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  1. Thanks for mentioning this game has rubber banding AI. I'm already tired of Split/Second because of that abuse.
  2. I always defended that point of view about these remasters are for new players. However, after some years, after some many re-something, I got cosy with my PS4 and didn't want to play PS3 that much. So I ended up buy the same game on PS4, a game that was in a backlog for ages. I remember buying a Ni No Kuni game from someone on OLX (we used that website a lot in Portugal back in the day) for 20 euros, a game that was sold (in a Spanish Title in Portugal stores) for 70. It's my fault never picking up that game, but it was once again released on PS4. So my doubt was: should I buy the same game again for the platform I use most or should I get some "boring" time with my PS3 to play that particular game. This is just an example, I had this feeling for a lot of videogames released in this era. That's why I "overreact" about it before, claiming Most games are remasters. I regret starting Bioshock Infinite or Saints Row 3 on PS3 :/
  3. Yes, you're right, considering all digital games (specially indies) and all crossbuys with PS3/PSVita, there are millions more games. I'm a collector, I buy physical copies, not digital (unless there is no physical copy or that copy is from Limited Run Games or any other similar organization). Don't forget that some countries in Europe don't have many games like the rest of other countries in the world. I have to buy from UK most of my games. It's not like PS2 games, which had million more games produced, where companies made new games every time.
  4. That's the thing: if you look at the PS4 catalog, most of them are remakes/remasters/ports of previous consoles. Just a small list of games I bought on PS2/PS3 and they were re-released: The Last of Us, Uncharted Trilogy, Bioshock Collection, Kingdom Hearts (3 diffent editions), Zone of the Enders 2, Devil May Cry Trilogy, Far Cry 3, God of War III, Assassins Creed Ezio and III Remastered, Gravity Rush, Astérix and Obélix XXL2, La-Mulana 1&2... And recently: Mafia II and Saints Row 3. And when you get a PSNow subscription, you get most of these games from PS3!!! Devil May Cry is the exact same game on PS4, but I can't download it because it's a PS3 game. For me, this was the worst generation in terms of NEW GAMES. It was a "nostalgic" era with new mini consoles and remakes. But frankly, nobody can say that people don't care about "retrocompability" when these Ports and "Remasters" (Mafia 2 pile of shit) sold millions.
  5. PS Now is not an answer. Most games they provide don't include DLC and you can't even buy/install them. They don't even launch new PS3 games in almost a year. I can't download them and my internet is not fast enough to play them without lag. I would like to see retrocompatibility to kill my backlog, even though I would like to replay some games like Ratchet and Clank Trilogy and Prince of Persia, which are not included on PSNow. The good thing about Xbox is that you are upgrading your console like a PC. You don't need another Xbox or PC to play older games, you just upgrade your console to play new games, but never taking away the possibility to play your older games.
  6. I could name a few, some well known like Hotline Miami, Shovel Knight, Guacamelee, Streets of Rage 4 and Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, but here are some I think not many people played them: Yoku's Island Express Sexy Brutale Songbird Symphony Valfaris Two Point Hospital Stikbold! A Dodgeball Game Owlboy The Messenger Dust: an Elysium Tale Moving Out
  7. "Follow RatalaikaGames"? No, thanks.
  8. You can actually confirm it already. Check your alt account if you got 20M zeni or if you get 20.4m zeni (5M + 100k each time) Besides, I don't know if you could get banned from Sony or PSNP for exploiting something like that.
  9. Replaying to the title itself: Yeap, that's one of the main reasons we got some of these games on PS+. Most of them, if not all, have DLCs being sold separately and they cut the price during that month. Maybe that's how they got some extra money back from the offer...
  10. I was thinking about creating a topic about this. Today I was trying to find a list of games similar to ToM4, Rune Lord and Gems of War (tile matching or match three), though most of those game were old (delisted, at least here in Portugal) and the other ones were a little bit off. In none of my research Rune Lord was mentioned and it has been released on PC (and mobile I guess) last year, therefore those lists are not that "updated". So I was wondering the same things: what similar games can we get on PS4? Another one: Frozen (guess the DLC is delisted) and Marvel Puzzle Quest.
  11. Man, no fighting game is compared to Injustice. Level 85?! I'm level 60 and the grind never ends I'm sure I could get 25M zillions faster then level 100 in Injustice.
  12. What a perfect piece of shit. I logged in for the first time, but I register in a different lobby. Then the 5M reward popped, I wanted to change my lobby and I couldn't. I deleted my save date (thinking that my Zillions were saved Online like any other online game) and it was gone, now I cant get another reward back
  13. Afff the usual "nobody's pointing you a gun and forcing you" cliché comment Yes, I can play it legitimately and have fun, however, since I don't support devs that offer trophies like this, I won't spend money on it. That's why I'm disappointed, it's another cash grab with zero effort by simply intensionaly pressing a button and get everything. If you were a developer and spent weeks or months making a videogame, I'm sure you'd want people to PLAY your game. If it was about selling platinums, you could just spend some hours doing something awful and a cheat code to unlock the trophies.
  14. Some trophies were meant to spend hours of playtime and skill to achieve. Why bothering get it fighting the odds, when you can make this trophy faster with a friend? If you're really trophy hunting, you just care about getting all the trophies as fast as possible. If you really enjoy the game, you don't need to rush anything, just play the game and the trophy will pop eventually. Now understand there are other players that don't enjoy the game that much. Even though, being beaten by a friend 200 times sounds boring and time consuming af, so it's a well deserved trophy
  15. I'm feeling bad at this moment after reading these comments. I can't even win Darts on GTA V