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  1. Gameplay Trailer
  2. The game was published by Activision. https://www.activision.com/games/white-night/whitenight/wheretobuy
  3. Purchase: Tesla vs Lovecraft The Coma Recut Lego The Hobbit Just cause 3 + Dlc
  4. For people with Bigfest platinum how quick is the online trophy?
  5. psn store is working again. thanks
  6. Any recommendations for Vault Layout??
  7. free-to-play ??
  8. Season 4 has 4 episodes. Includes access to all 4 episodes (Episode 1 available at launch, Episodes 2-4 coming soon).
  9. Save $10 on PS Plus: 12 Month Membership Regular Price $59.99 Deal:$49.99
  10. quote #2 Gray Fox: "Good! Now we can fight as warriors! Hand to hand! It is the basis of all combat! Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon! " - Metal Gear Solid
  11. quote #1 "Weiss, you dumbass! Start making sense, you rotten book, or you're gonna be sorry! Maybe I'll rip your pages out, one-by-one! Or maybe I'll put you in the goddamn furnace! How can someone with such a big, smart brain get hypnotized like a little bitch? Huh? Oh, Shadowlord! I love you, Shadowlord! Come over here and give Weiss a big sloppy kiss, Shadowlord! Now pull your head out of your goddamn ass and START FUCKING HELPING US!" - NieR
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  13. thanks
  14. $8.99 for psplus members $9.99 regular price