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  1. I've played a lot of LEGO games (well, 12 anyway), but got burnt out and haven't played one in years. I was going to mention Disgaea. I've got Disgaea 3's plat on Vita, and that was a lot of grinding. I can't imagine trying to do that on a console before "suspend play" became a feature. (Specifically, the Item World feature where you can level-up items via continual back-to-back turn-based TRPG fights with 10-fight checkpoints if I recall correctly.)
  2. Just on PC playing Battlefield 3 I'd get booted from private servers for not knowing the individual rules and use an explosive or something. I don't recall any permanent bans, though I had a couple friends really good at the game who would get banned for "hacking" and just being better than the mods.
  3. I played through p3p on my vita twice and didn't feel like I missed out on anything. I'd say give it a try when it hits a price point you can agree with.
  4. That doesn't seem like rage quitting. I quit 99% of my Playstation games when I get the platinum. I mainly play single player games though, so maybe it's different for the multiplayer-minded.
  5. I think the only game I've fully rage quitted was Need for Speed: The Run. Haven't played a racing game since (aside from some Mario Kart).
  6. My lowest hour is 51 trophies at 5am. I assume most of the early morning trophies came from playing Vita games during my year of overnight work in a computer print room.
  7. I don't get too hyped or excited for leaks. Heck, announcements barely get a reaction from me either since the games are usually years out anyway and that's before any delays. I watched some of the video posted above and it looks like GTA5 so either its going to be more of the same thing we've had for a decade or it's so unfinished its barely worth talking about. Male lead did sound very "Florida Man" so that was funny.
  8. I doubt I'll add these to my backlog, but very cool.
  9. lol, this is at least the 3rd game that has gone free to play after being a PS+ game. Rocket League and Fall Guys also come to mind.
  10. Whew, thanks. So far this is the only PS5 game I've auto-popped trophies in. However, 5 of the sniper mission trophies didn't pop and I really didn't want to do those again. Restarting popped the rest of the trophies. Killed an Elusive Target too, so a good night for me.
  11. Disgaea 3 on the Vita.
  12. That's what I'd do as well, but I don't mind hiding my barely played games. My profile is more for myself and looking back at the games I liked rather than a bragging showpiece of my gaming.
  13. Surely the main reason shovelware games exist is because sites like this have leaderboards. Those who want cheap, quick plats to boost their numbers have to be the prime consumer of these "games." I never tried to be competitive. While it's fun to go up the ranks, there's been plenty of times over the years where I would play less Playstation and more PC or binged tv shows for a month or two and my rank went down. Instead I just try to go for a better completion rating of my own profile. I don't worry about what others are doing. Y'all are strangers to me anyway.
  14. I was thinking the "Amazone"
  15. Amazon already had gotten the rights to make a Mass Effect tv show.