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  1. Hi Has anyone stumbled into this cause i was in a match and all the security are above 85% but yet hasnt popped anyone ideas what went wrong?
  2. Any games that has Permadeath and Big grindy Multiplayer
  3. Bioshock infinite is still safe
  4. when this shuts down wait till people start panicking about ps4 (they are already in the process of shutting things down)
  5. Itll be okay to shutdown ps3 if ps5 can handle ps3 games to be honest otherwise sony is pulling a dick move
  6. I bought all the dlc of most my games except for the 4 call of duty games (Black Ops 1 World at War ,ghost,Advance warfare) Battlefield bad Company 2 and Naughty Bear (delisted) not sure if its worth getting any since the price are still high priced
  7. here is some useful advice incase this ever come true - if you haven't got it in your list yet don't bother with the game (unless your only aiming for the platinum) - if the game has already a remaster, remake or one ported for the ps4 get those instead esp it can come cheaper still
  8. whats also scary is when you type about it on google its showing news about it.
  9. littlebigplanet
  10. i will admit some of my wording is wrong like when i mean where it all came from, i was suppose to say how it started to rise and the word should never existed part was suppose to say never been used that often until 2020 for political reason. My apologise for those parts should of expand it more but the meaning still stand
  11. yeah it only rises now cause of the sjw people as its no longer involving religion
  12. it was created but barely been used until between 2019-2020
  13. Dont forget get rid of the word bigot cause we all know where it came from (that word was never used till either trump era or 2020 which unless trump was president or SJW existed then that word should never had existed) and the sex scene should be censored or never to have existed ( why was japanese games censored but ones in america approved)
  14. this comment is worth agreeing on and pretty smart and accurate where its doesnt seem one sided