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  1. BFV is still alive last i check
  2. Ill get it when its pre-owned so the company doesnt get it (only doing that after hearing naughty dogs taking advice from anita sarkeesian)
  3. Your ones show only bronwyn got arrested but mine i end up having bronwyn and lexi arrested what do i do?
  4. 18.00 took me 9 hours the next one if it has like this again im not gonna bother
  6. yes you can still get the plat
  7. any got a reply "server not responding. Please try again later.
  8. Have they announce the date when its gonna shut down?
  9. its weird cause i only did stage 1 (twice) 2 3 5 and 6 (4 was my last due to the difficulty)
  10. does this have to be on normal mode ? Never mind: easy mode only gives you 3 stages so it has to be on normal
  11. buying multiple games thinking ill finish it all
  12. Ive done stage 4 but im now struggling stage 3 dont know what im doing wrong
  13. GTA IV- Online Trophies Uncharted 3- Online DLC Trophies God of War Ascension- Hard Mode trophy
  14. is the only difference between cool rating and good is that you cant see the screen what to tap when on cool mode?