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  1. So? Dragon's Crown on PS4 is a totally different version from the PSVita and PS3 and they all share the same trophy list. Yet, Resident Evil 4/5/6 are the same game and they don't share the same trophy list. Same to Devil May Cry 1/2/3 that are exactly the same game from the PS3 collection. So they added new trophy list because they wanted, just like games that have multiple stacks of platinum because each game has different lists for each platform and region. You don't have to agree with me on this. Neither a company has to justify why they release a new trophy list. If they do justify (like you said Insomniac did), it doesn't mean I must agree and understand them. It's like a lot of companies nowadays saying that having microtransactions doesn't affect players, because the player can choose to pay or not. Although those extras pay actually brings benefits towards the players, otherwise they wouldn't be there.
  2. I always disagreed about new trophy lists for remasters versions. If there are significant changes in-game (like Uncharted collection that removes the online features), I understand the need for a new trophy list. Okami HD, Hotline Miami and Dragon's Crown didn't change anything, so they simply linked those lists to PS4. I never understood why games like Devil May Cry HD Collection, Mafia II, Resident Evil or even this new Spider-Man needed a different trophy list. Some games can be justified by "they used different servers", but these games don't even have online trophies :/
  3. Yeah, give it to @MarioMan200 since he's been the only one commenting long ago. Plus, Ripper Roo is a great choice 👍 I would like to have it, since these are the only skins I'm missing from the game. But it's an NA code, so I won't be participating
  4. Even coming from me who doesn't own the majority of these, I can say the same thing. The Adventure Pals has never been on sale since release until last week (at least in my country) and I still have some dozens of games on my wishlist that never were on sale or aren't on sale for years.
  5. I understand what you mean about the new game plus and new difficulties. I haven't played Dark Souls (and I don't plan to), but I remember Shovel Knight's NG+ adapting its difficulty based on all your items you collected until the final boss. I wasn't expecting that, I thought it would be a smooth run like these last exclusive titles. It turns out to be a "Challenge mode" like Ratchet games used to call it You just game the perfect example: Heavy Rain. When I first played it, I wanted to get the platinum trophy as fast as possible, I started this new account and I wanted a good amount of Platinums. After finishing the game (which the twist honestly caught me by surprise), I wanted to do the Perfect Crime trophy. I was curious about that run, so I guess I never felt tedious playing it for a second time. But after that... All those endings? Repeating the same sequences all over again and again to get a trophy here and there? I started to complain about the game all the time "aff this sequence again / let's play with that bitch again / now I'm obliged to play dumb in this puzzle when I already know the answer"... I thought to myself "WTF am I doing?". After YEARS, I still remember everything about that game and I might need YEARS to forget most of the it. And this is not good. From that day on, I never forced myself playing a game twice in a row when it comes to trophies. If I really loved the game and I want to go back to it for fun, sure. Otherwise, nope, let it be. The only game I broke this "rule" was Stories: The Path of Destinies. Although this game actually obliges you to play the same bullshit over and over again in order to unlock the true ending - in reality, you're not finishing the game each run, you're just getting a different path/possibility for the end of a day. So I think this game can't be compared to those we've mentioned.
  6. Are you guys for real?! Have you been following the rarity of the game? It has been decreasing rarity since its release, it wasn't Ultra Rare after 3 days. Someone posted an exploit last saturday (if I recall correctly, I checked the rarity and it was around 16%). So, no, whatever you're saying in the video is absolutely wrong.
  7. Hmm no, this game always had a +50% rarity, this cheat code didn't change anything at all. It's an easy fun game, most people already played it, only a minority of people will try to buy this game to use a cheat code...
