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  1. Thanks for the warning! Yeah, this game can be pretty easy if you seek cover and heal frequently.
  2. Awesome! Did not know that. 😀
  3. There's a new 8 player online multiplayer mode that's an absolute blast, too.
  4. Just in case you're not sure - What Is a Gameplay Video? 🤔 Pretty fun game so far! Much improved from Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, in my opinion. 🤓
  5. Surprise! Atari Flashback Classics just came out this morning. It features 150 games, PlayStation TV support, and is surprisingly inexpensive. You can read my Atari Flashback Classics Review for more info. Although I reviewed the Switch version, the Vita version is nearly identical. Also, here's a tough trivia quiz for any fellow Atari nerds like myself:
  6. Haha, no it's just a sample picture. I didn't actually take it because I don't want to skew the answer statistics.
  7. Hi. I just made a trivia quiz for the Spyro series. Give it a try and post what score you got! 😺
  8. Yes, I'm a bit worried about Bloodstained as well although I'm very happy that they recently delayed it in order to make it an even more enjoyable game. I wish more devs would do that!
  9. I just published my Castlevania Requiem Review over at Video Chums and although the port definitely isn't top-notch, you can't deny that the games featured here are a couple of the greatest games ever created. I sincerely hope that Konami releases an update that irons out all of the performance issues and glitches because these games deserve nothing but the best.
  10. Actually, you can see this data in the pause menu which is much more convenient! Great to hear! Here it is: https://videochums.com/review/astro-bot-rescue-mission Some are incredibly difficult to find. For example, you have to throw a ball at a plane that flies by in order to rescue one super-hidden bot.
  11. This game is incredible! I just finished it so look out for my review tomorrow morning.
  12. If you're finding Everspace to be too difficult then you can unlock a super-secret Ancient Weapon that makes the game much, much easier. We published an article here that details how to unlock it and it also includes some tips for using it, too: Everspace Ancient Weapon Guide Good luck out there! 🎮😺
  13. Hi. I just made a Dark Souls quiz so test how much you know about the game then post what score you got: https://videochums.com/trivia/dark-souls-1
  14. Alex over at our site wrote a handy guide with a load of tips for how to survive and defeat a lot of the enemies. This can be a brutally tough game so if you're struggling then be sure to give it a read: City of Brass Survival Guide
  15. I think the trophies look super-tough and time consuming but the amount of content in this edition is superb so if you haven't played the original game yet then getting this will be well worth your money. To help, I just put up a step-by-step Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Walkthrough that you can use so you don't get lost while playing through the main mode. It's definitely one of those games where you can easily wander around aimlessly at parts without knowing what to do next so I hope my guide helps! 😄