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  1. Killing everything on foot no longer gives more xp. That's one of the things they changed. Mako now gives the full xp you'd get for killing anything on foot in the original version. I did everything except a couple of fights that charm checks avoid and still ended at level 29/30, 57/60. I never had issues getting to 30 in ME2 from what I recall. Just past Horizon and did one dossier after, I'm like level 14 or 15 iirc.
  2. Turning down dead zone supposedly really helps too.
  3. I believe you can. I think I did it on my Insanity run way back when I did the platinum in the original.
  4. In all my Paragon playthroughs I've always done his loyalty last to ensure I had enough points to gain his loyalty.
  5. I haven't had time to play since Sunday due to a very heavy work week and haven't got to Virmire yet so I can't verify anything myself. I just have read in many places that loading an old save from right before the spectre cutscene (or even speed running a new character up through that scene) on the citadel and completing that cutscene then immediately loading tour current save makes them reappear in the two shops if they disappear.
  6. Once you hit 1 million credits the X versions appear. But if they bug out and disappear then the fix is to either load a save from right before you become a spectre and go through the cutscene for that, or speed run a new character on the same profile up to that point. The spectre gear should return to the shops on your main save at that point. Keep either of those saves though, because that gear will disappear again until you run the fix. Broward hopefully will patch it quick otherwise.
  7. Talk to the Embasy receptionist, and go through all dialogue options she had, on the Citadel and you should get it from her. That's where I got it well before I triggered the cutscene where it's supposedly given.
  8. Even then, they tweeked Insanity for ME1 to make it more balanced. I've been playing on it and it's definitely been easier.
  9. If you change it right when you gain control it should be fine. Reading a trophy guide, that was how you had to do it in the original.
  10. They nerfed Insanity quite a lot in this version. I only died a few times, and it was only on Therum which was always really difficult in ME1 because of the Geth Armature and the Krogan Battlemaster. But still melted them both after a few tries.
  11. I think for main missions it might. I had the one for Kaiden pop during the cutscene with the council after meeting Tali early on.
  12. Most of the Ally trophies took 6 or 7 missions to pop for me for some dumb reason.
  13. The planet Eletania has a data pod side quest where you need to enter a mining complex on the north side of the map and search a bunch of monkey creatures for the data pad. If you save immediately after you find the monkey that has it save your game and then load that save. Once you do you can search that monkey over and over and infinite amount of times for 6 Paragon points each time and get the trophy that way, plus max out your Charm if you have the skill points.
  14. No because 90% of the trophies depend on online stats to pop and you cannot connect to their servers without being on the current patch. There are only a couple for each level that I believe can pop offline, and none of the challenge related ones will. I think finishing a mission and locations (only if you do them all in one mission playthrough) are the only ones that might pop offline.