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  1. Trophy list is easy, you don't need to do the harder stages and even then it would still not be hard if it had them.
  2. Update: @AppleKratue Call out game Final Fantasy XIII 100+28 -8.01 -15 x3(Call Out Bonus) = 314.97
  3. I was going to ask about this one at one point, The sites list is as an adventure but most game websites and reviewers list it as an Action RPG adventure,
  4. Update: Quest of Dungeons 100+6 -7.45 -25 = 73.58 That last trophy takes easily over 10 times longer then all the other trophies combined.
  5. Its out now for West, Both NA and EU.
  6. I decided to do one of call out games in Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3 but quickly remembered the reason why I stopped, the post game grind is a boring task.
  7. While we are not Europe 90% of our game releases are linked to EU releases the other 10% is because our government banned a game or demanded removal. But in terms of Love Live over here it sells well, the 2015 movie did so good that it kept getting brought back to show in cinemas. We had to pre book to see it due to it selling out so many sessions.
  8. I have no issues using another region but its more the reason why they decided to only do North American region, there was never any real announcement about that it was just stealth. Not sure if I will support this now or not.
  9. They did also announce a day one patch to address issues raised from the demo, everyone seems to forget this part.
  10. I seen the demo and seen the notes on the promised patch, the trailers look nice and they have said the day one patch will make the game better then what was on offer for the demo. I am still getting this for the PS5, I just cant play it till next week due to work
  11. Na its not true take Path of Exile for instance that is F2P and has a plat, there are others as well like Neverwinter Online. Still this trophy list is lacking.
  12. 15 seconds into the video you posted he calls it a deck building RPG, So now a review video also calls it an RPG. A review video/Steam/Google/ all say RPG. True achievements say turn based which is mostly linked to RPG
  13. Update: CrossCode 100 + 65 - 24.47 = 140.53
  14. Thoughts on Neoverse as an allowed game. The three sites used does not list the type yet but Steam has it as a strategy JRPG, Google has it Role-playing game Indie game, XboxAchivements has it listed as strategy. TrueAchivements (sister site for TrueTrophies) has it as a rougelike turn based game. The dev team sold it as a JRPG with a 3D card battle system.
  15. Update: Märchen Forest 100+65 - 34.45 + 50(speed) = 180.55 Should be lower completion rate but that is the joys of playing games not many people have played