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  1. thank god i finsihed that thank god i finsihed that
  2. wasnt these games already shutdown last year depends on the country like australia has there still
  3. man this game was a nightmare to finish after ac brotherhood
  4. Gone Home Town of light Squareboy v Bullies Her Majesty Spiffing Little Adventure on the Prairie
  6. Last of us Watch dogs 1 AC III AC IV and Far Cry 3
  7. as long as there's no plans for multiplayer
  8. Hope the obsession trophy is not a hard-on game of permadeath if it is ill just use my alt
  9. This is bullshit people already moved on to ps4 why the hassle on the old gen
  10. Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City- requires luck and online grind Need for speed pursuit- too used to how need for speed gotten easier than how it was that requires time and perfection Uncharted 2 and 3 (ps3)- Too many online grind and player dependent Naughty bear- Dlc not available in australia Far cry 2- servers are screwy and can online grind Batman arkham assylum- Combos are a real pain Batman Akrham city- Combos are a real pain Call of Duty Ghost- Too much player dependency Call of Duty Advance Warefare- grindy online dlc Destiny (PS4) - Too much player dependent and grindy Destiny 2- too much player dependent, luck required, pressure, grind, consume most space Littlebig planet 2- player dependent Wolfenstein 2- (got refunded) contains a permadeath that put me off to bother to put it in my main Max Payne 3- Permadeath is more of a put off than the main online along with grindy online dlc
  11. Im def getting this game helps blow off steam than those nutcase permadeath
  12. Resident Evil Revelation 1
  13. Way better than games like Wolfenstein II at least
  14. Destiny 2 being free is bullshit makes the people who bought it first to be gutted as they technically paid double than the people who got it late
  15. hahahaha "Bunshit" now thats classic