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  1. I had all kinds of glitches with that game. DLC was even worse for me. I never had cut scene keep looping. Maybe restarting the game. Or if it comes down to it reinstalling the game. If I remember correctly the cutscenes are unskippable. I could be wrong. Hope you can get past it.
  2. I actually charge mine through a wall outlet next to where I sit. Use it also for my headset. Have never had an issue with doing it like that.
  3. I never tried it by walking over to it. I use camera mode a lot for switches and coupling/uncoupling. Happy to know this helped someone with this trophy.
  4. I didn't think this would work but it did. I started up the New York Switcher scenario and grabbed all the freight cars and put them together. 30 total. After I uncoupled them from camera view I decided to try spamming coupler locked/unlocked. The trophy popped on the 10th button press. Wish I would have thought of that before spending all that time rearranging the cars to get all the freight cars together. Could have done it with just the first 10 and just spammed the hell out of X. I was worried this trophy would give me trouble. Happy it didn't. Hope this helps someone needing this trophy.
  5. Like the title says. I just finished downloading the Train Sim World 2020 Collectors Edition. Saw it was on sale and came with some of the dlc so that was going to save me some more money. I know this is going to take a lot of hours to go for the Plat since looking at the trophy descriptions its going to be grindy. So any advice would be appreciated.
  6. I've heard that not too long ago about them adding him to appease others. Calling the voice acting for Alexios dreadful is being kind. It didn't take long after hearing him that I was wondering if there would be a time in the game when I would get to kill him to shut him up. That's the first I've heard the term "browflakes." lol
  7. I wasn't bored with the game. I just didn't enjoy one of the dlc. Put in over 170 hours into it when I got 100% completion. Played as Casandra the whole time. Didn't like the other character at all.
  8. Well thats weird. My trophy level reverted back to what it originally was before this ridiculous overhaul. Originally 49. Went up to 556. Now its back to 49.
  9. I see players with their level already adjusted. Wondering how long before mine changes. Just really curious as to what it will be now. Im guessing in the 500s.
  10. Don't look at your trophy list. Problem solved. I'm surprised your petition isn't for deleting unfinished games.
  11. If you don't like that there are 3 games already then you will hate that they are working on a 4th one.
  12. I found your post and it was the one I was needing to get the Plat. Like you said, its easily overlooked. Now I can start on the Atlantis dlc for the 100%. This trophy was driving me crazy. Thank you.
  13. Did the campaign legit on veteran. For me there were a couple spots that were annoying but completely doable. The one that will keep me from the Plat is The Student Surpasses the Master. I've always struggled with trophies like that. If I get it I get it. If I don't oh well. I'm certainly not going to let it bother me.
  14. It's funny how people can come in here and complain about no MP trophies or how spec ops trophy is seperate from the base trophy list. What I'm curious about is how many of you contacted the devs about it. Probably 0 to a few.