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  1. Not sure if due to hacked accounts or legit but I noticed that on PlayStation servers some of the trophies now have been unlocked on this trophy list but not the other stack.
  2. Update: Infinite Links 100+64 - 20.00 = 144 + 50 (New Game Bonus) + 50 (Speedrun Bonus) = 244.00
  3. As someone who decided to hold off playing this game until the patches fixed all the trophies and most of the other bugs this is some good news. Due to trophy bugs the information on this game is a hit and miss but can anyone confirm if this had trophy missables or was it just a lot of searching for them items.
  4. This is the kickstarter stretch bonus reward which acts as a prequel to the main game due out next year. My play count said 20 hours but I had it on pause a bit and not sure if that was counted or not. Could be done in 12 - 15 hours I feel depending on how you play it.
  5. Update: Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising 100+68 - 5.00 = 163 + 50 (New Game Bonus) + 50 (Speedrun Bonus) = 263.00
  6. You can change difficulty in game at anytime, also revisiting a boss room lets you fight it again, Can not confirm yet but going to assume you can just change to hard mode once you finish the game.
  7. Update: Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin 100+67 - 36.44 = 130.56
  8. The trailer on PlayStation store while upgrading equipment mentions that some things might even carry over to Hundred Heroes which is always a nice touch, My question is the usual does this have missables, things like Cleared all resident quests, Defeated all types of enemies, Obtained resources of all types and so on. The other part which is linked is does the trophy progress carry over to Hard Mode if they are missable or does it need to be done in a single run.
  9. Ah the old callouts, well we probably won't attempt them anyway but I shall go with @AlterArchuria - Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk @Laburnski - Yakuza Like a Dragon
  10. Going by a YouTube comment they believe it has been patched.
  11. Update: Rune Factory 4 Special 100+70 - 6.72 - 20 ( completion negation) = 143.28 Thought I might as well get the show on the road, if any changes are made then adjustments can be made, and if @Psy-Tychist is not able to continue with the comp then one of us here might be able to take over and just move the current scores to the new page or takeover.
  12. Selected games for bonuses: Double: Lapis x Labyrinth Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed Triple: Dragon Quest Heroes II
  13. The switch Japanese version has an English option going by a 1 hour video posted on YouTube, So I assume the PlayStation version will as well.
  14. I attempted this have a level 1025 blue fairy monster and no trophy, perhaps it got patched? Or I'm just unlucky, will use it for a bit and see if it unlocks once it levels up once. EDIT: Trophy unlocked when the monster went up a level while as a party member
  15. Forgot to mention I shall sign up again, will pick bonuses and so on closer to the starting date.