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  1. You totally missed my point dude, lol. I'm not butthurt by it at all, nor do I feel lied to or mislead. I was merely making a point. I still likely would have bought the game, that was simply MY one disappointment with it, just like TC had theirs. But devs really should be more straight forward with their intentions when something is in the works before release like many used to. It might even get more people interested in buying a game. What happened to roadmaps like they used to do a years back? I still stand by the list being perfect imop. They weren't going for a difficult trophy list. Sucker Punch never has. 4 Infamous games and this. They were all easy platinums. It is what it is.
  2. My whole point is this was never announced as having mp. Therefore a lot of us who prefer sp trophy lists do not want our 100% completions ruined by mp trophies for a game that the devs never stated mp was coming to. While it's awesome and all that mp was released, it was almost an insult to many of us that bought the game for the sp content and trophy lists that were seemingly originally only sp (again, no mention of mp before release). Adding an ultra hard trophy, for most people anyways, would have definitely been an insult. Whether the devs were already working on the co op or not is irrelevant. If it was a seperate trophy list for the mp then I could care less if it had hard trophies. That's why whenever devs do this sort of thing I'm one of the first who will message them on Twitter or whatever encouraging a completely seperate list, ala Prey and RE3 mp modes. That way they could feasibly make the trophies way more difficult and keep people like you happy. Compromising when it's dlc directly affecting the 100% completion is the next best thing. The fact that they kept it fairly easy, other than maybe the raid depending on how that turns out, make me and others like me happy they didn't pull a jerk move and make ultra hard trophies for the sake of ruining a sp 100% that mp was never even hinted at being ruined by in the first place. If it were announced before release that the game would add a co op mp after launch then it would be different, because we could choose if we still wanted to support the game or not. You mention Halo, but that is different. Halo games have always had mp right out of the box, so mp achievements were 100% expected as part of the main list, not to mention Bungie/343 likes to do hard achievements for their games. That's my whole point, it wasn't released with mp at launch and we didn't know until a month after release. So compromise on this list is the perfect way to do it. You're not going to please everyone, but you want to please the vast majority. I am primarily a sp gamer because I don't have great internet and no realistic options to make that better, so I am very careful which games I buy. If there is mp I do my research. If they have ultra hard trophies I tend to avoid them. This game happens to be among my favorite PS4 games, but them adding mp sucked in my situation. Having to put in 40 hours to be able to do some ultra challenge, which with my net would probably end up taking 80+ due to lag and disconnects, is not fun. And people like me can't settle for less than 100% trophies. Therefore I think the list is perfect for me, and I haven't seen anyone else complain about it being too easy. It covers just about everything important. Cosmetics usually are locked behind huge challenges requiring very specific builds to pull off in these sort of games, but very rarely have trophies tied to them on top of that. If dlc lists were reorganized to appear seperate in trophy lists, which is something I've always been for, I wouldn't care as much though.
  3. I think the list is perfect as it is. There are many of us that didn't even want a mp mode that added trophies. Especially for a game that was advertised as single player game, and mp wasn't announced until a month after it released. This to me is a better compromise than throwing every challenge the game offers at a player, especially when the sp list is remarkably easy. It awards a player for completing the three basic modes, one of which at the highest basic difficulty. If nightmare was a basic difficulty it would be different. Adding a complete this or that on nightmare would've triggered a lot of people, especially if it comes to unlocking all skins, ect. Not to mention other games like this mode never tend add trophies for the really challenging stuff, ie weekly nightfalls in Destiny or mega hives in Avengers or any other loot based game similar to this. You may not find cinder challenges to be all that hard, but that won't apply to everyone. Farming for the resources and gear alone for the right build now that the exploit is patched is more than most will want to put into a mode that gets repetitive really fast. I get that you want something to show off trophy wise though. But difficult mp trophies tend to turn off some people. Especially those that aren't real big on mp getting added to what was expected to be a sp only game.
  4. Unless there is some sort of ridiculous difficulty spike with raids or they force nightmare difficulty with no continues then I'm done once I get all the Legends trophies. Hopefully they don't keep adding trophies to legends. Instead I'd rather see a 100% stand alone legends 2 with a seperate trophy list and new content along with this stuff, but carry over your progress from this and include all content from legends 1(the dlc). But at the same don't pull a FFXV and make this list unobtainable. Make it so both are compatible so those going for just this list can still play those supporting the full seperate version somehow.
