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  1. Shadow of the tomb raider !!!
  2. gravity rush 2 !!!
  3. oh sooo many choices but gonna go with this one FFXII Zodiac remaster
  4. Both metro games !!!
  5. Solosseum Supremo Awarded for an S-Rank Solosseum Slog clearance. Plumbing the Depths Awarded for clearing floor 40 of the Dreamer's Maze. Ruiner of Wraiths Awarded for clearing the labyrinth in Hard Mode or above. One True King (Plat) Awarded for achieving 100% completion.
  6. Fallout 4, it is way back on my backlog !!
  7. PSN: DARKHEARTRETURNS systems: ps3 and ps4 Accept blank requests: No just put psnprofiles !! I always welcome anyone who wants to play any soulsborne coop cuz i love them, so you are intimidated to start, we can coop. You can check my profile to see the kinda games i play
  8. definitely red dead redemption 2 !!!! god i am dreading starting it 😂😂
  9. I recently got uncharted the lost legacy, so now i have all 100% on both ps3 and ps4 just dont have the vita ones
  10. far cry new dawn, still have to play 5 before i go anywhere near it !!
  11. Platinum
  12. very cool list, i will take white knight chronicles
  13. i just got my kingdom hearts 3 platinum, can i be upgraded to keyblade master now
  14. probably rocket league