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  1. I'd like to know, too
  2. Not sure what happened there, probably a typo in the database.
  3. Both, I could never decide between Skyrim and Lost Odyssey, Final Fantasy VII and Baldur's Gate 2, Last Rebellion and Arcania A Complete Tale
  4. Haha gratz I struggle to get it to 100% ... so unbelievably boring ..
  5. Welcome to the leaderboard You are both added and a special welcome for the first member from France. You guys really stick with your kind, don't you?
  6. I recently started to play all those great non rpgs waiting on my hd/in my shelf like The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, XCom, ICO ... way more fun than playing average rpgs just to progress in the leaderboard @SonicChaos: You should have at least 5 platinums to be added to the leaderboard ...
  7. @tw34kfr34ky: will add you tomorrow
  8. Sorry, I guess a typo in the database, will correct it as soon as I'm home tomorrow.
  9. Congratz, will update it soon
  10. Anyone played Terraria yet? Do you think it should be added to the RPG leaderboard?
  11. Look at my website (www.ichab.de), Xillia is about to get released in the west in August, Xillia 2 is confirmed, too, but no release date yet. Hearts R and Innocence R won't come to the west until the Vita is more popular. For example Disgaea is a hybrid, too. You just play some maps with story and the rest of the time you fight through random worlds looking for items but noone would refuse to say it should be counted as RPG What about the Atelier series? Nothing for you @Roughdawg4? Totori and Ayesha were much better than Rorona imho.
  12. I grew up with games lika Lands of Lore, Wizardry etc. (of course I played Mystic Quest, Secret of Evermore, Zelda, Final Fantasy, too) and more important with pen&paper role playing games where you play one character, project your thoughts on them. I think games like Skyrim and Fallout are the prototypes of a roleplaying game. Whether you got 1st person, 3rd person, isometrical ore 2D view, it doesn't matter.
  13. Great, so many new entries in one day and greets to the USA, to Portugal and Finland :-) And a new face in the top5 ... my jaw dropped when I saw your psn level holy shit ... ABOUT the classification of RPGs ... it's great to have a fertile discussion here and it will be hard to be all things to all men but there have been already some interesting point of views :-)
  14. Great ... first day and 3 new members @Dr_Mayus: There are so many opinions about what feels like RPG and what not ... I have to draw the line at some point .. imho Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead are like "point'n'click adventures 2.0", the descendants of Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and Maniac Mansion. As you already said, ROLEPLAYING games let you play a role. That means you can choose the way you play. I think there are two basic approaches ... rpgs where you can choose how to play your character and rpgs where you can choose how to play the story and ideally both. So stats,skills, appearance etc. can be rpg elements but being able to make decisions and change the story and the environment (like in Dragon Age or Mass Effect) can be rpg elements, too. I fear my ability to express my thoughts in English are limited, hope you get my point
  15. Welcome, first member from this psnprofiles in the leaderboard :-) About Darksiders: I guess there will be similar discussions here as they were in the other forums... ;-) Some games are hard to classify. Do they have enough rpg elements or not? Terraria, Rage, Far Cry 3 and Darksiders for example were proposed and refused because the focus lie on other genre specific elements like action or adventure games. Darksiders 2 got more RPG elements than Darksiders and was considered as a hybrid between adventure and RPG ... as Dungeon Defenders is a hybrid between RPG and tower defense. There are people that would delete Borderlands and Dead Island from the list, others want to add 3D Dot Game Heroes and Terraria. The tendency is that people want to add those doubtful games that they got platin at and delete those they don't like *g*