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  1. I know that PSN Profiles isn't the most accurate when it comes to these things, but other recent PlayStation exclusives have had a player base of around 20k during the first couple days of launch. 4.5k seems a little low. I'm curious what the sales number will end up being.
  2. RE2 and RE3 auto popped for me, but not RE7 even though I still have my saves.
  3. I got a PS3 Christmas of 2010 and was my main console until 2014 when I got a PS4. Although PS4 didn't become my main console until 2016. I'm more nostalgic for the PS4 because I had it pretty much from the start of the life cycle, where as with the PS3 I didn't own one close to the end of the life cycle.
  4. #107 Shadow Warrior Bought this when it was on sale. I never played a Shadow Warrior game before but I heard this new one was like the recent Doom games. That being said this is no where near as good as Doom. The game itself is just okay. I do wish the game had a proper PS5 version because the game as is looked really blurry. Just buy it when it's on sale.
  5. #106 Horizon Forbidden West I played this when it first came out, but I finally got around to getting the platinum. Similar to the first game I think this game is much better if you go for the platinum. I did find this game to be quicker to platinum than the first game. The first game took me around 55 hours while this took me a little over 40. Overall I really liked this game, although I thought the first game ended stronger. The final level/boss felt really anticlimactic compared to the first game, but that's just me.
  6. Yet another example of that Nvidia leak being true.
  7. I don't want to pay 70$ to find out.
  8. I'm glad I already own all three games digitally. It's more convenient that way when it comes to free upgrades.
  9. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I found the end of this game to be rather anticlimactic, especially compared to the first game. The final mission in the first game had this grand sense of scale to it as you defended one of the games main areas against an onslaught of machines. The fact that doing certain side quest had slight effects on who would join you during the final mission also added to the scale of the mission. In other words, it truly felt like you had reached the end of the game. In the Forbidden West however, the final mission is just a bunch of machines that you don't have to fight and can just avoid, followed by two bosses that aren't all that different from the rest of the bosses in the game. There is that cutscene in between with all the machines fighting each other, but it's just a cutscene. Having that part be playable would have given off a greater sense that game has coming to an end. I wonder if the game being cross gen had something to do with that. After that, the game just ends on a cliffhanger. I know the first game also had a cliffhanger, but something about that ending felt more complete. I still like the game it's just that when I finished it I was like, "Wait, that's it?"
  10. I played a demo of Ghostrunner on Switch and it was awful. I'm glad I'll be able to play a version that doesn't look and run like an N64 game.
  11. A Jak and Daxter 4 would be cool especially since Both Ratchet and Sly got sequels beyond the PS2.
  12. For me my favorite part of the game is the world design. While I don't think traversal is as good as in a game like Ghost of Tsushima, I think the game has better variety when it comes to its world design. I also really enjoy some of the side quests in the game. Usually I don't do side quest until I finish the main game, but not for this game. Least favorite part so far would have to be the cutscenes. While they look amazingly photo realistic, most of them so far are way too long. When sitting through them all I can think about is getting back into gameplay. I also agree with everyone else when it comes to the climbing. I haven't played the first game in 4 years, but I feel like the climbing hasn't been improved at all. Finally I didn't really like the final mission/final boss. It felt anticlimactic compared to the first game in my opinion.
  13. Performance
  14. After the train wreck that was PS4 version, I don't trust CD Red's ability to release a game in a playable state, even on the PS5. I wouldn't be surprised if the game still needs a number of patches. I'll have to wait and see a Digital Foundry video or something like that to see if the game actual works.
  15. I have had drift issues in the past, but not here. The camera does wobble a bit but that's normal.