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  1. Oh but wait it has a sidescroller mini game as well.. So this is next level Ratalaika it has both shake your controller and dodge the objects mini game. (That looks like it was made for Flash player) And it has a trophy stack, free trophies and multiple stacks, this is a trophy lovers dream come true.
  2. I watched the video on the PS store.... It's so painful that it works.
  3. Update: Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers 100 base score + 64 trophy points - 29.49 completion rarity - 0 completion negation + 50 Speed Run Bonus = 184.51 points scored Heroes Trials 100 base score + 68 trophy points - 94.08 completion rarity - 0 completion negation = 73.92 points scored Thanks
  4. Being able to do this wreaks any milestone trophy system. Suck it up if you played a game you did not like or found to hard then just deal with it.
  5. There are a couple of posts on other sites floating around saying the trophy glitches seem to go away once you get to the second shop. So doing x25 times will start from when you get to the second shop. I can not confirm this but that is what has been posted. As for the difficulty and length to get more cards I was to say yes and it feels like you do same as doing hard and long requests but then every now and again you do one and you get one card
  6. Only 23 cards to go now but most of the new ones are coming from the gatcha or request rewards instead of finishing a stage. For anyone looking to plat this title the post game grind is much longer then story gameplay and after a while you will notice that all the stages use the same few layouts, items are at the same places and so on. It's a good game but lacking for the trophy grind at the end.
  7. I am not 100% sure on this but the couple of people I have spoken to and myself who unlocked these were done in one sitting, Well in my case the game was left on pause for a few hours in-between but never turned off. If this is the case with some luck it might get a patch at some point. The game itself is not a bad concept but now working on getting every Dev card it has lost its appeal, the loading I was use to but after spending 12 hours playing (a small break here or there) to go from needing 43 cards to 31 everything is slowly starting to become a pain.
  8. The game has no online functions outside of sharing level codes which is done manually While I don't have proof I think any trophy that requires you to do something x amount of times needs to be done in one sitting (Without quitting the game) until a patch is released. I say this because of the trophy Mark Eliminator I had done this style of game many times but when I came back the next day I did 10 of these in a row and it unlocked on the tenth one meaning all the previous ones did not count.
  9. I had this happen and then miss time a jump and fell to a hidden level way below the screen and there was the person to rescue. Trophy wise I got no idea how to get "I had the strangest dream... " yet, The rest seem easy enough may require some grind. EDIT: Found an Inn portal, went in and slept at the Inn but this did not unlock the trophy so I am not sure what the requirements are.
  10. I am going to be honest I was not aware of this game but after watching this video I will be getting this for sure. As for the trophies I think it really comes down to how well you can exploit the glitches.
  11. Update: Secret of Mana: 100 base score + 64 trophy points - 19.97 completion rarity - 0 completion negation = 146.03 Thanks
  12. Thanks for the heads up, might start this one soon.
  13. Update: Final Fantasy VII Remake: Base 100 + 70 trophy points - 11.61 completion rarity - 0 completion negation + 50 new game points = 208.39 Thanks
  14. Update: Persona 5 Royal base score 100 + 64 trophy points - 16.41 completion rarity - 0 completion negation +50 new game points x2 Lets Play Bonus = 395.18 Was not 100% sure if this would count as lets play but the standard game does, so I assume this one would as well. If not please advise or remove the x2 from the score.
  15. Was there any missable trophies or is this game setup to replay everything?