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  1. The game was free in the China store, now its pulled from store since last year in may or June when I remembered right. It was damn hard 'cause not many people played it and that's actually why they closed the servers... about only ~10-15 people were playing this version per day.
  2. Looking for players who actually wanna play the chinese Version for trophys the game is free and completely in English if you set your PlayStation as (English united states) make sure that they set shutdown on 07/24/2017. All trophy's will be unobtainable after this date. I'm from germany, I'm looking for German people but also for English speaking people. The reason why I wrote this topic is, there aren't many people out there per day. Hopefully someone got interest to complete it as well with me write down below or message me on psn. Happy trophy hunting and thanks for your attention
  3. Thanks for heads up, sems very hard for me then :/
  4. Sad, i couldn't beat this trash game buggy and hard through, anyway thanks for heads up Edit: Glad, I managed it
  5. January the 5th they said, Sony delayed the release. Reason unknown.
  6. I think i know this problem eventually, do you try to get the trophy's with a texture package enabled? Or the original texture package? If still doesn't work, message me on Psn (Infernofeuer1) got a perfect trophy world with all dlcs are prepared so i'll help
  7. The EU version for 36 fragments of midnight was delayed to January 5th
  8. "We cannot complete the transaction." Still looking for a clue, anyone out there who knows a solution? Which VPN actually works for that? I'm using hola VPN 'cause I'm living in the EU. Thanks in advice
  9. I also tried it, got 2000 points on sony rewards site when I try to redeem a Psn $20 card it shows me in the shopping area: "We cannot complete the transaction." Has someone a solution for that? Will be very grateful and appreciate it.
  10. I played it and I can confirm that's playable without VR mode. VR mode is optional in this game, hope that helps
  11. Finally green lava studio posted on Twitter the release date for my name is mayo EU version!! Ps4/Vita It's the 8th November 2017! Source: What's your opinions guys?
  12. That's completely a joke...? Damn, we actually waiting for such a long time and now...? Very disappointed :@
  13. He beat also olliolli too in like 9 seconds too and I actually saw fruit ninja was cheated also some trophys was unlocked within seconds. It's all hacked with a vita for sure. Why people are hacking??
  14. Finally the latest dlc is up now, it can be synchronized to psn
  15. I agree it's a shame that they didn't patched it yet 'cause there was already last week a patch with about 30-40MB and still wasn't patched I hope they will fix it soon.
  16. Same Here need also download message me I help also or download I download back Edit: all online trophys done now
  17. Still looking for a team to play, I can actually push new players got aakad (exp map) and will help people if someone interested. Come on guys download the chinese version 👍
  18. PS4 - Warframe (Chinese Version) - 24th of July, 2017 (Only chinese version is closing, global has no announcement as it is still quite alive) It's here linked in this topic for all upcoming server shutdowns: Warframe Chinese version link here:!/zh-hans-cn/游戏/星际战甲主机版/cid=HP5041-CUSA01639_00-WARFRAMECHINA001
  19. They hadn't released an update yet.
  20. I think you need it from Korean store downloaded only the EU us and HK version but i think I will first clean up 1 version
  21. The 4th Version is korean Version the game is a huge grind
  22. What is halo topper trophy can't find it in car customizing :/
  23. Got a perfect trophy world on ps4 sorry can't help anyone... Helping people on ps4 who can help me also with ps3 and vita (new dlc trophy's)
  24. Still waiting for my german beta key, signed up 2 weeks ago... Can anyone tell me when I actually get a beta key via e-mail?
  25. My wishlist were: Burnout Grandia 2 MotorStrom Arctic Edge Yu-Gi-Oh! (Titles)