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  1. That‘s exactly my feeling about the game, i got a fast Start from Level 1 to 70 with the triple xp Weekend, but after that the progress is really slow and without the Story quests it can get boring in deed^^
  2. That someone got the trophy recently does not necessarily mean that challange Feed still works. They could have earned that badge a while ago and they were missing one of the other 2 badges to get the trophy
  3. Exactly my thoughts, compared to trackmania Turbo this is easy^^
  4. Did you watch a Video on how to beat oxide on DM? I‘m no Veteran in this game but the time trials were hard but fair i‘d say. Just keep up your drift boost air break is good to get through the circular Part and drive a good line. Crutial part is to get long enough SF from the boost pad to save enough time.
  5. try the black stadium tracks i found them relatively easy compared to the rest of the black tracks, I completed them before i even got the majority of the red tracks
  6. Go for little big planet, since you got those comunity trophies and acing all levels can be annoying in some of the later ones but if you go for it its not that hard
  7. For the magic resistant worm at the end of the 27th floor you can use the light sword magic it seems to deal melee damage depending on crits and if your current weapon is on 100% i dealt between 45k and 90k damage with that attack. My total time was 10:40, so there is much time to spare ;-)
  8. Well, that sounds good👍
  9. Gaming Sessions are for Multiplayer Right? So this challenge is about Beating trackmaster times in Solo mode or Finding people to add for comparison and their ghosts
  10. sure it gives you 130% https://ibb.co/hS9ZbQ heres a screenshot sorry embedding by url didnt work -.-
  11. The trophy-list is way too easy!!! I'm good at tetris but never played puyo puyo before. Adventure mode 130% not much of a problem, 10 wins online easy as pie (for those who are not so good at head to head matches you can choose which mode to play, -> choose party, and you dont have to start a match against stronger players just wait for one in your range) the rest is farming puyos 100k is a lot if your playing tetris the major part^^
  12. @dalailama first the trackmaster-times/ghost are by far not the best ways through the tracks on some tracks it might be close but on the most you can go a couple seconds faster than the trackmaster for example #166 the trackmaster has a time of 1:17:954 i myself got a time of 1:14:10 and i bet you can even go 3 to 5 seconds faster (if you're going for the perfect run) and yeah sure its nice to watch a well driven ghost getting a clue how to drive the track properly but its better to experience it yourself to get the feeling for it i think its all about practice what does it say? oh yes Try Harder ^^
  13. which level is best to obtain this trophy i killed 5 enemies with spikes in 1-3 but it didnt count dunno what i'm doing wrong any advice?
  14. I started the game today and my stats are just gone hope there is a hidden counter for the trophies that didnt reset otherwise it would be very annoying -.-
  15. I wonder how many of the 44 people until now earned the trophy by actually beating the minute and how many got it through the glitch the in game ranking itself shows all of the Top 30 with times unter 3 seconds what is obviously impossible its sad they dont delete such times i'd like to compare to real times