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  1. The poster on the top right and the box on the left are both drawn by Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Turtles.
  2. You don't need to hit 1.2 million points either. You just can't lose a round at all.
  3. In Hyper Street Fighter 2 you don't need any perfect victories to be able to fight Akuma. You just need to win every round. Not sure if that had been mentioned, I only noticed the post about getting so many perfect victories and super combo victories for him to appear.
  4. I know that. I didn't say you have to be on gnarly for the no credits trophy. You can do that on Chill if you want to. Those are two are seperate things. I can directly confirm that joining Gnarly in a late game doesn't always pop the trophy. I joined several at 14/15, confirmed by it adding my points from those sessions to the leaderboard tab under the gnarly difficulty (not to mention the double damage from every enemy), but the trophy never popped when we finished 16. So it definitely is finicky. Maybe they fixed something with a hot fix but I'm not the only one who's had that happen. The guy I did the trophy with had the same thing happen. It's bugged for some of us, and the people I've talked to that had it happen but eventually got it to work only got it to work when they jumped in at around 12 or early 13, never any later. That's why that whole thing was mentioned as a solution.
  5. For the Gnarly trophy you can use continues. I was referring to the no credits trophy for the first part of my previous post. The episode 12 - 13 cut off is because it can be finicky and anyone who joins or rejoins after 13 has a chance of the trophy just not popping. If you're rejoining the group you were with for the rest of the game it's more likely to pop though. But some has had good luck with it popping after joining at 14 or 15. I joined several at 14 and 15 on gnarly and it never popped after beating Super Shredder at the end.
  6. With Darkstalkers 1 at least you can actually play until the final boss and then make the quick save. For the first character swap it'll make you fight whatever fighter you first played the rest of the matches as, but then it'll automatically continue on to the last boss no matter what character you pick. Likely because the only character you didn't beat leading up to the end boss was the character you were playing ad. I was able to get the first 6 characters endings done this way before I had to leave earlier. It might work similar with the other Darkstalkers games, and maybe some the others as well.
  7. After finishing any legends sessions that you got trophies from. That way it'll generate an auto save and it'll be less likely to fail popping trophies when you do transfer.
  8. If you have two controllers it's incredibly easy. Just start a game and keep having player 2 challenge until you get the 1mil points. I did it in the first Darkstalkers game.
  9. Apocalypse tiers go up to 40 so maybe it won't be too bad. That's only just over half way for the trophy. Glad they didn't make us go all out. Although if I have as much fun with the dlc as I did with the main game leveling to 50 recently I may end up going all the way to 40 lol.
  10. Most of them will pop from PS4 to PS5 for most people, but some have reported they didn't. Make sure to carry over your Legends data when it asks after downloading a save on the PS5 version. For me everything popped but a couple Rivals trophies. But they were quick and easy to get anyways so it wasn't a huge deal. I don't believe they ever were able to make it transferable both ways. It might've been missworded or something. Maybe someone else can confirm for me. They hadn't added an option for PS5 to PS4 transfer for Legends the last time I played. It isn't necessarily that the raid is hard, it just needs good coordination and communicationbetween everyone to go as smoothly as possible. But yeah, I'd recommend doing it on PS4 and auto popping it. And make sure you exit back into the single player after doing it and not exit to menu. For a while it was really finicky when porting from PS4 to PS5 if you exit to menu after doing the raid. Not sure if it still is or not.
  11. If anyone uses a continue it'll fail the trophy. That's why it's better to either do it solo or with a private lobby partner. That way you can take turns dropping out and then back in to refill lives. For gnarly mode the trophy is extremely finicky if you try to join a gnarly playthrough mid match. Especially if it's past 12 or midway through 13. Also, are you positive it was on hard? Leaderboards will tell you, not to mention everything does 2 to 4+ ticks damage on your health bar.
  12. Damage is the only surefire way to know if you're on the right difficulty. Normal footsoldiers will take two ticks off your bar instead of one, and harder hitting enemies it's usually four ticks. If everyone is taking massive damage when they get hit then you're in the right lobby. Joining at 12 or really early into 13 is the cut off point for the trophy in most cases. Some have claimed to have joined on the last level and got it, but that never worked for me. I had to go through it from episode 1 with a friend and randoms to get it. Finding Gnarly games that are episode 12 and up can be pretty hard to do. But if you die out don't exit the lobby. As long as they don't kick you you'll get the trophy at the end.
  13. It's if anyone gets hit once you're loaded in and at the character select that starts the tracker. That's why it works when you load in right as the final hit is struck.
  14. My wife for one is glad it's an easy list. Sonic games are one of her all time favorites but she wouldn't put in the time and practice for hard trophy lists like the Crash Bandicoot games. From the video I just watched it looks like S ranks are quite easy too.
  15. No surprise. Really seems like an easy platinum and if the save states are true you can save state at the last fight and die/swap like others have said to speed up the every character from every game trophy.