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  1. From my personal wishlist, games that never came out on PS1 or PS2 via the PS3 Store (only available in the original console physically), these are the games: . Bugs and Taz: Time Busters (already incorrectly mentioned as Partners) . Sheep Dog n Wolf (aka Sheep Raider) . Earthworm Jim 2 . Muppet Monster Adventure . Croc 2 . Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge . Ms Pac-Man: Maze Madness . The Adventures of Lomax . Spider-Man . Jinx From the existing catalog on PS3 (not need to be added to the top list): . Driver . Alone in the Dark: the New Nightmare . Kula World (aka Rollaway) . Crash Bash . Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko . Tomb Raider II . Rayman 2: The Great Escape . Mickey Wild Adventure . Toy Story Racer . The Legend of Dragoon
  2. Toy Story 2 first 😍 I mean: Toy Story 3 is the PSP version, might have Trophies... Why not both 2 and 3? 🤩
  3. I'm not sure if you can get it now, actually. I'll try it when I get home, since people already confirm the online functions are still active. I downloaded the Demo version of the game and some games allow us to buy the game through the in-game unlock (happened with Fat Princess if I'm not mistaken, after the game being delisted). If it's the same case, (and might be our last hope) you just need to re-download the demo version and "unlock full game" in the main menu. Don't know if the demo is still available to download though, if not and you didn't get previously, I'm afraid you can't get this game anymore. Edit: Tried to buy the game via the main menu from the Demo version but it takes you to the PS Store page directly and it doesn't show item to purchase. Therefore no way to get this game anymore.
  4. Unless Sony has some sort of backwards compatibility with recent hardware, fully functional with all the content they have on the store, I don't think they will close online services on PS3 soon. People bought PS3 games via digital store, if they close any online connection with the console, the download list of games you bought will become unaccessible, meaning you can't re-download any content you previously bought. A full refund like Google Stadia must be done for all affected players... Just imagine the numbers! It's better for them to just keep the simple online connection active, for the minority of people who still have access to the PS3, even if the choose to delist all their games from the store.
  5. Might be better unpin this one. Since PSN+ has been in for years, I really didn't see any need to update this one. The other thread is most used and up to date. At least PSN+ has multiple active members in it to edit, this post was created when none was done (and had plenty of time to focus on)...
  6. My wishlist for PS3 is now very very short, but... Finally arrived my Xmas gift today 😍 I've been looking for this in ages, got the English PAL version. It's one of my favorite PC puzzle games of that time and I can finally hunt some trophies on PS3 😊
  7. Nope, there is no save feature during this mode. If you lose in level 10 (final), you must restart from level 1. Make sure you get all Upgrades to the max before attempting this.
  8. Outch, I'm surrounded by Rythm Gods in this thread 👏 Where in the hell is this game easy? You mean: it's easy to platinum? Sure, you can do everything on "Easy" for most trophies (or even Practice for the 75% Perfect). Now I wonder how many of you would swallow the "Easy" if the trophy list required you to A or S or S+ most of the songs on Medium and Hard 😏 you know, like Tetris Effect requiring SS on all game modes. Or how many players would even start the game in their lists if the trophy list was different... I love this game, thankfully I found it on PS Extra and ended up buying a physical copy for my collection 😍 the only problem with this game for me is actually its difficulty spikes. The first 8 songs are achievable with A-S+ on any difficulty, but Medium is Hard and Hard is Very Hard. Medium should be more balanced instead throwing you all notes and mechanics at once. You get an extra button and suddenly you're rolling the prim all the time and pressing random buttons. I end up forgetting the beat and focus most on hitting the buttons spread around the screen :/ Hard mode is similar to Medium, but with another extra button, so the difficulty spike here isn't that big :/
  9. Someday we will get a post "Update MY profile" so someone that doesn't have their IP blocked can update others profile for them... Is there any limited number of updates to know before this "block" system triggers? Sometimes I go through some leaderboards of the game and update multiple accounts to see their progress, but since the first "block" I ended up being more careful about this. Not that it affects me too much, my profile updates every 6 hours, but it's also an unnecessary worry to update 10 or 20 random profiles each day and get banned. And yeah, I have that random guilty pleasure of finding other profiles and add them to the website to increase the number of players for that game (specially if it's under 1000), but I never understood why this could cause someone's IP being at risk. Most of these are players that don't update their PSNP profile in years, but still active players, it's not that I'm adding new players to the database all the time...
  10. I would love to partake in this post with my collection, but unfortunately my country (Portugal) no longer produces Blu-Ray discs I must buy from outside, though I prefer a Portuguese version. I'm buying some movies in English, but it's not that easy as well cause Brexit. The only option is purchasing Spanish versions of the movie, but most movies have "awkward" titles. Sure, Portuguese titles are not "normal" or "literal translations" either, but I rather have an "awkward" title in Portuguese than another then the original.
  11. Now that's a shitpost right here: opened a topic to throw some random shit in it and expect someone to talk about it or clean it :/
  12. While I agree with a lot being said here, saying that someone that rants is because he's not good enough to the game is incorrect. Sometimes the game has difficulty spikes without any warning. (I struggled once when I was collecting one of the lost pages and the checkpoint forced me to either try again the mid boss or low the difficulty. I couldn't get any upgrades or buy a resurrection stone.) Some enemies are cheap and it's not because you are bad at the game. It's because you made a wrong move somewhere and you are forced to restart a whole section because of that little mistake. (Like I mentioned before, I rant a lot because I stunned an enemy, used a runic attack and he teleported backwards. While the animation of the runic was active, he immediately attacked me with a Red circle attack I couldn't evade because of the animation. If he didn't teleported, I would end him, but instead he cheap ran away and killed me with a single strike.) This repetition might lead someone to frustration. Thankfully people don't need to complete it in a specific difficulty to platinum, so yeah, it's easier to lower the difficulty or do something else in the game instead...
  13. I can't remember if GOW 2018 had this problem before, but the parry seems useless in most cases this time. Sometimes you have to parry multiple attacks from the same enemy, but once you do the first, the screen flashes so bright I don't know if the enemy is stunned or ready to punch again :/ I lose a lot of battles because of this :/ the best way is to evade the first attack, but again it's not the best when you're surrounded by enemies. Another thing is the special moves where you still get damage if someone attacks you. Worst thing: you can't interrupt once you active it. I lost one of the mini bosses because I activate a rune, he teletransported and used a Red attack and finished half of my health. One thing is for sure: if there was a trophy were players should complete it on Give me Balance or Give me No Mercy, the Platinum would be under 10% for sure. Most of these mid bosses are ridiculous :/
  14. DLC

    Correct, you don't need to get gold in time trials, the same goes for the cataclysm levels you don't need to complete them without dying (you see a golden border around your reward if you do so). I made all time trials in gold because I wasn't sure if it counted or not. I just left one I struggled the most (the special level 2) and I did to rest to check what counted or not.
  15. DLC

    That's what I thought, I saw the game on sale at 19.99 and everyone's talking about 3.99. It's NA only apparently. 3.99 is a great price for the game. I bought it physically for 24€ and upon completion, it was on thinking of selling it. It was very overpriced for what the game has to offer. However, this DLC is incredible compared to the rest of the game the level design, the variaty and the difficulty is just right. They put more effort to this DLC then the rest of the base game, which is a shame, it's very forgettable - for me at least :/