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  1. Feels like PSN is becoming more "Steam-like" allowing sub-par games like this past the gates, hoping to swindle some poor soul into buying them...realizing that it's a curse that was just released on your account. Funny how PSN can take free mobile games, slap a price on it, and put it out to the public like some gold spray-painted turd...
  2. I bought this sheerly because it was a buck, I was playing The Forest and my gf asked, "Why are you playing this game? It's scary...you should play something more kid friendly. Because I'm the kid of the household." I laughed replying with; "Fine, ok here's one that should not be too scary *starts up this heaping dumpster fire of a game* BETTER?" I fell asleep racing and somehow still won...getting those coins was a pain in the butt, I really didn't feel like doing 10 or so races...all I can say is that I recommend the desert race when it comes to getting coins. You get at least 190 per run, rinse and repeat and all the trophies are yours. Delete the game and NEVER PLAY IT AGAIN!
  3. @RatalaikaGames I absolutely loved the sprite work and music in this game, and with such a easy trophy list my perfectionist nature allowed me to enjoy the game till the very last level. Thank you for the amazing experience~
  4. @RatalaikaGames Another fantastic game!
  5. Though this new update is promising, it allows you to play with your friends and such...will be looking forward to testing it out and seeing if it makes grinding any easier...or if it'll remain the same Also...Lord Z hype!
  6. Been trying to get the kill Jason trophy legit for what feels like half a century...because every lobby I enter either everyone but me gets offed or someone takes the sweater and uses it before we even have a chance to summon Tommy :I
  7. Thank you for the video-guide, this was unbearable enough without it. Trying to follow the "map" on the trophyguide site lead me to aimlessly wandering this nitemare...let alone being unable to get into one of the houses cause it wouldn't let me up the damn stairs due to the character model being too big. WHAT GREAT TORTURE THIS WAS. Should be used a hazing ritual for gaming jobs
  8. I wish I waited for the Switch version tbh, now I'm gonna be stuck with this less than 30% trophy list =3=
  9. Tried to matchmake couple nights ago, keeps "losing connection to server" or waiting forever...finally got 2 matches after waiting 10 minutes without any disconnect while waiting...how do they expect people to play their broken ass game? The fact they give the 3 qualifying matches against CPU is generous...but it doesn't make up for lazy/bad programming. At this rate with the few players that do play this game, they might consider those players "boosting" and they might end up getting banned (though I'm not exactly sure how the banning system works? Is each match monitored or something? Lol). Maybe more people would play their game if they didn't ban hammer everyone that actually enjoyed the game for what it is...I hate being a child at heart sometimes