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  1. No its still there in the Download list, checked Website and ps4 store (for me)
  2. Damn I didn't knew that, well I paid the full price at may 2018. Price Drop was early 2019 😐
  3. Hagwalla legend was a way more overpriced at the Release £32,99 now only £7,39 😂
  4. This one was a way better than the last one "arab drift cars" a must be for sure! 🙂
  5. As long as it is not confirmed that it will also be released digitally, i have ordered the cd's as a precaution. I mean the "crazy chicken kart 2" ps4 version is unfortunately also only physical. But the ps5 shooter bundle was released AT FIRST physical only and later on digitally aswell. Quite confusing this publisher, better be safe and get the cd's my opinion.
  6. Ordered these 4 new crazy chicken stacks ~90€ 🙂
  7. One day, i will try out if there is any other trophy obtainable but haven't even looked diver into it after I got the 61%. Maybe the missable trophies could trigger in other way? (like description failed or whatever). However I discontinued even played longer than the 61% sadly.
  8. Maybe give "Atomine" a try, heard that is a twin stick shooter. The trophy pictures looks lit tho😅
  9. So that means, the game is locked behind the peripheral smartwatch screen and isn't playable offline or without?
  10. Approximate ~1h 30min for 100% nothing is missable. 1/10 difficulty Fun little Vr game
  11. Sadly it's not autopopping
  12. Hope they release an asia stack aswell or japanese, maybe more kinds of these games as well 😅
  13. Thanks this works like a charm
  14. Is there a good strategy with 2 controller? I try all the time shooting in front of the goal and block the attack with my main account, still not successful yet
  15. You can easily do this with a second controller, make a fast free kick (near the enemy goal), and score an fast goal within 3 attempts