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  1. Finally finished Power Rangers last week. This plat requires absolutely 0 skill, but it was still quite a chore to finish due to the annoying online grind. There are still way more randoms playing the game than I expected, so boosting it wasn't always easy, especially when trying to reach Master League. We had to wake up early mornings to boost as that's the only time where the game is dead and we could boost without much interruption, and even then we got hit with a rank reset because of the season ending, prolonging the grind. Getting to player level 700 after that wasn't all that bad because buying DLC characters reduces the time required quite a bit. Overall this game has a bad trophy list (it doesn't require to play the story at all for example), so I can't recommend it unless you really want that sub 1% plat and can actually self boost it. As for my other games, the Quantum Theory boost is finally nearing the end, so I mostly just need to get the single player trophies done, and I also bought the Escape Plan DLCs, of which I finished the first 2, so that should be done soon as well. Tier 4 Titan Souls (1.94%, Vita/PS4) - 100% Metrico (3.61%, Vita) - 100% Don't Bite Me Bro! (1.05%, PS4) - 100% Kerbal Space Program (1.50%, PS4) - 100% Dragon Ball FighterZ (2.97%, PS4) - 100% Oddworld: New n Tasty (2.73%, PS4) - 100% Moto Racer 4 (1.41%, PS4) - 100% Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (0.47%, PS4) - 100% Zombie Vikings (4.35%, PS4) - 0% Escape Plan (0.53%, PS4) - 78% Quantum Theory (1.25%, PS4) - 22%
  2. Yoo welcome back dude! This new idea sounds pretty exciting actually, I'd like to see you have a shot at some of these near unobtainable games just to see whether they're actually possible or not. One of those games I've heard about is Tanuki Justice. Only a few trophies have been earned, because of the ridiculous requirements of this trophy list, a bit of info is given in the thread about it. Would be nice to see someone tackle this and to see the journey. It's probably gonna take a long while though 😅 Also, I've heard about Moon Hunters, the game is apparently pretty tricky to figure out with the limited info about it, but it's not too difficult skill wise if I understood correctly I also had a friend show me Brick Breaker a while ago as a suggestion for a 0.01% trophy.. from what I found from a quick search about it, the only way to get through that survival shit would be through heavy use of pause buffering, which sounds like a pretty annoying way to play on top of whatever else is wrong with the game haha. Hopefully you can find a better looking game to destroy you than this at least, don't feel like a lot of fun is to be had with this one 😅
  3. Moto Racer 4 done. I only started this game because of the 30+ URs and expected it to be really shit, but while the game is indeed pretty mediocre, I did end up having some fun with it. It's an arcade racer where you can get speed boosts by performing certain actions like doing wheelies and perfect landings, and it ends up pretty fun trying to chain these all together. 90% of the playing time is spent playing through the campaign, but while the game has some fun mechanics, it does start to drag towards the end, as after a while I felt like I had already seen everything the game has to offer. The more chaotic races at the end on a higher difficulty were also a bit annoying as they highlighted the bad/buggy physics with collisions or just being close to other racers (simply touching someone else in a turn means you're unable to steer for a few seconds..). But despite all that it's still quite an easy game, with the exception of a handful of challenges (especially some of the time trials, fuck 9-3 in particular). Apart from this there's also a few online trophies that need a full lobby of 10 people, luckily it's a very short boost though so a short session was all that's needed. Furthermore I finally got to Master League in Power Rangers. Had a lot of trouble with that before as the game isn't nearly as dead as I expected it to be. It seems though that waking up at 6am means I have a solid 2-3 hours of quiet boosting, so just a few sessions like that were enough to get that done. Now it's just the 1000 matches/level 700 grind left. Also swapping out GTA V again as we haven't planned the last criminal mastermind run yet, and will instead play Zombie Vikings instead, should hopefully be fun in co-op. Tier 4 Titan Souls (1.94%, Vita/PS4) - 100% Metrico (3.61%, Vita) - 100% Don't Bite Me Bro! (1.05%, PS4) - 100% Kerbal Space Program (1.50%, PS4) - 100% Dragon Ball FighterZ (2.97%, PS4) - 100% Oddworld: New n Tasty (2.73%, PS4) - 100% Moto Racer 4 (1.41%, PS4) - 100% Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (0.47%, PS4) - 53% Grand Theft Auto V (0.18%, PS4) - 98% Zombie Vikings (4.35%, PS4) - 0% Quantum Theory (1.25%, PS4) - 17%
