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  1. No issues with it not having auto stack or save transfer, for me if it has either of them two I normally don't buy the game again there is no point if I already own it and it does not offer replay value. It's been two years apart for me getting the plat for each of the three versions so it's a nice way to enjoy a good game, (Still think P4G has a better story line) But the Royal trophy list is also easier then standard so that is also a bonus.
  2. There seems to be some talk about not counting stacks at all, I don't agree with this as a whole, Take trails of cold steel I It take 100 hours+ to do that game (even on the stack there is a 100 hour trophy) and I have it stacked having this removed would be painful, Persona series is another that comes to mind and there are many others. I'd go for stacks over a certain rarity percentage like what was mentioned in the first post 80% plat rate or something on them lines
  3. Update: RPG Time: The Legend of Wright 100+65 - 22.47 + 50 (Speed bonus) = 192.53 Thanks
  4. Sorry about the formatting of this post but without having the rewrite it all this was the best i could do due to what I was using to write it. If anyone wishes to use this and make it better or add it to a guide your more then welcome to, I just know the above steps got the platinum for me is all
  5. This game has some missable items to collect, in saying this 90% of these are so easy to find that you would only miss them if you were not actually going for them. The below will have what to click on/collect/view in each location before moving on in the order I did to unlock all trophies, I may have added to much to this list but I was more on the better be safe then sorry side. The Tutorial and Prologue have nothing to collect so these have been skipped Some locations and monsters mentioned could be classed as spoilers but I tried not to mention anything too much that links back to the storyline Notes before starting Battles - In the battle sections you will see a rock on the ground and a hole, you need to move this rock into the hole and wait for the +1 to show up where the hole was, the battles are mentioned. Mininja - You only need to find 15 of these for all trophies the below mentions what room they are in for all of them, from what I could outside a you found them all message nothing else changed. Investigator Trophy - once R2 investigate mode is unlocked you need to view items 30 times through out the whole game, I ended up doing it for everything but don't think its needed for trophies Slow Starter - You need to view different openings when you close the game and then start it again I did not count how many there were but it was only handful under 10 and it's random Chapter 1 The Great Cove Location Item Diggit Fossil Quarry Battle: Fireman - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Diggit Fossil Quarry Shovel / Sword Origin Lake Mystey Cola - inside chest Origin Lake Mininja Diggit Fossil Quarry Mininja Diggit Fossil Quarry Mud Ball - After boss battle at the top right before moving to next area Moly Field Battle : Blossomole - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Moly Field Mininja Wiggly Farm Mininja Moly Field Wrom Ramen (once you collect 200 worms an event starts to get the other 800) eSports Arena Pixel Apple: During the mini game after you go down stairs - after you get the fishing rod, move the platform to the middle so you can walk over and reach the chest eSports Arena Mininja - Novice Ninja Trophy Unlocked Carrot-Stick-Slope Mininja Carrot-Stick-Slope Mystey Cola Magma Chamber Battle: Cyclops - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad do it before cutting the spider) Magma Chamber Post Battle: Shard of Light - Note do not eat this as doing so will cancel out a trophy the game will also warn you not to eat them Magma Chamber Mininja Magma Chamber Vase/Pot 1 Magma Chamber Vase/Pot 2 Magma Chamber Vase/Pot 3 Magma Chamber Fish Key Magma Chamber Magic Origami Mt.Dragon Mininja Chapter 2 PorchTown Location Item Guzzer Lane Mininja Guzzer Lane Tomato - Talk to the man next to the well twice Arcade (Inside Well) Mininja - Junior Ninja Trophy Unlocked Arcade (Inside Well) Student Guidebook Arcade (Inside Well) Hero Burger Adventurer's Academy Gates Mininja Adventurer's Academy Gates Vase/Pot 1 Adventurer's Academy Gates Vase/Pot 2 Adventurer's Academy Gates Doodle Sheet - TreasurePost Box Dish-Clang Road Mininja Dish-Clang Road Pizza Cutter Longsword Dish-Clang Road A rock looking like Magnet with S on it is found in Adventurer's Academy Gates map kick this to the Dish-Clang Road map and then into N box on the bottom right, No item is linked by you get +5 points so It might be needed for trophy elsewhere Piano Bridge Mininja Dish-Clang Road Battle: Woody - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Dish-Clang Road Gorilla Banana - Speak to the Ape and play the wood chopping game again, you need to chop 30 in a row Adventurer's Academy Battle: Cagey - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Adventurer's Academy Battle: