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  1. South Park: The Stick of Truth
  2. dont forget good players (overseer and Triumvirate)
  3. well at least 1 least that long lol Uncharted 2 - 2009 Uncharted 3 - 2011 The Last of us - 2013
  4. Max payne 3 even if i were to finish the online that permadeath would never motivated me
  5. Its not in your list so stick to the ps4 and avoid torturing yourself. Unless you enjoy spending alot on consoles and games ,getting good players to help out with coop (may be out of luck due to time difference and most have finished by now) and enjoy feeling the frustration ( luck based takes forever) then you would be out of luck as technically this month is now the finishing phase.
  6. gemini: Heores Reborn. (sadly not available outside america)
  7. its luck no matter where you get it from but stick to HA
  8. If your planning to do this in a month look at your family your life one last time other wise no point in torturing yourself . It's gonna be tough for competitive due to majority having finished by now from june. (connections is also as bad even if you find people ) so if you chose to continue you need to make sure you have a group that stick or if you have multiple consoles (i had one extra just for the treasure). Coop is another one as a painful moment as for one trophy the Overseer will break you unless you have people knowing what there doing without being reckless (i had a hard time looking for a group due to time difference only by luck i found one person whos pretty flexible with time). Now the collector and horder trophy would be annoying esp its luck based combined with grinding the same area over and over. Note: Most people would say its doable but they started from june where players are still active for anything at the time so if you still intend to start from scratch i wish the best of luck (most of them are now either aiming overseer or treasures)
  9. yeah trying that now but does it have to be in score attack or can it be in normal mode
  10. can anyone confirm if the killing is accumulative if your to die or not or do you have to finish the game level for it to count
  11. people can try from scratch in a month but in the end it will be a pain as it gets tight let alone the people needing help is decreasing over time if you choose to do so go ahead but you been warned esp attempting the luck base treasure as you can either be lucky from just a week to months. Note: Those who encourage and says its doable from scratch at this rate have done it during the early times when many players are active and have time difference almost similar
  12. Grand Theft Auto IV- People must be boosters other wise people will back out that cost your wins, Game sometimes freezes that may miscalculate and glitch AWP trophy Uncharted 3- Dependent on heavily on players from 6- 10 players on competitive, need skilled players for Coop and a long grind on treasures Max Payne 3 (incomplete) - Permadeath which is likley costing your chances on getting the platinum, Servers are terrible to get in making online trophies impossible let alone randoms are burtal in that game Destiny 2 (incomplete)- Devs rechange the trophies to some extent making it very difficult to platinum the game such as prestiege difficulty Metal Gear Solid 4 (Incomplete) - must play the game 8 times mostly for one trophy Call of Duty Ghost- heavily relies on good players Call of Duty Advanced warfare - Heavily relies on players Need for Speed hot pursuit (incomplete) - relies on perfect skills and timing when driving esp ones requiring more than one
  13. I dont like the trophy mein leben but i wanted the game i wont make a mistake twice of putting another game with permadeath trophy so i put it in my alt and played just for the story then return it back and got my money back no dramas no loss lol but this game ill def put it in my list as long as theres no mein leben difficulty
  14. thats usually i would suggest where none of the permadeath linking just only suggesting the dlc one cause incase there whingers like batman arkham knight