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  1. Can anyone please tell me how to fucking get all words in CH. 7 this stupid game keeps trolling me, I got "My benefactor guided me" ones but the game erase that one on my next play through somewhere between CH. 6 an 7. suspended won't tricker. I have wasted a day on those 2 now. Anyone got a solution?
  2. So many can't speed anything up in Last of Us
  3. With 6 Ps3 and 6 copies it takes 4 - 5 days
  4. I is still possible 😄 got the last 74 wins I needed within 6 hours with 3 ps4's, and 3 copies of cause. I thought everything was lost last weekend 😭😭😭
  5. 👹👹👹 2K U are sons of motherless goats 🐐
  6. anyone have a solution???
  7. that was it 😀 THX a lot
  8. How do you sprint in the Mines area on PS4?? I had no problems on the Vita
  9. it means that the shorter the game is, the better the chance is for the game to register.
  10. A few tips to those who are stil hunting this son of a b.... trophy play body count on the Tharsis Depot( I did it with 4 ps3, I was ISA, the 3 meat shells was Helghast) The one that need the trophy SHOULD NOT BE THE HOST, the first day i was the host, at the end of the day i had under 33% of points/gametime (registered) compare to the otter 3 ps3's so you should never host with The profil that needs the trophy. if the host gets a dc you should leave the game after that round and remake the game. they way i played to get the most registered games was by playing 9 games in a row and then look at stats and go out of warzone and back on the leadeboard. Somtimes that would make it register one more game if you do that a few times, and otter thing is that we made sure that the games was over before the 55s marke that seemde to make it register 7-8 games out of 9 everytime, if you get under the 50s marke it feels like it only register 5-6 games out of 9. Of course you need the ribbens to get max xp out of your games, if you have them and you go for headshots you sould get 300 after a game (that is with the 1,5 bonus), you should stop shoting when the game ends and not try to get the last few kills as that seems to make the round not count. You should set a goal of minimum 125k that you should have at the end of the week, you should divide this over the week and make a minimum score you should get everday and try to get 10% more then that in case of a bad day or an otter unforeseen event. DON'T GIVE UP... I wise you all luck, and hope this can help you
  11. 125k should be enough for top 12 this week I self-funded 2 weeks from work to get this one done. thx for the reply
  12. Can anyone confirme that you will get the Valor Grand Cross trophy when the week ends if your rank is NA and won't fit back to the leaderbord???
  13. so will all the players that was lost on the leaderbord today come back? or is their points included my points lost or?
  14. It's it just me or is the leaderbord totaly broken now it has goon from page 121 to 101 on this week and XX to 26 for today. Top 10 on the week is under 15k now. And my point won't take show on the bord only in the bottom with NA. WTF anyone have the same issue?
  15. MC_MAY_DIE or Junk_Trap