disappointing, I actually enjoyed the game in a way, but frustrating in another.
  9. Those trials allow you to play the full game for an hour each year. Trophies unlock but you still need to buy the game to make them show up in your profile. although, you already have the game, it migh work - that you play that hour, unlock those trophies and they still visible later. Worth a try, but make sure you complete the DLC under an hour, or it will stay in backlog for a full year...
  10. It does on PS4 search for Lumines Remastered
  11. There are over 160 topics about RDR 2 because people can’t comment this kind of stuff inside similar/related threads, they need to create a new one by themselves. If you “obviously care” about OP got his missable trophies done, you can follow his profile and check his updates - or his profile. And the point here is the title he used. That’s why people say that he could use his profile to update that “personal information”. I understand that his info about the missable trophies were good for you (cause they are), but there’s like 10 threads about missable trophies, why create another? The same goes for those that create a new topic every time a new trailer is announced, while othere use a same topic to publish new content... so, yeah, some people are organized, some don’t, that’s cool though it’s just opinions, in the end
  12. @Eshaal actually has some interesting stuff here. But people that are “finger wagging” are right about this: the title should be different. With a title that says “I obtained all missable trophies and I’m free like a bird” asks for a “who the hell cares?” If it was a reply to another thread about “missable trophies” and some hints... opening a new one like this, it’s actually inevitable but again, there is some interesting stuff, just “change” (I’m not asking, I’m suggesting, in case more finger wagging” show up) the title
  13. I support them aswell, I bought every game they released. Still, I might wait for a price drop for all these. I bought them at launch and weeks later they were ALL half the price... so I’ll wait til that happens to these. Plus, Knowledge is Power Decades should be a DLC. Obliging us to buy a new game that completely replaces the old one (bought last year) is unfair to players that supported in the first place.
  14. @TrophyDad it’s the only PlayLink title that scares me with all those DLC I believe they are all free, although I don’t understand the reason why they need so many trophies... never played the board game, but I wasn’t sure about this game when announced for PlayLink.
  15. In that case, any glitched trophy related to a recent update, can be done by simply disconnecting the internet or fill your PlayStation with other games, apps, videos so it doesn’t have enough space to install new patches