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  1. mine was 7 so had plenty of time to decide to return it played for 3 days and send it back and changed for a better game haha
  2. that guy should just buy and refund it back unless your area dont do refund. I did that with wolfenstein 2 play it on easy on the other account and returned it back, got my money back and in the end nobody lost anything :D.
  3. I'll put this out there (not mine and haven't signed). this is the most funniest petition i have ever encountered
  4. This is deep to be honest its about time easy games with plats have appeared (easy games can clear your mind of things to even after playing a hard game). the Elitist and gatekeeping are only complaining about it cause their worried about their scoreboard and profile to show off saying how they are on top and telling people to git gud (like anyone has the time to acknowledge or care for what they have).
  5. I find it funny how people would attack a game cause its easy but yet people are being told off if a game is too hard like "git gud". Fact is noone cares if you have an easy list or hard list or how high you are in the scoreboard (never was interested in the scoreboard even before easy games arrive). I remember a couple of people who are defending hard games say things like to play other games if its too hard but in the end they did but now there getting shamed. The point is if they enjoy collecting or just want another easy plat for relaxation from a hard game go for it no need to shame games or anyone from this.
  6. Ive read the whole thread while getting the plat lol
  7. I agree with this like who gives a crap about the scoreboard or what they put on their profile.
  8. 2021: I sit at home and play videogames. read all the thread while im playiing
  9. You can actually get spiderman miles morales in ps4
  10. i first thought it was gonna be a nightmare but its actually easy even to the point it gets addictive
  11. as long as their not adding anymore trophies then they can change however they like haha
  12. Im glad that there is no more raids as im already keep having a hard time to keep balance with things. This is the third game that had me needing communications that involved coordination and communication. The other difficulty i had with coordination are destiny 2 and Uncharted 3 for me.
  13. Id like to thank the 2nd group who manage to help me out from chapter 2 and 3 and have the patience to help me out. Personally was not a fan of the raid esp the issue with time difference work and outside life. In the future i hope there's no more raids coming up that makes it long and grindy and difficult Note its true that it becomes easier if people know what to do or see guide as it would really.reduce down the hours drastically