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  1. You need to beat the tournament with Murmillo, for it to pop
  2. Hi Every time I try to play any game mode/type it come with Login Failed! "can't establish connection with server" Is there any way to fix this? Thx.
  3. Hi could really use some help with the "Secret Weapon" boss my dps is far from high enough to hold down those god damn healers
  4.æˆŠć›œâ€ -r966
  5. It's working again 😁😁😁
  6. I can't play the game anymore, when trying to connect to the server I get this error: DATABASE LOGIN FAILURE! VERIFY INTERNET CONNECTION AND TRY AGAIN. I have tried to contact the developer on Twitter, but they don't seem to care. How to fix the problem??? Thx
  7. That's what I fear
  8. That will erase all the trophies that is not synced am I right? That will erase all the trophies that is not synced am I right?
  9. (NP-32091-5) Is there any way to fix this without deleting every non sync trophies? I have 195 100% games there just seems to be lost. Rebuilding database don't fix it and delete a game with 0% give the same error. Can anyone help me out? THX
  10. Damn đŸ˜±đŸ˜±
  11. Is it deleted from the ps store? Can't find it anywhere
  12. Then I'll have to much time to collect there souls for whatever pleasure I feel for đŸ‘čđŸ‘čđŸ‘č
  13. Can anyone please tell me how to fucking get all words in CH. 7 this stupid game keeps trolling me, I got "My benefactor guided me" ones but the game erase that one on my next play through somewhere between CH. 6 an 7. suspended won't tricker. I have wasted a day on those 2 now. Anyone got a solution?
  14. So many can't speed anything up in Last of Us