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  1. I noticed some differences between cars, sure, the thing is that I can't control the car correctly while I'm turning. I just did the fifth round event with the Concept, trying every type of turning (releasing R2, holding L2, tapping L2, slightly tapping L2 when starting to turn) and the time was BASICALLY the same. The goal was 1:29, I always finished under 1:30 and just won with 1:28:88. I've played a load of racing games, none of them made me furious like this one. Even BLUR which is a masterpiece compared to this and it's quite hard :/ My point is, trying different tactics usually gives me an ideia of what I'm doing wrong while driving, but this one simply feels random because the time is always the same when I exit the turn :/
  2. I know this game is very old and a lot of people might not even remember, but I really would like to know how to play this shit (Yes, there's not another adjective to this game for me). Every time I take a turn, the car starts drifting. It doesn't matter if it has a Drift Stat to the min or max, I screw every single turn and I'm overtaken all the time. Usually, you press L2 to start drifting. Here, if it's a soft turn and I turn smoothly, it starts to drift; if I brake, I'm overtaken; if I drift for too long, I loose speed... What's the best method? Or the suggested cars to play.
  3. I really don't understand the buzz about it. He just gave the community a guide for this game, what's the problem? It's a selling point the same way someone writes a trophy guide and gives it a 1/10 difficulty, even if the trophies are ultra rare or very common. I also understand the emphasis on "Easy" considering the amount of people calling it "trash" because it's just an hard game - at least that's what I remember most when talking about this game.
  4. Well, it's more Microsoft Paint "graphics" πŸ˜‚
  5. Thank you for sharing this. I had hope for more decent footage, honestly. Most of the scenes we see here are the same we saw in the teaser (which leads me to think this game will have few variaty or few levels)... And the sound effects of the Romans every time you hit them... Uhhh :/ it quickly became annoying to hear at the end of the trailer 😩 I'm not very convinced atm :/
  6. How can you tell it's just story related? You might need to do a side quest to save X or to get and item and give it to Y. Like some people mentioned, this is an RPG Zelda style, so I seriously doubt all these trophies are all related to the main quest.
  7. Just practice. The game isn't that broken as you say it is. At first, I thought some trophies were going to be an hell, but when I started replaying levels, I finished them easily under a minute or two without even taking damage. The hardest trophy is to kill the final boss without being hit because it's the only one that has an unpredictable move set. Everything else is child play. It's a game with 5 levels, nothing spectacular compared to other NES or Master System games, but it's a quick platinum if you get used to the patterns of enemies and layout of the levels.
  8. But... Why would someone need a "video guide" to activate God Mode when they just need to check the box at the options menu?! I mean, there is another discussion about it in another topic, mainly around what it does and how it will impact the Platinum rarity... Why wasn't it posted there? :/
  9. I might already commented this somewhere else in this forum: this game is amazing. Not only is fun for your kid, but even for adults who enjoy platform games 😊 Considering she won't go for the Platinum and just enjoy the game, she will have a good time in colorful levels, variaty in gameplay with new gadgets and a sense of completionist, since she unlocks more outfits when finding most collectibles 😊 If you're looking for another Short yet great game for her, I would suggest New Super Lucky's Tale. It's not mentioned so often here, but you should take a look on YouTube about this one.
  10. At least it's the first time I see a game that awards you a Gold Trophy for "Complete(ly watch) the Opening Cutscene" πŸ˜‚ it must be a cancer to the eyes for just looking at it. It must be as cancerous as "Complete Level 2 without taking Damage" 😎
  11. Why so surprised? Was the DLC supposed to be out already? Can't recall seeing a release date yet...
  12. Don't know if people are still interested in this game, but it's on sale now. Just played the first level and I noticed it only has 6 levels :/ But I got to be honest: if this game was actually made by a single person, this is worth the money! Yesterday I bought Ice Age:Scrat's Nutty Adventure on sale (€12 instead its €40 full price) and it's one of the worst 3D platforms I've ever played on PS3/PS4. From the 30min I've played, Pumpkin Jack is a love letter to 3D platforms and MediEvil style and, though it seems very very short, its gameplay is very fluid and fun. I'm surprised how good it is 😊 I wonder how a team from OG (Ice Age) can fuck up so badly in a 3D platformer when a single person can do it better and right? That's love people. Support this guy.
  13. Couldn't care less about trophies for this one. It has a Goose and a Metal Slug vibe... And that's all I need 😍
  14. It has been fixed! Nope, I'm lying. Just trying to make people forget about this exploit so I can get my last 5 victories πŸ˜”
  15. Can someone please confirm if it counts for Big Tease? I've pressed the left button twice to start the animation but it doesn't finish it. I had to cross the finish line in first place that moment. I've read it doesn't need to finish the animation to pop :/