Weeds - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Adventurer's Academy Battle: Weeds #2 - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Adventurer's Academy Battle: Mystery Turtle - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Adventurer's Academy Gates Talk to the medal man to the right of the gates - Medal King Trophy Unlocked Guzzer Lane Cutout Photo - next to bar Mt. Bavarian Bavarian Puddin - Line up from Mt.Dragon Bavarian Pudding Shop Mininja Mt. Bavarian Bavarian Puddin x2 - Line up again Mt. Bavarian Bavarian Puddin x3 - Line up again Piano Bridge Shard of Light - Note do not eat this as doing so will cancel out a trophy Skull Forest-Entrance Mininja - Master Ninja Trophy Unlocked Skull Forest-Entrance Gumball - Once you get control again walk back to the talking shoe in Dish-Clang Road to give it the gum you stepped in. Dish-Clang Road Speak to Little Red to get the Happily Ever After points, not sure if these points are needed or not just yet Skull Forest-Entrance Gumball - Open chest next to the old lady Chapter 3 Skull Forest Location Item Dekstop (Options Menu Button) Part two of The Subterrane Party event can be viewed, top left of menu Inside the Forest Mininja Mouse Cul-de-Sac Mininja Inside the Forest Sunflower Seed - After events in Mouse Cul-de-Sac turn back and go into the hole Bone-by-Bone Boulevard Battle: HorseKnight - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Bone-by-Bone Boulevard NOTE: Neither option matters when picking what sword Bone-by-Bone Boulevard Battle: Slime - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Bone-by-Bone Boulevard Spiky Knife - Story Releated Bone-by-Bone Boulevard 32 Slice Pizza - Chest top right of maze Bone-by-Bone Boulevard Battle: StallionKnight - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Bone-by-Bone Boulevard Doodle Sheet - TreasurePost Box top right of maze Bone-by-Bone Boulevard Power Apple - With the skill 10 second puzzle watch the first tree you broke for an apple to show up on its branches and select it when asked Big Tree Clearing Battle: Evilwood - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Big Tree Clearing Shard of Light - Note do not eat this as doing so will cancel out a trophy Chapter 4 - Shinobi Village and the Witch's Manor Location Item Dekstop (Options Menu Button) Part three of The Subterrane Party event can be viwed, top left of menu Living Room Trial Ninjato Sword - Bottom right corner Ninja Training Grounds Mininja Ninja Training Grounds Doodle Sheet - TreasurePost next to the well Ninja Training Grounds Cutout Photo - bottom left of map Mininja Well (inside the well) Mininja x5 Mininja Well (inside the well) Hero Burger Living Room Trial Dried Squid (Story Related) Entrance Mininja Entrance NOTE my game glitched here and I was able to walk up over the screen, had to close the game and reset for it to fix itself Sewer of the Dead Mininja Sewer of the Dead Vase/Pot (Not sure if this one counts but need to use R2 mode to inspect it) then give it water after helping the skeleton Lightning Garden Mininja Bedroom of Death Mininja Bedroom of Death Doodle Sheet - TreasurePost - check the tresurepost a second time after story events Terror Room Battle: Zombeef - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Terror Room Battle: Zombeef - Not sure if it counts but when asked the question select beef to get a weakness poster Terror Room Zombeef (Story Releated) Terror Room Mininja Break Room Mininja Break Room Vase/Pot 1 Break Room Vase/Pot 2 Break Room Vase/Pot 3 (dead plant in pot not sure if it counts or not) Witch's Room Mininja Witch's Room Witch's Cauldron (Could be a Vase/Pot) Witch's Room Magic Kerchief (Story Related) Witch's Room Battle: FlyMan - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Witch's Room Magic Gun (Story Releated) Witch's Misery Battle: FlyMan part 2 - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Living Room Trial Shard of Light - Note do not eat this as doing so will cancel out a trophy Chapter 5 SkyShip Location Item Dekstop (Options Menu Button) Part four of The Subterrane Party event can be viewed, top left of menu Trippy Passageway Mininja Pancake Passageway Mininja Pancake Passageway Doodle Sheet - TreasurePost just past the second lot of pizza boxes Farty Bridge Mininja Dodgeball Court NOTE: Let the Baseball hit you (4th item) to start Battle Dodgeball Court Battle: BaseballMan - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Dodgeball Court NOTE: Let the Rugby Ball hit you to start Battle Dodgeball Court Battle: RugbyBallMan - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Dodgeball Court NOTE: Let the 5 Bouncy Balls hit you to start Battle Dodgeball Court Battle: BouncyBallMan - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Dodgeball Court Mininja Sky-Fishing Preserve Mininja Birdcage Trap Mininja Wire Trap Mininja Pbbt Pbbt Pbbridge Mininja Pbbt Pbbt Pbbridge Gumball (Chest on second level above the entrance) Transparent Passageway Mininja Secret Passageway Woodpecker Sword (Under the platform you enter sticking out of a barrel) Secret Passageway Mininja SkyShip - Peacokpit Battle: Captain Peacock - Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad SkyShip - Peacokpit Shard of Light - Note do not eat this as doing so will cancel out a trophy Chapter 6 Dice Adventure Location Item Turtle Battle Spot Beautiful Blade Sword (Story Related) Chapter 7 Showdown at the Castle of Darkness Location Item Dekstop (Options Menu Button) Part five of The Subterrane Party event can be viewed, top left of menu Dekstop (Options Menu Button) Part six of The Subterrane Party event can be viewed, top left of menu - Searcher Trophy Unlocked Perilous Park Mininja Perilous Park Cutout Photo - Just below where you start - Funny Face Trophy Unlocked Perilous Park Vase/Pot - To the right of the Cutout Photo - Pottery Pro Trophy Unlocked Dark Realm Village Mininja Dark Realm Village Battle: Dartius- Make sure to move the rock into the hole using D-Pad Escape Room Excalibur Sword - After using the Spikeshell in the Stomach Acid this will unlock all areas of this level one of the areas will have a chair with a locked door in the back, under the chair is a key, click this key and then use it in the Stomach Acid, Go back to locked door and use key to obtain this sword - Swordmaster Trophy Unlocked Escape Room NOTE: This area has a lot of items like a sunflower Seed, Garlic and so on, I think they are for the main quest and not needed for trophies but just to be sure do all the point marks in the level before starting to fill the Stomach Acid the second time around. Wicked Well (Inside the Well) Mininja Wicked Well (Inside the Well) Rock Candy - Talk to the fish on the right if you have been doing the rock into a hole fights up to this point this fish will give you the Rock Candy - Hungry Hero Trophy Unlocked Wicked Well (Inside the Well) Hero Burger - Burger Baron Trophy Unlocked Perilous Park Magic Origami - Take the ladder from Dark Realm Village and use it to climb the tree (Story Related) Perilous Park Gorilla Banana - Speak to the bird to give it the Banana Boots The Last Cliff Doodle Sheet - TreasurePost Box - Next to letter get this first - Doodler Trophy Unlocked The Last Cliff Mininja The Last Cliff Shard of Light - Note do not eat this as doing so will cancel out a trophy The Last Cliff NOTE: The game will tell you this is the point of no return but from I could tell the areas are locked out once you finish them, however if you don't have the Seracher Trophy yet do that before advancing. The Evil Lord Dethgawd Shard of Light - This will happen during the battle - Seven Shards Trophy Unlocked (as long as you did not eat any)
  6. Update: Asdivine Cross 100+67 - 47.37 = 119.63 Asdivine Kamura 100+69 - 53.99 +25 ( Series Stacker) = 140.01 Asdivine Menace 100+64 - 48.12 +50 ( Series Stacker) = 165.88 Asdivine Saga 100+70 - 48.68 +75 ( Series Stacker) + 50 (Speed Bonus) = 246.32 Ghost Sync 100+66 - 57.00 + 50 (Speed Bonus) = 159.00 Justice Chronicles 100+65 - 24.64 + 50 (Speed Bonus) = 190.36 Genshin Impact - DLC Trophy Pack 7 4+8 = 12 Thanks
  7. Everyone now talking about how rare a trophy is and getting leaderboards for this, however the rare system is still not great. If an unpopular game takes 150 hours and is a solid 8/10 difficulty plat it but only has 200 gamers listed the game is normally sitting 30+ completion rate yet a game that was offered on PSN+ only takes 30 hours to pass and has a 3/10 difficulty it will be sitting with a lower rarity rate because it has more gamers who started the game, being a rare trophy is not always the best way to view what should be classed as a real game or not. And before people go looking at my profile to pull it apart and tell me off. Yep I got a lot of quick games in the middle of my trophy days, was in a lot of trophy comps on other sites I chose to do this and spent a lot of money in the process do I look back and go that was painful yes sometimes I do but I did it and at the time I was happy with it then. Even now I play games like Kemco titles or indie games which are normally 15 - 25 hours long but because no one else plays them the plat rate is 50%+ percent do some people say this is easy sure but some of Sony's biggest titles which won gaming awards are shorter and easier then this like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart for an example do we now pick on people who played Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart because it's plat rate is sitting at 65%, at what point do you say nope that plat is too high your no longer a gamer? Play the games you enjoy playing is all I can say as someone who went down that path of getting quick win trophies in the past but moved on, It was fun at times hard at others but I got tired of it in the end. PS: Someone said no one reads visual novel games in this topic.... How dare you lol, I read a ton of visual novels but do so on PC as many years ago on this site and others people were getting picked on for having them on their profile even if you read them legit, I aim to start reading them on console again at some point but don't just amuse no one reads visual novels they are still very big in some parts of world.
