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  1. I've played way worse. This is a chill atmosphere game, with a few minor frustrations, don't fight it. Not worthy of a don't buy warning thread imo.
  2. I like it! Never buy a TR game, they all seem to be free eventually.
  3. Great game. And yes, addictive. Its not a short game, its easy to spend hundreds of hours on this so never a bad time to get started.
  4. The new playstation store is a real step back. How can they be so stupid?

  5. It's very much random and luck based. Some people have better luck than others. When I got the trophy the round I got it on was "easy" compared to the 200 other times that I failed.
  6. It's just you.
  7. This only makes sense if they added to the top levels, or its just stupid. I went from 39 to 495 which in my mind means I'm closer to maxing rank that before. Really though, who cares.
  8. I don't really care that much, for some reason I get the feelings it will be a mess for a while. A simpler approach mentioned by many here would have been enough. Add some levels, and keep the level gap formula.
  9. A true fan of BF wouldn't care about glitched trophies, and may not even try to get them all even after playing the game for a thousand hours. Just sayin' And imo, pre-ordering games is the real problem, because as you said, they have your money (DICE) so why would they care if they release a game broken or not. They make nothing on people who wait for used games or discounts, so why bother to support. 2 years after release they are already working on the game after the next game. That's the real issue here. If they were held accountable then this would happen far less. But as long as people blindly throw money at untested games so they can be "First" we will continue to get broken products at release and with patches. That said, it must take a special kind of skill to break something that was working perfectly fine before.
  10. It's just hard. Gotta keep trying. I'm very bad at this game and eventually managed to get it. Can't say the same for GOW2 challenges sadly. Good luck, take breaks, stay chill.
  11. Now that the DLC is free, 100% should be free as well. I'm close, and only ever paid for a couple DLC, no in game transactions.
  12. This game is mostly terrible. Don't bother starting it.
  13. I had planned on it, then my PS4 got the BLOD. I was waiting for the PS5 but its lack of backwards compatibility made me just buy another PS4 (PRO - its awesome). Looks like I'll be waiting until the PS5 PRO comes out.
  14. Its a bit silly to play 375 rounds over 12 hours and we could go on adding that all 20 rounds have to be done in one sitting, but imagine if we couldnt spoof the game with round skip glitches and low level tricks. If i had to do 20 rounds of overbeefed waves with respawns id never get it done.