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  1. Use your boost in quick and short bursts to propel the car and only use the regular throttle if you get too low on boost, and then use your hand break to maneuver around corners. Using the regular throttle is what gave me a ton of issues with it. After I stuck to boost bursts to propel me forward, I got it in a few tries. It gave me far better control.
  2. Are all 3 npc's at level 5 or higher? I read somewhere that they need to be level 5 to progress.
  3. A lot of people are having audio issues. The voice pack cheat dlc's supposedly cause issues too. I'm sure it'll be patched at some point.
  4. I had a constant engine revving that wouldn't go away during and after the race you need to complete for the story. Had to exit to the xmb and reload the game. Did it several more times while trying to get the Acid House trophy too. Really annoying.
  5. Far as I know your stats carry over. Also my stats reset to 0 twice, but I still got the 100 wing sticks headshot trophy at the correct amount. I had 56 before it reset the first time, got 3 more before it did it again. Trophy popped at 41 when I farmed it reloading autosaves.
  6. It should count any tower you've completed. In endless it should give you the option to finish the tower once you hit pause while in the match. It very specifically should say "finish tower" unlike the others that say quit.
  7. I was online for every trophy. Had a few disconnects here and there because my net isn't great, but not while doing those. Wouldn't be surprised, nearly every trophy in this game needs to be done while online. Those ones you wouldn't think would be, though I believe it may track them online.
  8. I know sometimes the trophies for this game can be really slow to pop. Exit the game a reboot and then if they don't pop once you're in the klassic towers menu then do one more on easy and see. Sometimes the game also likes to bug trophies out until itself rebooted.
  9. The first expansion comes with the deluxe and collector's editions.
  10. I only used regular Kasual matches. Nothing else. I avoided rooms because from everything I read they do no work for it. Just noticed I misread the post I replied to. I'm going to edit my original reply so no one else gets confused.
  11. Some of the online trophies have a tendency to be delayed when achieved. Puppet Master and Kompetitor both were like that with me. So it wouldn't surprise me if My AI Can Do It did the same thing. It popped right away for me, but the previous two I mentioned took 2 - 3 more matches before they popped. And Puppet Master is tied to the same mode as My AI Can Do It.
  12. Not to mention you should get 5 victories just from the head chests alone, if you do the 10 to open it up. Doing the intros through towers isn't too bad either.
  13. I would agree, and I didn't particularly struggle with anything in MK11's tutorials for very long. The three tutorial trophies took me around 4 hours. Some of them had really ridiculously strict timing, which can be very difficult to pull off if you are new to the way combos work in the more recent MK's, or at least hadn't had a decent amount of practice in MKX. Button mashing will get you nowhere in that case.
  14. To add to this: Seperate each combo into a series of sections consisting of just the regular button combo followed by the special move, essentially doing only the button combo into the special. Make each one of those one section. Practice each section until you have it down seperately. Then combine the sections into what the combo is asking for and keep practicing until you get to timing right. That's what always worked for me when it came to learning combos in MKX and MK11.
  15. It took me 52 matches before it popped. And the only option I used was regular kasual matches, not rooms. It may not fully count disconnects, even if they're after the match ended. I only had one person quit during a match, triggering the quitallity. Might have had one where the match dropped both of us in the middle, but it still counted in the stats. Any others were at the results and rewards screen, and all of those added to the stats as well. Trophy is slow to pop, and doesn't even seem to pop if you just leave the game at the menus for online for an hour. Tried that too (at 51 matches) before doing 2 more matches, for which it popped during the 53rd match. Also, I won the 50th, 51st (the second of 2 rematches), and 52nd matches. Not that it should've mattered, but maybe rematches don't always work