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  1. Some of the Remastered games remastered dlc list trophies will also pop too, but I believe those ARE actually tied to your save file because they don't pop for everyone. Benchmarks, gadget upgrades, and Ultimate rank in a Taskmastet challenge all autopopped for me once I uploaded a PS4 save with them done and downloaded it to the PS5 game. 100 hit combo and Untouchable Spider-Man were the only two remaster trophies I actually had to do.
  2. Similar reason why I have yet to download the upgrade. My ping is so terrible I cannot connect to anyone in a match for the online trophies. My old internet sometimes worked, but we upgraded and it somehow made online mp worse. I'll probably end up using my hotspot if I ever decide to upgrade.
  3. I got Train Surfing and everything else this morning on Carpathians, but it was Icebreaker that glitched on me in Chongquin like I previously posted. All of Dartmoor and Berlin popped just fine for me too. Didn’t bother with Dubai or Mendoza and just finished both once. Waiting until they fix the trophies before I do the rest. I even installed to PS4 version and used it to auto pop the trophies I had in case it was a PSN issue and not an issue with their servers not registering them correctly. Didn’t pop that one. I had a lot of disconnects that day so I suspect that any time they have server issues any trophies might possibly glitch.
  4. You just need the access passes that are in this games store. There are various ways out there to get those passes cheaper or free too. The Hitman 3 versions of 1 and 2 aren't tied to the previous games trophy lists in any way. If you choose some if the cheaper ways of unlocking the access passes, you may have the previous games trophy lists added to your profile. You can delete them as long as you don't actually play them to the point of earning a trophy, which you shouldn't need to since you just need to access ingame stores and/or link them to your profile on IOI's website. Again, there is a lot of info out there on how to do that. The mission stories, discovered locations, and mastery trophies for Hitman 3 tend to glitch for a lot of people. I've ran into one so far (Icebreaker) and there is currently only one real fix. Go onto IOI's website and request your profile wiped. That's pretty extreme though and the devs are well aware of the glitches. There has also been reports of some people having glitched trophies pop randomly later on. The first big patch supposedly releases around Feb 23rd so hopefully that has a fix.
  5. Icebreaker just glitched on me. Played that whole level post latest patch so they definitely didn't fix much. I want to say the patch notes were only a few minor fixes, no trophy fixes.
  6. Some are also locked behind Mastery levels or locked out during the first playthrough of a mission. The bridge in Dartmoor, and the scooter and crotch rocket in Berlin. Even if you find the keys for the two bikes in Berlin they don't unlock until you hit certain mastery levels. The sewer had an exit symbol in Berlin but wouldn't let me use it on my first playthrough, the prompt disappeared when I pressed it and only the fence was available. Not sure about the boat in Dartmoor though, I didn't use that until I was at least Mastery 15.
  7. This is the one I used. Took me maybe a half hour the first time and less than 6 minutes now. It's almost identical to yours but instead of using the lockpick I climb the pipe to the right of the basement door and shoot the camera outside the door to the stairs. Hopefully they patch it for you and anyone else that has this issue. I'd hate for you to have to lose all your progress via having to have IOI reset your account in order to get it. They should've kept local stat saves for matters exactly like this. My net is really spotty so I'm paranoid that it's going to disconnect at the worst time or something and bug my stats.
  8. I did Suit only and Silent Assassin at the same time on Icon and it popped the trophy. I didn't do anything special, but I also didn't carry any progress over from previous games. I used the video that's in the Hitman 1 trophy guide on Hopefully you'll get it straightened out.
  9. I'd just keep an eye on it. I think because of Hitman 3 having H1 and H2 built in they wanted people to move over to that one and leave behind the previous versions. Hard to say and I haven't heard anything since the last post in that topic as to whats still happening.
  10. These three co op trophies from Hitman 2. Deadly Duo (Himmelstein)Double Trouble (Singapore)Two for One (Syberia Expansion 2) There is no date for when the servers will shut down, but doing them asap would be safest. The only servers effected are the ghost and co op from what I understand. Ghost has no trophies associated with it and are already shut down. Ignore the Jan 20th date, co op is still up for now.
  11. Do the H2 multiplayer trophies right away though. Supposedly they are shutting those servers down very soon, unless they changed their minds recently.
  12. I want to play the first two before touching Hitman 3 though, since haven't played them yet and want the full storyline. So that doesn't work for me. Really regret not buying them yesterday when I had the chance at only paying $35 for both.
  13. Yes, but they are expensive. $130 US total for both. $30 for H1 GOTY, $100 for H2 Gold. PSN store has them under the add on tab for Hitman 3. Best bet is to actually seek out physical copies of them, then buy the expansion pass for Hitman 2. That runs about $75 in the US. Otherwise if you happen have any version of Hitman, the PS+ version of Hitman 1 that was free a while back works too, you can install enough of it to play it, then go into its ingame store and buy the Legacy pass for free. That lets you get the H1 GOTY access pass for free from the Hitman 3 psn store add on tab. Really not happy with the way they handled this, they should've announced that the packs were going to be the price of the full games, or kept the sale up through launch.
  14. It's $130 in the US if I didn't have the the PS+ version of H1. Ridiculous. I was expecting maybe $20 for each one. Seeking out physical copies is the way to go, another reason going digital isn't always the best option.
  15. You could wait for another psn sale of the previous games. Or the physical editions of the previous games are between $15 and $20 US right now. The expansion pack for Hitman 2 is $40 though. Not sure if it's the same in other countries. If you happen to have the PS+ version of Hitman 1 that was free a while back it works for getting the access pass for the first game. You just need to download enough of it to let you play so you can go into the ingame store and get the free legacy pass from it. That'll unlock the Hitman 3 access pass for H1. It effectively cuts the price by like 55% if that scenario is in your favor. I'm in the same boat. I could've got just Hitman 2 Gold for $20 when it was on sale, but chose to wait since the access pack prices weren't announced early. Now it's $60 for me if I want everything, which I do since I never played the first two.