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  1. Update: Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea: 100 + 68 - 21.35 = 146.65 Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book: 100 + 70 - 21.39 = 148.61 + 25 = 173.61 Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey: 100 + 64 - 28.41 = 135.59 + 50 = 185.59 Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings: 100 + 70 - 26.47 = 143.53 + 75 = 218.53 Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World: 100 + 70 - 27.11 = 142.89 + 100 = 242.89 Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland: 100 + 70 - 32.88 = 137.12 + 125 = 262.12 Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout: 100 + 70 - 36.06 = 133.94 Total Update Points: 1363.33 Thanks
  2. Thought I would post a few notes on this game. First up there are 160 courses and at this stage all look to have 18 holes per each one, that is 8 courses per each world. Shooting is all done on numbers there is no estermated shooting line where your ball is going to go so it may take a while to get use to. You can only hit the ball left or right there is no up or down to hit on an angle, There are two types of swings, "Slap Shot and Wrist Shot" All balls (Pucks) are locked and are brought as a lucky dip each time. I brought a few and price does up after so many brought All dogs are unlocked from the start, one even has all stats maxed but really does hit it a lot hard then the others. Stars are unlocked by getting Par or under. If you get stuck you can reset the puck but will add a +1 shot penalty
  3. To be honest I have not played this in a while, the grind was real. But from memory you could replay stages.
  4. You were the one crying about my big mouth, As for you telling me to stop browsing this forum I guess you are not so good at multitasking, Its ok I understand not everyone can do it. Dam a mod edited my post, which means I went far, Either way good job on the plat.
  5. Took you almost two weeks, cant really say that is fast.
  6. Perhaps but unless you follow the site like crazy members may not have seen that, it's the first I heard about it. There is no pinned message or pop up saying don't do it. It would be harsh to start banning members or giving out warnings without a notification saying don't do it. As for making this site pointless I have always used this site as a trophy recording system before guides and forums so it does not make the site pointless.
  7. 3 Win streak, make sure you got a tail by the end of the timer I am normally pretty good at this one, Had a tail the whole stage game ends I still have my tail and then it comes up saying Eliminated..... I knew should have stayed away from this game after the last break.
  8. Because at the moment everyone is quitting games early, that's not a good look when your a team you go one goal down so 4 people on your team quit. Don't get me wrong I hate this trophy but having players quit mid event when your a team is not great for the causal gamers or the gamers who just want to have fun.
  9. Seen a few comments on social media that a patch to fix exploit is almost ready to go live but I am unable to find any news to confirm it.
  10. Broken, really broken streak number 5 I was on, got a bad start to the Hex so I quit no where near the bottom my screen was no where near the bottom when it finally left. My Kudos went up. I might have to wait till later, slowly getting close to burning out.
  11. According to a YouTube video yes and long as the Kudos did not go up
  12. I did the open the audio instead of exit the game again. Sad times. But hey I got another second..... Yay!.....
  13. Winning is getting much harder, Everyone is playing in groups you get the the final round and then 3 people attempt to make sure you don't win while another takes the win. I have had over 10 second places today. This trophy really is killing the fun in this game as it's all most people are trying to aim for when it comes past the first round or two, so you either get ganged up or half your team leave due to a bad start.
  14. Hex-A-Gon killed my streak again, It's the only game I have not won in, I know how to play it but luck just seems to go against me in this one.
  15. Been a terrible day for me, 4 hours played for no win today. Keep getting to second last round its a team event we go down by a point or two so everyone quits and you then get destroyed.
  16. So got another streak going, Slime Run comes up I am like yes an easy one timer kicks down too start the race I start to run and then 2 second later eliminated pops up, no slime around at all and it was not even before the first jump.... I'm close to giving it up and just waiting to see what Season 2 brings.
  17. Was on 2 win streak went from top layer of Hex-a-gone which I was alone on that layer all the way down to lava in one fall, went to exit midway and opened sound up first by mistake, I exit at the same time as eliminated message but I was too late. I hate that stage. *sigh* time to start again.
  18. It's at 0, I have lost 3-4 streaks a few times now. But today no luck at all.
  19. So 8 players left oh boy here comes the final round.... Nope surprise "Fall Ball" we go 1 goal down and then two people quit making it 2 Vs 4, Go team go. Had a terrible run today not 1 win.
  20. Three team games in a row it's just happening all too much. Three team games in a row all on team yellow you can't be the yellow curse three times in a row.
  21. I just seem to be getting more team stages over the last day, staring to get annoying really.
  22. My first few times no but just then I did gain kudos, I am worried it may be a plan in fixing this trophy exploit. Now I am not sure if I am back to my first win again or if my streak is still on going. EDIT: Does not matter now, just lost my tail with under a second to go when no one was not even near me. Yay another streak over.
  23. I love slime climb, lost count how many times I have won it and it cuts the qualified guys way over half the amount each time.
  24. Everyone is playing trying to get this trophy before it is patched, Every game I play there are heaps of people doing all the known little tricks on each stage. And then when they know they are not going to win they quit and either vanish or their guy just stands there. As for me I am over hexagon, it seems to be all I get and with everyone doing one of two methods it just does not work out for me.
  25. Had four wins up, got the new game as the final round. Down to three people left and two tiles, someone grabbed me as the pole was coming I hit the pole but survived on the edge the person who grabbed me slammed into me as he too hit the pole and and we both fell. I quit as fast as I could but the eliminated message was almost at the same time. I missed out ,my Kudos went up. Crying inside a little.