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  1. I didn´t get the trophy on my first run so i tried playing a new game and the trophy still not popping I don´t know why
  2. The ps5 upgrade is free or do I have to pay like in cold war?
  3. Does anyone knows if you can play the game on ps5 with the ps4 disc? If yes, is there cross save/platinum?
  4. Does anyone knows if this game has cross save in order to get 2 platinums?
  5. Is it possible to find this vehicle after finishing the game?
  6. Does anyone knows if this game has cross save with the ps4 version?
  7. If u buy the ps4 version you get this free?
  8. I´ve been trying to do the latest glitch i´ve found but even if both controllers have their joysticks moving it kicks me out of the game. Any solution?
  9. I already completed act 2 and I didnt get the trophy, what should i do? Edit: Nevermind i figured it out
  10. I unlocked naruto hokage but i didnt get the title. Any solution? Edit: I had to talk with the frogs and the title popped.
  11. I´m revisiting the church and when i arrive the crime scene the cutscene doesn´t start and I can´t continue... Anyone knows what to do? Edit: I just went over the church door and die and then the cutscene started
  12. I´ve already open more than 3 chest and the trophy doesn´t pop, what should I do?
  13. I´ve completed all 20 characters stories and didn´t get the trophy. Anyone knows what´s happening?º I did complete even those 2 extra chapters of raphael and zalasmael
  14. Hi, same for me here, how did you solved that? PD: He visto que eres español, y que conseguiste el trofeo al final. Que hiciste?
  15. Will it be released for ps4? I´m thinking to buy Afterbirth or waiting to A+