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  1. Anyone can add me if they would like I play just for fun mostly still looking for friends I can talk to and such on PS Vita ShakunetsuTiger is my psn screen name. I'm currently playing: Dragon's Crown (Most of the time now) Dead or Alive 5 plus (Just causal fighting) Street Fighter X Tekken (Just causal fighting) Ragnarok Odyssey Other games I can play online: Sonic and All-Star Racing Tranformed Mortal Kombat
  2. I'm doing pretty good thanks for the welcome and I hope to have some fun around here.
  3. Thank you all so much for the welcome I'm hoping to have some fun with everyone here and I hope to make a lot of new friends too. Thank again ^^
  4. That is some tight news! Now I can play with a few people that have it for ps3. I like the abilitiy of playing these kinds of games on the go so now I can play with ps3 just makes the vita even better now! ^^
  5. Thanks ^^ I hope I will
  6. Thanks! Well I'm into Vs Fighters, Platformers, Run'n Guns, Real time RPG, Beat'em ups and Shumps and Pretty much anything old school related. Overall my favorite series are the Capcom Fighters, Double Dragon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Phanstay Star Online/Portable and Outrun And My favorite all time games so far are Sonic 3, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Mega Man Battle Network 3 and 6, Mega Man X1, Streets of Rage 2, Double Dragon (nes), Street Fighter Alpha 3, Raiden (arcade), Outrun 2006 or Outrun 2SP, Dragon's Crown. Thanks!
  7. Thanks ^^ I hope I will!
  8. Thanks a lot ^^
  9. Thanks :3 I appreciate that, I hope I do ^^;
  10. Alright, I'll keep you posted if I get any of those. Thanks
  11. Thanks :3
  12. Thanks ^^
  13. Thanks I appreciate that!
  14. Hello there fellow PSN gamers, I'm pretty much new on the forums but I've been on psn for quite sometime. I pretty much decided to join because I got tired of just randomly playing with people online and not really enjoying myself as much. So I wanted to go a bit more social and see if anyone is willing to just chat and stuff. I'm not a hardcore type of player. (I use the term player because I'm not as hardcore as others and I give everyone a lot of respect. So I don't cuss out people or get so upset I block people or things like that.) Anywho I'm just a friendly type of player, I like playing for fun not trying to be the best in the world but with some games I do get down and dirty at times but I still remain respectful regardless. I currently own both a ps3 and ps vita so I'm looking for friends on those systems to just play around and enjoy some games with multiplayer co-op or teaming up to take down a team or something like that. So again thanks for having me here, and hope to play with (or against) some of you in some of the games I have.