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  1. I forgot to post earlier, but I finished Max Payne 3 last week for my second orange game I also wanted to do a pink game this month, and have played some Amplitude, but looks like that game is just too hard for me to finish in a short time, so I think this will be it from me.
  2. I completed 2 more games. Hyper Scape is that BR that Ubisoft released last year and was pretty much immediately dead. Not a terrible game, just not particularly fun either, did most of it via boosting, which was pretty short. I also finished Max Payne 3 this week. This one took much longer, requiring a lot of boosting, many hours grinding to level 50 (which I got in the last week before shutdown 😅) and 6+ playtroughs to get everything done. In the end it wasn't as hard as I feared it would be. By the time I got to NYMHC (permadeath on medium difficulty, while there's a timer running basically), I was already so familiar with the game that I knew all the painkiller locations and pretty much memorized almost all enemy positions as well. Hardest thing about it is just that a run takes so long, so it's very easy to lose focus for a bit and make some dumb mistakes like not seeing a grenade indicator, or just shootdodging myself off a walkway (yes, that actually happened to Still took me only 7 tries, which isn't too bad considering how I died on some of my attempts. Tier 5 Nova-111 (Vita, 2.51%) - 100% TorqueL (PS4, 0.87%) - 100% Blazblue CS Extend (Vita, 1.09%) - 100% Conan Exiles (PS4, 0.28%) - 100% MLB The Show 19 (PS4, 0.31%) - 100% Lone Survivor (Vita, 4.64%) - 100% Hyper Scape (PS4, 0.45%) - 100% Max Payne 3 (PS3, 0.42%) - 100% In other news, I finished all the speedruns in Splasher, and only have the deathless run remaining, so that one is almost prepped for my milestone. I should hopefully be able to post that completion here by next week
  3. Finished a few more games since my last update. MLB The Show 19 was a pretty simple game, kinda fun at first, but the career mode grind did get boring quick, probably also my bad for playing it purely for the trophies lol. The online part is where the game gets its rarity from, you need to use like 10 alts to efficiently boost yourself up to a high rank, and with the servers being unstable and having a 72 hour cooldown period for each match made this quite tedious. Lone Survivor I did as a game for Spooktober, and I have to say I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It's a 2D indie game focused around exploration and avoiding monsters and sort of solving puzzles to progress. Very simple plat which I feel is only UR because it was on PS+😅 Tier 5 Nova-111 (Vita, 2.51%) - 100% TorqueL (PS4, 0.87%) - 100% Blazblue CS Extend (Vita, 1.09%) - 100% Conan Exiles (PS4, 0.28%) - 100% MLB The Show 19 (PS4, 0.31%) - 100% Lone Survivor (Vita, 4.64%) - 100% I've also been working on some Most Wanted stuff, so hopefully I can get into the Hall of Fame by my next update 👀
  4. Finished my first orange game: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter I have a few more orange games planned, but will have to look for a pink one. I know it's not required to do both pink and orange games, but it would still be nice if I could 🙃
  5. I've actually put some of my favourite UR plats in my cabinet, which are: Super Meat Boy WipEout HD (can just do Omega Collection instead) Catherine Jotun Furi Thumper Shadow of the Colossus
  6. The server got nuked, don't worry about it.
  7. I joined their discord server and posted in the bugs/support channel. They did try to convince me to switch to PC instead as that's the only version they actually support, so I would advice to just say you don't have a PC or something lol
  8. I was busier than expected yesterday, and then also had some issues with downloading games on my Vita for a bit, so could only start earning trophies at 1am lol. Stayed up a bit late, but getting 7 trophies in Hue was worth it, fun game as well btw
  9. Finished 2 more games this week Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend was my very first fighting game platinum, and actually had some fun with, at least with the first half of my playing time. Doing the missions was pretty fun, especially cause I only had to do 5-6 missions per character, which is about where it started to get challenging for me. Practicing the character specific misc trophies and figuring out some of those combos was fun as well, some were a bit tricky, but overall nothing too bad here. The rest of the game is a bit of a slog though, there's way too much mindless grind, having to unlock the complete gallery (takes some time, but pretty straightforward) and also unlocking every item in Abyss mode, which was a very annoying RNG grind. Abyss mode at the start wasn't so bad, and a bit of a challenge to clear depth 999, but after getting enough OP items, it's just a very long braindead grind hoping to get the last few items I needed for the last trophy. Also completed Conan Exiles today, saw that the DLC has a few UR trophies, so I guess it also counts for this event. Don't really want to waste any more words on this tbh. Tier 5 Nova-111 (Vita, 2.51%) - 100% TorqueL (PS4, 0.87%) - 100% Blazblue CS Extend (Vita, 1.09%) - 100% Conan Exiles (PS4, 0.28%) - 100%
  10. Finished my first 2 Tier 5 games! Nova-111 has an interesting concept, and was kinda fun at first, but the lack of challenge quickly made it pretty boring, so it was mostly just following a collectibles guide while easily navigating through the campaign. TorqueL was a bit more fun imo, the unique mechanics of this platformer made it an interesting game, too bad though that the levels themselves are a bit uninspired, as there's only a few types of obstacles. Still had a good time with this game overall though. It had few tricky sections in some levels, but overall I wouldn't really call it a challenging game. Tier 5 Nova-111 (Vita, 2.51%) - 100% TorqueL (PS4, 0.87%) - 100%
