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  1. If you weren't playing co-op, yes, the game works fine most of the time. I didn't have any issues the first time I played it solo, but this time, after months, I got all these problems. I didn't even had troubles playing online actually, only a lot of times the game crashed on me while saving when I was playing 2P and we had to redo all over again twice. Dont know if this was the problem, but I used the cheat code for money for both player 1 and 2 (second player being Knives). This way I could level up both characters without that tedious first part of the game. Those stats from player 2 saved on my profile, so I was playing with Knives level 16 from the beginning. After deleting my save data and not connecting any second controller (to farm XP), I got the trophy.
  2. This "complete" (shit) edition is maybe the worst game I've played from Ubisoft in the past months or maybe years. I'm not even considering if the game "is good" like a lot of people think - I honestly can't understand why; but it's so infuriating broken... A lot of people already complained about glitched trophies, forcing the player to delete their save and complete the game 5 other times Mister Chau didn't appear to me after one hour playing different levels, on different difficulties, Nothing! I know it's random, but it seems like I'm looking for a fucking Shiny Pokémon I'm trying to complete the game under 90 minutes and I can't even finish the game. I had to close the game and replay 3 stages in a row because the game didn't save correctly after a cutscene or it didn't detected I defeated all enemies so I could move on... The final part where we have to complete 4 stages is the worst, specially the final part of the game. I couldn't proceed after defeating the final enemies (because one of the robots explode offscreen) and now, after completing the game, the "Pig" save icon didn't disappear, so the trophy didn't unlock at all. Watched the extended boring credits til the end (cause I couldn't pause) and I got a black screen. I don't even know now if I can resume my playthrough from stage 7 to the end (the last time it saved) or if the time I spent playing saved and I surpassed the 90 minutes
  3. While PS+ offers interesting game for both PS5 and PS4, PS Now has become the worst paid service Playstation has ever done and it is becoming a Joke. 2 games were added to the service for 3 and 6 months only - while PS+ lasts forever as long as your subscription is active. Nioh was already been added before as a highlight to Now as a limited time (same happened to Horizon Zero Dawn few months ago and became Highlight again as "forever in service"). No more PS3 games, no more PS4 indies, not all these games are available in all regions - I'm looking at you Goosebumps and Enslaved. I'm glad my subscription finished and I didn't get another year, otherwise I would be f*cking pissed right now.
  4. What's the buzz about not being 100% because of a DLC release? I stacked my Crash Bandicoot series and later, they released a new DLC for Crash 3, an uninteresting level imo. Yes, I was pissed back in the day because those trophies were pointless. But again, the game is at 94%, it doesn't destroy my rate significantly to care about it. You should think the same. If you're aiming for an 100% account... Good luck, games nowadays get a new DLC pack after a year or more, including Indie Games (like Crash 3, A Hat in Time, Moving Out and Two Point Hospital)... So you never know...
  5. Waves Out As bonus for Portugal and Spain
  6. That's actually great news Not interested in the game, but I gotta be honest: I would love to see a similar workaround for other delisted games like TMNT on PS3 and Plants vs Zombies on Vita
  7. I'm sorry to say this but it's a little bit obvious that the Platinum is unobtainable for people that didn't get the trophy for some reason and it doesn't need any "explanation". These games were fine when they released until servers closed. Or got a patch that broke trophies. If you managed to get any of these trophies before, the Platinum is still obtainable. This list serves more like "OK, I want to buy this game, let me see if this game has an obtainable platinum". People that already started a game most likely won't look up for this list...
  8. He's right, period. We must understand the context of this sentence. He said people can't complain if there is no sequel if these people didn't support the developers buying the game at launch. You choose to wait for a sale or an offer, that's absolutely fine, just stop bitching about a future project when you bought a pre-owned copy or a sale. Another thing I need to point out: today there is a lot of "internet". If someone watches a review and the game shows flaws to the reviewer, a lot of people won't get the game full price because a single opinion. Yes, sometimes it doesn't change our hype for the game (like TMNT Mutants in Manhattan for me), but you know there are a lot of people out there that follow these reviews as absolute truth. Back then, with or without demos, I watched a video from Driver 3 from the PS Magazine and I bought it full price at launch and I didn't actually care that much about its bugs and gameplay changes. On the other hand, Balan Wonderlworld demo killed the hype for a lot of people 😂
  9. I don't buy PS3 games a long time ago. My latest was Katamari Forever. I posted a photo on Instagram, but it seems I can't share the photo here through the link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJuEINIgnoR/?igshid=krze3bri6kmy Finally my wishlist for PS3 is basically over 😊
  10. The Irony in 2021: PS3 Players finding ways to download patches to make games playable and unlock trophies. PS4 Players finding ways to avoid patches to make exploits to unlock trophies. 😂
  11. I have a question: How do I know what's the latest version available? I tried a few games this afternoon and a lot of them said it had the latest version, although I don't know if there were any patches available before. I tested the EU Disc versions. Those I remember it didn't update were: - Dead Space - Disney Epic Mickey 2 - Leisure Suit Larry - Puppeteer - The Saboteur - TMNT: Danger of the Ooze Those that got a Patch - Castlevania Lord of Shadows (both) - Asura's Wrath - Metal Gear Rising - Silent Hill Downpour - Toy Story 3 EDIT: Found this list with games that don't have any patches after inserting the disc. So I removed these games from my test. https://www.cheapassgamer.com/topic/322807-ps3-the-complete-games-broken-games-list/ EDIT 2: another site found with a list of games with patches available: https://store.brewology.com/updates.php?digits=1 It also has a "Download" link, don't know wth is that supposed to mean @DeidaraTV I don't know if you want to add this link to the list, making it more accessible to everyone to check each version...
  12. Interesting point of view about "we are encouraging devs to do more by completing the trophies"... Even though I have some doubts about it. I mean, at first, they introduced new trophies that were easy to grab, just for the players to try at least their new modes. Nothing particularly interesting is new atm. The game is dying unless you are still working for the podium on the guild wars. These new guild event are simply repetitive and boring at some point and all the rest maintains the same. Yes, they introduced a campaign mode to change things a little bit, but that's it. Not to mention these latest features were introduced as a new way of microtransactions: paying for temporarily exclusive troops and weapons + filling a grail to unlock a payed offer. Which are OK for newcommers. Now the way trophies are being added are ridiculous. They ask for thousands of hours to get some trophies, "forcing" players to buy packs to get them faster. Considering a lot of players gave up on most trophies long time ago, they're adding more and more to make people come back... And STAY. If you don't want to pay any money, you have to stay for another month or two to get the new trophies. On the other side, people that care about trophies and 100% their games, the amount of time and trophies they are adding are "frightening" newcommers to the game... And for those that don't care about trophies that much, they simplyy try, play some hours and delete the game for good...
  13. I know we can do it via website, but it's possible through the console that way? Hmm didn't know about that :/ In that case, guess we don't have to worry about re-downloading purchased games if these rumors come true.
  14. Well, considering you need the Playstation Store app on your system to download your games, it's going to be a total bummer if rumors are true. Unless they create a "Library" like they did with PS4 and PS5 to easily download your games, but going back to PS3, Vita and PSP just for this, I think Sony will simply let the app open...
  15. First comes if I will gonna attend to pay for this game 😔 The demo was so meh imo...