  4. Another update from me, finished 2 games this time. Dragon Ball FighterZ was pretty fun, even though the story was pretty garbage. I tried getting through ranked legit for a bit, but at about 200k BP I got tired of it and decided to just boost the rest, which only took about 8 hours, so really not too bad. I did have some issues with the S rank trophy in arcade mode, but that was mostly cause I was actually trying to play as if I was online, button mashing worked much better. Overall a pretty easy UR plat. Oddworld New n Tasty was also pretty fun. I followed a guide in order to get save all 299 mudokons right away, so can't say much about the difficulty of the puzzles (though most didn't seem hard at all), but apart from a couple slightly tricky sections, it was very easy. The 3 hour speedrun is also very generous, as I got it with 30 minutes to spare, while also dying a bunch of times, plus having to backtrack one time as I forgot a secret area.. Tier 4 Titan Souls (1.94%, Vita/PS4) - 100% Metrico (3.61%, Vita) - 100% Don't Bite Me Bro! (1.05%, PS4) - 100% Kerbal Space Program (1.50%, PS4) - 100% Dragon Ball FighterZ (2.97%, PS4) - 100% Oddworld: New n Tasty (2.73%, PS4) - 100% Moto Racer 4 (1.41%, PS4) - 47% Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (0.47%, PS4) - 36% Grand Theft Auto V (0.18%, PS4) - 98% Quantum Theory (1.25%, PS4) - 17%
  5. So, it's been a while since I've made an update, so here's everything I've done in the past 2 weeks: Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend was a game I already platted last year on Vita, so with this time being able to autopop most of the annoying grind trophies on the PS3 version it made for a much better time. I just had to complete an arcade run, finish all 3 Abyss mode runs (no items grind this time!), do all the misc character trophies (most fun part imo) and doing the online again, which I was able to turbo this. Overall quite an easy and chill completion. Exile's End is a decent metroidvania going for that old school style of Metroid games. It's quite simple in its mechanics though, so not much special about this game. Difficulty wise it was very easy as I just followed a video guide for it to do the 100% and speedrun in one playthrough. This sounds like it should be pretty tricky but the guide had it done in 1.5 hours, while the trophy requires under 3 hours, so a lot of leeway. So nothing challenging at all about this completion. Secret Ponchos was just a semi afk boost for 10-15 hours. Very straightforward if you know someone who already has a Deathbringer who's willing to help you boost up. Boosting up to Deathbringer just requires a few inputs every 2 minutes, so this was a good time for me to also work on Exile's End. And that concludes my Tier 3! Tier 3 Yakuza Kiwami (3.16%, PS4) - 100% Nex Machina (3.61%, PS4) - 100% Entwined (1..36%, PS4/Vita) - 100% Brawlout (0.95%, PS4) - 100% Not Not: A Brain Buster (2.79%, PS4) - 100% Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 (0.73%, PS4) - 100% Nidhogg (0.32, PS4/Vita) - 100% Moto Racer 4 (1.45%, PS4) - 14% Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend (2.73%, PS3) - 100% Oddworld New n Tasty (2.74%, PS4) - 5% Exile's End (3.03%, Vita) - 100% Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (0.46%, PS4) - 28% Secret Ponchos (0.19%, PS4) -100% But wait, there's more! Titan Souls was probably the most fun game I've played last month. I really like the concept of the game, with it being a boss rush where you die in one hit, but can also kill every boss with one hit (as long as you hit their weak spot of course, might need a few shots sometimes to expose their weakness though). The misc boss trophies were mostly pretty straightforward, some were a little annoying due to how long it would take to set up, and then dying before managing to land the finishing blow.. but the real difficulty lies in the NG+ runs with them having a few challenging modes. No roll mode is the most annoying one as it means you can't dodge anymore, which is a core mechanic of the game. I skipped half the game with a glitch (like I did for the other NG+ runs as well), but the penultimate boss was still a bitch. Hard iron mode has you play the game on hard difficulty (main difference being more aggressive bosses and more projectiles) and on permadeath. Again using the glitch it wasn't too bad, though again the penultimate boss was blocking me from progressing for a while. By save scumming it (for the permadeath) I also managed to finish this run under 20 min for the speedrun trophy. Lastly I had to do a playthrough killing all bosses to unlock the secret boss. Without trying to spoil too much, the secret boss was quite intriguing with multiple phases