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  1. Since when has gaming been about talent? I use gaming to escape from the usual everyday life and like getting the trophies as a reward in doing so. As for your talent list all you are doing is listing over the top hard games, there is more to a game then just how hard it is, if there was not then why the hell are PC gamers going on about framerate and best graphics because the games you listed don't even come close to these markets. As for Speedruns, 70% of speedruns are watching someone else do a speedrun over and over and then trying to somehow get a couple of second better time then the video they are watching, sure there is a "talent" here but most of them are not passing the game first time for themselves nor are they playing the game like it is intended to you know enjoying the story and taking in the graphics. If having a "talent" requires you to spend money on a game your not even enjoying the story or game then these are no different from people who are skipping VN's for trophies. Gamers skip VN or easy stacks for trophies - Speedrunners play a game the way it should not be played to be number one on... wait.. for it... a leaderboard, beyond this (and the ones who do it for charity) using your words it would have no really meaning as they are not number one, they watched someone else do it and tried to beat it but failed. No I am not having a go at speedruners and full credit to them for the amount work they put into it, I am trying to make a point using words Spaz has said against another type of gamer, in the end we all play games for different reasons, some want as many trophies as possible, some want to do a game as fast as possible, some want to view girls with the boob bounce setting and so on. Who are you to say your ranking means nothing, are you the god of gamers, do you own the rights to how we play games? No i don't think you do, if you don't like it then you can leave because this site is still used more as a trophy tracking site then the forums itself.
  2. There is a comment on the Play-Asia blog that mentions there is no English version for the collection available at the time of release.
  3. This is one of them "We don't want to have trophies but we were forced to so here are some trophies for you" type of list
  4. The first EU version of 2.8 disk version, So the older one.
  5. As sad as this will sound there has been no 100% full proof way to make sure the trophies do not glitch. This has been asked on may websites and each website will suggest doing things certain ways or using one save only but then someone who followed that will get it bugged and then the next person has no issues. Some will say to keep backups of the saves before unlocking these trophies and to reload the save if it does not unlock where others will say you need to delete all save/system data and start again. I went looking around to see if I could find some more news before I started it but in the end there is no do this or do that so I said stuff it and decided to start the game and hope mine has no issues.
  6. I need more for the cabinet, at the moment I have each Tales game as a plat (Minus one) I am going to run out of room soon As for milestones, heaps of members want the old style back but nothing ever happened, and I don't think anything will,
  7. Just brought the game, it looks like something I will really enjoy. I wonder if anything is missable with trophies like find everything and learn 180 powers
  8. Having become addicted to unlocking trophies / achievement makes it harder for me to play the switch in big sessions. Yes I know its a terrible mindset and so on but it just happened one day. But if Nintendo ever make the move to a trophy type system I will start to find it harder to keep playing the PlayStation with the current censorship policy.
  9. Why did my last comment get removed I raised a good question, It seems the admin here is supporting censorship as they removed what they do not like. But back to the game on hand, it would be interesting to know if these "Child bedtime event cutscenes" were just fanservice or if they added to the story of the game.
  10. Erin Fitzgerald basically confirmed the English localization will have adjusted lines in response to the western outrage. The below link will also have spoilers in relation to the ending and other in game content.
  11. Not a fan, I get why you want it but I think this site needs other features and updates long before a leaderboard like this is around. Not all stacks are VN's or auto popping games, some people stack 100 hour plus games, as for remasters people who stack games like Star Ocean 4 should get double points on any leaderboard not have one of their games removed on a certain leaderboards
  12. I too had a lot more then I thought I would with 19 games 2010 FIFA World Cup AFL Live BloodRayne: Betrayal Capcom Arcade Cabinet Class of Heroes 2G Don Bradman Cricket 14 Everybody's Golf (Vita) Grand Kingdom Guitar Hero Live FIFA 10 FIFA 11 FIFA 12 FIFA 15 Mega Man 10 Pier Solar and the Great Architects Pure Hold'em Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment Summon Night 6: Lost Borders
  13. Been waiting for this one for a while now, brought it a couple of days ago (digital EU) Good to know nothing is missable, when I seen collect I was waiting to see if it had a stage select.
  14. Rapunzel ...... I really really hope the trophy requirements stay the same, this feature does not need any added levels.
  15. I missed seeing this event posted, ah well best of luck to all involved. Then again it looks like the sign up and cut off date was the same day..... There would be no way of seeing this in time for me