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  1. They keep playing with it but never fix it or add any useful features. Why bother.
  2. You can do this! I know you can! Being an old man that had this game in various states as a child, as well as in the arcades I thought it would be easy. But its not! Not at all! However my IRL friend CanuckKiller 100%'d this game, and he isnt a trophy hunter, in fact he doesn't much care about trophies at all. Drives me nuts!
  3. The Warframe trophy tracker is very good, even though its a bit buried.
  4. This should have been first post. 1.5 pages of fail until something useful. Thanks Neocarleen. Mahjong 3 and Guacamelee 2 Complete are now in my library.
  5. A God is Born! Catherine Great game, and maybe ill try again at some point but this one i dont think i could get in 24 hours. Also any of the babel ones I have left, I wouldn't be able to solo. Tried many many times.
  6. I had a settlement of 25 for "weeks" and happiness was stuck around 88. Shops and cats everywhere! Using this method (but with dogs) I got the trophy in about an hour. If you use dogs, just make one cage to cut down on needed supplies and save before you open it so you can reload if you get a mongrel. Repair, and repeat until you have 5. So easy, thanks!
  7. Edith Finch on sale is almost the same price as a month of PS plus.
  8. I didn't think the leagues are active, so how is it possible to win 5 matches? I haven't touched this game since the hacking started so Im not totally sure of the state, my comments were generalized.
  9. .
  10. I'll try... Boost - within the confines of the game. organized play. probably easier to obtain the trophy this way rather than getting it through regular game play, and likely faster. yet all requirements to get the trophy are filled by the player (x # kills with weapons etc). OK Glitch (bug) - known glitch which can be fixed by Devs at their discretion, until then it's a free-for-all. Players can pop trophy through "regular" play while game is broken. OK Cheat - cheating is breaking rules or having others do something on your behalf while you take credit NOT OK. I don't have a real good example of how to explicitly cheat in a game. The only thing that comes to mind? Shareplay is a loophole for this imo, i don't like it personally but proving who did the work is impossible and Sony doesn't mind since they allow trophies to pop during shareplay sessions. In this case it clear hacking, which you didn't even mention or ask about. NONE of the requirements for the trophy are or were ever met by the player, trophy obtained by manipulating game code - TOTALLY NOT OK Stop buying their junk?
  11. Not a fan. Its a cheap DLC cash grab. Move the sliders up a little more for a few bucks. DLC should be added content, not the same content but harder. * I feel the same way about having to "unlock" higher difficulties by playing through the SAME game at an easier level. Its dumb. At least add a character with different skills and abilities so its not exactly the same.
  12. Why Sony why only US? No luck with Canadian account and I’m not jumping through hoops to get them. Love the consoles, hate the company.
  13. Yeah, doorway is 32" and character has 31" shoulders it seems. Worst part for me was nailing the run and then getting caught on a wooden box near the finish area.
  14. You can't shareplay this so just keep practicing. I tried over 200 times to get it. Protips:Turn up horizontal sensitivity - i used 8, normally i use 4-5Practice with the pistol, maybe switch to mp5 if you cant get it with pistol, but you'll be faster with mp5 after practicing with pistol regardless. I used mp5 (hipfire) for first 3 targets and then switched to pistol (ads) for rest.