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  1. i don't want to get too involved with argument but the game is getting a physical release both standard and limited edition through Limited Run Games. (Although not out yet but preorder is live) The physical version for both PS4 and Switch is showing $34.99 USD with the limited edition showing $59.99. USD It could be a marketing ploy to make people buy the physical but I doubt that, I assume it has something to do with the team who did the PS4 port. But I am only making guesses here.
  2. Single player all solo, you can pick them manually but given you have to do 36 decathlons which is all 10 mini games in a row taking this path would be quicker and one would think you would start to get better at them after a few decathlons.
  3. Those mini games, This is harder then I remember poor controls in most of them
  4. How long does a single level take in general? I am thinking about picking this up as a time filler, I enjoy the harvest moon series as a whole so that helps me in going to buy it.
  5. In the past yeah but even these days with the aim of trying to get more I guess you would call them triple A players to play JRPGs the grind for most mainstream JRPGs is slowly becoming less which is not a bad thing really given these games can still take 60 - 150 hours to pass
  6. Um your missing the point, the topic of this post is called "worst post game grind ever" It does not say worst FPS post game grind ever. In the end a grind mostly comes down to how long and tedious this grind is. Your still doing the same thing over and over ill take 30-40 hours to 500 hours of doing the same thing any time. As mentioned above the topic of this post says worst post game grind ever which i don't agree with but hey Great Argument you just pointed out what most grinding is, lack of content and gameplay, thanks for your words of wisdom and valid input But in the end everyone has a different view on what a grind is and where it should be.
  7. Meanwhile games like Star Ocean 4 and Mugen Souls grind alone which have 500+ hours of grinding be sitting here like. 30 hours is child's play.
  8. The Make 'Em Sing turned out to be a glitch I kept getting since I passed the game. If I unlocked a trophy I could not unlock another one till I turned off the game. I tested it a couple times so once I restarted the game and used the Mic the trophy unlocked. So after that I had to unlock a trophy and then turn it off or it would not unlock. Had to end up doing Juri's trial twice due to the same glitch.
  9. This tends to happen a lot, there are some gaps within Kemco's releases that EU never got or they get them but the delay is so big that by the time they come out everyone who wanted to play it already has the game through Limited Run or using a NA based PSN account.
  10. Did you do anything speical for Make 'Em Sing? I can not get this trophy to unlock. Did you find Tome of Descending in the Distant Garden in the end? I have seen a couple of posts on other sites saying they got one from the Clock Tower but having no luck there.
  11. I got this to unlock by replacing all Curio near Flora in the inner circle, (On the other trophy list stack) True Omega Swords looks like it's going to be a grind, Only had two so far and both came from the roaming salesman in the Clock tower around floors 50-70 or so. The only other thing I am worried about is getting all the scenes but I have yet to do any of the single trial's besides Hinata so far. Either wat congrats on the plat.
  12. While I am not going to get involved in this I can say that an article I seen the other day said Shiva was not touched and had screenshots to prove it. The source link however is a site that has a lot of sexual adds so not going to share it.
  13. I know playing these types of games it's a golden rule to backup to the cloud but I just had a power outage while in a dungeon, the game thinks you quit and will take all your items and equipment. I even had the item in the bag that when you die you lose nothing but this did not kick in as it was not a death. I did not have a backup yet.
  14. From memory the DLC quests were not part of the trophy requirements
  15. I lost focus in e3 due to my gaming tastes and it turning out to who can show off the most. But I still look forward to TGS every year.