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  1. Update: Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory 100+65 - 8.72 = 156.28 Thanks
  2. Trophies are live well on the console listings, 10 new trophies
  3. The game is back up on my store (Australia) it has two editions a standard for $.35.95 AUD and a Premium edition for $52.95, earlier there was only standard for $52.95
  4. Had this in the wishlist, it came up overnight that it was ready to buy with the release date of today, then it was removed from both the wishlist and the PSN store when I just now went to buy it. I hope this is due to it being on sale early and not some other issue.
  5. Update: Little Noah: Scion of Paradise 100+64 - 6.46 + 50 (New game bonus) = 207.54 Thanks
  6. Yes that is correct, Needs to be in order, it needed another area to explore to help with these odds. Yeah I know that pain all to well, still sitting on three left feels like I have forever now. Ah did not think of that, might give it a try if I get to the point of pulling my hair out which is coming soon.
  7. Having been doing this for the past 20 hours or so and still needing three more I can share what I have found and it's not amazing news but its better then none. Save Scum and then rerunning the same stage will net you 0 changes in dropped items, yep 0, the only change is the in game tasks like not being hit or combo will not be the same. I am not sure if that is the same case for every room or just the next room coming up, I just assumed it was preset at the start. However when you get two a door select and there are two doors making a save here has worked for me a few times. Two reasons the first is the dropped items are different for each location so if your sitting on equipment 2/3 and did not get it on the left door reloading the uploaded save and trying the right door might workout it has for a me a few times as even the shop will sell different items, second if there is a boost of say dropped fire rate increase and you turn that on this will change most of the drops for that area if you don't get what you want you can reload and not pick the boost fire option and it the drops will be different. Lastly the items that the cat gives you at the start of certain floors is also different between the two rooms as well, I've picked door left then reload and picked right only for the cat to give one of the level three items I needed but the odds are still rather low. But reloading the save and picking the same room he will just give you the same items, it's only different between the two rooms again. Outside of this there is no other cheese method found so far that I could come up with or find, it's a painful trophy for some, myself included.
  8. For me when I went to buy it over here it was not showing up on the PS5 store using the console yet when I used the mobile app and the web store online it was showing. Have noticed this a few times with the PS5 for smaller titles. As for the trophy thoughts I stupidly played the game on normal first thinking it would be a good warm up, it's not needed your just wasting grind time.
  9. Update: Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth 100+68 - 7.23 = 160.77 - 15 (completion negation) = 145.77 Thanks
  10. Annoying it's free for digital deluxe only and not physical but I will buy this for sure, it's a great game
  11. This popped up as a random add on Facebook, I was like hmm wonder if it has trophies, I am ok with this DLC and the fact it is paid, the servers are dead so if a paid DLC supports more holes in the future or a new game I shall take it. As for the level itself, it was on the easier side but the fun side, made a few mistakes here and there had two holes over 7 shots and another still finished under par.
  12. The Zodiac Crown is found in the Time Rift on Floor 10, can not remember what chest. But some of these chests in the time riff were harder to find then normal.
  13. Update: Astria Ascending 100+70 - 7.11 = 162.86 + 488.58 (Callout bonus) + 50 (Speedrun) = 701.44 Thanks
  14. I really should have asked this way earlier been struggling through each match using almost a full set, Only have 4 tokens to go all from Random battles, Ah the time I have wasted haha. But thank you for the response, I was close to pulling my hair out trying to both beat Arpajo but also make sure to flip the Alassia level 9 token when all you get is a bunch or low level tokens each time.
  15. Does anyone know if you need to have all the tokens at once or is just getting them and then selling them ok? With all the bugs this game had I did not want to risk selling but I am really struggling on some of these Random and Flip battles, can not seem to get a good hand when it comes to the random modes and when I finally get one good token the token selection will either take out my good token or take out their token I want which when the rule is flip it won't matter if you win or lose. Was thinking if I deleted all the low rank tokens at least the random selection would make it easier to win but I really don't want to collect them all again.