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  1. Click your profile picture in the top-right corner (on the main page, not forums) and choose "Update profile".
  2. Shows Ā£3.99 for me.
  3. Apparently it's a buffer overflow bug gone horribly wrong.
  4. The guide points to the PS5 version but you are playing the PS4 version.
  5. I found the Raiden strat unreliable - the combo is very slow to come out so you'll be getting hit out of it a lot and so is his xray. A lot of time the AI was able to block the xray even though Raiden has armored their attack. From my experience, the boss AI is very aggressive, so my avice is to use Liu Kang (Flame Fist) and parry their attacks. A successful parry does 2 hits regardless of their shield. Once you have 3 bars (you'll probably need to get hit for it as parry builds bars slowly) hit them with his xray for additional 15 hits.
  6. Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but BO4 doesn't have a traditional campaign. Instead it has a 2-hour long tutorial, with a few cutscenes, for the BR multiplayer mode.
  7. VF5US has a trailer now so you can add it to the 1st post.
  8. I don't see why not considering VF5FS was on PS+ the same month it released.
  9. Nice, finally a fighting game. Hopefully this release of VF5 has a playable rollback netcode.
  10. You can one-cycle almost every encounter when you know what you are doing. Easy and much faster, considering you don't have to go through loading screens and dialogue options after each fight.
  11. At this point i don't believe we'll get these price drops in EU. We got the short end of the stick again :/
  12. VF2

    Pick Jeffry and do P+K+G (flying butt attack). Not much else to it.
  13. Sorry to be a nitpicker but Arcana Heart is developed by Examu, Chaos Code by FK Digital, Under Night games by French Bread and Kill la Kill by A+. ASW just published those games. Otherwise good luck with the completionšŸ™ I fell in love with fighting games thanks to the older ASW games. I still respect the company, even though I don't like their recent output