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  1. Cyberpunk 2077.
  2. I wouldn't bother with Kingdom Hearts 3 tbh.
  3. #90 Concrete Genie Decided to give this game a try since it's free on Plus this month. Overall I enjoyed the game. One of the first things that stood out when I first started playing was the amazing looking art style. I also liked the gameplay, up until the game started to introduce combat elements towards the end. I also noticed so weird framerate issues on base PS4. But yeah overall like I said before I enjoyed the game.
  4. top games 1. FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE 88 hours 2. BATMAN RETURN TO ARKHAM - ARKHAM CITY 55 hours 3. DOOM ETERNAL 48 hours Kind of of surprised about Number's 2 and 3. I thought Ghost of Tsushima would be somewhere on the list. Number of games played 50 Total hours played 875 with 424 of them being action adventure games. (Thanks Covid) Trophies Earned 1370 (A new personal best) Platinum 22 Gold 88 Silver 274 Bronze 986 PS Plus games downloaded 14 Kind of wish that you could go back to pervious years and compare, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  5. MW2 on PS3, although it kind of looks like you're already in the process doing that.
  6. #89 Resident Evil 3 Really enjoyed this game. While I don't think it's as good as RE2 Remake or even RE7, I still think it's worth playing. I also found it cathartic playing though the game on the highest difficulties with an infinite rocket launcher. However, by the time I started my Inferno playthrough (which was my 5th playthrough) I was definitely ready to be done with the game. The only real issue with the game is that it's really short. However, since I bought this game when it was on sale for $20 it wasn't much of an issue for me.
  7. Miles Morales.
  8. Saw it on HBO Max a couple of days ago. Would of preferred to have seen it in the theater but I didn't want to risk getting Covid for a movie I heard wasn't that good. Overall I liked the movie, but it's nowhere near as good as the first one.
  9. For me my first trophy of the year was Cal Got Your Tongue? Slice an oggdo's tongue And my last was Survivor Complete the game on "Standard" or higher. Seems appropriate for 2020.
  10. So I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask for help for this but might as well try. So I just got a pair of the Pulse 3D headset. I've had it for less than an hour and already I'm having issues. Right now sound is only coming out of the left side and not the right. Has anyone else run into this and know how to fix this that doesn't involve returning it? EDIT It looks like I was able to fix the issue by messing around with the headphone jack.
  11. Kind of surprised that Shadow of the Tomb Raider is on here because it's currently on sale right now through most of January.
  12. With 2021 being only a few days away, I wonder what kind of personal predictions you all have for trophy hunting in the new year. Here's what I have. 1. I will reach the 100 platinum milestone. As of right now I have a total of 88 platinum's (maybe 89 before New Years day). Due to how chaotic this year was I had more time on my hands to play a lot of different games and ended up earning over 20 platinum trophies. I'm not sure if I'll be able to top that for next year, but I am confident that I'll be able to earn enough platinum's to reach the 100 milestone. 2. I will reach the 8000 trophy milestone On average I think I earn around 800 trophies a year. This year was different because reasons I already touched on. I managed to earn a little of 1300 trophies this year. Similar to my last prediction, while I don't think I'll be able to surpass this for next year, I do think I'll be able to earn enough to reach a total of 8000 trophies. 3. I'll earn a platinum in at least one PS Plus game. Pretty self explanatory. This doesn't really happen often, in fact this year the only games on PS Plus that I was able to platinum was The Nathan Drake Collection and MW2 Remastered. However, it appears that PS Plus will have three games a month instead of the usual two. I'm not sure if that will make a difference but we will see. 4. I'll platinum at least one first party game releasing in 2021 For this the games that I think that I'll be able to platinum are Horizon Forbidden West (if it actually comes out in 2021) and probably the new Ratchet game if I decide to buy it, which I probably will. This also suggest that I will also be able to get a PS5 next year. I might be able to platinum more first party games next year, but those are the two that come to mind. Those are my predictions, what are yours?
  13. For me personally it was FF7 Remake. I really liked all the crazy fan theories that sprung up after release. I won't go into too much detail for those who have yet to play it, but I remember reading this one theory that Aerith was a time traveler because she opens her eyes in the during the opening. Not even joking.
  14. Not everyone has the luxury to be playing this on a PS5/Series X or a high-end PC. People shouldn't be sold a full price broken game and then have to wait months for the game to actually run properly on their PS4s or XONEs via patches. Not to mention CDPR deliberately hid footage of the game running on the base consoles because they knew the game wasn't ready.
  15. I guess those type of games would slowly fade away and become a thing of the past.