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  1. You're the best @Neocarleen!
  2. If you are careful and follow guide strategy these trophies aren’t difficult. I always hesistate to use the word easy when it comes to getting trophies but these one mostly take a plan and some patience to follow it. Personally I thought that TLoU MP was really enjoyable. I also think they keep the ps4 going until the ps5 comes out if not longer.
  3. It depends on your definition of cheating. But really, since when is cheating ok for anything? You are only fooling yourself and taking away from others.
  4. Awesome.
  5. You mean where you drive the vehicle around and collect the Bavarium? Use the hummer thing and tether the box very close to the rear of the vehicle, not far back where it spawns. I had it almost strapped to the bumper. This will give you better control of the magnet. Plan a route and drive around slowly (try to ignore the enemies, so annoying) and gather as much ore as possible before returning it. If you return a large quantity at once you will get a time bonus. There is also the rare ore which gives bonus points. Hope it helps. Also its best to do this one early to give you more tethers for other challenges.
  6. It pretty much is. As you know with multiple endings you need to do at least partial play-throughs to get them and the first part of the guide covers that. I'm not sure if there would be a more efficient way to get it done. Great game and worth the effort for sure. Here is the forum guide, I find it easier to follow.
  7. there easy ways man.
  8. For the air races I am using the last chopper where possible. A few will require the jet. Once you have lvl 2 nitro you can just hold it down and it will keep the speed at pretty close to max which is enough to finish the races with 5 cogs. You can use the F1 car for most of the land races. The boat races aren't too bad with the fastest stock boat and nitro II. The black boat control isn't great imo and the extra speed isnt required. Loochador kicks but you need DLC. Try to find a heli or tank for the harder to do destruction frenzies. You can also prep everything ahead of time, drive a bunch of vehicles in a pile and start the challenge by blowing them up to get the 8x and then start on the chaos objects. You can also pull the doors off of some of the harder to explode items like the transformers etc. Then set up your 6 tethers to take down the easy stuff. Massive excavators can be damaged to 90%, just leave behind one of the 8 motor things. Wingsuit challenges mostly just need practice. I found it helpful to unlock the wingsuit reel-in III and used it a few times to get past the finish ring. I put a bunch of them off while I was doing the DLCs hoping to use the better wingsuit but I guess I'm not allowed to use it on the challenges in the base game. WTF, seriously, total BS. I digress. Shooting Range challenges can be made easier with precision aim unlock. It also helps to take several steps back from the spawn location to increase your FOV so you do not have to move your aim as far left to right! Its also more important to not break your combo multiplier than to hit every target and bullseyes are pretty much necessary to get the 5 gears.
  9. The one from . I feel its needed to get the endings. Even with a guide it was a great experience.
  10. Thanks for the list @Neocarleen The way a sale thread should start.
  11. Lone Survivor - did it on a MExico vacation, and yeah, I used a guide. Great game! Platinum 3 days, 11 minutes, 57 seconds 1st Dec 2014 8:52:23 AM
  12. It was boring for sure, and the last trophy i got for that game. For a while i squirt gunned, then I switched to the weedwhacker. About 10k per token, with a top score of 11800ish.
  13. Thoughts? Well I see 11 golds and a plat with +70% completion and think "cash grab" and why isn't this 10 bronze trophies and a gold for 100% instead of a plat.
  14. what is the point of this thread?