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  1. Just asking out of curiosity. I played Dishonored back in 2015 but I didn't like it enough to finish it. Probably because I don't care too much about stealth games.
  2. 1. A Thief's End 2. Among Thieves 3. The Lost Legacy 4. Drake's Deception 5. Drake's Fortune
  3. For me personally I've only bought two games on PS5, Resident Evil Village and Rift Apart. The rest I've gotten for free through PS Plus or because I was able to get a free upgrade because I already owned the PS4 version of a game.
  4. #100 Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart Nine years after earning my first platinum, I've finally reached the 100 platinum milestone. As for the game itself, it's easily my favorite Ratchet game since A Crack in Time. The tech behind the game is also kind of incredible. It's one thing to watch a gameplay video on the internet, but it's entirely different playing it for yourself. I never stopped being amazed by how fast the game could load and stream in data. Like I said before, it's pretty incredible. The visuals are also amazing. I know it's cliché to say that every new Ratchet game looks like a Pixar move, after all people have been saying that ever since Tools of Destruction. But that being said, this game really does look like an animated movie most of the time. When it comes to the trophy list, I was surprised by how easy it was for a Ratchet game, and that's saying something. While I was playing, I was making sure to max out all my weapons. Not only because I wanted the most powerful weapons, but also because pretty much every other Ratchet game required you to do so if you wanted to get the platinum. Upon finishing the game I found out that there is only one weapon you need to max to earn the platinum, the rest are optional. You also don't even need to collect all the collectibles like in the pervious game. That being said I still think this is a great game and easily one of if not the best game currently on PS5.
  5. I can barely tell a difference in resolution on my 4K TV, so Performance RT is the way for me.
  6. #96 Resident Evil Village Definitely one of my favorite Resident Evil games, especially when it comes to speed running. Overall the platinum is challenging but not too difficult. The biggest hurdle for me was getting an S rank on all of the mercenaries levels. In fact I nearly quit going for the platinum when I realized that there were harder versions of each level that you also had to S rank. However, I eventually was able to get an S rank on every level and was definitely rewarding.
  7. I know a lot of people are comparing this game to RE4 and for good reason. But I also noticed that the first few hours of this game also felt very similar to RE7. For example, in both games at the end of the prologue Ethan is knocked out and dragged to a different location where you are introduced to the characters that you will have to deal with later on. Another thing I noticed that after the prologue in RE7 you're stuck inside the Baker's house and need to explore to collect keys to unlock the front door. While this is happening you're also being hunted down by Jack. In Village, shortly after the prologue you're tapped inside a castle and need to find a series of keys to unlock the front door. While this is happening Lady Dimitrescu is hunting you down just like Jack in RE7. It is also during the castle section where Ethan looses a hand, kind of like he did in RE7. Finally, both Jack and Lady Dimitrescu turn into mutated monsters, although for Jack this happens much later. That is just what I noticed. Did anyone else noticed similarities to RE7?
  8. $70 Still seems too steep for me. I'll just wait for a price drop.
  9. I noticed that there aren't a lot of reviews of this game and I'm curious what peoples impressions are so far. So far I'm enjoying the game, and this is coming from a guy who never finished New n Tasty. Although there are a few spots where the game can be extremely frustrating.
  10. Red Dead 2, unless you have a lot of time on your hands.
  11. I literally just started playing Days Gone on PS5 thanks to the PS Plus Collection lol.
  12. #92 Maneater Was finally able to try this game out after being on my PS Plus library for a couple months. Overall it's a fun platinum that ends right before things start to get too repetitive. It's also kind of funny too.
  13. Resident Evil 3.
  14. I have a bunch of PS5 games that I can platinum, but I'm not sure where to start. I could platinum some PS Plus games like Bugsnax or Maneater. Or I could go back and platinum a game I already did on PS4 like Miles Morales or Control. There are also game on the PS Plus collection like Days Gone. Honestly if it wasn't for the fact that Resident Evil Village was coming out in May, I'm not sure I would buy another game for most of the year.