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  1. No shoutout to me? Sad I helped by a few things, anyway was a fun game
  2. Check hk or jp store
  3. What remains of edith finch was nice I'm glad to play this one again *-* nice story game
  4. Coconut Island Studio *-* They did One Tap Hero one of my favorite jump and run game
  5. Ok, its bad but not that bad at all, played it 4 times to 100%, you are right there are many bugs in the game, the best thing in the game is you must aim with your head that's quiet fun in the vr version, don't blame the developers they are from turkey and they did only a couple of games, in the past I wrote with them a few times via email they are conversation able
  6. Thanks for heads up, picked it
  7. Sure it is
  8. Yeah just set your system language to Japanese, that's what I did and worked, and the game was still in English playable 🙂
  9. Yeah you're right ☺️
  10. Would say it's a 3.5/10 difficulty, enjoyable game ☺️
  11. Glad I could helped
  12. Hadn't any issues with this game, i also really like it hopefully they will patch dlc trophies in this game, try out set your system language to English or Japanese maybe this will help
  13. I can't play this game anymore with the newest version, tried a couple of times, redownloaded but still crashes immediately, i don't know why... Has anyone else the same problem with this game?
  14. I just noticed that the game was actually pulled from store. Thoughts?