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  1. Just wanted to mention that I also got it and had the same problems as OP, can perfect Hard but when it comes to Extremes and Dual-Wielding... yikes. With some repeating of the level and 'lucky' places of Rate Up and without the chance time... Truly a headache-worthy level / trophy 😒
  2. Just sent them an e-mail about this. Totally forgot about this extra promo content. With the whole PS5 thing going on, guess it'll take some time they'll answer but that's alright with me. Also good to know that this is still on-going... 😮
  3. Heya, I have the same issue with the "NameX has no trophies or their trophies are private" Thanks in advance and nice to see it implemented! EDIT: Works now! Guess we had to wait a little for it to sync and the back-end does their stuff!
  4. Really loving this franchise. I had a problem with all the typos though... Mokea?! Rintro?! Was Was?! Like come on... Nevertheless, great game!
  5. Heya, just got myself a 3DS for the upcoming Pokemon (Sun in my case). I play Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Y and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Friendcode: 2681-3640-6080 Name: SleepSub
  6. Platinum #9 Need For Speed: Rivals Platinum Trophy (Earn all Need for Speed™ Rivals Trophies) ----- Good god, finally done grinding the levels of this one... Woah. I believe my finger just broke doing the last 2 races...
  7. Platinum #8 デート・ア・ライブ 凜祢ユートピア デート・ア・コンプリート (全てのトロフィーを獲得しました) ----- Just one word for this game: SHIDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO---!!!
  8. Happy new Gaming year all together!

  9. Platinum #7 MONSTER MONPIECE Monster Monpiece Master (Obtained all the trophies!) ----- Just finished my plat resolution for 2015!
  10. Platinum #6 DRAG-ON DRAGOON 3 The Final Song (I can hear the sound.) ----- Now I need the DLC to get it to 100%
  11. Trophy Resolution for 2015 were: Completion Percent to 40% (Currently 37.09%) 1250 Unearned Trophies (Currently 1,146) Top 7500 Country Rank (Currently 7,742) 700 Trophies (Current 696)[Achieveable] 7 Platinums (Currently 6)[Achieveable] Trophy Resolution for 2016: Trophy Level to 20 (Currently 12) Completion Percent to 55% (Currently 37.09%) 750 Unearned Trophies (Currently 1,146) Top 5000 Country Rank (Currently 7,742) 1250 Trophies (Current 696) 15 Platinums (Currently 6)
  12. Finally got the plat for it. Grinding was worth it! GTA: SA. I want to play it, but wanna start when I get some plats on my older games...
  13. Play #6 - Drakengard 3 / Dragoon 3 - Finally got the plat of that one and that with 1st XMas day! \o/

    1. WILD DOG

      WILD DOG

      congrats :D I still need to buy the DLC myself

    2. Koito


      Same, but I still hope somewhere in the future, it gets a (huge) discount :< I don't like the non-100% at all tbh xD

  14. Currently grinding Drakengard 3 for Gold to upgrade all the weapons~

  15. I don't actually know. I have a 1Gbps connection, so I never really had to wait for a download. Mostly of the time I start the download, get some snacks or cookies and something to drink to get back and there it is, downloaded and well...