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  1. As @xZoneHunter stated, video games are just a hobby. I don't think 'retiring' is the best word to describe, cause even though one day you will eventually play something, doesn't matter what way you will. I feel It's better to describe it as 'take a time from it'. You could say 'retiring' if you're into Competitive Games such as Overwatch, League, CS:GO and etc, or MMORPG, it would be more understandable to use 'retiring'.
  2. I just hope they don't bring characters like Abigal on Season 3, if they will do it.
  3. ffs discord

    1. Muur1993


      how do I post a status update?

    2. Nyx


      go to your profile and use first text box appeared

  4. Ospina true hero, lol. Hope you guys got classified after november.
  5. Well done, USA.
  6. Looks like a pile of trash.
  7. Yeah, but you just got save before, then restart in there.
  8. Are you fucking serious? They adjust the events lootboxes to get more events cosmetics like every fucking event, so basically the chances to get more events cosmetics are more huge than getting a regular one. Not to mention that events happens like for a month, not 2 weeks. And you can get more boxes doing events by leveling up more fast, so It's wrong to say that Blizzard induces players to go buy their micro-transactions and a 'false product'.
  9. Wouldn't only say fun, it's a fast process to get it quickly.
  10. Mission 19. After you get all your powers back, there's going to be an area where you need to slide through. You can get around 430 gems. I think I already showed you actually.
  11. They have value for games such as Overwatch, can't be all that trash yo.
  12. Can't say a thing about Neptunia, Trinity and AC games, cause I never got interest on them. As for Xillia I would say it's more a personal opinion.