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  1. As long as you don't get frustrated by respawning until you get it right its entirely do-able. Seems like people are in agreement there are 2-4 tricky parts but the rest is fine once you get into the rhythm. Great game and worth the struggle imo.
  2. Agree with Fjell, that is where i got my 5. Also not convinced it has to be AA, any occupied stationary kill and destruction counts.
  3. For Twisted Metal you want to be on the English side. I spent hours figuring this out. Unless your team is beast then it is very hard for the German side to cap on Arras. For Rotterdam it matters less, but I think the English side has a bit of and advantage as well. Nothing worse than playing for an hour and not getting a flag cap... GL.
  4. Where do you draw the line man. Seriously, old games that mostly no one cares about and honestly the companies that made these have no obligation to maintain trophy support forever. Are you going to go after WB to have them turn up the Gotham City Imposters servers or get LBPKarting servers running again? Move on with your life.
  5. kk, good to know. maybe just the stuff on my list i guess.
  6. How often does DLC from a PS plus game go on sale? I'm gonna go with never.
  7. Couple days ago I said JC3. Now after having played the BF:V campaign I can quite easily say that it is way f*cking worse. What an unfinished mess. And I LOVE BF games. Don't mind the stories at all but losing the ability to shoot my weapons in the middle of a fire fight on hardcore just because I swapped my guns while belly crawling? OHK by a rocket launcher from half way across the map? Enemies pre-firing around corners after I spent 5 minutes flanking them? Respawning me on the opposite side of the map after a checkpoint just saved? Falling through the map after a cut scene? Had to do a full reboot and turn off my internet connection to finish it. Luckily i was able to cheese some of the chapters just by running past them and interacting with doors, watching a cut scene, opening the same door and having 4 guys waiting to kill me on the other side. They kill me and then I respawn into the next part of the story. What a horrible joke. This franchise seems to get worse with every release. Lazy millennial programming. Stay away from the nuke codes please. /rant
  8. i just looked at the other gaming site forum. i think you are SOL.
  9. Well thats a bummer. Did you search the internets to see if the 2nd player is supposed to get trophies?
  10. The guides say that you need to start a new game on Duo mode to get the co-op trophies, I am not sure if that applies to all trophies for the second player. Did you start a new game or did you chapter select?
  11. Aside from the obvious, the game that comes to mind for me is Just Cause 3. Next to no story, terrible voice acting, crap controls and glitches. Even the wing suit couldn't make me play this for a second after I got the 100%.
  12. Because then no one would be happy.
  13. They could put some TLoU PS3 stuff on sale here, but i guess not.
  14. Id imagine this game merits ONE official trading topic, much like BL2 has.