  8. I noticed a few posts on other sites saying there was missable items like weapons and food. Does the item list stay after new game+ or do you need to do it all in a single run?
  9. Was meant to be released by now in other locations, I know the PC version had a bug and Nintendo are saying no to the swimsuit DLC perhaps these got in the way of the PlayStation release.
  10. The below link lists the changes and even shows the graphics side by side, unless the PlayStation version got a day 1 patch its very lazy move by Nis America after viewing this article
  11. I welcome the more trophies, I was planning on playing this update either way but the added trophies is always a nice bonus. So i would not say no to being a third for fully updating tree with others
  12. Update: Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory 100+65 - 8.72 = 156.28 Thanks
  13. Trophies are live well on the console listings, 10 new trophies
  14. The game is back up on my store (Australia) it has two editions a standard for $.35.95 AUD and a Premium edition for $52.95, earlier there was only standard for $52.95
  15. Had this in the wishlist, it came up overnight that it was ready to buy with the release date of today, then it was removed from both the wishlist and the PSN store when I just now went to buy it. I hope this is due to it being on sale early and not some other issue.
  16. Update: Little Noah: Scion of Paradise 100+64 - 6.46 + 50 (New game bonus) = 207.54 Thanks
  17. Yes that is correct, Needs to be in order, it needed another area to explore to help with these odds. Yeah I know that pain all to well, still sitting on three left feels like I have forever now. Ah did not think of that, might give it a try if I get to the point of pulling my hair out which is coming soon.
  18. Having been doing this for the past 20 hours or so and still needing three more I can share what I have found and it's not amazing news but its better then none. Save Scum and then rerunning the same stage will net you 0 changes in dropped items, yep 0, the only change is the in game tasks like not being hit or combo will not be the same. I am not sure if that is the same case for every room or just the next room coming up, I just assumed it was preset at the start. However when you get two a door select and there are two doors making a save here has worked for me a few times. Two reasons the first is the dropped items are different for each location so if your sitting on equipment 2/3 and did not get it on the left door reloading the uploaded save and trying the right door might workout it has for a me a few times as even the shop will sell different items, second if there is a boost of say dropped fire rate increase and you turn that on this will change most of the drops for that area if you don't get what you want you can reload and not pick the boost fire option and it the drops will be different. Lastly the items that the cat gives you at the start of certain floors is also different between the two rooms as well, I've picked door left then reload and picked right only for the cat to give one of the level three items I needed but the odds are still rather low. But reloading the save and picking the same room he will just give you the same items, it's only different between the two rooms again. Outside of this there is no other cheese method found so far that I could come up with or find, it's a painful trophy for some, myself included.
  19. For me when I went to buy it over here it was not showing up on the PS5 store using the console yet when I used the mobile app and the web store online it was showing. Have noticed this a few times with the PS5 for smaller titles. As for the trophy thoughts I stupidly played the game on normal first thinking it would be a good warm up, it's not needed your just wasting grind time.
  20. Update: Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth 100+68 - 7.23 = 160.77 - 15 (completion negation) = 145.77 Thanks
  21. Annoying it's free for digital deluxe only and not physical but I will buy this for sure, it's a great game
  22. This popped up as a random add on Facebook, I was like hmm wonder if it has trophies, I am ok with this DLC and the fact it is paid, the servers are dead so if a paid DLC supports more holes in the future or a new game I shall take it. As for the level itself, it was on the easier side but the fun side, made a few mistakes here and there had two holes over 7 shots and another still finished under par.
  23. The Zodiac Crown is found in the Time Rift on Floor 10, can not remember what chest. But some of these chests in the time riff were harder to find then normal.
  24. Does anyone know if you need to have all the tokens at once or is just getting them and then selling them ok? With all the bugs this game had I did not want to risk selling but I am really struggling on some of these Random and Flip battles, can not seem to get a good hand when it comes to the random modes and when I finally get one good token the token selection will either take out my good token or take out their token I want which when the rule is flip it won't matter if you win or lose. Was thinking if I deleted all the low rank tokens at least the random selection would make it easier to win but I really don't want to collect them all again.
  25. Update: Astria Ascending 100+70 - 7.11 = 162.86 + 488.58 (Callout bonus) + 50 (Speedrun) = 701.44 Thanks