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  1. You already have that. All completed games that appear at the top of your profile only includes games finished 100% (with or without DLC). If you want to know Only how many games you have both platinum and dlc, a ribbon system is coming in future, so you can track those games and more
  2. This was very disappointing to me... but I’m already used to it. I have over 90 games in my wishlist, most of them are indies, none of them have a physical release and only ONE was at the BF sale. The worst is most of these games don’t have discounts in Months (or even Years), when 10 of these get a discount, I have to choose 2 or 3 and then wait Again for the same discounts months later. In the meantime, my wishlist increases...
  3. If this makes you happy, all trophies unlock way earlier then it was supposed. A few rare exceptions, but trophies unlock after done 50% or 60% of the requirements. I texted the devs about this (since they’re Portuguese) to fix the trophies or the description, but they ignored completely. So just play around 250-300 and the 500 matches/victories trophies unlock
  4. It’s easier to drop it like this: www.vgcollect.com/TurtlePM
  5. Since we are in a “PlayStation Hits” trend and they always release, at least, one game I already own, my bets are: . Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor . Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
  6. While I don’t Love steelbooks, I managed to get some of them, mostly on PS4. So here’s my list: PS3 . Gran Turismo 6: Anniversary Edition . Uncharted 2 - Limited Edition PS4: . 2Dark . Agents of Mayhem . Batman Arkham Knight . Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night . Catherine: Full Body . God of War . Last Guardian, The . MediEvil . Mortal Kombat 11 (2 steelbooks due to Collectors Edition) . Nier Automata . Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir . Resident Evil 2 . Spider-Man . Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection . Uncharted 4 . Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus . Yakuza Kiwami
  7. I bet this is a spiritual horror novel about a couple, trapped in a stadium, attempting to watch a football game... until Death, once cheated, starts to kill one by one with an unexplainable force that uses of the environment for its advantage... or maybe a date sim, where a rural couple tries to make love in the middle of a football game without being noticed... until, suddenly, a murder emerges...
  8. Easiest Platinum: LittleBIGPlanet 2 Fastest Platinum: LittleBIGPlanet 3 I didn’t get any major bugs on LBP 3 with the latest updates. I Platinum all 3 main games months ago. You can use a glitch with version 1.0 to make side quests easier, but they aren’t complicated overall. You don’t need to collect all bubbles, but some levels (specially the final boss) on LBP 3 are some of the hardest levels to Ace in the series. The final levels are very long with multiple sections with different characters. LittleBIGPlanet was the hardest because of the controls. They are clunky compared to the other games. I had a hard time with the explosive levels, even after acing the hardest level called “The bunker”.
  9. Nope, you need to get a camera for those trophies. I had to ask a friend. I did everything in about 5minutes (one song). I would recommend getting “Daddy Cool” to make this platinum easier, if you’re playing on PS4. It’s the easiest song to get 100% rank, even for men without any vocal skills. I used Dancing Queen to farm Vibrato seconds naturally but I think any other song will do.
  10. Nice giveaway challenge I’ll say 95
  11. Just commenting to mention “Songbird Symphony is a beautiful and underrated videogame, released this year”. And that’s all I got to say today
  12. I would say that I'd take advantage of PS+ sales as well but then I thought: I only buy digital games if there isn't a physical copy in the EU available (excluding stupid Limited Run and other shit). Most sales are the SAME across the years, some of them are "fake" sales (Like Diablo 3 DLC which costed 6.99€ and later sales were always 8-10€). I take sales from PSN overall more often then PS+ exclusive sales. There good for the Exclusive PS4 games, but all those game I already own physically. I use more often the Save Cloud then Online features, actually
  13. No, they aren’t. I pay the Plus service for Games mostly, the Online is an Extra to me. I rarely use it, unless I need to boost some trophies... that’s why I’m a subscriber since it’s release on PS3, where every month was worthy
  14. I got to admit: this was in my wishlist I’ve played CID The Dummy on PSP só why not buy this? Obviously I was expecting a price drop, but damn... that was huge It an horrible game, I know... but I got to admit that this is way better then Little (shit) Adventure of the Whatever and Legend of the Black Tiger COMBINED!!!
  15. First of all, for those who don’t know yet, the Veteran Kart is now available outside UK and US - at least, I just bought it from the Portuguese store. Now, I already installed the DLC, reinstalled the game and it doesn’t show up either at the Karts or Special Karts menu... any clue? Did it happen to anyone else?