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  1. Yes, but my point is that you didn't consider it an issue until it was a feature on a newer product. I may be misreading the OP's intention but I thought they wanted topics about issues with the PS3, and not "whats better on the PS4".
  2. You guys acting surprised? It always takes EA another year after release to fix their BF games.
  3. The site not updating issue already has a thread:
  4. removing backwards compatibility, and not giving everyone the 4 USBs even though the hardware was always capable. overheating was another. lots of these other issues mentioned are only hindsight when comparing to the PS4 and I wouldn't say they were bad things at the time. These things are still a problem, and not related to the PS3, just Sony's lack of appetite to fix or give us filtering on the webstore.
  5. I love the BF series but won’t pay full for EA. BF5 is just re-skinned BF1 anyway.
  6. I think there is an Operations server on Brusilov Keep that will start with one player, pre round set up is disabled. Try searching for it. Good luck!
  7. You sure you played on conquest? It isn't bugged because people are getting it pretty regular.
  8. I had to update mine yesterday manually. Premium members should be done every 6 hours automatically but it didn't happen. I earned another trophy last night, updated to PSN and it should have been updated here but it hasn't. I don't much care but something definitely isn't working right with auto updates.
  9. .
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys. I don't mind hard challenges when it comes to the campaign, I think I can handle myself there, but the grinding kills sounds really boring. Hmmm. With my 2 hours of avg daily game time that's about a month and a half just on the kills. Yucky.
  11. How difficult is this trophy? Does it come down to a grind, or is there actually something hard about the requirements? Id like to try and plat the game but Giant Accomplishment still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I do prefer MW to Blops.
  12. If you have a 2nd controller for your PS4 you can get it that way. Start a game and when you are on the character select screen turn on your second controller and then you can add the charms to the first character. Once the story starts on first chapter, you will get the trophy. I was able to get 110 stars across different difficulties and got the trophy for that. I was also able to unlock the charms trophy this way. It works on NA VITA version, it might work for you too!
  13. Just play the game? Im still getting trophies in regular public servers with no issues.
  14. The EU servers don't connect. You will either need to find someone from NA to start a session and connect to them or play on your PS4 (either with a 2nd controller or account) if you have one. Co-op session is here You aren't really supposed to stat threads for this subject. Also, read a guide to find out more. Devolver doesn't give half a shit about trophy or game bugs. They are lame, Ill never ever spend money on their product.
  15. Hopefully there is some challenge to Hardcore or yeah, this will be an easy plat. BF1 was pretty easy too. DLC will take time as always with BF. Another game supporting the idea that “games are getting easier over time”. That is one thing CoD has over this franchise, they make harder plats.