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  1. I was just saying that there were people that this didn't work for, and that was what I suspected was why it didn't. There would have been 9 different intel numbers you had missed. The other possibility for those that it didn't work for is that maybe they got the bugged intel #006, the one that doesn't save to your game save and disappears when you reload/fast travel, multiple times. That one then can be required multiple times, it gets dropped back into the rng for intel on each drone.
  2. Unless they fixed it in a patch they don't always carry over. I think it is dependant on what random intel number it gives you. It likely gave you 5 that you didn't get in the first playthrough.
  3. And if you have the deluxe edition content then keep your bfg at max, it also really helps with boss fights.
  4. Some trophies in MK11 take forever to pop.
  5. Ironman is a joke on easy. I didn't even die at all and only came close twice, but had defib available both of those times and didn't need to use it.
  6. This should work. That's how I did it and both trophies popped after the credits and the post credits cutscenes.
  7. No you cannot. Several people on Bethesda's Rage 2 forums did it that way and the trophies didn't pop for them. You have to go into the save you plan on using for NG+ and switch the difficulty to ultra nightmare, then save it. When you choose which save you want to use for NG+ it has to say ultra nightmare for the difficulty. And also, make sure you never used the trophy disabling cheats on the save you plan on using for NG+, because it's very likely that the trophies will be disabled in NG+ as well. This hasn't been 100% confirmed, but one person over there did UN in NG+ twice now and didn't get the trophies. They aren't sure if they used any cheats or not but it's possible.
  8. It should. The game tracks all the kills towards the trophy even if you die.
  9. You choose where you want to manually save it, so you can keep your current save file. It will overwrite your auto saves though.
  10. It's definitely better to do Ultra on NG+ and avoid playing it in Iron Man mode. The fact that at the max 150hp you can die in 2 - 3 hits, and sometimes even 1 shot makes it insane to even try to do on Iron Man mode. I just got to the final mission in Ultra and several times I've been taken down before I could even see where from in previous missions. You'd be loading back ups left and right with the experiences I've had on Ultra. Ultra is actually kind of fun though, just cheap with how quick you die.
  11. The only games I can recall that actually did it right as of the last few years when NG+ added later started happening is God of War and I think one of the more recent Assassins Creed games.
  12. It's really easy to do. You can pick what difficulty you want to do it on. Doing it on easy makes it trivial. Plus you can back up your save to cloud or usb if you wish to save yourself any possible screw up.
  13. I think Ultra Nightmare in Rage one was slightly easier, but it's hard to say because it was quite a long time ago that I did that playthrough. Ultra Nightmare in Rage 2 is doable though, but just not very fun.
  14. I haven't played on Nightmare, but am about half way into Ultra Nightmare and from what I hear regular Nightmare isn't too bad in comparison. Ultra on the other hand is 2 - 3 hits and you're dead, with some things being able to 1 shot you. Enemies in Ultra are insane bullet sponges too. That's from my experiences with it. Some people have mentioned that there is some sort of health gate on Ultra that will prevent you from being one shot, but I experienced being one shot from the first authority sentry I came across. It put me immediately into defib. Ultra is stupidly cheap though, I don't think nightmare is anywhere near that bad.
  15. Yeah, I know how you all feel. I'm two missions in and spent a bunch of time getting every project to 5 so I can just concentrate on missions and get this nightmare (pun intended lol). It's so poorly thought out. I've also noticed that Athority towers fire a lot faster. Lower difficulties I could get half a clip off before having to dodge, now I'm lucky to get 10 bullets into it. Had to resort to the rail gun with a quick 1 - 2 shots and dodging far enough away to cheese it out of range.