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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! Excited to play Fish of the North Star for an Easy Fishy Platinum 😅
  2. Are you even reading what people are writting? If trophies doesn't matter to you, cool. If you want to pay full price for a game to support the devs, that's cool too. If the game was the most important part for me, I'd already buy it long ago, I wouldn't wait for a PS4 release. There are literally thousands of people buying games for another platinum on their list, not giving a F about the game. Just the platinum. EZPZ games that have a platinum trophy because devs decided to spend a little more time making a trophy list worth a platinum... And you really think the game is "the most important part", for everyone? Welcome to PSNProfiles, dude
  3. Guess LittleBigPlanet 2 is the most expensive game to 100% You need to buy all DLCs, 2 Move controllers, a Playstation Eye and a PS Vita 😅 But yeah, 120 is very expensive
  4. I guess the most important part of what he said was "Support the devs", even if this game doesn't have a Platinum trophy. And my opinion wasn't about the lack of platinum, but the basic and linear list of "complete the game" set. Allow me to talk about my latest experience: Neighbours Back From Hell. I played a lot of both games and I remember being "hard" for me: you had to place all traps in a spefic order and at the proper time, in order to get a great score and unlock future levels. At least for me, I didn't have internet at home to watch any guides. I still have both games (including the latest version, the one I bought for PS4) on Steam - basically, I just spent money for a compilation of games I already own. Even though, I did the same thing OP did: - the game lacks on Platinum Trophy, but fuck it, it's Neighbours from Hell, it's my childhood right there. - I paid full price for this (again) to support the devs, believing a Part 3 will come in the future. Result: I already regret paying 15 euros for NBFH. The trophies are "complete the story" only. The game is easier, you don't have to do all traps to unlock the next level, you don't have to master anything, you simply watch a video if you want for a speedrun completion. When you complete a level and you see the stats board, they could really put more effort to the trophy list: - make a perfect run - don't get caught - hide from your neighbor 25 times - complete a level under 2 minutes - lockpick 50 items I made these up under 1 minute :/ they could invest a little more time for the trophy list in both games rather then "complete the levels"
  5. Yeap, I'm disappointing this game doesn't have a platinum, but even more to be a basic 300 points set of trophies that seems to be "just complete the game". For this particular reason, I'm not buying the game until it has a huge discount. I was waiting for this game to come to consoles for trophies, if I knew this was the list, I'd rather buy and complete the game on PC long ago.
  6. I didn't have any problem selecting both players in the main menu. Although, it's the second time in a row that after defeating the third evil ex-boyfriend, the game crashes on me. I might try do it solo, but at least in co-op, the game crashes after the final blow :/
  7. Is this game coming to PS4 as well? There's a pre-order for this game on PSN, but it only mentions PS5. It reads at the top that it's only playable on PS5... Although, in the description, it reads that it includes both PS4 and PS5 digital versions... I don't want to spend 15 euros in a game for a console I don't own
  8. Since you're looking for a colorful and fun game, allow me to also recommend you New Super Lucky’s Tale and Sackboy. Maybe you already heard and watch something about these games, but I thought you might be interested in both as well
  9. You guys are hilarious. This is my video playing it: I'm posting it here to see how fast I tried to complete the challenge and I finished it with 2 minutes left on the clock. Why did I rush? Because I didn't watch any videos of this challenge and didn't know there were free Clocks at the end to EARN time didn't even bothered gathering them all Considering this game doesn't ask Ace and all Golden scores at the end of ALL levels, this platinum is actually FUN and very easy to do.
  10. Gosh, I did 10 UR in 2020 and didn't sign up for this Not repeating this, 2021 is going to be a smooth year for Platinums
  11. Yesterday I saw a video from Gameranx and they mentioned that game as one of the worst games of this year. It was a pain to watch and it must be a pain to play. And maybe that's why this crap is free now 😂
  12. There are currently 25 factions, 1,600 per Kingdom for 40k if you haven't done Exalted trophy yet. When you say "longtime" players you mean "active" players. Delves requires you to be active, to play daily to get most points each day, since these events are limited to 3 rounds. If it wasn't this limitation, these Delve requirements would be much more interesting to do. Since it's my only trophy missing, it's pointless (bronze trophy) and boring to start a game every day to play delves. The game is slowly dying already. They're adding micro transactions for specific troops and resources now they added new ways to acquire new players to the game (which I highly doubt they get). And if it wasn't these trophies, I doubt people were still playing this game. Unless you don't have anything else to play and/or you're aiming for the top guild podium. These trophies ask players to come back to the same boring game that doesn't change much since since forever. Treasure mode is pointless at this point, same goes for arenas or PVP. I really hope it dies fast cause these cheap trophies like "get 150 gold elite troops" or "unlock this troops" or "reach the max renown" are only painful to do, even for long timers or active players (I only met a few active players that cared a little about 100% the game). I wouldn't be surprised to see a "reach level 1500", "Get 10 Artifacts", "Unlock Enraged Kurandara (or similar)" so those fuckers keep trophy hunters playing their shit.
  13. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/11562-neighbours-back-from-hell Don't know if anyone already mentioned this here, but this list from Neighbours Back from Hell belongs to the EU version. Just bought the game in the Portuguese store and the trophy popped on this list. Don't know about the other list, but it's not EU like it's mentioned.
  14. Just got 3 games: . Timber Tennis Versus (cause it's almost given) . Neighbours Back from Hell . Grip - Deluxe Edition Monster Boy and Celest are cheaper than the last Black Friday sale when I bought them. All other games from my wishlist had better discounts previously (Like Full Throttle was at 3.99) or the usual discount price, so no rush in them...
  15. Though I understand why people want to change the website, I don't agree with this change. If other websites use it, then it's up to you to choose your prefered website to see your profile. Same way I prefered PSNP over other websites because it has been more faithful to the original source, even if its layout is not the most interesting to my eyes. I remember other websites not even updating Sound Shapes or Oddworld: New n Tasty icons when they changed (even to this date) on PlayStation. What's "funny" is that everyone is OCD about squares and rectangles... what about games that doesn't have a rectangle as background? Games like Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet... These lists are here since beginning, never asked to be changed. And, for me, these "icons" (like I call them) are odd for me as well, that's why I always try to stack 2 or more games like this before going back to the usual rectangles. Same way I hate some trophy images compared to XBox (like all Asterix games are shit), but that's the original icon and I have to accept it. And obvisously I didn't like the change for Squares by Sony in the first place, at all... Although if this change is made and it can't be reverted to the original as it is, guess it will the end of PSNP for me, I don't see any point of following this anymore :/