  8. Mas a lista é pessoal, por isso a opinião de qualquer pessoa que não conheces é um bocado relativa. Eu tinha um colega na Playstation que tinha muitas platinas; através deste site, vi que o gajo sacava saves da net para platinar jogos. Ninguém faz uma platina em 2 horas quando há um troféu que te obriga a jogar 4. Mas se tu olhares para a lista dele, também vais achar que é um grande jogador que tem os jogos todos a 100%. Ou da mesma forma que há pessoas que compram o mesmo jogo em várias regiões para ter várias platinas em poucos minutos. É mais certo olhares para um perfil e veres "este gajo fez esta platina" do que andares a ver, no geral, que ele tem muitos ou todos os jogos a 100%. Um perfil com 100% de jogos de 30 minutos a 2 horas não me diz absolutamente nada, por exemplo ☺️
  9. Wolfenstein doesn't hurt any completion rate because it's a bronze trophy. If you get all trophies except that one, you'll end up with a 98% on your profile. Wolfenstein was more about "I won't get my platinum because of a simple bronze trophy, where the requirements are harder then any other silver or gold trophy in the game". My main point is: I don't see many players complaining about how cheap easy a game is, while other people judging them because they won't start the game for being easy. It's not about completition rate, some people (including myself) don't want to spend a cent on a game with a trophy list where it requires to lose to get gold trophies. Even if the game is fun. However, I absolutely agree that people shouldn't be extreme, insulting developers and create petitions to change anything. They have to accept the list as it is, they don't like it, they don't have to play it. If people accept and respect this, nobody should also judge a person for not starting the game.
  10. For some reason, this is one of the few games I have on my Steam wishlist. Glad it made it to the Playstation, but no Platinum trophy
  11. I really would like to understand why people are so judgemental. What's the problem if someone doesn't want to start a game because of a single trophy? A lot of people say this is a fun game, what if it isn't a fun game for me? Do I have to be judged and fell bad by people because I choose to not start this game in my main account, whatever the reason? Because some comments around here, even the OP, are literally saying it and dozens of people agree with that. Just stop pointing fingers to the "community" implying they're less gamers then you, they shouldn't care about trophies because their profile rate is not close to perfect (LOL), they should git gud because this is not a lucky based game... That's clearly showing off how superior you guys think you are. This attitude you're having isn't making the "community" better, it even makes it more toxic for each other.
  12. I already have both games, but I got to say: this is a very very good offer right here. I honestly hope that, the lucky person that gets this code will actually USE it, instead Reselling in for 40/50€ because it's already delisted.
  13. Why is this a kids game? Because it has a cute cartoonish fox? Because it's a Pegi 3 or E in America? Is your daughter able to complete the Puzzles from World 3 by herself? Or complete the challenges in the final island since she still have hard time jumping in a Mario game? I must say these boss battles leave any Super Mario Odyssey boss Battle crying in a corner, in terms of variety and difficulty. Don't get me wrong, but don't come here saying "it's a kids game" as it justifies anything. It sounds like "don't expect too much from a 3D Platformer because its a kids game" when you might know there are very good platformers out there. I ended up loving the game and I must honestly say this is one of the best 3D Platformers out there. It doesn't mean I'm still not disappointed. In terms of length, New Super Lucky’s Tale is very very short, even compared to a single Spyro game. The game was made from the ground up, fixing all issues etc, it still is the same thing as the original Super Lucky’s Tale on Xbox. Maybe Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures on PS3 has passed under the radar for a lot of people because it seems Just a game for kids.
  14. This might be an unpopular opinion, specially because this is a trophy hunters website, but people really like to swallow games until they get the platinum/100%. My point is: some trophies are here for "one day, when you come back to the game, here's an extra challenge". But a lot of people force themselves to do that almost in a row, finishing the game and instantly start a new game and make another huge run to get another trophy. I saw a lot of people complaining about these trophies because it requires ANOTHER playthrough, not because it's difficult. I don't know who to explain it, but take "Detroit: Become Human" as example. People completed the game their way, then they were forced to change their choices to make the Platinum - another 2 playthroughs. Obviously the game easily becomes tedious to play following a guide for decisions, but it wouldn't be that tedious if people let the game breathe a little. And this is when, in most cases, people start to point out the cons of the game when there were none in the first playthrough. I spent 40 or so hours to complete TLOU2. Plus half playthrough to get all upgrades (which I haven't done yet). Suddenly we need to do another 1 or 2 playthroughs to get 100%, one month after the game release. I might do the permadeath mode for the trophy, but not now. This game needs a huge break before I jump again to another 30-40 hours of gameplay and challenge.
  15. If I'm not mistaken, you find those cash registers on Gilly Island. Also think there are only 2, but these are easy to find The only trophy I struggled to find it was to fall into a tar pit The only place you can find it is in the Third boss Battle level. It might come naturally if you fall when enemies destroy the ground, but didn't happened to me. So I traveled across all levels and hubs to find a place to get that trophy