as well, so it was a pretty fun fight and nice way to end the game. Honestly with how I cheesed the fuck out of the game, I feel like doing a more legit true ending on hard mode at some point, I feel like I missed out a bit much on what the game has to offer so I'll definitely revisit it at some point. Metrico was an interesting puzzle platformer. I followed a guide for it, which was definitely necessary for some of those obscure collectibles, but some of the misc chapter trophies would probably also be hard to make a plan for with their limitations, like not using a certain button or only jumping/killing a max amount of times. Was a pretty chill and easy time though. Don't Bite Me Bro! is a pretty shitty zombie game. There's just a bunch of tasks to do like saving survivors and clearing a few dungeons while making sure your base doesn't get destroyed by incoming zombie hordes every 5 minutes or so. While the gameplay is pretty straightforward, it is also extremely glitchy and you really need to keep a good eye on whether everything is actually progressing as it should. I got soft locked on my first playthrough but luckily managed to finish my second run (had to reload an earlier save a few times though with one very finicky survivor). Also one trophy just didn't want to pop at all so I had to switch back to my other save file and go for it there, which luckily worked. Overall a very simple game that still managed to frustrate the fuck out of me. And lastly, I also finished Kerbal Space Program. I reverted this back to version 1.00 so I could use the cheat menu for it, but even then I wasn't prepared for how complex the game is. After playing through a tutorial, messing around a bit and watching a video or 2, I managed to figure out how to get most of the game done pretty quickly. The last trophy for docking a ship was pretty tricky though Had no idea what I was doing so had to have @Mori watch me stream it and give me step by step instructions on how to do it 😂 So thanks again for that lol. Overall though I'd say that if you are genuinely interested in this game, to just play it on PC, it runs pretty badly on PS4, and the controls can be kinda awkward too, so only really worth for the 30 URs really. So with that here's my new and updated Tier 4: Tier 4 Titan Souls (1.94%, Vita/PS4) - 100% Metrico (3.61%, Vita) - 100% Don't Bite Me Bro! (1.05%, PS4) - 100% Kerbal Space Program (1.50%, PS4) - 100% Escape Plan (0.53%, PS4) - 36% Moto Racer 4 (1.41%, PS4) - 46% Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (0.47%, PS4) - 31% Grand Theft Auto V (0.18%, PS4) - 98% Rogue Legacy (2.95%, PS4) - 20% Oddworld: New n Tasty (2.73%, PS4) - 5%
  6. I finished Shutshimi which is a shmup that has you kill a bunch of fish and other sea animals under the sea (and also some bears and cats who wear underwatersuits for some reason), but the thing is that the playable character is a fish itself as well.. so I guess it should count right? Anyways, my vote will go to the green turtle this time.
  7. 2 more games done. Atari Flashbacks vol 2 was pretty annoying, mainly because it had fewer enjoyable games than volume 1, and also because Missile Command was quite a bit harder than anything in volume 1 too, so it was more annoying experience overall. Just like vol. 1 though, all the tricky trophies can easily be save scummed to a heavy degree, but the frequency of downloading cloud saves made it quite tedious nonetheless. Nidhogg was really shit imo. The game suffers from a lack of dropped inputs, somewhat inconsistent physics and AI opponents who care more about taunting you than trying to win, making a succeful run way more frustrating than it needs to be. This was honestly one of the most rage inducing games I've played in a very long time, and even that 0.40% trophy didn't make me feel better about it.. Also trimmed down my tier 3 list to 10 games, now that a tier 4 and 5 have been added again 😁 I'll probably swap out Oddworld for something else, so that I can hopefully finish up this tier by the end of the month. Tier 3 Yakuza Kiwami (3.16%, PS4) - 100% Nex Machina (3.61%, PS4) - 100% Entwined (1..36%, PS4/Vita) - 100% Brawlout (0.95%, PS4) - 100% Not Not: A Brain Buster (2.79%, PS4) - 100% Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 (0.73%, PS4) - 100% Nidhogg (0.32, PS4/Vita) - 100% Moto Racer 4 (1.45%, PS4) - 14% Oddworld New n Tasty (2.74%, PS4) - 5% Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (0.46%, PS4) - 28%
  8. Finished 2 more games with animals since my last update. Entwined has you play as two birds simultaneously who at the end of the level fuse into a dragon, and Brawlout has a cast of playable characters who include an ape, frog, shark, chameleon and multiple birds. My votes will go for the green turtle, just to spicy things up a bit near the top.
