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  1. Thanks for heads up, picked it
  2. Sure it is
  3. Yeah just set your system language to Japanese, that's what I did and worked, and the game was still in English playable 🙂
  4. Would say it's a 3.5/10 difficulty, enjoyable game ☺️
  5. Glad I could helped
  6. Hadn't any issues with this game, i also really like it hopefully they will patch dlc trophies in this game, try out set your system language to English or Japanese maybe this will help
  7. I can't play this game anymore with the newest version, tried a couple of times, redownloaded but still crashes immediately, i don't know why... Has anyone else the same problem with this game?
  8. I just noticed that the game was actually pulled from store. Thoughts?
  9. I can't get it running with 1.01 Everytime when I try booting the game up its crashing immediately
  10. Annoying, one of the worried game ever, i'll take a look later what they patched
  11. Yeah was working, had also trouble with the tutorial one but nice and quick game
  12. Still no news for "dead land vr NA" version, while the EU version trophies are synchronize to psn isn't the NA version for like 3 weeks still not live, the developer don't care on twitter no response very sad Edit: Today (02/25/19) the VR NA version trophy list was uploaded thanks Kodobur
  13. Well, the game is only playable in vr, so no optional mode, sad. The second thing is the trophy list is after a few days still not live yet? Whats wrong? The game has a few bugs you're running against invisible walls.? Hope they will patch the game Has anyone else tried this experience?
  14. Extremely sad
  15. Are you also looking for to get it? I mean german could be tough if isn't your mother language
  16. 40 bucks... Still expensive I just found that link:
  17. Ich würde es kaufen wenn es keine 60€ kostet I would like to buy it if this one won't cost about 60 bucks
  18. Still waiting for refund,I didn't receive a notification on my ps4 by the way... Edit: they refunded us yesterday
  19. Uncharted 3 on ps3, overseer trophy is such a pain trophy everyone who beat it they now what I'm talking about. Also a pain was in way of redemption win a round within 30 seconds (server already closed)
  20. Yes it is, happened to me and a friend.
  21. Finally it worked, solved it by backup the save data and done the 10 time challenge in a row with a car.
  22. Maybe, I don't remember, how to solve if yes? :/ Edit: My first time challenge was with a car. [trophy image]
  23. The game was free in the China store, now its pulled from store since last year in may or June when I remembered right. It was damn hard 'cause not many people played it and that's actually why they closed the servers... about only ~10-15 people were playing this version per day.