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  1. Thanks! I found that after playing a bit more, controlling the camera isn't that crucial but it does become a little annoying from time to time.
  2. Is there any way to control the camera while playing? The only method I can figure out is holding square to go into that starting room where you can rotate it and stuff then go back into the game. Also, I don't get what tapping square does. It seems to just warp you around randomly. If someone can help me out then it would be much appreciated. Edit: By camera, I mean the default position. I know you can move your head around but I'm curious if you can change the default camera position. I ask because the PS Move controllers keep messing up at certain angles.
  3. I just got a few (finally) although they aren't the easiest ones apparently...
  4. I'm having fun so far but haven't unlocked a single trophy. Been playing for hours and still nothing. I don't get it. Anyone know how to get any trophies?
  5. YES! I just beat the fourth world then came back to the game later and was way back to beginning of the second world again. Screw that noise.
  6. For those still looking for Parsee Mizuhashi, this will help (thanks to Warpedsavior):
  7. I'm stumped on the Snap Archive as well and have no idea where Parsee Mizuhashi is hiding. However, these people found her somehow: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/5820-touhou-double-focus/32-eyes-of-jealousy
  8. Hi. I figured I'd post a link to this guide that I made in case anyone here needs help getting 100% of the map and items: Touhou Double Focus Guide Hope it helps!
  9. Oh, I didn't mean it like that. I meant like most other stories are about things like keeping your atelier open, etc. That can be considered insignificant compared to Firis' journey to prove herself and finally leave her dusty old village. I understand that many fans prefer the time limit but I find that they get in the way especially in Firis where you may have to start the whole game all over again. I guess it all depends on your personal preference. As for your question about if warping takes time, I'm not entirely sure. If it does then it's insignificant enough to not notice.
  10. Don't think so because the game goes on forever after you pass the alchemy exam. However, if you don't take the exam within a year of starting then you have to start all over again.
  11. Having recently reviewed Shallie Plus and Sophie, Firis is definitely a big surprise. Its open-world approach enhances its naturally addictive gameplay while it also makes the game world slightly less endearing. A couple of downsides are that it features repetitive caves and plenty of NPC clones (creepy!) However, the new approach to the series is undeniably great and a step in the right direction. So, here's hoping they iron out some of the wrinkles before the 3rd Mysterious game arrives. 8.5 out of 10 [Read my full Atelier Firis review for more of my thoughts] Have you played Firis yet? What do you think of it so far?
  12. It has tight gameplay but you only race in the desert which gets pretty boring. I wrote a full review here in case anyone's interested: https://videochums.com/review/mantis-burn-racing
  13. That's one of the creepiest games I've ever seen. Maybe the point is to escape the room. In that case, I'd check it out.
  14. We already have 3 so maybe that'll come out eventually
  15. I never heard of that! Gotta check it out...