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  1. Thanks this works like a charm
  2. Is there a good strategy with 2 controller? I try all the time shooting in front of the goal and block the attack with my main account, still not successful yet
  3. You can easily do this with a second controller, make a fast free kick (near the enemy goal), and score an fast goal within 3 attempts
  4. you have a ps vita minecraft trophy world? Need a lot of trophies done. Thank you.

  5. Today they released an update for Eternal PS4 & PS5 (version 1.03) Changelog: Bug fixes Still stucking in the tutorial like you already described. I also tried to change the system language to japanese (maybe because of the calibrate the letters or something) but the issue with dialog box still closing instantly. There is also no way around to skip the tutorial, so it seems like to wait for another patch.
  6. Can confirm this issue happened on ps4 eu version aswell
  7. Now I got the same problem with my second account, first I started today the game completely from scratch all fine, after a couple of hours I decided to take a break and I closed the game. and came back later again, when i boot the game up it automatically signed in online and all virtually kilometers poped. The bike has a token, like previous posts said. I bought it 2019 used from bizzy, so it isn't possible to reset the bike, also the virzoom support don't know. For some reason the bike has something information that the trophy's already has all requirements met, and autopoped then. So the game is (un)playable OFFLINE. No trophy's can be unlocked and there is no safe progress. you have to play online with an account. Sadly now days you can't register a new my virzoom account. I also wrote a couple of emails in the past weeks with Jason from virzoom | vzfit support. He made me a from scratch After a 3rd restart of this game all in "game achievements" are now shown but the trophies didn't pop, this game such a buggy fest I decided to play from now on, EU/NA version switched to another version and played it in ONE sitting from saturday until monday to encounter more trophy glitches and i found out a very nice trophy bug, for the 17000 calories. you can idle with the psvr AFK the calories over day&nights and it counts towards the trophy progress. [bike required] Thanks for your attention, greetings from germany i found out a very nice trophy bug, for the 17000 calories. you can idle with the psvr the calories over nights and it counts towards the trophy progress.
  8. Thank you that worked, for the outrider trophy type in where you can spawn enemies "spider" spawn all these spiders and insta kill them that should work thank you @Deluziion90 for the quick and information
  9. I tried for hours, i put in the "Improved Blacksmith's Bench" the "Maev the Magnificent" in the first slot but I had no clue which item need to be crafted with the eldarium in?
  10. I wish I knew it :/ and how to craft an item with using eldarium as well, damn this dlc is really confusing actually what to do
  11. Yes its working.
  12. I did just the report, make sure you fully met the requirement of the bugged trophies then it shouldn't be a problem and you get probably your trophies also really quick after their investigation 🙂
  13. Hi Infernofeuer"No worries, Let me check that for you!I checked your account and, after a thorough investigation, I was able to grant you the missing Trophies! Face First, Big Bully, Big Tease, and Stumble Chums should now be visible on your account. Congrats!If you have any more questions or issues, please contact us again and we will do our best to help you out!See you in the game!" took me less than 1 hour to get the email response, all trophies appeared after my match ended and got randomly also lvl 25 😆 good luck anyone out there
  14. Oh yeah I did only a couple of sniper kills for the trophy yeah, they were bugged since I played, did they patched the game now? I boosted on both acc's the game. It took me estimated time ~40-50h. 100 kills with grenade and melee kills was like you described already, think also impossible or maybe a way longer to get it maybe without boosting. Finally fun game with unfitting trophy's ^^
  15. Agree, i did it twice, i really liked the game tbh