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  1. What I said all the time^^
  2. Strange, I had no clue sorry. I just can confirm that german retail and digital Version works like a charm
  3. Try to play until the first Trophy pops, then it should work normally. Sometimes games has this issue that the trophy list does not appear until the first trophy pops I remembered a simmilar issue with qubit's Quest ps4.
  4. Well thats not true, here is the japanese trophy list that most likely shares the list internationally.エターナルトロフィーセット
  5.エターナルトロフィーセット I think Japanese Version now shares the same Trophy list with the New Eternal WW release, but can't confirm for sure. There is also a ps4 version without a trophy list (jp testet)
  6. Sorry forgot to mention, downloaded on ps5
  7. Heavy Rain Ps4 Eu Playstation Plus Version worked for me 😀
  8. First off thank you for creating this non snycer list. I remembered a few years ago @NekoRave has put some effort and talked to the developers to get some unsnyc. Games online thanks for that neko Hope this masterlist can be updated and get fully detailed thank you @HuntingFever to dive into this Please add to this 3M Spain Foundation -Stem+Vr eu and na list
  9. PS5 playtime tracker is now fixed 😊 Let's see how long it lasts until it stops working again
  10. Heavy metal machines is now officially down, I just tried it out. R.I.P
  11. Hey there, in order to play the game you must be signed in with the old virzoom account (website) were you now days won't able to create an account. Otherwise you can't progress in the game or get any trophies. I got luckily 2 accounts created in the past so I can still play whenever I want to. I'm really sorry for you 😔
  12. Maybe i found the solution, I decided to delete the Save data and starting from scratch, now I got the Trophy for dive into the first dungeon.(trophy also appear live on screen now finally) I think the Japanese game completely messed up somehow.
  13. @MattPietihave you be aware of tophy Bugs/Glitches too in this game? I mean I got a few more bugs where the trophys wont show at screen and I have to check all the time manually at the trophys and restarting the game countless times, this game makes me gonna get rid
  14. First off I just started the game with my main account and hadn't any issues with the trophies. I decided to do the game a second time on my 100% account. i earned the first trophy (Digged mine 10 times), after that i played my own dungeons that i created with my main acc in the past, kill 500 monster instantly, created and publish a own dungeon, mine 500 times and stuff like that with turbo controller. Then I noticed after my first trophy in the game these other trophies that i did the reqiurement described before didn't pop. I decided to restart the game and the 4 trophys where i did the reqiurement popt instantly wtf... From now on the game works now like a charm. had anyone else problems where you did the reqirements and no trophy pop ONLY after restarting the game or something? Playing on PS5 BQM JAPANESE Game. Year's ago on my main account i hadn't any issues with this game. I just want to let you guys know of this bug Trophy 2,3,4,5 poped instantly after restart the game