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  1. The only good news is that the games finally hit the PC market. Also, I don't like the prices, not worth it for now.
  2. I wonder what sources you use to bluntly say 'no one likes BlazBlue story'. As for the story, the characters literally carry everything with their interactions and personalities, and It's definitely enough for a fighting game since you don't have any other big franchises in the genre with a 100% good plot. The biggest issue about the franchise is the latter games, it shows they didn't have anything else to add so they basically try to mindfuck the plot by repeating everything from the start. Although they always give us new characters, just nothing so deep for the plot itself. I would say It's fine if you want to know more about the characters. They're definitely the main point to look at in the story mode.
  3. You know I was waiting for the release of Code Vein but since It was schedule for next year I actually dunno what I will buy this year now. Probably gonna pick games that I don't have for now, so it would be something like FFXV, Tales of games and Danganronpa V3. I still think about Kiwami 2 and Fist of the North Star too, but will probably wait for a price drop later.
  4. Welcome. Please follow @Walt the Dog and @Satoshi Ookami
  5. Exactly, after their failed live stream they actually decided to shut down. Even one of their spokeswoman have posted on twitter. Also, It's funny that ZombiUnicorn likes to harass people on stream.
  6. I wasn't expecting to have a memorable story but a good gameplay. I got none. Really disappointed.
  7. Lords of the Fallen.
  8. If you haven't set to it then It's a website glitch. But apparently It's something with your profile sync only, It shows the list for Ni No Kuni first over God of War one.
  9. That wouldn't resolve the problem, lol. Sometimes you need to do a hard refresh, instead of a simple refresh ("Just press F5, kek."). This will ensure you to have the latest version of a site/page, it will clear the cache memory of your profile page and show the image you choose for your background.
  10. Also, something that wasn't mentioned here. If you're having trouble changing your Background, just press CTRL + Shift + R. It will force a refresh on the page and change the background.
  11. Scrubdere.
  12. This made me wonder on how many petitions people would make for this game get trophies. As they said they're avoiding spoilers.
  13. Well, If it was me who created this thread I'd advise the games from that sale. Like for eg: Elder Scrolls, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Overwatch, Mass Effect Andromeda and Titanfall 2 is on the sale. Of course some of these games aren't there when he created this thread. Also, let's stop there cause this is silly to discuss, I just pointed out cause I feel some people really need to give more content rather than just post a "link". Mind your words, man.
  14. What makes me more upset is the fact I don't get the full list on the OP. Every person should actually put a list in there, instead of just link the sale. This isn't a chat to just post a link. :/