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  1. Got my second copy of MHW, time to give it for a friend. Hope she likes. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. skateak


      Let's face it, she is going to hate it. 


      Haha totally kidding man. I am sure she will like it. I wish my GF would buy me MH....

    3. Edunstar84


      Hope she likes it, too. More people to play with!

    4. Atlas


      Not waifu, @Sergen. Actually a real person. 😮


      I had a hard time once with a friend, made her buy Bloodborne then she hated it. Hope this one doesn't hate. She likes RPGs and such, so I guess that's something. Thanks both. 

  2. Welcome back.
  3. Congrats, @A-Brawl3r! And the others.
  4. Am I right? Now let the pleonasm continues.
  5. Yep, pretty much. Although this studio showed other things, It's kinda sad they actually have stolen soundtracks from other games, copy n' paste. It's not just about the quality of the games. Also, you can't contact with them on their social networks, It's everything restricted. (Not that It's a reliable reason to just shit on it, but feedbacks are necessary these days by devs/studios).
  6. Another bad flag from Sony for keeping with studios like this. They should be ashamed for actually promoting this studio which It already showed to copy n' paste games.
  7. Welcome! Hope you enjoy the forums.
  8. Weird. It should work. I always use that method.
  9. You better refresh it by using CTRL + F5 after you crop your image there, It's a hard refresh, not a normal one. It will update the caches for the page.
  10. Probably not since they haven't do anything for it on PS3. I think they will probably port every PS3 game to PS4, doing remasters or just port.
  11. Capcom's plan is to remaster everything apparently.
  12. Pretty much: Code Vein Monster Hunter World Ni No Kuni II Dragon Ball FighterZ Soulcalibur VI Yet I need to think about other releases but these are the ones I'm looking forward now.
  13. As @xZoneHunter stated, video games are just a hobby. I don't think 'retiring' is the best word to describe, cause even though one day you will eventually play something, doesn't matter what way you will. I feel It's better to describe it as 'take a time from it'. You could say 'retiring' if you're into Competitive Games such as Overwatch, League, CS:GO and etc, or MMORPG, it would be more understandable to use 'retiring'.