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  1. I believe hitting the rank for the captain trophy will be easier because you can now get level 80 captains, which should increase your total rank points more than level 60 captains. Correct me if I'm wrong though. And I'm thinking a GOTY with everything on disc might not be possible. IIRC the total install is at least 60gb. Could be wrong on that front too though. EDIT: Install with all patches including the latest one is 56gb, larger than a stsndard blu ray.
  2. If you have an old prepaid visa or mastercard gift card you can trick psn into using that card too. It might have to have a couple bucks on it though, not sure. I used an old one like that, had a couple bucks left over that I never bothered with since I didn't know the exact amount and most places need that to for a purchase.
  3. I'm about 3/4 the way through my second playthrough because I couldn't wait to play through it again. Also, God of War 1 and God of War 3 didn't really have ng+ modes. But GoW1 did let you use costumes to replay the game with things unlocked, and GoW3 had a glitch that you could start with everything maxed out. The others all had NG+ though.
  4. As long as it can be done on NG+ like Horizon Zero Dawn let you with Ultra. I don't have much desire to go through GMGOW otherwise. It'd still be tough I think.
  5. 90 minutes very likely is too slow actually. My second run (first on nemesis) was 84 minutes and I was only at 205k of the 225k you need to get gold. 60 to 70 minutes is probably the best. 75 to 80 is pushing it but should be doable for 225k. My 45 minute run netted me 282k and wasn't very hard to do. Both of those nemesis runs netted me around the same xp points, it's the time multiplier that seems to have the most effects on your score. Once you hit a certain threshold for time it actually hurts your score. My first run was over 4 hours and I only managed 7k points despite killing everything on the map for xp. Score was way less than my xp total. If you're stuck with the base 1500 coins starting out it might be beneficial to do an easy run as fast as possible (45 minutes or less if you use the outpost cycle trick to keep from having to have merc in each one) and save every coin you can so you can start nemesis with enough to buy an epic right off the bat.
  6. In the livestream today the devs stated that 225k is the point minimum for gold, so no glitch. I coudn't get them to state what it is for mythril, but I suspect at least 300k because I didn't get it for my 281k and I'd expect it to be a number like either 275k or 300k and not an odd number like 285k or 290k. It's not 275k so 300k seems like a decent guess. If I catch the stream next Thursday early enough I'll post the question again.
  7. Baranor the Conqueror is not easy at all. You need to beat all the outposts and the fortress as quickly as possible and likely on a difficulty higher than normal. It is likely a time under 2 hours, maybe even under 1 hour. It is closer to the tests from shadow of mordor. EDIT: So, while is not easy, it's not that hard either. Just very tedious because you cannot track your points until the completion screen. All base story and all Torvin skills and upgrades carry over. The upgrades for the story skills and all capacity upgrades reset each attempt. The bronze, silver, gold, and mythril augments from ranks carry over too. Those need to be reapplied each attempt, and can also be sold for 250 coin. You need to play on Nemesis or higher (Easy, Normal and Brutal only give a 1x bonus multiplier, so they won't help) difficulty or you won't get enough points no matter what. You'll probably want to do a few runs on easy and have around 15k coin unspent when you finish because you'll carry over at least 3k coin for your next playthrough. You'll want to focus on capturing the outposts as quickly as possible and try to get an epic bodyguard with balefire special starting out. Use at least your first skillpoint on one of the merc discounts and one more bodyguard. Save up for a legendary with a strong special and one other epic. You can reset the empty outposts timers by placing one of your bodyguards in it and then moving them out, that way you don't need to keep one in each outpost. I recommend keeping one epic merc in an outpost that has a strong epic bonus, like 50% more damage delt by mercs. You need to finish everything in around an hour if possible to hit the 225k+ points for Gold rank. An hour and five minutes should be ok, but anything over 1hr 10min might be pushing it. With the right set up and some luck it's doable in around 45 minutes. It's also handy to back up your save to Plus or a USB drive after each outpost taken, as long as you did it in roughly 15 minutes or less, early ones should be 10 minutes or less. I'd imagine it would need to be done on Gravewalker to have any decent chance at the Mythril rank. Unless someone can pull it off in a half hour to 40 minutes on Nemesis.
  8. I believe it's the final dlc with trophies. Anything currently planned next is all free content and likely will not include trophies. Only the two story packs had trophies.
  9. You have to manually sync your trophies to be able to see them. They never showed until I did that. Only semi difficult trophy will be Baranor the Conqueror and that might just take a few runthroughs depending on how many points you need to hit Gold rank. You get perminent upgrades that carry over for each of the four ranks, with gold being only the 3rd rank of the 4. The other gold ranking trophy is for the new shadow of the past quests in Lithlad for Talion to do. Edit: DLC is now available from the ingame menu in the US as well. Im downloading it now. Already downloaded the 6.9 gig patch. The dlc is 1.3 gigs.
  10. I reluctantly dropped it down to easy because that fog was so annoying and grindy having to run out half way through. Next up is the Valkyrie so these tips will help. Forged the two best armors and am ready I think. Then l'll finish up the story before tackling the other 7 and the queen, along with the rest of the ravens and anything else I missed. Might give the Valkyries a few tries on normal before doing them on easy though.
  11. It's not actually missable thankfully, but you can miss it the first time you encounter it during the story (The Masons Chisel). You actually have to hit its ice pile in order to wake it up and its not exactly obvious if you don't know what it is. It was just discovered that it relocates after the story completes and can be found in Masons Finale post game.
  12. There is actually one potentially missable trophy. The one for crafting the Ancient armor. One of the ancients is missable. If you use the loot you get from the other ancients for only two pieces of the armor and levelling it, before crafting the third piece, you could potentially lock yourself out of the trophy. It's the Ice Ancient that is missable because you cannot revisit the area it's in postgame.
  13. PC just got a patch that fixed this again. It was fixed in an early patch, then broke when the Blade of Galadriel dlc patch released. Consoles will be getting it very soon, probably sometime this coming week. EDIT: Patch was available for me about 5 hours ago. 1.11.
  14. I took 12 hours on mine lol. I fully upgraded every piece of gear and one of them took me several hours of terrible luck trying to get a drake to spawn though. It should've been longer IMOP.
  15. Gameplay was a step up, but some of the story beats didn't really sit well with me at first. But, I can accept them as part of the game/movie verse and I'm LOVING the Blade of Galadriel dlc.