  11. I'll use one final swap to replace Space Overlords with Atari Flashback Classics Vol 1, which I just completed! There were some pretty fun games in this collection, but because I wanted to complete it in a short time, I had to rely on a lot of save scumming, which did get tedious a bit. The Tempest trophy would've made this an 8+/10 difficulty if done legit I'd reckon, and Yar's Revenge already took a couple hours due to how long it takes to reach 300k points, though that one felt much more doable. Very good game though for quick and decent sub 1% platinum. Tier 4 Absolver (0.69%) - 100% Pox Nora (0.63%) - 100% Atari Flashback Classics Vol 1 (0.80%) - 100% Starwhal (0.93%) - 100% Terraria (2.10%) - 100% So that concludes my Tier 4, which means I don't have to worry about planning my games anymore I'll just list some of my Tier 5 games that I intend to finish in the next few months and have already started:
  12. 2 more games done! Pox Nora might be really in depth and perhaps even good strategy game, but it's not needed at all to learn anything about the game to get this plat, apart from the very basics. It was mostly just a boring boost and having to contact devs to help with some glitches that blocked the 8 faction trophies from being obtainable. So I definitely don't recommend playing this game, at least not until the tutorials are fixed. Kinda similar story for Terraria, might be a good game, but I just got carried in someone's trophy world, so I didn't need to actually learn anything. At least this was shorter than Pox and had me actually play the game for a bit. Tier 4 Absolver (0.69%) - 100% Pox Nora (0.63%) - 100% Space Overlords (2.07%) - 54% Starwhal (0.93%) - 100% Terraria (2.10%) - 100%
  13. I finished Absolver and Starwhal last week. Absolver is kind of a decent game, with some good ideas, but ultimately falls a bit short of it being actually fun. There are almost 200 combat moves in the game, but it doesn't really matter that much, as fights usually aren't that different anyways, so it got repetitive kinda quickly. The open world feels like they were trying to go for a Soulsborne style where things are somewhat interconnected and it's not easy to find your way around, but in this case it's much easier to get lost, also because there's very little variety between areas. As for difficulty, overall it was a pretty easy game, with some of the higher level bosses requiring a few tries to memorize their movesets, but nothing too bad. There's however 1 trophy that I got stuck on for hours, which is for making 1 boss kill the other when you fight the twins. This requires depending on the AI to cooperate, but I just could get them to do that for hours😂 There's not much to say about Starwhal, it controls just as shit as when I did it the first time, so I don't recommend playing it unless you're doing it for a competition like I was I would also like to swap Terraria for Titan Souls, as I expect to finish the former today. I've also started Nova-111, might have to swap that in too if I happen to finish it before Space Overlords. Tier 4 Absolver (0.69%) - 100% Pox Nora (0.63%) - 81% Space Overlords (2.07%) - 54% Starwhal (0.93%) - 100% Titan Souls (1.88%) - 0% --> Terraria (2.10%) - 56%
  14. Is there some extra step required to unlock/use the faction decks? I've completed all the faction training missions, but I still only have access to the Ironfist Inquisition deck. The training missions and tutorials all show a green tick after I complete them, but display a 0/1 below them too, so not sure what's up with that. I've tried to complete them with both 1 Nora Fonts captured and with 2, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I've also looked into my available cards to make my own deck, but I don't have nearly enough cards unlocked per faction to do that. The marketplace doesn't seem to have those decks either. Any help would be appreciated! Edit: I joined the Pox Nora discord server to look for answers, and it seems my current problem is a known glitch with no solutions atm. So seeing as the faction decks aren't available in the store either, for now this platinum is unobtainable. A dev told me a fix is in the works, hopefully they manage to fix it sometime soon. Edit 2: I managed to get these trophies cause the devs manually assigned these decks to everyone who had reported this issue. So that means this plat is obtainable, but you would require contacting the devs to unlock 8 trophies.
  15. Little Deviants done, and that concludes my tier 3! I expected this game to be harder and less fun than it actually turned out to be. I had heard that this was supposed to be quite a challenging plat, but I found that for the most part it was mostly about getting a feel for the motion control sensitivity, and just memorizing the levels so I always knew what to do. Once I had a plan, the execution was often the easy part. The game is essentially a collection of 30 mini-games, and while they're a bit hit or miss, I did enjoy most of them, and actually liked how different the game is to other games. Tier 3 Little Deviants (0.61%) - 100% LittleBigPlanet 2 (3.21%) - 56% Fall Guys (2.13%) - 100% WipEout Omega Collection (1.28%) - 100% Jotun (2.78%) - 100% For my tier 4 I'll mostly just stick with some shorter games, so I can quickly get into tier 5 and not worry about selecting my games beforehand anymore. Tier 4 Absolver (0.69%) - 0% Pox Nora (0.63%) - 0% Space Overlords (2.07%) - 20% Starwhal (0.93%) - 21% Titan Souls (1.88%) - 0%