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  1. the worst ones are the modes requiring 10 people to be honest having it without online was the smartest thing they did. they should of done that version instead
  2. Worst multiplayer has to be Uncharted 3 if your aiming for 100%
  3. Does anyone know a way to find out if you had killed an informant or flipped them
  4. ah okay thanks just while i was looking for answers most keep choosing turn into a vampire even done by powerpyx and trophy guide roadmap but someone mentioned that if you turn him into a vampire you may lose some citizens and would be locked from the quest
  5. same question as above cause i want to see if there are any real consequence such as - will these affect any collectible - will these affect any trophies (Particularly the one involving the Dragonbane sword and/or not even once)
  6. I play both PS3 and PS4 but to be honest the only time it becomes a chore if it involves online
  7. Far Cry 2- The server glitch Max Payne 3- Permadeath Destiny 2- Leviathan Raid Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City- S Ranks Need for Speed Hot pursuit- Perfecting the drift Yakuza 3- Minigames Metal Gear Solid 4- Multiple playthroughs and missables
  8. i got this trophy unlock after the part of presenting the small bottle
  9. in act one anyone know how to unlock the trunk cause im not sure if its bugged cause ive been playing for hours and couldnt get it to open the gold key took awhile but this one aint working for some odd reason
  10. thank god i finsihed that thank god i finsihed that
  11. wasnt these games already shutdown last year depends on the country like australia has there still
  12. man this game was a nightmare to finish after ac brotherhood