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  1. I played it via psplus. Decent but short 8bit. I wouldn’t pay for it but i’m not a collector.
  2. This is true. You can only boost from the "good people" side. Then you need to restart the match. I did it with both PS3 and PS4.
  3. Enjoyment of the game is what really matters. After that I like to 100% if I can, but I nly buy DLC if I really like the base game or it goes on super sale, or is bundled (GOTY etc).
  4. Perhaps. I thought maybe they provided some justification rather than putting out the info and giving us the option to be in or out (completely out) Tell me something I don't know.
  5. Good month to take away the bitter taste of bad news. F U SONY. Why drop PS3 and PSV games? I don't see a reason for this.
  6. It’s happened to me on occasion. Never spent much time thinking about why, just moved on. Interesting to think about. I may start documenting this for myself and see what kind of correlation there could be. Right now playing Wheels of Aurelia which is pretty terrible, I think i’ll enjoy getting the plat and putting it behind me but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was some sadness/emptiness as well because i feel like i’m gonna miss the characters. SGW2 was my last plat and i love fps games but that one didn’t do much for me and neither did the plat.
  7. If I didn't have video games to live out my fantasies, I'm not sure what I'd have to do! I kid, of course. Sadly, his ignorance is shared with so many others who also believe gaming breeds violent behavior. If that were true, there would be a lot more of these horrific events taking place.
  8. Im trying to prove (to myself) that Im not good at gaming so i’ll quit but I’m having too much fun. In fact deep inside I know i’m not good but i keep on playing games that interest me, games that ps plus introduces to me, games that other people say they enjoyed, easy or hard. I will say that i find challenging games more satisfying to try and complete that easy ones or poorly made ones.
  9. Grabbed SGW2 but a little bummed there was no extra discount or plus members.
  10. Ok I got it. Here is what to do. 1 - Come to this thread and complain. 2 - Load up 5-1 and run around the fence with meathead. Let the monkeys swarm you and throw a grenade STRAIGHT UP in the air by pressing (do not aim with ). Once it lands detonate and collect trophy. Again, dont bother trying to freeze or aim. Just be meat and stand on grenade. Poopooplat.
  11. Urgh this trophy... It wouldn't be so bad if the load times on the Vita weren't so long. Every fail takes 20 seconds and every load is 90 seconds. Additionally frustrating because trying for this trophy highlights just how horrible the AI is in this game. The AI partner NEVER does what you need them to do, in fact its the opposite. Irina will stand there like a stunned **** as I get swarmed by enemies, but when I need her to do nothing she's capturing all the simians... I didn't mind this game at the start, i like twin stick shooters, but getting this done is no fun at all. Broken port if I've ever seen one.
  12. Heh. I also got the 10k combo trophy here but could not manage the 800k total. I’ll keep trying as i grind for credits.
  13. Guys are right, pay your card every time you get a paycheck, and that goes for every card. Also advise having only one card period.
  14. So tempted to buy BF Hardline.
  15. Heh, enjoy the game! Its a bit tricky but not so hard, just keep trying.