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  1. Because if you had a previous save from the Vita version you can knock off a lot of time as your money, level and other things carried over.
  2. Won't lie after staking SAO Re (Vita, PS4) I don't see why its a x5 game. when games that take 50-70 hours less are x1 but each to their own. But I agree members who have these most wanted games as their bonus or triple will just gain so many points that people trying to catch up will end up spending more time then that 1 x5 point game.
  3. I'll sign up again. Still have issues with things like Beast mode as that was basically the killer for the previous season but ah well. Let's play bonuses hurt as I've done a lot of them already but I get why they are there. Double point game #1: The Princess Guide Double point game #2: Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Triple point game: Conception PLUS: Maidens of the Twelve Stars
  4. Wonder how the end game for this one will go, I enjoyed Tavern Story but that post game was just a grind, but this one does looked improved so they may have made the post game grind better as well.
  5. Class of Heroes 2G (PS3) - 0.77% Grand Kingdom - (PS4) - 1.16% Everybody's Golf (Vita) - 1.28% AFL Live (PS3) - 1.38% Don Bradman Cricket 14 (PS3) 1.45%
  6. I found this game much easier then the card game for IV. Same method every time, keep the middle rows free, wait for the CPU to use their move and then you use yours only lost once doing it this way. Side note if Crossbell arc gets a western PS4/PS5 release you might want to avoid the plat because this game was in it and from what I can see many people enjoyed it in the Crossbell games.
  7. It was around 20 hours for me, PS5 time tracker has it at 20.5 hours.
  8. This game was mostly created for PC and next gen, as much as anyone here does not like to hear that. I treat this game like a Swtich port from the PS4, buggy and poor graphics it happens all the time with them. For me I am waiting for the PS5 free update patch next year. It's already been mentioned that free DLC game content is also coming next year. This feels like the 'we really wanted to delay again until the next gen console patches were finished but the fans started to attack us over the last delay so here we are Merry Christmas' approach
  9. I am just happy it got a new list. Will make playing it again even better.
  10. This is going to turn into either A flex on who has a console or a "same thing is happening to me" topic.... Side note same thing is happening to me 😎
  11. I assume its an issue with PSNP, My PS5 trophies are showing up on other websites that track trophies but they are not showing up here.
  12. I not long got this plat and I had the same worry but the trophy unlocked for me without having to this. I did go to the the DLC area as it made for a good getting to max level grind but I never left the first area.
  13. It's a shame he quit, was a good guy to talk to all round and his guides were well detailed.
  14. I am also having the same trouble getting #5 this is now my 6th attempt, Can do the first part but when ever Soda does his tackle he will just play as normal or do a normal charged shot tried letting him take the ball in many areas in their attacking half. EDIT: Finally got it, seen a post on another site that said you have to let Soda use his power shot move once in the match before it will attempt to use the new one, so let him use it in the first half and everything else unlocked like the video. Now onto to next DAD I am missing.
  15. I really wish I had of seen this 1 hour ago, not going to lie but now going onto the 5th run of this and I still need another for Germany I think I am over it. Not having save slots and having to start from scratch each time is slowly starting to get old.