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  1. I stopped reading after they mentioned "man being in the house". Nice one dude. Looks like you got everyone's attention for a minute.
  2. Jim Ryan saved anime. 🙂

  3. I thought you would post a video about it Disappointed
  4. There's literally only one scene with nudity in this game, and it's only the nipples showing for less than 5 seconds, you can't even see the other parts cause it's blurred. "Devil May Cry 5 - Butt crack. HOW DARE YOU SHOW BUTTCRACK, BEAM OF LIGHT GO!!!" - It's fixed for most of the regions except Europe iirc.
  5. I have 73K+ visitors Don't ask me how But yeah, where is my topic?
  6. Oh, god. The usual weebs comparing their niche titles to anything that's popular. Get a life. There's a reason why this game Knockout City is free for 10 days, probably 7 by now. So everyone can try out. It's your own fault if you have bought the game before that.
  7. We should have a downvote feature here, cause the amount of crap/bait getting likes is insane. It's hilarious that the same people wait for a topic related to Sony to basically do the same takes all over again. 


    All Hail Jim Ryan, anyway. 

  8. You're forgetting about Apple, Instagram, Nintendo, and etc. They still have no partnerships whatsoever. Also, what do you mean 'long'? Microsoft was one of the first partnerships they did with other companies, they even had a League/Riot partnership, which It's not available now. As for other partnerships, It's not even worth mentioning, only if It's about Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Youtube. You're just trying to clout here.
  9. They don't want anything public from discord to here pretty much. And what does being a premium member have anything with this? I could list you a bunch of other premium members who got banned from this website, and even for the stupidest reasons. Be glad you're not on the server.
  10. We should change this website to hot take profiles. Thank you all for the threads. 

  11. The only good news is that the games finally hit the PC market. Also, I don't like the prices, not worth it for now.
  12. I wonder what sources you use to bluntly say 'no one likes BlazBlue story'. As for the story, the characters literally carry everything with their interactions and personalities, and It's definitely enough for a fighting game since you don't have any other big franchises in the genre with a 100% good plot. The biggest issue about the franchise is the latter games, it shows they didn't have anything else to add so they basically try to mindfuck the plot by repeating everything from the start. Although they always give us new characters, just nothing so deep for the plot itself. I would say It's fine if you want to know more about the characters. They're definitely the main point to look at in the story mode.
  13. You know I was waiting for the release of Code Vein but since It was schedule for next year I actually dunno what I will buy this year now. Probably gonna pick games that I don't have for now, so it would be something like FFXV, Tales of games and Danganronpa V3. I still think about Kiwami 2 and Fist of the North Star too, but will probably wait for a price drop later.
  14. Welcome. Please follow @Walt the Dog and @Satoshi Ookami