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  1. The update is not free if you need to buy the ps4 version because you played on ps3 or vita back in the days.
  2. This is so stupid, if they bring more content for active players that is really nice, but including new trophies so late wtf? I played on PS3 7 years ago. So i have to buy the ps4 version to play that new content and get the trophies. Just bring the new content but please dont add trophies just to make money out of trophy hunters that way, this is just annoying!
  3. I played back in 2015 but stopped because of corrupted save file coming back to the game now playing for two days getting everything but garden cheese hunt your guide helped me a lot to this point thanks for the great work on that. But man 2:20 on that level is a tough one I finished it 3 times (not to mention that other 50 failed attempts drowning in the pond ) but I'm still way off by a good minute. I hope a little more grinding will get me good enough t oclear this fast enough. I did it after another day of grinding. Could have been sub 2 minutes if i did not lose 15 seconds trying to pick up the cracker again on the engine hood xD. Also a little break before the final climb to get the nerves back and not choke again.
  4. Yeah it were actually freezes, maybe too many actions at one time the game could not handle animations or something like that. I had used that spell that replenishes your characters actions so i could just spam through the fights with a decent buff on magic regen attacking never stops^^ As i said the freeze always occured in the damage phase.
  5. For those who are still on the chase for 100% and gone for cursebreaker might know the weapon horrors least was not obtainable the last two seasons but this season the nightfall which drops this weapon is back and available since today. I got it today second run :-)
  6. I did the parts fast where I was confident also some long jumps that cut off a lot of the normal route but not Yolo i would say. Parts where you are confident and also played often are not worth to go slow because the timing you're used to gets off this way causing more problems (at least for me that was the case). Took my time at parts i wasn't confident enough for example the spinning platforms with the thorn bushes I just waited for the right jump not rushing at all. Also the start of the crab section I just waited for the crabs instead of jumping straigth across the gap. My final time was below 7 minutes. If you take your time you can still make it under 10 minutes.
  7. I can play normal through the first and second phase. And in the third phase when I start dealing actual Damage to the Boss the game crashes. Has anyone experienced something like that or any Idea? I play on PS5 don't think it has something to do with my problem but who knows. Edit: Ok typical result after complaining everything went smoothe. I had the same setup and everything after 5 crashes in a row at the same time during the fight. I have no idea what caused this.
  8. This trophy is hard of course it is a challenge. It is designed to be hard. If you practiced it and take your time at difficult parts it is pretty much doable without being hit and within the 10 minutes. It took me 150 tries to complete but only because of my greed I don't think many people died as often as I did at the last part collecting clocks. But the shaking screen collecting clocks distracted me pretty hard, I think I choked like 6 or 7 runs close to the finish. But at last I got a solid run not being greedy at the end and finishid within 6:21 minutes, which i was satisfied with and didn't bother to try a faster time. In conclusion if only going for the trophy you have plenty of time to go save at difficult spots anyone should be able to get this done with a little bit of dedication. One post stated playing to the crab section constantly dying there, why not practice this particular section? You always get the same timing cause it is based on your pace in that part and not a global timer even if it was a global timer you could wait a few seconds for your cycle to get your timing right. In general I also read many comments complaining about difficult trophies, I can't understand those people. What is the purpose of trophies if they don't state a challenge? I find it more satisfying to earn a difficult trophy that requiered a lot of skill and dedication off of me (TM Turbo, Tetris Effect, ...) than trophies you get for free. All the games you virtually pay for a platinum, I also have some of them but don't really value them at all. Such games are superfluous especially 3 to 5 versions of one and the same of these games
  9. Just keep spinning in easy mode where you don't lose by topping out and watch a movie ;-) Thats the way i did it after getting all the other stuff, 1000000 is too much of a grind to play normal in my opinion. I played a lot for personal bests in the different modes but didn't come very close to 1000000 spins But i find it very stupid the multiplayer doesn't count for this particular stat if it does for the other like you said (time), doesn't make any sense.
  10. I started hunting crowns again after a little pause from the game and have 2 investigations for scarred yian garuga, we can hunt those together if you want, if lucky we get our crowns if not maybe at least some new investigations. If you're interested you can add me on psn.
  11. If you had made a guide at release I don't know how often you would have updated the guide to this point. You have so many changes. Just look ingame what conditions you have for the triumphs and stuff. There are enough threads where people ask what triumph seal is easiest or obtainable at the moment. Besides the trophies are selfexplaining. If you choose to go for the dreaming city triumph seal cursebreaker you have 6 week rotation on the ascendent trials, so plenty of time to do the other trophies as well, waiting for next week^^ Here is one don't know how up to date it is. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/destiny-2/guide/
  12. I also put a lot of points into magic, good thing is you can craft weapons to scale with magic, like I used crescent falchion(crescent falchion+1 can be found in 4-1 for an easy start), so if you have a mage build you can also have a strong melee option, plus you get mp recovery.
  13. With skipping cut scenes it took me 6:04h to complete Ending A, so skipping cut scenes is not required to get below 15h. Doing side-quest i'm not so sure if you can sqeeze them in.
  14. UG Street Racers is level 50 by now, dont know if the crew leader will be active in the game for much longer.
  15. I encountered this glitch as well. When i was playing in the arena, guarding one shot would take 1 or 2 percent of the shield. When the shield ammo was empty and i collected 35 ammo equaling 22% shield with the upgraded weapon. The next shot took 11% as well as the second shot what collapsed the shield.