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  1. Yeah there is a new stack like the same list as the ps4 version 🙂
  2. Sometimes you need to type the hiragana, katakana or kanji's to find specific games, or you can just copy somewhere the japanese name of the game and paste it into the store to find. Anyway hope this helps Legends of Talia タリアの伝説 女騎士アルカディア
  3. According to their Facebook page of Operation7: Showdown this game will be closed at 1st August 2021. Delisting: 1st June 2021. Source here: To our Operation7: Showdown community, We are sad to announce that the PS4 service of Operation7: Showdown will close on August 1, 2021. Starting after May 1, 2021, sales of all digital products within the game will be disabled and on June 1, 2021, players will no longer be able to download Operation7: Showdown from the store. May 1, 2021 PST - Shop Close June 1, 2021 PST - Download Unavailable We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our players for the support and feedback throughout the past year. Thank you, - Operation7 Showdown Team
  4. Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified (PSV) Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (PS3) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3) Cs:Go (PS3) Fifa Street 2 (PSP) MAG (PS3) Motorstorm Arctic Edge (PSP, PS2) Motorstorm RC (PSV, PS3) Terminator Salvation (PS3) Uncharted Golden Abyss (PSV) Thumps up if you agree with a minimum of 1 game that should get a remastered version on ps4/ps5 🙂
  5. Sorry but I really hope there isn't a workaround for that, the old (virzoom bike) is so rare and expensive these days, hope that isn't possible to "cheat" with unofficial virzoom usb dongle or something else, i'm really proud to own my (virzoom bike)^^
  6. Hey guys I want to share my experience with the (mars lightcon and mars ir station) (special peripheral) Sadly there are only 3 games for this special weapon, Big Buck Hunter (optional) Qubit's Quest (required) Voyage of the Dead (required) I beat Qubit's Quest already two times, i really had fun with this game. What I can say for the Arcade mode is many of these tasks can be a pain, the best hint I can tell you is if you stuck at some point, try out to pause and steer the aiming, now resume to get more quickly and accurate this will help for the most of the arcade mini game trophies. For the Story mode I couldn't tell to much it's just very straight forward, there are 5 Levels in total you must collect all secret pawns and beat the game on the hardest difficulty, isn't to hard actually.
  7. Confirm the code with the square button, no special car needed
  8. Found out you could just type directly in the singleplayer the code in: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square Just drive through these (ghost) traffic cars
  9. In main menu go to: Free Roam (Singleplayer) When the game starts head to the left drive to the desert. The will be a house on the left side Get out of the car go into the house. Theres a ps4 on the table press square to activate it and look at the code on the screen Type in and head back to the car. The car is now purple and just drive through these traffic cars. 😀
  10. Holy crap I got it
  11. Lost almost 4 hours I have no clue what to do :/ would have spread what to do
  12. 👍😀
  13. @Thrillhelm and @Mossekk would you share us how you guys did it?
  14. I tried almost 2 hours, to figure out actually what to do. i don't know if its obtainable through
  15. Yes, i didn't actually understand the last trophy what to do? Couldn't find a "purple mode" weird