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  1. No worries. I was just being funny with that comment 🤣.
  2. Unless they changed something since launch you don't have to win. I got it and was stomped without winning a round.
  3. Pretty sure I was the first on here to confirm you don't need to do every Half-Life and Cyberpunk mission for the schematics. 🤷‍♂️
  4. I plan to also, but just wanted to make sure people know you don't need to in case they're just after the platinum. Also, not sure if you're aware but Mountain Knot will have an order for sam that unlocks after completing the order that unlocks buddy bots. That order will unlock color schemes for the bot. It only unlocked some colors though so I suspect there may be another one somewhere that unlocks more colors.
  5. You only need to complete the first four cyberpunk and half life missions. The last couple of each only unlock holograms and cosmetics that are not required for homo faber. And if you do those four, the race stuff, and the first of the new missions (#77), then Chiral Artist and Weather Station should already have the missions necessary to unlock the two structures they provide. That's how it worked for me. I only ever got one call from Die-Hardman at he first terminal after importing my save as well.
  6. Having now finished the three trophies I can confirm that you do not need to do every Cyberpunk or Half Life order. Only the first 4 of each. I still have the last Cyberpunk order (which the previous one only gave me a new hologram, the second schematic I got on the fourth one), and a 5th Half Life one at the least. The chiral artist had the order for the chiral bridge available early on and the order for the jump was at the West Knot Distribution Center when I moved onto the first map to get the stuff there. All and all it took me around 10 hours, but I did get distracted for a while building the new road that cuts through the mountain from Mountain Knot to the South Knot Distribution Center.
  7. The bike with the trailer that is automatically unlocked in a post game save. The new gun, the new bot, and the new support skeleton. The gun and the skeleton are from the same mission set in the first map (distribution center west knot)and the bot is from an order at the Distribution Center of South Knot.
  8. I did #2 and #4 with over 5 seconds to spare, but #1 and #3 were really tight, a few milliseconds each. I didn't hit any walls or even grazed them so I don't know. That's just what worked best for me.
  9. To add to this, you don't even necessarily need to deboost by hitting L3 again, just hold the break (L2) a little longer and it'll disable it. I found hitting it wasn't always doable for me. And if you use drift and break together it makes those tight corners easier to go around faster without hitting the walls.
  10. Click L3 to boost, circle to drift, and L1 or triangle to break. My biggest tips are, turn off the ghost when you're in the menu selecting the car and race, I believe it's thr last menu with the music options. Utilize boost constantly but use L1 to go around corners, tap and don't hold it though unless you really need to. Drift on the corners where it says drift, utilizing both L1 and circle at the same time helps control drift better. If you hit a wall or hold L1 too long it'll turn boost off so turn it back on asap. That was something I was slow at first doing. On turns it helps to turn from the far outside of the turn into the inside, if that makes sense. Once you figure out the first race the rest get progressively easier even though it makes it sound like the opposite. Same strategy works for all 4.
  11. I suspect that either after you guys did it on PS4 you might've reloaded a save after crafting the few things missing and maybe don't remember doing that back then, or something is just bugged. I want to say that one of the trophy guides floating around back then even recommended crafting everything for a given trophy and then reloading in order to save materials. I reloaded a save on here after doing some fabricating and it messed up all the counts, I believe that was something that happened on PS4 too. Chiral bridge order was available at the chiral artist and I haven't done the bike jump order yet. We'll see if I'll need to do the last cyberpunk mission or not for the jump. Probably will after anyways though. EDIT: And the Bike Jump order is available at the Weather station so I can confirm that you only need to do the orders that unlock schematics and structures. The ones for holograms you shouldn't need to do.
  12. I'll see once I do the half life stuff what pops up. I don't know for sure if any of the structure orders are available yet, but I did get a cutscene with Die Hardman when I first imported and loaded my save. He said something about new orders but I missed part of it so I'm not sure where they were from. Which one popped up first? Chiral bridge or the bike jump?
  13. Hmmm. And you didn't reload any saves, from before fabrication, after fabricating anything new? Might be best to go to the location you fabricated the new stuff that you get automatically and check everything. For me it was the bike with the trailer, a crap ton of silver/gold skeletons, and sulver/gold armor plates. The gloves didn't count for any of it. I've been using the new tracker system the recent system update added and pinning it to my screen, that way I could be sure it was updating. I'll be doing the rest a little later and will follow up once I get those 4 schematics in case mine has issues too.
  14. Races unlock two more. How many did you have before you fabricated anything new? I was at 77/108 when I transferred my save file.
  15. It's most likely a bug unless the schematics that some chips unlock didn't transfer either. They'll likely patch it.