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  1. All of those also run at 60 fps, a much better performance than their original versions, so it seems like frame rate also matters...
  2. Eh... a good game at 60 fps is just gonna be an all around smoother experience than when it's played at 30 - see also all the 30 fps PS4 games that run at 60 on PS5. OOT is a great game, not gonna argue that, but there's no denying it's a more pleasant experience to play it at smooth 60 fps than choppy 20-30 (thank god for PC emulation). 60 fps is just a direct upgrade over 30 without any drawbacks, so I don't see how it wouldn't automatically make the gaming experience better. It's just like having faster loads, prettier graphics and so on. Can I live without it? Yes, but it absolutely improves the game.
  3. A lot of "best games ever" also don't look "amazing" anymore (if they even were considered technical marvels back in the day), so the graphical fidelity also doesn't matter. Surprisingly, what makes a good game is the actual gameplay and content, not graphics and frame rate. I wouldn't boycott a game just because it runs 30 fps, hell, most of my favourites struggle to even maintain 30. But there's no denying playing a game at higher frame rates is a different experience, just like with 4k vs 1080p but from a bit different angle.
  4. If the game doesn't tie logic to frame rate, then there absolutely should always be an option to unlock the frame rate. This easily future-proofs the games for when they can be played on a more powerful hardware. For some reason the developers refuse to use this option, so there should at least be some sort of a performance mode which downgrades the resolution to 1440/1080p while unlocking the frame rate. This way you please both crowds for not much added work. For people claiming they don't see a difference between 30 and 60 fps - not only does 30 fps look less smooth but is also less responsive to player input (more input delay).
  5. No more heroes I don't see a reason to not get NMH3 on PS5. The resolution and framerate will be much better.
  6. I've used this technique for mashing face buttons since forever and it never failed me.
  7. "Coming soon" according to a recent tweet.
  8. I mean, as a person who has been playing fighting games semi-competetively for about 6 years now, the trials were pretty easy, only a few required more than a couple of tries. However, if you only play fighters casually and/or your execution isn't that good, you will struggle on quite a few of them. Imo Marie 300% is harder solely because it's more luck dependant than skill. Once you know the strategy against each phase you just kinda have to get a bit lucky, but that also shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to beat. As with a lot of fighting game platinums, the difficulty very much depends on your experience with the genre.
  9. This is actually not true. Telltale game always had poor performance on both PS3 and PS4. On PS4 they run at 60 fps with frequent noticable dips to as low as below 20 during some scene/camera changes or when big effects happen. I recently played Batman and The wolf among us on PS5 and there would still be a few noticable dips. Not as many as on PS4 but they were still present. Their engine was a mess which they never bothered to fix.
  10. Yes and yes.
  11. Pretty sure there are other issues than just dumb looking AI upscaled models, so your comparison is invalid.
  12. The coins are random, you can't really affect the drop rate of specific coins. The only thing you can do is get 700+ beat so you get 5 or 6 (can't exactly remember) coins at the win screen. What those "drop rate increase" coin combinations do is increase the drop rate of coins with more ☆, not the actual drop rate of rare coins. What I did was just equip coins to boost my super meter and damage and just speedrun through chapter 11. Sometimes I would get numerous missing coins in a run, sometimes I wouldn't get any for a few hours. Just listen to a podcast or something and don't feel bad if a specific coin doesn't drop. I dropped this game a few years ago when I was missing ~30 coins. Picked it back up recently and was able to obtain those coins in ~15 hours by just farming chapter 11 and then I spent another few hours farming kills. My platinum playtime was 51 hours, so I guess I got lucky.
  13. Just keep repeating Chapter 11, it will come up eventually. Remember which cutscenes you can afford to skip while still getting 750+ and then each run should only take around 2.5 minutes.
  14. Should be something in here
  15. It is possible as these games are not that long and you can glitch the game to use tweaks on brutal to make the experience a bit more bearable.