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  1. Got a perfect trophy world on ps4 sorry can't help anyone... Helping people on ps4 who can help me also with ps3 and vita (new dlc trophy's)
  2. Still waiting for my german beta key, signed up 2 weeks ago... Can anyone tell me when I actually get a beta key via e-mail?
  3. My wishlist were: Burnout Grandia 2 MotorStrom Arctic Edge Yu-Gi-Oh! (Titles)
  4. Can anyone confirm if this game come to Europe too?
  5. I haven't preordered this game but I actually would like to looking into the game. [i'm from germany so it's in EU]
  6. Massive Signing "Sign a player better than anyone else on your club during the transfer window" i've done so many methodes to do this trophy but nothing worked for me hope anyone can tell me a strategy to beat this trophy i've got 98% in the game i want to do the plat i tried to buy manuel neuer from bayern m√ľnchen from PSC with 144 mio budget but don't work. i have tried for 2-3 hours to beat the trophy anyway. Thanks if anyone can help me Sincerely your, Infernofeuer1
  7. I've this FU***** trophy today ^^
  8. mh still dont work for me... i've delete the game and started the game again to do the trophy but still dont work... i think i need a video to do the trophy..? but i get the trophy on fifa 13 and 14 (PSV) already but i didnt know how ^^ still need help for the damnit trophy
  9. it means like days in minecraft... a day is like 15 minutes means like 15 minutes x 100 = 1500 minutes (circa)
  10. i think my is uncharted 3 i'm not pretty sure but i think i overclocked the 1000 hours
  11. it costs 20$
  12. Flawless Mission Complete all five Mars campaigns without losing a single worm. Can anyone tell me how i earn this trophy easy... i need some tips from guys that earned this trophy already... Please Help me with that trophy