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  1. Ended up getting the 👑. Finished the last 2 assesses I needed on Saturday, before finally trying out some of the dlc characters in MK11 and starting Maneater.
  2. Ugh, around 20gb for the patch and story dlc. Looks like I won't be playing today. That sucks! Kind of relieved there are no new trophies yet though.
  3. You also have 3 skin packs with it, which is another $5.99 each.
  4. I managed to get a copy of the XL edition for $15 a year or so after it released, otherwise I wasn't going to bother with X's dlc trophies. If they do add trophies I'm hoping it's like Injustice 2's Legendary upgrade and it's just 9 character specific trophies that can be done in local, plus one or two for dlc story completion. Either way I'm excited to play as RoboCop, even if in the long run he ends up sucking or something.
  5. And if they do I'm hoping they're easy and don't require online competitive stuff. I had to use two copies of the game on two ps4's to get the MKX dlc ranked trophies. It kept connecting me to the same 2 people and they were far better than I ever was. Luckily I was able to match up with my dummy account in ranked and get them that way.
  6. Not always, sometimes it's not until the patch that adds the dlc support that reveals the new trophies drops.
  7. I bought it back when it was first announced for PS4. First PS1 game I ever bought back in 98'.
  8. I'd rather see a customizable VR room where you can set up what bosses/enemies to fight, how many waves, and what kinds of handicap you want, ect. No trophies though. I really hate when companies throw in extra trophies for filler dlc content, clearly made to extend the life of a game until they release a sequel.
  9. @Void I played a little bit. I'm finding it a bit ridiculous, but in the best ways lol. It's given me a good laugh in a few parts. The combat is a little clunky, but it's easy enough that it doesn't hurt it much. I can see it getting repetitive though. I like it so far.
  10. I'll probably post my thoughts on here. I plan on starting it shortly. Decided to try some of the dlc characters in MK11 that I've had since they released but haven't touched, got sidetracked because of that and finishing the last two assesses in the play log of FFVIIR for the 100% completion lol.
  11. After 112 hours in FFVIIR for the platinum I'm actually looking forward to being able to get through something in roughly 10 hours or less. Plus I preordered the MK11 dlc so I'd like to finish before Tuesday if I can, regardless if they add trophies or not to it.
  12. I haven't started it yet. Just picked it up after work this morning after reading a few reviews. I might get to it later tonight or tomorrow though, I'll let you know then.
  13. The 100% ojectives trophy has glitched for a few people, so it probably would be a good idea to back up your save before finishing it.
  14. Weird. Hopefully you figure it out. All I ever saw was not to get hit by any stun, molotov, or lightning attacks more than twice or you fail. That seemed to work because I was less than 80% health and I managed to dodge all of those types of attacks and got the trophy.
  15. You got hit by his lightning more than 3 times? Supposedly it's the lightning that fails it. I wonder if it could also be the same attack 3 times, and not just the lightning?