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  1. Gems of War on PS4. Don’t need anyone to play with, but needs to be connected online to play
  2. I think ranks matter to most of the players in this forum. If you look at some profiles, you see a lot of commitment trying to get most of the trophies, even if they are Ultra rare. But if you check their latest games, they’re always filled with easy platinums, with cross platform and regions. A friend of mine has 100 incredible platinums, but in the last 2 years, he’s been “playing” games while watching videos to obtain all trophies in few hours. In his case, I believe he wants to keep / Rise his rank, nobody spends hours in broken or not fun games to play. And those games sell very well because of that, that’s why there are more and more ESPZ platinums lately.
  3. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 has been published Most of the Tips & Strategies have information about the game for those who haven’t played the game yet. If someone thinks that some of that information is not clear or it’s confusing, please let me know
  4. Thanks to @HuntingFever and @kraven_15 these are some changes: Added to Unobtainable Platinum Twisted Metal (servers down) Warhawk (servers down) PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale [ PS3 | PSV ] (servers down) NBA 2K17 [ PS4 | PS3 ] (servers down) Sheltered (glitched trophies) Added to Unobtainable 100% Final Fantasy XV - Comrades DLC [EU][NA][AS][CN][JP] (servers down) Uncharted: Fight for Fortune (servers down) Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn - BarackFu DLC [DG] (glitched trophies - unreleased DLC) Added to Recently Fixed Road Redemption Added to Warnings and Reports Orcs Must Die! Unchained (servers close on April 8th) Thank you for your messages and comments
  5. Say what you want, but those were the times were Konami was GOLD! Til the PS1 era at least (TMNT, Rocket Knight, Contra, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Castlevania)
  6. Did someone reported this to Sony/PlayStation? I added to the wish list, but then, it was removed from it. Games that are delisted still showing up in the wish list, but without a button to buy it (like it happened with Earthworm Jim HD in my case). This case was different: they removed both store and wish list
  7. incoming extreme censure in European and American versions
  8. I honestly don’t see that as an “improvement”. Some people are kind to help other people in games 100% completed. At least it’s the only reason I see to show all games you own in that “game session” tab. If people want to find a particular game session, it’s recommended to click the game trophy list and find all game session currently available.
  9. How about just hide those stacked games from your trophy list and check the leaderboards then? I dont have many many stacked games, although I use an excel list to filter everything I want
  10. 2019 GOALS PERSONAL 50 Platinum Trophies ( 11 /50) Platinum A-Z Games ( 7 /27) 10 Ultra Rare Platinums ( 3 /10) COMMUNITY BINGO BONANZA BY @XX_FTW
  11. Sign me in please I'll be tracking in my personal topic and update it here
  12. I haven’t started the game yet but I’ve seen some friend with this avatar. although I got an email today for my Spider-Man Platinum Avatar
  13. While Burnout asks you for a simple shot from the camera, this game requires you to use move controls, which is only detected by PlayStation Eye. since you already have the move controls, a PSEye should cost 3-5€ @enaysoft if you’re from UK, CEX (webuy.com) has some great deals and sell those accessories separately
  14. It’s been 2 years since I don’t play this game. I got the platinum with the latest patch today I bought the DLC. The only issue I’m having it’s the gameplay full of glitches. I was trying the Street cup, with all stars gathered so far. I was in my final lap in the last race and the game crashed. I was expecting that bullshit since it happened minor other glitches before in short challenges, but all of them obliged me to restart. What a pain when it happens in championships
  15. By the icons for each trophy, it might be possible that all the trophies are equal to the classic game on PS3. At least they give a gold trophy for Rapunzel levels... the other gold trophy must be all gold prizes on hard mode. No way I’m going to do all those Babel levels still need them on PS3 and it’s a pain :/