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  1. Will it be released for ps4? I´m thinking to buy Afterbirth or waiting to A+
  2. I Made this trophy twice going to the church and the trophy doesnt pop any suggestion?
  3. My map is completely gold except the last room which requires the 64 cubes I did the QR anti cube too
  4. Please i have been playing this game for many hours and now i can get the 32 anticube this is so annoying Some suggestions? I´ve been reading in forums, anything works. I get the anti-cube trophy in ps3, and now in ps4 it doesn´t works and I don´t remember if I have done it, but it doesn´t works.
  5. Hi there, I played a couple times with 2 controllers and the trophy doesn´t pop. What´s the problem? Please I need some replies before server closing.
  6. Far cry 4
  7. i have a problem why trophies dont pop when i use confett1 seed? (1.00 ver)