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  1. Sonic Triple Trouble on Sega Game Gear.
  2. You're right, PlayStation Home should be included. Take in mind though, its servers are scheduled to close on March 31st, 2015.
  3. Pie, I can confirm both SOUL CALIBUR: LOST SWORDS and ACE COMBAT: INFINITY are also PlayStation 3 free-to-play (including trophies) for Europe's PSN. SOUL CALIBUR: LOST SWORDS goes with a difficulty of 4/10 and an average playtime of 5 ~ 10 hours for its 100%. ACE COMBAT: INFINITY goes with a difficulty of 4/10 and an average playtime of 300 ~ 400 hours for its 100%. I'll go only with the first. Thanks for the info mate. Take in mind the grind for its 100% seems to be huge, as no one of the 2080 folks playing that game hass its 100%.
  4. DO NOT boost with this player. I boosted his 30 creations (downloads + 5-stars rating) on ModNation Racers: Road Trip following his petition on the PSNProfiles thread for the boosting of this game and he never returned the favour nor any message on 6 days (although he was playing online WipEout 2048, Thomas Was Alone and Velocity Ultra).

    1. redcar200


      Sorry about that bro. I had that happen with the coop rocketbirds trophy. I helped the guy with his trophy n he never returned the favor. I have that game haven't started it but ill help u out next week if u still need help. I plan to platinum it anyways. Just be patient because I don't know what to do.

  5. Interested on boosting this. My PSN ID is Aero-R Except for 1 circuit and 1 car, I've created all the rest Mod Racers for shorter download times. Download all my 30 creations and 5-star rate them, send me a screenshot and I'll do the same to all your creations. I'll send a screenshot as a proof to each one of you to show proof of my return of the favour : ) PD: SeccoBR, check your Vita messages, I've downloaded and 5-star rated all your creations, you'll find a screenshot in the message. Please return the favour with a screenshot. Cheers! EDIT: No more boosting needed on my part. Please DO NOT help SeccoBR, I downloaded and 5-star rated all his 30 creations and I never got anything in return although he has been online playing Velocity Ultra, WipEout 2048 and Thomas Was Alone in the last 4 days.
  6. Pie, another free title with trophy support is Travel Bug (I think it's limited to EU store only). It doesn't have any DLC neither requires any purchase, but take in mind the grind for its 100% is huge as it's based on NEAR (although there are methods to short it).
  7. First of all, thanks Pie for creating this thread and keeping it up to date. Wonderful job really. I'll add this thread to my favourite ones and will collaborate with any info I found! Checking this morning and... BreakQuest: Extra Evotution not free anymore on european PlayStation Store? Many packs appears (different amount of balls or even a Duo pack with other game included) but none of them is free.