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  1. Apparently Captain in Online Conquest actually takes into account your entire army, and you don't have to do a single online conquest to get it according one of the people who've already got it. You just have to be connected to the online servers.
  2. Yes, you can even earn trophies in Overkill mode using him. For Environment Master do we need all Anarchy skillshots in the DLC levels too? I'm assuming you do since they incorporated the DLC trophies into the main game, but am looking for a bit of confirmation on it. UPDATE: You only need to do the skillshots on the 6 original maps for Environment Master, just like the original game. Also, you may need to run through the prologue separately on V Hard to get the trophy, Overkill mode doesn't include the prologue in New game or chapter select.
  3. FYI Overkill mode can be used for the Very Hard trophy, and if you complete every skillshot you can use infinite ammo and thump to make it even easier.
  4. You mean the teleporter kills trophy from the 2nd dlc? If so, that one is doable solo, I did it solo on PS3. It was a pain but doable.
  5. For anyone curious, it tacks on a few extra seconds from when you officially finish the trial and what your final time is. Mine was 39:09 on my GOTY edition run, but the pic from the trophy popping showed 39:07.
  6. Or if you were like me and had to have every epic rune, then you don't have to worry who gets the killing blow. It's very time consuming to farm them though.
  7. You can also sign in player 2, 3, and 4 in as guests to get the trophies. It doesn't have to be actual accounts. That's how I got the 4 player co op trophies. Granted, you need 4 controllers.
  8. Another trick is make a new save at the start of each chapter. That way you'll technically have 2 save files at the start of the chapter and can just jump to the other one if something glitches, just make sure to immediately make another save file if you load the backup and enable donut drake. You also can't enable donut drake in the middle of a chapter, even if you had him enabled to that point but quit out, because it will disqualify your attempt with donut. It has to be at the start of the chapter you're in.
  9. You can download the patch and install it after you enable the tweaks on U2, even after exiting the game completely. You just need to get to a later checkpoint on U2 and the tweaks will stay active on that save. You just need to make sure to only use continue game and not chapter select when starting back up after quitting out of the game.
  10. It's patched as of 1.04 from everything I've seen. I did it legit, screwed up/died/forgot where to go quite a bit and still came in 23 minutes under 6 hours.
  11. Very easy trophy. Just use the Greene Farm level and take 3 followers with you armed with swords and machetes when clearing out the barn. Then lure them out one to two at a time and your group will massacre them. Let them heal between luring and you'll be fine.
  12. And another 8 or so coming this month with the classic maps challenge pack.
  13. The biggest thing is that you need to let the driver get into the truck and start driving. If you extract him before he ever gets in the truck it seems like the task won't tick off. I marked him and extracted him multiple times at the airport and it never ticked off, once I let the convoy start moving and ambushed them in the last village it ticked off when I extracted him.
  14. Pretty much this, unless you're using guides and walkthroughs for the tasks and blueprints. Unless there are some that can't be aquired on first playthrough. At least you only have to S rank them once.
  15. There are only 12 missions for the High difficulty key items, you have to S rank them for the S rank trophy anyways. You only need to S rank each mission once. This is in the guide book.