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  1. Not suitable For very build, in deed very specific but that shield the first or second boss drops i dont remember is pretty nice gives +100% damage output when your shield is broken. I had that skill equipped where you dont regen shield so my shield was constantly broken and i healed by casting spells two fast spells with5 sec cooldown by stats and Skills like halfed you can pretty much cast spells nonstop ๐Ÿ‘
  2. His recharge is someting like a dps check i remember on a later chaos 16 or so i could barely do any damage before he recharged, the fight took like 20-30 minutes so just increase your dps or play in multiplayer a party of 2-4 people should get it done no problem ๐Ÿ‘
  3. Those jokers randomly stealing your best cards but giving you like the lowest possible cards from your opponent is utter BS. Only luck involved. I've let my neighbor have 2 high combinations like 30+ points and what do i get the damn 12 point combi, while i lose my 36 points -.- best is the jokers are out early so you can make it in the endgame i think.
  4. I find the input delay pretty awful -.-
  5. I played one week after release, like others have stated multiplayer is causing the problems. I played offline like 90-95% of the game and had no issues. When i startet playing online joining others ,to get the kills and one tape i couldnt get because of the one glitched quest (to kill or not to kill), the problems started. Got the deathloop-glitch and other funny stuff like quests showing up i already finished and quest showing up i shouldnt even get because of my story decisions xD, good that i upload my save frequently so i didnt loose that much. I just had to avoid a certain area that caused the deathloop. But the deathloop got patched i think, at least i read that in another thread.
  6. For a game this big there are actually very few missable things for most stuff you have plenty of options to obtain it also the absolution option can have you reverse stupid mistakes like hitting a npc making it hostile i read even โ€žRevivesโ€œ are possible this way the game design is really good ๐Ÿ‘ very forgiving^^
  7. Disable restmode? I personally dont like restmode at all. Only making possible Problems more likely to occure. I lost 40gb of savegames on my ps4 because the power was shut down while in Restmode and the harddrive was damaged so that i had to format it.
  8. For me joining randoms playing this quest also got me the missing collectable pretty fast now That still many people are playing chances are Good to find the quest. Also Maybe multiplayer got a bit more stable with the new Patch i didnt try it since before the Patch^^ good luck hunting those trophies
  9. Donโ€˜t people use cloud Backups? If i run into an infinit death-loop i use my backup and only lose the progression of my current session and not everything still annoying but much less. You can always have Bad luck and run into a Game breaking bug in a new Game that wasnt discovered yet.
  10. For me it wont unlock stuntmasta i did 30k+ on 3 or 4 different tracks racking up between 35k and up to 66k points but the trophy wont pop, do i have to play from scratch to unlock the first gymkhana again and do 30k or has anybony an idea of a better workaround? As always complaining about something 5 minutes later getting it to work. I dont know what was the problem with this I tried on the 5th different map and got it maybe i had to best my former record on the map to get it to count, good thing there was one below 30k
  11. 2153 deaths at the summit collected most of the strawberries and all hearts and tapes except for one or two really great game with great level design no way i would have done all B-sides and C-sides legit those require such a big amount of practice/skill really tough but it is cool you can explore everything without any restrictions by using the assist mode :-)
  12. I have two plats that took several years to complete and two 100% back from ps3 I Am Bread (plat): 5 Years 9 months Lumo (plat): 4 Years 1 month Resident Evil 5 (100%): 10 Years 8 monts Dragon Age 2 (100%): 9 Years 1 month
  13. The update is not free if you need to buy the ps4 version because you played on ps3 or vita back in the days.
  14. This is so stupid, if they bring more content for active players that is really nice, but including new trophies so late wtf? I played on PS3 7 years ago. So i have to buy the ps4 version to play that new content and get the trophies. Just bring the new content but please dont add trophies just to make money out of trophy hunters that way, this is just annoying!
  15. I played back in 2015 but stopped because of corrupted save file coming back to the game now playing for two days getting everything but garden cheese hunt your guide helped me a lot to this point thanks for the great work on that. But man 2:20 on that level is a tough one I finished it 3 times (not to mention that other 50 failed attempts drowning in the pond ) but I'm still way off by a good minute. I hope a little more grinding will get me good enough t oclear this fast enough. I did it after another day of grinding. Could have been sub 2 minutes if i did not lose 15 seconds trying to pick up the cracker again on the engine hood xD. Also a little break before the final climb to get the nerves back and not choke again.