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  1. How about autopop trophies from ps5 to ps4?
  2. I can confirm that I unlocked “tacos” in versus mode 1p vs 2p, and not working it in All Star Battle mode or online 🤷‍♂️
  3. I already used every essence but no trophy 😞
  4. New update for Avengers, patch 1.14 and they fixed Information Overload trophy.
  5. Black Rook Shooter, What do you mean!? and Odds & Ends
  6. i want DLC for Merged Zamasu, Black Goku SSR, SSB Vegetto, Baby Vegeta, or new missions based on future trunks arc (DBS)
  7. Final Fantasy XV UCE and Pokemon Moon
  8. finally!!!!!! I did it!!!!!! fu**** challenge!!!!!! But, anyways, thanks for your tips and video!!!!
  9. Very very frustrating challenge. 7 hours later and I can't do it. Timing here sucks!
  10. 7 hours!?? i made it after 2 days straight -.-
  11. how can i perform a Phantom Delude in challenge 1 (advanced)?
  12. good luck with final mission (challenge 13)
  13. so, i need to start a new game again? or create a new character? because i'm a saiyan....