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  1. With skipping cut scenes it took me 6:04h to complete Ending A, so skipping cut scenes is not required to get below 15h. Doing side-quest i'm not so sure if you can sqeeze them in.
  2. UG Street Racers is level 50 by now, dont know if the crew leader will be active in the game for much longer.
  3. I encountered this glitch as well. When i was playing in the arena, guarding one shot would take 1 or 2 percent of the shield. When the shield ammo was empty and i collected 35 ammo equaling 22% shield with the upgraded weapon. The next shot took 11% as well as the second shot what collapsed the shield.
  4. @Jeffboy289 I sent an ingame request to your crew, got my starting crew to level 30 but not many people active, alone thats a grind i dont want to do^^
  5. That is not true. You just have to go full speed from the 2nd last corner and take the banked turn a little wider to maintain speed. If you lose out on speed compared to the AI in that part of the track you just drive the wrong line. And overall the race was a fair challenge not too easy but not too hard as well, like many people are complaining in different posts. Maybe breaking before going into a corner could help many of those people not to lose control over the car
  6. Sure, with DLCs. I have Babylon, Byzanz/Gallien, Roosevelt, √Ąthiopien, Medici, Maya/Kolumbien, Khmer/Indonesien, Nubien and the Extension Bundle installed.
  7. 4 wide is good but it should be in the middle and an I-Piece should be placed so that the bottom line only has a 1x1 gap, that gives more opportunities for different pieces to clear a line if you started the combo. As shown in the video. If the pieces dont spawn as wanted it is also easy to burn some lines.
  8. you can get to 1310 with prime and powerful
  9. I'm currently working on the dreaming city one. Besides the weapon Horrors Least, which one is not obtainable at the moment because the nightfall strike where it drops is not active, everything else should be accessible. I hope next season the nightfall will come back or they change the resource. The only annoying thing is the 6 week cycle of the ascendent challenges you have to wait for to access them.
  10. I got the trophy no problem after activating all of the 10 comandantes general troughout 3 or 4 different games just like the trophy description said.
  11. I can totally confirm this. I'm really bad at this type of games but could get 1000 hits in about 2 hours with the said raiden combo. It is important to hit the combo right at the start of the fight to get down the armor so your hits begin to stagger. And it is normal to have rounds where you get destroyed by the boss because the mechanics are simply unfair I mean with armor the boss just hits your right trough your own attacks and gets a combo in on you with your character taking like hours to recover. Before you can even do a singele input the next combo gets you. At that time the fight is pretty much over. Just accept it and try the next, one. There will be some good rounds where you can get in 30+ hits ;-) but most progress i made were average rounds with 10 to 15 hits i think, just keep it up the next time (hope there will be a next time)
  12. ahh, i mistook it with another trophy because of the translation, sorry
  13. face first is not bugged, I got it legit a few days ago
  14. usual ubisoft type of funny glitches, that must be a whole own category
  15. OMG, i can't belive it i just won 3 tournaments straight and finally got the trophy, what are the chances?