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  1. Welcome to the Internet. In their defense for this game only, this is a trophy tracking site, many wanted a plat trophy. Me I wanted things like pass this part without getting hit or do this without using a certain item and so on but how dare people complain about not having good trophies on a trophy tracking site.
  2. There has been a lot of cry for the games to have save slates, and an option to rewind if you make a mistake. While I can't see Konami doing such a thing but if they do then this list will not be hard at all. Without the save slates this will be a fun list. Not sure how I would go its been some time since I played these titles. EDIT: According to some posts on the internet the Konami Arcade Classics Collection released had one save slot, and an option to make the games easier alongside button layout changes and display settings, not sure how much truth these reports have yet. This might get the same treatment making it not as bad
  3. I rather enjoyed the game, Glad the four controllers coins all went to the one pool to really help on the coin grind. The last hour or so did start to feel semi grindy but beyond this I think it was a great buy.
  4. As soon as I seen you like the post I just knew this was coming.
  5. My opinion 3-4/10 The first hour or so might feel slighty higher but once you get use to it the game is not that bad at all
  6. Story mode: Under 3 hours (You can make it easier by putting on casual mode which gives you more lifes but you need to do stages without it in challenge mode so i left it off) Challenge Mode: Each challenge takes around 8 - 15 minutes once you add in song select and loading times, you need to do 50 of them. Grind Note: Having 4 controllers will make the coin grind so much easier as the other three players that you can just let sit there and die still get 50 - 70 coins per challenge while the one you control gets around 100 - 130 per run. Doing this means you will have the coin trophy before the 50 challenge trophy. There is a hardcore mode that gives you x2 coins to make it faster again but the levels are harder and if you use the 4 controller method early then you won't need to unless you want to test yourself. (Some songs are easy on hardcore) If you don't have more then one controller then points are broken down like: Finishing a Challenge - 30 coins each time(Why having 4 controllers helps as everyone gets this even if they die) S Rank - 20 coins, A Rank - 10 coins B Rank - 5 coins C Rank - 1 Coin You then get miscellaneous rewards like staying on one side of the screen or not using dash or dashing through pink parts so many times and so on. Playing online by yourself also gets you a "you have no friends points." Ranking trophies: These can not be the same song so you need to do 20 different songs getting rank A and 15 songs need to be rank S (The S can be used for the A ranks) S Rank - Not getting hit A Rank - Not losing a life B Rank - Loss of one life C Rank - Loss of more the one life While you need to do 15 different songs for S the standard and hardcore versions have their own rank so you can do the same song on both modes and it will count for 2. Miscellaneous trophies: 2500 dashs will come within the 50 challenge trophy some stages need you to dash throw pink parts and a boss level has you doing dashes everywhere. Saving 250 friends this can only be done by either online or using more then one controller there is no AI bots to help you get this one. After a player is killed they will have a small help and be faded you just need to move over them to bring them back to life for a point however they move to the left of screen and if they hit the edge they will die for good until a checkpoint. If you have four controllers have all three start each song to the right of screen and you will have this within a few runs. A boss stage called close to me is great grind if you need it, just sit them at the top right of screen and you will get 50+ in one run. System and Difficulty: Play story mode first to get use to the game each non boss stage has checkpoints, if you want to just get a feel for it turn casual mode on which gives you double health, dash is your friend as it lets you dash over a pink bit (parts you need to avoid) Each song has a light pink tracker mark which means incoming move away so it gives you some warning for a lot of the stage but not everything has this tracker (Hardcore mode has the tracker showing up late and has more things to avoid) When it comes to the Challenge mode there are three stages stage 1 and 2 will have three random songs and you can pick from the three, the third stage is always a boss which is picked at random after 50 challenges you become rather good at the boss levels. There are more then 15 easy songs to get the S rank on but don't get down if you get a bad run of hard songs in challenge modes as you can song select if you need to later. Final note: The Mortal Kombat song is one of the harder songs in the game but fun non the less. If you go looking at the Steam guides the PS4 version seems to be slightly harder or changed a lot of the "Cheese" spots no longer work but it's still a helpful read if you struggle on a song.
  7. Every Australian I know who played this game brought the physical retail version myself included which pointed to the EU version. If the version you brought was a pre-owned game then there is a chance that its not PAL(Europe). EB nor JB do not check this as long as the game works.
  8. Nope, The devs had issues with the cross save and decided it was going to be too much of a hassle to put it in and get working.
  9. Now that Sony has said the #MeToo has played a hand in the censorship policy they are basically saying sexual games contribute in real life sexual harassment and sexual violence, so following these lines in a year or two video games with guns will be the cause of shootings and they will need to be censored as well. The PS5 might be a flop if devs don't want to risk being told to go back and make changes all the time, sure the big name games can afford it but small development teams might not take the risk. The rise to play the switch more then Sony devices is growing every day. Come on Nintendo give me an achievement system already
  10. Step 1: go to the website http://www.google.com Step 2: Type "Who hates Kingdom Hearts 3" in the search bar and push enter Step 3: Read countless post and comments about the question you are after.
  11. Utsu-P is back not as heavy but still some good work
  12. Kind of wished @RatalaikaGames had of made more a more serious trophy list for this one. Making gamers do more then just pass one level.
  13. If they decide to release all titles from both mobile and 3ds then we are going to get a few more yet, I enjoy these games so I will keep getting them. Since 2014 they seem to release 10 - 15 mobile games a year but in 2013 they released 20+
  14. Well this has not improved at all, this error message is always coming up, the 3 battles I have been able to find well let's just say I got destroyed in two of them and third was a close but stil a loss battle. But beyond this its just the Communication Error message
  15. Since when has gaming been about talent? I use gaming to escape from the usual everyday life and like getting the trophies as a reward in doing so. As for your talent list all you are doing is listing over the top hard games, there is more to a game then just how hard it is, if there was not then why the hell are PC gamers going on about framerate and best graphics because the games you listed don't even come close to these markets. As for Speedruns, 70% of speedruns are watching someone else do a speedrun over and over and then trying to somehow get a couple of second better time then the video they are watching, sure there is a "talent" here but most of them are not passing the game first time for themselves nor are they playing the game like it is intended to you know enjoying the story and taking in the graphics. If having a "talent" requires you to spend money on a game your not even enjoying the story or game then these are no different from people who are skipping VN's for trophies. Gamers skip VN or easy stacks for trophies - Speedrunners play a game the way it should not be played to be number one on... wait.. for it... a leaderboard, beyond this (and the ones who do it for charity) using your words it would have no really meaning as they are not number one, they watched someone else do it and tried to beat it but failed. No I am not having a go at speedruners and full credit to them for the amount work they put into it, I am trying to make a point using words Spaz has said against another type of gamer, in the end we all play games for different reasons, some want as many trophies as possible, some want to do a game as fast as possible, some want to view girls with the boob bounce setting and so on. Who are you to say your ranking means nothing, are you the god of gamers, do you own the rights to how we play games? No i don't think you do, if you don't like it then you can leave because this site is still used more as a trophy tracking site then the forums itself.