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  1. First of all, thank you for all info you shared 1. There are some games like Badland that doesn’t have glitched trophies, though people have complained about glitched level designs that makes trophies impossible to unlock. Those games are also included on the list. If you say there’s no problem with the level except being extremely difficult, Badland will be removed from the list. 2. The Star Icon means “New Entry”. I didn’t add its description because I found it “unnecessary” when I already have a lot of info about the list itself. Something I haven’t mentioned about digital games (which I have to add it later) is that most of them can be unlocked with the downgrade trick, yet still join the list. Each of them can be consulted by pressing the game database and check the forums for more info. But I found more accessible to warn players in first hand about glitched trophies and leave to them to solve it - in my personal case, downgrade trick isn’t a solution because my unstable internet connection.
  2. More specific yet: a single disc with free/extra game(s) cause most games are single disc with only one single game (the game you bought)
  3. Sign me up Game: Flynn and Freckles [PS4] Platinum on May 16th 1. There are 4 trophies related to Chickens. Some examples are “Seriously, what chickens ever did to you?” and “The Eggxorcist” (my favorite) that requires you to summon the Devil Chicken. 2. My favorite Eurovision Song is from Czech Republic “Friend of a Friend”.
  4. @tlal_q8_22 you could change the title to RUMOR since the topic has no official source. It’s a “I read on the internet so it’s true” thread. Some features are very cool though. @WaxWeazle wishlist already exists on the site but not on the PS Store. I need to open by browser to check my wishlist :/
  5. I’m what you call an “old fart” and I don’t mind this. I mean, I had the same “negative” reaction when I saw some random skins (like red Ripper Roo or Blue colored hair Coco), but with this trailer, they showed us some cool stuff for characters. I’ll stick with the original Karts, maybe a sticker or two, but I’ll be happy to unlock new costumes to my favorite character - That Ballerina N.Gin
  6. It depends of what game we’re talking about. Yakuza is an easy serie to order alphabetically and put them all together. Crash Bandicoot won’t be the same. With Crash Team Racing release, other games starting with “Crash” (like Crash n Burn) will be mixed in between “Bandicoot” and “Team”. I don’t think the option of filtering by series will change much or it’s necessary, although it’s not linear as “order alphabetically it will be the same”.
  7. I had one game at 0% which I was UNlucky to delete from my trophy list. That game was Injustice on PS4. My best friend accidentally started the game on my account. I had to earn some trophies because it wasn’t possible to delete 0% that time. 2 weeks later... boom! New patch: games at 0% can now be deleted
  8. I got to say, I love Earthworm Jim, I’d love to have an official statue of the character itself in my shelf... but I don’t care about this game after watching half of the live stream. What I disliked the most was when he “repeated” himself about porting the game to other consoles. The sarcastic ton and attitude he calls “kindly” - because he already replied (somewhere) thousands times to that. The main reason was: this console does what others don’t. Although no specs of the console were given yet, so I doubt it does. They clearly said the game is not going to be a side scrolling platform like I was expecting - so that’s a No for me. So we’ll have something like Toy Story Mania (couch co-op mini games with Move controls) instead an acclaimed Toy Story 2 sequel. I’m ok with the game being exclusive, made specifically for a console, but I don’t see a good reason (yet) to spend money on it because of a single game, completely different from the 2 originals.
  9. In the beginning: follow a guide to unlock all trophies in one playthrough (point and click games) Then: simply complete the game (modern point and click games) Then: press X / touch the screen 1000 times Then: simply complete and first few levels and die in the process (Ratalaika games) Now: simply use Debug Mode to summon everything and pop trophies. Its a new level of EZPZ platinums. When I thought the fastest modes were already invented... now I’m waiting for a game with “start the application of the game and maintain it open for 15 seconds (each second a gold trophy)
  10. Timothy vs the Alien [EU] will be free with PS+ for Portugal and Spain thanks to PlayStation Talents
  11. I could simply say “I’m sorry, I was wrong” if you said in the first place how I could track lines cleared at the end of the match, because I never noticed. Your first comment was useless to help my mistake and prove that I’m wrong. Now that you actually helped me, I must thank you for your assistance. I realize that I dont need to start on M10 to get a higher score, just clear as much lines as possible. I had a score of 200k and no 150lines clearer? What a waste :/ PS: there was a patch note mentioning something about Master. I can’t remember what exactly, but I’ll try to find it and paste it here Edit: [Tetris Effect Patch 1.06 - 12/4/18] - Added "Customize Controls" menu in Options > Gameplay - Added "Zoomed Way In" selection to Options > Gameplay > Camera Zoom - Added a new Ranking selection: "Master (LINES)" - Fixed a bug related to T-Spin detection - Other minor bug fixes That was it, I thought that it would change the ranking system, instead Lines, it would be Score.
  12. Actually, there was a patch that changed Master mode. Since you’re more intelectual then I am and you know what you’re talking about, can you explain me how do I know how many lines did I clear at the end of each match? Because it shows me the score (points), not lines cleared. That’s why I’m starting with M10 to get more points at the start of each match. If I’m playing it wrong, I would like to know but thanks for you sarcasm, it’s very helpful, that’s great for this community
  13. No Assassin’s Creed Unity on PS+? Poor Notre Dame...
  14. Gosh, I never saw so many Toxic scores and comments around a game like it’s happening to this one. People are really selfish by scoring “1/10” because they “have” to spend 6k real money to unlock cosmetics - and I’m sure they don’t even play MK Do casual players thought about Fan/Hardcore players that actually spend HOURS playing their favorite game series and get some rewards in the process while doing it? I’m not MK fan, but if I’d spend time playing one of my favorite games, I’d like that I’d be constantly rewarded with random stuff. This is not just Injustice 2 style. FIFA players spend real money to get the best players on their online team for that year Only; LittleBIGPlanet has an entire shop around cosmetics that can’t be earned through the game progression/challenges; GTA V demands thousands of in-game money to unlock missions and Heists, where casual players have to grind or pay real money to unlock... nobody gave a 1/10 to these games because of that. Is Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled getting 1/10 when released when some fans are asking for paid DLC/grind for characters and skins?!
  15. You must create a Game Session of the game. This kind of threads aren’t allowed here.