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  1. Servers are still up. There is, at least one, trophy that you need to play online with other 3 people: Next time, take a cab. Since the AI isn't as good as it should, you need to find some people to help you. Plus, this trophy is only available when a secret boss shows up (which is another trophy) at the end of Stage 2... so it's random when it happens, you might need to complete and replay the same stage over and over til that happen. When it does, you need to communicate a LOT and find a good strategy, these two companions don't mess around. You might do the requirements, but if any of your team is KO (and you'll do a lot), that person wont get the trophy... This is seriously a pain in the ass to get. About the other ones: the missions in each stage are random too. So, you need to repeat some specific stages to get some missions done. Imho, all team should do this first, it will level up all characters and it might unlock some useful items or skills for other battles (like Stealth mode or more health). About the game itself. I had tons of fun with it You'll enjoy it more if you have some friends (online) to play with, some stages are boring - because 2 of them are exactly the same, with some minor changes. The best about it is the boss battles, that's why the stage I like to replay is the one that you have to defeat them all, once again. The game runs 30fps, even on PS4, but it didn't affect me much. If you are a trophy hunter, I'd suggest you to play it on an alternative account first and get your opinion about the game, this is not a game for everyone. If you like it, jump into the trophy hunting in your main account, but expect something like 50h to plat this game.
  2. I like this event but it’s limited to strict players only. You could do a tournament like this someday. Two or more players against another team. It would count every platinum from that year, but at the end of each month, teams with less points get eliminated. I would be interesting to cheer for more teams instead of... 2.
  3. Gold trophy for starting the game, just like the previous one these guys know how bad their games are so they make a”blow me a easy platinum trophy” to make it less pain to play/watch and gain some profit with it. Thank god the first one was free on PS+ last month. It was terrible and had an unplayable demo for Nubla 2. Even free is still expensive (yeah, my usual quote is back).
  4. That’s not so Dumb as people are implying. A lot of people play EZPZ platinum games, some of them make 6 platinum each day, one for each different platform and region - 30/60 minutes each. I’m certain that some people have already done more then 30 platinums a month looks like the Holy Spirit decended from the sky and everybody’s pretending they are saints cause “nobody” played EZPZ platinum in latest months. Its a Christmas Miracle
  5. Yes, I have done the trophy legitimately, I know how the glitch works too (later, unfortunately). What I’m saying is if the princess falls between 255 and 256 like the other characters, it’s diamond granted, you don’t need to switch characters. I commented in case Barbara or teensies could cross over the pit and continue playing - in that case, it’s an opportunity to get the diamond, but expert/daily players aware of this, they’ll crush the numbers once again. I just don’t know what’s the difference between Barbara score and the others. In case it’s just 1m, any character works as usual, just that
  6. This might be a great opportunity to get the diamond but it’s not accurate like the usual glitches. Normally, the glitch on this challenge affects all players, which you just need to reach the spot and it’s insta win. If Barbara can go further then the other characters, it’s possible that extreme players use her til the end of this day and make the diamond harder once again. But yes, try it either way if you don’t have this trophy yet.
  7. I’m not against this idea, on the contrary I’m just making this observation that there are already some stuff/feats that people don’t recognize or not used properly. - comments should be used as a personal opinion about the guide itself, where users could debate around the rank or time to platinum; instead its full of “thank you” when this should be reflected on “favorites” or “rank stars”; - some people add the guide to the “favorites” but they don’t give any star as rank; - different votes of difficulty: “with guide it’s a 1, without a guide it’s a 5” - people are there to read a guide, obviously that if the structure of the guide/walkthrough is well written and detailed, this “without a guide” information is useless... and lame So if this idea goes forward, it’s better that people know what’s its purpose and how it works It might be useful to someone. Not me personally. But more realistically, this will end up like a IMDB or Metacritic, with a mixture of overacting people + the sincere ones. The “completionist” user might be as terrible voter as a rookie. A racing completionist might give a 3/10 to a game that it’s an absolute 8 to someone that’s new/not-so-good at the gender. This last person might be mislead by a score.
  8. I guess the comment section is there for a reason. I check the comments before fully reading the guide because I might find some useful stuff there - other solutions, other opinions, a critic to the guide itself. Either way, it’s hard to tell a precise rank for each game. You might be good at racing games and give it a 2/10 while other people are an absolute 10/10 I rather start the game in an alternative account and give it a try, ratings like that don’t affect my interests...
  9. As far as I know, nothing - because the 2019 DLC was canceled. Their intention was to release a physical version with all content so far (Royal edition) and maybe another version with all DLC; since it’s canceled, we might say that this version is the complete one. be warned though that they included a voucher code inside, the DLC content is not in the disc
  10. I’ve heard that we’ll get more DLC on 2019 after the CTNS pack... so, guess it won’t be any GOTY soon, unless they release a “Royale Edition” like FF XV, with “imcomplete” DLC stuff.
  11. This is the game I enjoyed til this thing starts to happen. Had to redo twice the same offline event and “accept” the network error, without any previous warning, because the progress from that event was “lost”. I also lost 2 loot crates after this error. This is the kind of game that free = expensive. Looks like I have to wait til the next free PS+ are released so people stop playing this game and server get better - cause I don’t see Codemasters fixing this shit, just like Micro Machines
  12. Since the new firmware update allows you to switch to any EU store from your current account, isn’t this method easier to download from those stores instead creating a new account? Dont know if it’s possible, but every time you create a new account, you need a credit card to use that PS+ Trial.
  13. Already Started: Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed (PS3) LittleBIGPlanet 3 (PS4) Strikers Edge (PS4) Released 2019: Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled MediEvil Team Sonic Racing (honorable mention) Resident Evil 2 - don't know what kind of trophy list we'll get, but it might take hours to platinum if it's like the first RE1 remake.
  14. At this moment, I guess I can’t tell what’s the most valuable game I have in my collection - talking about rarity = value; as it happens to the other retro/older consoles I collect. There are some great games on PS4 already, but there will be more promising games next years. Ill stick with my favorites for now and not valuable: Crash and Spyro Remakes; Tetris Effect And Puyo Puyo Tetris. i might also mention Sonic Mania Collectors Edition (most disappointing edition imho), Odin Sphere Storybook Edition And the gruesome/gorgeous limited edition of 2Dark
  15. Yep, it doesn’t show the rarest trophy, but the trophy with less achievers. Mine is Strikers Edge, since the game didn’t sell anything special, only 21 players have the trophy. My list is: Gems of War - 400h (cause... trophies) TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan and Micro machines: World Series, both 56 hours