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  1. Yeah just jump in these gaps marked on the map you'll die instantly but the trophy pop, this trophy should pop while play normally (eventually). ^^ hope this helps
  2. Sign me up also, got' an uk account as well and I'm looking for rare games ^^
  3. Good news: the game is live again in North America (Europe should be live tomorrow). Bad news: this may have been a mistake… so if you want to cop our PS4 game, album, or DLC you’d better do it ASAP! If it goes down again you can still play if it’s downloaded!
  4. ごめんなさい, i couldn't find anything in the japanese store :/
  5. 😃
  6. Put me in aswell if i'm not to late, focused for the game quite a long time hadn't luck to get a key
  7. Now only Wraith VR EU version 3M FOUNDATION (Platinum Eu) 3M FOUNDATION (Platinum Us) And i'd extremely glad, but think will not happen
  8. There are 2 platinum versions of this free VR game that are unsynchronized [EU & NA]. I don't know what the third 100% version is. Edit: Thanks to @HuntingFever for letting me know how to add high quality photos via Imgur, didn't uploaded so much photo's in the past^^
  9. Ah thank you for clarifying
  10. I just noticed there must be another trophy list for the game with a platinum trophy, is currently unsync able yet...? Edit: 1 Platinum 10 Gold 2 Silver
  11. Spin with low budget if you just gonna go for the trophy and patience is mandatory ^^ good luck
  12. Yeah that's right happened 2 times for me... When the wilds swoop down in the bonus round then another 3 BONUS icons MUST appear and that makes the trophy actually annoying! Best success to you all who attempt it
  13. Finally the grind is over this pain trophy is done nearly 2 am now... Can't imagine how much time I constantly spended on this trash new slot, almost 5 days unbelievable... Rough estimate time took me for "Freer than free" trophy 40-50hours!!!
  14. Wtf why are people so lucky with that one... I spin now the 4th in a row this fucking slot for like 10-12h each day, no success... What a mess! 😡
  15. I lost nearly 600.000 coins on this slot don't know how long I spined the slot actually now day 3 for this luck based trophy, should be around 8000-10000 now I'm tired...