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  1. That's what I fear
  2. That will erase all the trophies that is not synced am I right? That will erase all the trophies that is not synced am I right?
  3. (NP-32091-5) Is there any way to fix this without deleting every non sync trophies? I have 195 100% games there just seems to be lost. Rebuilding database don't fix it and delete a game with 0% give the same error. Can anyone help me out? THX
  4. Damn 😱😱
  5. Is it deleted from the ps store? Can't find it anywhere
  6. Then I'll have to much time to collect there souls for whatever pleasure I feel for 👹👹👹
  7. Can anyone please tell me how to fucking get all words in CH. 7 this stupid game keeps trolling me, I got "My benefactor guided me" ones but the game erase that one on my next play through somewhere between CH. 6 an 7. suspended won't tricker. I have wasted a day on those 2 now. Anyone got a solution?
  8. So many can't speed anything up in Last of Us
  9. With 6 Ps3 and 6 copies it takes 4 - 5 days
  10. I is still possible 😄 got the last 74 wins I needed within 6 hours with 3 ps4's, and 3 copies of cause. I thought everything was lost last weekend 😭😭😭
  11. 👹👹👹 2K U are sons of motherless goats 🐐
  12. anyone have a solution???
  13. that was it 😀 THX a lot
  14. How do you sprint in the Mines area on PS4?? I had no problems on the Vita
  15. it means that the shorter the game is, the better the chance is for the game to register.