  9. Had a busy week with 3 more completions Entwined was a pretty decent game. You have to control 2 birds with the 2 sticks individually and basically go through an obstacle course where you have to go through all the gates in a level to not get hit. The story mode has a lot of leniency, where if you get hit a few times, you will only lose a bit of progress towards finishing the level, but in challenge mode you only get 3 lives and have to survive 2-3 minutes. Initially I just played the game on Vita and was having fun at first, but the last challenge was quite annoying, as I kept dying with often no idea how I should've moved better. In the end I got fed up and switched to PS4, where I had to unlock all challenges again to get a shot at the fourth one. Luckily the game felt much easier on PS4, and I got all challenges done in like 30 minutes, so overall it wasn't that bad, I just recommend not sticking to Vita if you want to play this lol. Not a whole lot to say about Brawlout tbh. It's mostly just (semi) afk grind, with a bunch of easy misc trophies and of course the 3 arcade towers. The towers were pretty annoying, especially as I never really play Smash games or clones (except Kung Fu Panda I guess, but I got the plat last year by just mashing square for 90% of it 😂), so it took a bit to get used to playing this. Luckily you can save scum these towers after every match, so while that can still be pretty tedious, it wasn't nearly as hard as it could've been. I just went with the easy tower first, and that was probably actually the hardest for me as I was learning to play the game. When I had the strategy down for it and got a decent feel for when to use the downwards attack, the game became much easier, even on hard. So all in all not a hard game, but also not a very fun one. Not Not was a pretty fun and quick puzzle game. You basically get increasingly complex instructions on which direction you should go on a cube, while the timer (around 1-3 seconds) can get very short too on harder levels. I got through about half the levels before the instructions got so long that I could barely read it in time before the timer ran out, so that's when I had to start using the pause exploit, just to be able to process what I was reading 😂. After finishing all the levels, there's also endless mode, getting to around 100 is fairly doable, but when getting close to 200 it's extremely tight even with pause exploiting.. no idea how people should be able to do that legit lol. Also gotta love a pointless X amount of deaths trophy where you're only 10% of the way through after finishing the game, so just had to turbo that for a while. Overall I do recommend this game if you want something unique for 2 hours. Tier 3 Yakuza Kiwami (3.16%, PS4) - 100% Nex Machina (3.61%, PS4) - 100% Entwined (1..36%, PS4/Vita) - 100% Brawlout (0.95%, PS4) - 100% Not Not: A Brain Buster (2.79%, PS4) - 100% Nidhogg (0.32, PS4/Vita) - 66% Rogue Legacy (2.93%, Vita) - 7% Grand Theft Auto IV (0.48%,PS3) - 88% Grand Theft Auto V (0.18%, PS4) - 98% Moto Racer 4 (1.45%, PS4) - 14% Oddworld New n Tasty (2.74%, PS4) - 5% DBZ: Battle of Z (2.94%, Vita) - 10% Dragonball FighterZ (2.92%, PS4) - 40% N++ (4.19%, PS4) - 58%
  10. Finished 3 more games this week, so almost halfway there! 0 1 2 - Brawlout 3 - Dear Esther 4 5 - Xenon Valkyrie 6 7 - Entwined 8 9 Also have one repeat now, but overall not bad luck so far with just winging it.
  11. Sounds like it could be a calibration issue? If you're consistently off beat by just a little bit, you will eventually miss a beat (I think double pressing means you're too early? not sure tbh). Probably worth making sure your calibration is good and look up some specific Necrodancer videos on how to best set this up. You generally want to turn off the beating heart HUD at the bottom of the screen so you can see when the bars are disappearing, with perfect calibration they should disappear right when they touch. If it's not that, it might be some issue with either your keyboard or your keyboard adapter, in which case I'm of no help as I've only played the game on controller lol.
  12. New DLC looks like it has some pretty good new additions, especially the dash character looks quite fun to play! These are btw the Steam achievements for Synchrony, which is probably what the PS trophies will look like as well if this DLC comes to consoles as well: 10 minute speedrun looks like it could be pretty tricky, but for the most part it isn't anywhere near as hard as the base game or Amplified trophies it seems.
  13. Dear Esther completed, so that's one game down. 0 1 2 3 - Dear Esther 4 5 6 7 8 9
  14. Sign me up. I'll try to get as many different numbers without any planning, so let's see how that goes.
  15. Nex Machina done! This was such a great game, I had a ton of fun with it. Most of the difficulty comes from beating an arcade run on Veteran difficulty, but if you learn how to play really aggressively and memorize where/when all the big/strong enemies spawn (not as much effort as it sounds, the levels are all pretty distinct, and I could recognize most after just a few arcade runs) to take them out as quickly as possible, most of it isn't too bad. I did have some issues beating the Architect boss, which is kinda infamous in this game as a big hurdle, but that fight too could be handled by just trying to increase DPS, to not have to worry about dodging bullets for too long. Basically this game can seem a little overwhelming at first, but as soon as you figure out how to use all the mechanics properly it becomes much more doable. The fact that this game was so much fun probably helped with the difficulty perspective too though lol, so definitely recommended! Tier 3 Yakuza Kiwami (3.16%, PS4) - 100% Nex Machina (3.61%, PS4) - 100% Rogue Legacy (2.93%, Vita) - 7% Grand Theft Auto IV (0.48%,PS3) - 88% Grand Theft Auto V (0.18%, PS4) - 98% Moto Racer 4 (1.45%, PS4) - 14% Oddworld New n Tasty (2.74%, PS4) - 5% DBZ: Battle of Z (2.94%, Vita) - 10% Dragonball FighterZ (2.92%, PS4) - 40% N++ (4.19%, PS4) - 58%