  5. Only if the dlc trophy list was completely seperate and stand alone from the main games list. Adding a ridiculously challenging mp trophy to a game that was advertised as single player comes off as a jersey move by the devs in my mind. Sucker Punch don't seem like the type that would do something like that. And for raids being harder than nightmare survival, absolutely not. They should be no more than gold difficulty for enemy difficulty or at least have the choice between enemy difficulty. The challenge should come from having to rely on your teammates and them relying on you for completion. That's the only universal challenge with them that makes sense to most of us. Plus, most games with raids tend to have a harder difficulty that can be done along with an easier one (ala Destiny, ect). If they ever release this mode as a totally seperate entity, with a seperate trophy list and platinum, then those kinds of trophies are probably fine.
  6. I really don't care if people steal my kills. The faster they die, the faster we get through the fight/wave/ect.
  7. Disregard, my reply is irrelevant now.
  8. You can level up equipment by reforging it. It puts it close to your current gear level. There is another topic on here that I just saw that confirms you can level it that way to 110. Takes a LOT of resources though, but it's possible.
  9. You can actually boost 105 gear to 110 though, can't you? As long as it drops at 105 it should be boostable to 110.
  10. I'm actually glad they made it so that gear can be boosted and perks can be randomly re-rolled. Don't think I've seen that in these types of modes before. Hopefully they don't decide to artificially make the grind for them worse like I've seen other games do post launch.
  11. I'm not sure what gear level gold drops cap at though. I need two more gear levels to unlock gold myself. I figure I'll just power through what I need to in order to hit 105 - 110 this weekend and then hopefully be able to get a few useful legendaries from the nightmare exploit if I don't have a lot of time next week to farm. I still need to hit 20 with the other classes too, in case I need to use a different class than my main when I find a group for the raid.
  12. They didn't specifically say to play stuff on nightmare, just that you need to be gear level 100 for it. They were plugging the nightmare mission modifiers because of the leader boards.
  13. This works on silver and gold difficulties too. Along with any map. Obviously nightmare is the way to go with it, but gold or silver works too. Silver it takes longer though since you have to die 3 times before you get a game over. Not really worth it on anything under gold, but it's there.
  14. Apparently there is a video out there of a hunter class soloing it. That's nuts if true. I wish it wasn't my worst week of the worst month of the year at work so I actually had time to finish getting gold unlocked so I could have a better judgment of it. All I have to comment from are videos and other players comments on the various forums I frequent. Sucks!
  15. I don't think they'll be like that, personally. I think the devs want us to actually be able to finish the raids, but aren't going to make it easy enough that people complain it's too easy. U4 survival always made me feel like they didn't want very many people to finish it with 3 stars on crushing. That was always my feelings with that one. Plus I wouldn't be surprised if there are at least a few different difficulty options for it. The big thing they seem to be stressing is the teamwork aspect, and that's where the challenge will come from from what it sounds like. With the interview stressing how important teamwork is that is what I'm taking away from it. Sucker Punch has never been one to throw in punishing modes in their sp stuff, don't really see them doing that with mp. It'll be difficult, but nothing a competent group of 4 won't be able to accomplish with a little work. Naughty Dog always likes to throw in really challenging stuff in their co op and even sp to and extent. They did the tough co op in U3 before they did it in U4. And I found their crushing modes in sp Uncharted games more difficult than the hardest difficulty in the Infamous games or Ghost. Like I think I posted previously, I had to have a really skilled couple of people practically carry me through U4 survival. And so far Ghost co op has felt nothing like that. It's definitely been a lot easier, even in compairison to starting out in both. If I'm way off with the raids though, and they do decide to torture us with it I also will be pretty pissed. Being it's designed for co op I fully get why they are stressing 4 players who work well together. That's their whole point of the dlc, and particularly the raid part. I'm stuck using my phones hotspot to actually be able to matchmske in this so I can understand the net problems you have. My main net has too high of a ping and I have no other options besides the hotspot.