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  1. I never looked into this or asked it but does the series stacker bonus points need to be in a row or can it be spread out of the season?
  2. I was playing the PS5 version which has it's own trophy list. Got the plat, was a fun game but it's more adventure then RPG, like I said last week I could attempt to make a case for it being RPG but its more a 2D adventure with minor RPG elements, so happy to leave this one off the list.
  3. I too am playing it this, This one comes down to the if you think older Zelda games are RPG or not, it plays like Link to the Past but with less monsters and more item finding and more puzzles and exploring. Of late exploring adventure games are getting sold as RPG some might hate that but its the truth in the current gaming world, you unlock skills but not level them up and this has side quests where Link to the Past does not. The plat without a guide won't be easy unless they throw up more item finding items like the one to find all the cats at some point in the game hidden chests (Item boxes) are not even visible and make a sound when you walk near them with a faint sparkle, even in game you find people that say you are missing 5 chests in this area but it does not show up on the map. PSNP and Steam list it as RPG and Sony store list it as Adventure True Trophies have not got it as anything yet So in the end for me it comes down to Psy's decision but I would be happy for it to eittjer stay or go, the term RPG has evolved as much as many hate that but this forum has had it's fair share off arguments over what should be an RPG stay or not so I will wait for the final verdict and continue playing it as the game itself is rather fun.
  4. Update: Cat Quest II 100+53-69.95 -10 = 83.05 Persona 5 Strikers 100+67 -24.28 = 142.72
  5. I can't recall/ was not aware of anyone using the autopop that gives you a plat in under a minute for this comp but I am not always online or checking this topic all the time either. If it stays I get points if It goes I think it makes sense so either way works for me.
  6. Stacking is not allowed even when the stack might take you 60 hours but autopops that take 1 minute are? If so that's a bit unfair. I don't think it should be allowed, but hey if it does then I have the PS5 version of FF ready to go but think that's a bit cheap in a comp like this.
  7. As this game gives you bond for everything you do does anyone know a good level to stop using the statue method and let the rest of the bond take care of itself with the remaining sections of the game?
  8. This is still a stack when going by the rules of the comp, we are not talking about the PS3 versions that were completed a while ago we are taking about what was submitted, Zone has submitted Mass Effect 1,2,3 which is fine but then the forth is Legendary Edition while it has additional content it is still a stack of the first 3 games. under the rules you copied It mentions That also includes remasters or other editions of the same game. As Legendary is is an "other edition" of Mass Effect 1,2,3 it would not count as its a remastered version of Mass Effect 1,2,3. As above Legendary version is a remaster of the original games but all in one, that still falls under a stack of 1,2,3. Your playing the same game as 1,2,3 its just a package all in one and not single games.
  9. Given I am one with three call outs I shall add my thoughts, I was under the impression you could call out three and receive three this season, last season I did not get one call out and still finished in the top scorers. Yes there are three people who I speak with a tad more then others in this comp and in the end we all ended up calling each other out but the games we picked are not quick or easy or are known to be buggy. All up, all three call outs I was given if you played from start is over 250 hours, I have done on call out thus far and spent 40+ hours just grinding to achieve it.
  10. This is done very differently to past DLC content, It's released DLC for already in game content, so if you have done all the in game content you will get the trophies right away but if you have not done it all then you need to do it for it to pop. In game content is a lot of time investment to just treat this as an auto pop. The PS5 version however received all the trophies and a plat instead of DLC again it would only auto pop if you had already done it. The added trophies are from in game achievements and should have always been PSN trophies, so in summary they are trophies that came late to a game that made you work to get them, its not an autopop unless you kept up to the date with the game.
  11. It does but only to what you have earned, Look at my profile It will show both games not finished, the PS4 version got all DLC when the PS5 version got a platinum. It's fine just would have been nice to get the plat instead of non plat. The reason why I mentioned it all new trophies I am unlocking on the PS5 and the PS4 version is getting the autopop.
  12. @Psy-Tychist Genshin impact PS5 version is getting a full trophy list instead of a non plat list, I won't have this version finished when it releases in a few hours but can I remove my PS4 non plat version with only a handful of trophies list from the leaderboard and add the PS5 version with a plat and way more trophies instead. the PS4 version is getting the same trophies but as DLC and no plat so it makes sense to add the PS5 version when I finish it. To add, the trophies I am missing will take a while it's areas I neglected and there is limited amount you can do per week.
  13. Trophy list is easy, you don't need to do the harder stages and even then it would still not be hard if it had them.
  14. Update: @AppleKratue Call out game Final Fantasy XIII 100+28 -8.01 -15 x3(Call Out Bonus) = 314.97
  15. I was going to ask about this one at one point, The sites list is as an adventure but most game websites and reviewers list it as an Action RPG adventure,