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  1. Here's the seal I was after dregen - short but two requires luck base (obtained) wayferer - most are easy just a lot of grinding on weapons prophecy and escolation levels and finding the time to attemp heroic adventures at flashpoint an ( critical on obtaining if u just started) chronicle- not as grindy as wayfere but 3 lores maybe vaulted. the hard part is marsenna and truth of power cause of the egg destroy with wish ender. And waiting 3 weeks which can take u six months to a year
  2. I dont believe its white washed at all its more like him coming a deeper understanding of things necessary like how to save his people without anymore casualty its like the anime naruto they have a code where mission is priority which means if a ninja has been taken or injured they should be left behind but one ninja in particular realise how wrong it is to leave your fellow comrades behind for the sake of the mission, that is smiliar where jin wanted to prevent any casuals from being killed unnecessarily. Its more like the game comes to the point of morals and ethics where you either follow the code or believe what is right
  3. any game suggestion that should be plattedfor 225

    1. Copanele


      If you want a quick easy one, go for Under Night In Birth. 

      If you wish a memorable yet painful milestone, Mortal Kombat is right there waiting for you xD

    2. maurjen


      thanks ill try my chance with under night haha

  4. the trophy is glitched it took me 35 to get the trophy
  5. i hope online trophies are either easy or non existent
  6. i agree i thought it was an actual real review but as when i read down its one of those people who wanted to defend last of us 2 thats actually accurate just some shit stirring cause the game got better praise than last of us part 2
  7. Borderlands 1 - too grindy
  8. I know how you feel when wanting to create a new account cause i too wanted to do 100% but majority of the times i barely have time like looking for stable work, social life, family errands etc. I was conflicted on whether to start a new account but things lead me to decide and stay many times and here are my reasons - Games once platted or 100% wont be obtainable any more - More time wasted redoing the games again (especially on ps3) when you can move forward to playing - Itll be a pain to find new boosters esp on time difference - having a new account would just feel like you wasted money, time and progresss to doing some trophies (esp online ) - some games are platted already depsite not 100% and at least the plat is better to obtain - new account can start something new but not your age in conclusion its up to you really esp on your account you have for years (if you only have a few games that would be okay to change) but for me i stay cause i already have many games that i would never dare redo or its impossible
  9. haha you did what i suggested you to do
  10. i would consider myself as a platinum hunter since most of the time i dont have time to 100%
  11. Destiny 2 Uncharted Lost Legacy
  12. lol all good its just an alternative. I know how you feel Assassins creed GTA and Uncharteds are my pride and join and no way i wanna redo do them again especially uncharted 3 where online is shut down
  13. well based on your list most are usually offline so it can be grindy with some of the games you play but possible to have all back without dante's inferno 17 games is not much to compare to people who usually have like 100 to 200 games played
  14. at least you only have 17 games and can just make a new account.. i wish i can do the same for mine. as of now according to the thread i can see that ea wont confirm that they close the server or not they just closed the thread it seems