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  1. Best scene to me that I still watching every now and then on YouTube: the (Best) Torture scene you can feel that angry “parent” missing his “girl” for the first time. The scene, the text, the voice acting... And yeah, the prologue sequence
  2. My question is: Have you ever started a game thinking “I can’t platinum/100% this game” but, surprisingly, you managed to get all the trophies? What’s that game? If it happened multiple times, what was the hardest/surprising?
  3. Since this topic is already created, I would like to know some infos about this @BlindMango. When CTR was released, I copied some players from the lobby to check their process on trophies. With this, my bf IP is “temporarily” blocked due to many requests and/or updates. This block lasts at least 3 weeks. So my main question is: how can we prevent this? I never had this trouble myself with my IP at home, but I had this at my internship company and now at my “second” home. It doesn’t show any warning, it simply blocks and lasts until (maybe) we report. We can’t add as much players as we want to the site? Never read anything about this “prohibition” or limitation anywhere :/
  4. I didn’t say it has something to do with MTX. I was replying to @Erkawest about locking content behind a paywall. Those skins and decals aren’t available to purchase. Everything else is unlockable through the course of the game.
  5. They already did at launch. You could pay for the Oxide Edition to unlock exclusive skins. I don’t like any of those, so I’m glad I didn’t pay so much for so little.
  6. So... no PlayStation Talents game for Portugal and Spain this month, correct?
  7. I kinda don’t care about this. I understand that is a modern way to support a game for free content, but it’s worthless. I play this game daily, in order to get the most coins I can - I can say I stopped my goal in trophy hunting because of this. It’s possible to unlock everything from the Pit Stop with some grinding like I do... Although, imho I rather see a paid DLC (like F1 Race Stars and Modnation Racers) then this... this would give them more time to CREATE something. Instead it’s given a list of unnecessary stuff to play, things I’ll never use (like Flag stickers). But let’s break it down: - New characters: Baby Crash and Coco are another waste of space (2 to be precise). We already have Crash and Coco, why not use this as a Skin to the regular one? How about just adding a pacifier and a tipper to the regular characters. - New Skins: this is the most unbalanced thing about this game. Crash, Coco, Cortex, Tiny and Dingodile have 5/6 extra skins. On the other side, Papu Papu and Krunk have NONE! If you win 20 races with that character you get a new “color change” (or paint job) to the regular character. They didn’t put any effort to change or adding anything to those characters. Krunk uses the same type of feathers in all 3 skins, Papu Papu could get a different tattoo, one of his minions hat or even his stick held on his back. So why should I care playing so much with them if they give me ugly color combination? - Decals: Nothing has been added to the Karts since the game release. Some of the decals are the SAME to different Karts (and you have to buy each of them). I like the classic Kart, but I can’t use my favorite paint job because all Decals are meh. - Stickers: a list full of meaningless Numbers and Flags. Some of them are too small in certain Karts, some of them are irrelevant and “invisible” while playing. I can’t even see what sticker my opponent is using at the starting line So this is my thoughts about how “I don’t care about this MTX stuff for this game, it’s worthless”. What worries me most is they reduced the number of coins earned per race. At the beginning, Tiny Arena was worth 80 coins for the 1st place. Now, it awards you with 73. This happened to all tracks, this is the most valuable one. Will they reduce the number of coins later to “oblige” people to pay for coins? Something tells me this game will die soon after this new patch...
  8. I agree. Although PS3 games where like extras to the main game Doom 3, therefore they still asked you to play both games and do certain challenges in order to get a platinum trophy for the main game. On PS4, they’re sold separately and it’s understandable they add new challenges (even harder) to each game.
  9. It would if it said “Doom 3: BFG EDITION”. At least we have 3 platinum, while the PS3 version only give us the trilogy with one plat.
  10. Well, since you created a topic around your profile, people actually might think that you have a really LOW percentage completition... and then they open your profile to see a 51%... poor @jonnythesmartguy already feels bad because the “clickbait” of yours. And yes, I play PlayStation for trophies. I like to be rewarded for playing a game or completing a certain challenge. This is how I play and how I like it. So all my comments are about you implying that people that have +90% only play games to fulfill their ego, to be better then others. All “negative” situation is about your assumption. Honestly, if I started every single game I already bought (not offered on Plus), I would be around your percentage Maybe you test every game on your main account and that’s the reason you have so many E. I don’t want +200 incomplete games, that’s all. One day, I’ll grab them, maybe after reaching 95%.
  11. No, don’t even try. You’re post is not about “encouraging” anything or anyone. It sounds more like “I’m embarrassed about my percentage compared to other players around me in leaderboards”. Otherwise, you wouldn’t mention people’s Ego, including mine after checking my profile. It doesn’t fulfill my Ego having this percentage, nobody gives a F about my profile. If I wanted to show off, I wouldn’t start games I personally can’t complete (like Marvel vs Capcom 3 or Giana Sisters), or even Hide them from the list. But since nobody cares about my games, my stats or my platinum trophies, I had some fun with them whoever I pleased. And you, good sir, should do the same
  12. If you checked my alternative account which I use to test my games, you wouldn’t create a thread like this...
  13. Already made a list for that we just need someone that spends some days linking each one of them - and no, it’s not easy, I know About other things: for those that don’t agree with any improvement or features, they could simply use their website definitions to switch on/off (like the elevator music feature). Dont forget to create a personal list / tab for our collection or wishlist
  14. What about “no platinum trophy for those games”? Gosh, games like this on PS3 weren’t worth a Platinum trophy. Ducktales was such a pain to get 100% or even Giana Sisters is an hardcore game and no Platinum as reward. A simple bronze trophy for each <1%, including completing the game without dying and collecting everything for a high score. Now a simply “Die in a certain way” is worth a Gold trophy
  15. I bought my PS3 with Uncharted 1. I also bought Killzone 3 because I needed a second controller, and it came with a limited jungle green one https://images.app.goo.gl/ozxZyPRa5mcUqbtd6