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  1. Well shit, hopefully I can find a blueprint for this. The only reason I redeemed was the constant prompts like you said and I'm a good chunk of hours into the game. If anyone has a solution to get the blueprints to show up let me know, I won't be able to upgrade my ship until I find it.
  2. Please add me to man of the sword. I have the plat for severed.
  3. Add me to the first tier please. I have the plat of Prince of Persia, Sands of Time.
  4. Add me to mortal please God of War: Chains of Olympus God of War: Ghost of Sparta
  5. Add me to Avatar Please. I have the plat for Ni no Kuni
  6. Lego Engineer please Lego Batman 2 Lego batman 3 Lego Hobbit Lego lord of the rings Lego Marvel Super heroes
  7. add me to it's just a thing. I have the plat for The walking dead.
  8. add me to Squishy Vanquisher. I've got the plats for the original trilogy, deadlocked, a crack in time and into the nexus.
  9. This might motivate me to finish the games but I can't say I'm too interested in going for the platinums yet. I still need to refinish CoM and 2, and play through BBS though so that'll be a goal if I lurk on this thread.
  10. If this isn't strictly limited to dynasty warriors series and more of a muso project platinum, why not add the pirate warriors and dragon quest heroes?
  11. Topic says it all.
  12. I think the problem with all of this is the fact that originally, playstation plus was only there for the games. Now that it's required for online, it's not. For those that had it for only the games, there has been a lackluster lineup in the past year. Personally I've enjoyed many of the games but that may not be the case for others. I think sony now views it as an addition to their online offerings and not the other way around which is possibly why the games haven't been as great. What bugs me personally is the people that can't get over the fact that it's not there for simply the games anymore and if you don't like it cancel but that doesn't mean sony is a shitty company for switching what PlayStation plus is for. I'm not saying that all of the people that disagree with it do that but there are definitely those that do.
  13. If it unlocks things that give a competitive advantage I completely disagree with having them in there which I think it will in this case (I'm not sure since I know little info about it). I'll use Guitar Hero Live as an example of not effecting competitive play. While I disagree with the microtrasnations in plays, that's essentially the only thing you can buy with real money besides premium shows. All guitar upgrades must be earned with in game with in game currency which is the part I do like about their microtrasnactions. Don't get me started on how it effects plays though, that shit pisses me off.
  14. You and me both man. Though it's cause I've been slowly working my way through the witch and hundred knight. I'll probably be relegated at this point but I'm not sure if I mind too much.
  15. Woo, I've been bringing my backlog from the dead. Started working on the witch and hundred knight. Dunno why I stopped playing before, the game is fun for what it is.