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  1. It's just hard. Gotta keep trying. I'm very bad at this game and eventually managed to get it. Can't say the same for GOW2 challenges sadly. Good luck, take breaks, stay chill.
  2. Now that the DLC is free, 100% should be free as well. I'm close, and only ever paid for a couple DLC, no in game transactions.
  3. This game is mostly terrible. Don't bother starting it.
  4. I had planned on it, then my PS4 got the BLOD. I was waiting for the PS5 but its lack of backwards compatibility made me just buy another PS4 (PRO - its awesome). Looks like I'll be waiting until the PS5 PRO comes out.
  5. Its a bit silly to play 375 rounds over 12 hours and we could go on adding that all 20 rounds have to be done in one sitting, but imagine if we couldnt spoof the game with round skip glitches and low level tricks. If i had to do 20 rounds of overbeefed waves with respawns id never get it done.
  6. I think changing playthroughs resets progress but cannot confirm. I did a lot of back and forth between 1 and 2 and had no luck with the higher number collectible trophies. As soon as I stuck with a playthrough (1) and started MINAC farming the trophies started to come. For me Pizza and bobbleheads are the rarest and panties and glasses are very common. MINAC farming the shed to the right but seem to get killed in there somehow. Back to the rocks. The best though is to get active and kill the traps as the spawn out of MINAC with an explosive weapon. I can get ~10 kills per move.
  7. I don't care. I won't pay full price for a game, can't remember the last time I did. I will wait for sales, there is enough to do in this world that I don't NEED to have a game that bad.
  8. Sports games meh. RotTR everyone should already have. Fine with me though, ive got the BLOD so dont want anything good coming out making it hurt more.
  9. Typical of the way things are these days. Seems like society has forgotten “you can’t please all the people all the time”.
  10. The first game I struggled with the combat, in this one I found the platforming to be more difficult. Both games are close in difficulty and both require patience, practice, and perseverance for the average gamer. Collecting the key parts for the good ending is probably the biggest challenge. For hard mode I played most of it as Jaguar, i did switch to Pek for the boss fights until i got the health charge unlocked. And I used Javier for the final battle, i was getting shredded in a costume. I also dont understand how they call this a 10-20 hr plat unless you only do the hard play through - my hard play through was 13 hours. The plat took me 45 hours, and still have to do all of the Proving Grounds DLC which could take another 8 or so hours while estimates are 1-2 hours lol.
  11. its not. its me.
  12. FML.
  13. thanks, now i just need to base game!
  14. trophy list on this site shows all can be obtained but two
  15. i "buy" them all, you never know. i was avoiding trying ones that i didnt think id like and ones with lots of DLC but ive started to care less about S ranking every game i play and will be trying more of them. ill still avoid the really grindy or really hard ones, thats no fun for me.