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  1. The trophy just pop, a couple of minutes ago I went through @Sombroff description and somehow it popped randomly, i played a challenge from a friend and I was under the folder "challenges from friends" right after the beginning from the drift race the trophy popped.. Annoying but finally done^^
  2. If you are lucky you can get the camouflage trophy via the loot drop (red present) for me it took a while to finally pop it but shouldn't more than 15-20 loot drops I think, good luck anyone out there
  3. Seems to be an wrong translation, you need to be reduced 3 times in one game. Good luck
  4. Copy and paste google translate tbh 😂😂 the game is really straightforward you just keep an eye out for the 30 grenade kills they can be a pain but the other trophy's are very easy shouldn't take longer than 1-2 days Edit: just saw these were mine timestamps lol😃
  5. Like I did, fun br game
  6. Hey is it possible to saving time for the 35 min trophy if you beat chapter by chapter so fast as possible and upload the save data to online storage, if fail download the Sava data again... And repeat it over the whole game? Because i read if you pause the game the time counter is still running, so sad... I try the save data method but can anyone confirm if this work? 'Cause the video guide on youtube seems impossible to do the game and watch the video at the same time? Any tips or strategy will be appreciate, for gamers who don't own this game STAY AWAY from this TRASH GAME. Greetz Infernofeuer1
  7. I don't know what just happened, i boot up almost every day the game for workout, i had trouble with another game called "wraith vr eu" version cause the trophy list is not live with the psn servers and every time when I wanna look at my trophies they try to snyc. But keeps failing all the time, there are a few vr games out there where the trophy lists aren't live to the psn servers. anyway, so I decided today after a long time to delete my account on my ps4 to get this issue fixed, I resigned my account back to the same ps4 again the trophy issue was fixed and rollback a few save files, After that i decided to play a little bit virzoom arcade and want to continue my every day workout but with unknown issues all trophy's for riding the vkm did pop in the main menu immediately, i don't know why the game is saving all my stats online and evertime i start the game i need to reregister my vr zoom bike with a code with 4 letters thats weird, Since the beginning what the fuck I'm not sure how the issue cause's I got a good progress these last days and weeks (almost riding the united kingdom trophy) I just saw he also got immediately these riding trophys in a row I thought maybe he played the game via steam and just carry over to ps4 to pop close because the game is cross platform and linked with steam account. Anyway I bought the bike to had a motivation and a grind over weeks and the "positive trophy issue is robbering now the fun of the game... just ridiculous
  8. Sorry for off topic, Wraith eu vr list is also for like 4 months now not synchronable it's a shame and the devs don't response on e-mail or twitter
  9. Since they released the game update 1.01, I still got the same error (CE-38700-8) Running the official 7.00 on ps4 pro (new firmware update a few weeks ago) Enabled/Disabled the Boost Mode Tried to change the system language to english (usa and uk) Deleted save file Tried to load up the game with and without an internet connection Redownloaded the game a few times, seems a broken game with (1.01) Hadn't any issues when the game comes out with base 1.00 version why the hell did they released the update Anyone else got issues with Hagwalla Legend? Got no more solutions to get this game running. What a mess I recommend do NOT buy this game until its patched, tbh the game was a joke by the way graphics and controls
  10. Error code is (CE-38700-8) And I tried with both ps4's the original 6.72 version
  11. For me it's still instantly crashing with ps4 pro and normal ps4 one, i don't know why every other game works fine, for me the game never load with 1.01 I'll add later or tomorrow the error code here
  12. Thank you for posting this, i will approach this trophy in the near future, can you eventually say the estimate time what you spend for the trophy [6 dead ends]? Maybe 5-8h or more? Would highly appreciate if you let us know Best Regards Inferno Germany
  13. Very nice thanks for your tip and shares with all others
  14. I can confirm its working got all 3 versions 100% nice game tbh
  15. Yeah I can confirm it's playable in English
  16. Late Shift and The Bunker are interactive movie games, very enjoyable. I also love One Tap Hero can also be played one handed. Of course the walking dead games can most likely also be played one handed, there are many fun and enjoyable games out there Happy hunting Best regards Inferno
  17. Maybe it's possible to play the game on an EU account if we set up the internet connection with a US; DNS or Proxy Server? Does someone know about these settings or could probably try it out with this game? I heard about the same thing with the Chinese or Hong Kong version of 3on3 Freestyle this game was also blocked to play but I saw an american has it, maybe there is hope also for this game EU Players could play normally this game with an american blank account doesn't matter if it's us, canada, equador, brazil etc. EU Players got this message ( Error message: Get server list failed.) Best Regards Inferno
  18. Sad to hear I did the game last year when it was released, hadn't issues with firmware 1.00, maybe you can try to download via the proxy trick the 1.00 version (other thread here) but never hadn't tried myself, good luck
  19. Thank you just saw it, appreciate
  20. Where do you know that it would be 10th july in NA?
  21. Does anyone knows when this game release? I played the beta last year, was actually fun game, doesn't find any information about release on the internet
  22. You need to ring the bell after the raid (waves) then it should pop immediately
  23. Check hk or jp store
  24. What remains of edith finch was nice I'm glad to play this one again *-* nice story game
  25. Coconut Island Studio *-* They did One Tap Hero one of my favorite jump and run game