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  1. Once you guys get setup with 1.04 turn off your internet connection on the Ps4 unless you feel you really need it for something. Then you don’t have to worry about1.05 sneaking onto your console.
  2. So just to get this straight because I bought a PS4 shortly after launch, the performance and ability is in this order? Vanilla<Slim<Pro
  3. I’ve already completed the scrap challenge, so pausing the update / staying offline will work right? Or finish the death runs and collect the scrap post game?
  4. Wow, really helpful post for those of us that are finding it difficult or not enjoyable. Thanks.
  5. Flip flop was the hardest for me, but i managed it solo and the successful run took me just under 4 hours in one sitting. Take it slow and stay calm.
  6. If I didnt have a PS4 already, Id try to get this one.
  7. I mostly fit in the trophy hunter category, but do restrict myself to games with difficulty under 7-8 depending on the genre, and only buy DLC for games I really enjoyed, or if it goes on sale. Also I don't bother with international trophy lists, but will play the same game for multiple plats on different consoles. Trophies FTW! I consider it a bonus when I can have my Vita and PS running at the same time! Edit - I will try to finish every game I start, and should also mention I will not just buy easy games for trophies to inflate my count, unless I think I’ll like enjoy them to some degree. Magus taught me that horrible but important lesson. So no “I am Mayo” and the likes unless i get them through PS+.
  8. I think it was free on PS+ so hopefully you guys bought it then. I enjoyed it and it was my first New Years Eve 2015 plat.
  9. I struggled with the first because of the timed trials, but it felt good to get that plat! I don't see a trophy for finishing all challenges this time around (unless it's the "Very Special" one) so I think it will be easier for me. *Can people stop saying "it was easy" please. It really helps no one's confidence and makes you sound a bit assish I'm not being specific to anyone, it's a general comment to the gamer community.
  10. Typical list of UR plats and DLC money grabs. Mafia 3 for me, that looks like all this month.
  11. I have to agree with those who dislike(d) this game. Bad controls / button layout Clunky movement (after playing a game like Warframe, the player movement is downright crap) I've been "stuck" several times and had to reload Max disappears entirely and for a 3rd person game, that is entirely unacceptable. Fights can luckily be cheesed or are a bit too difficult otherwise in certain cases I have a feeling some of my actions are not counting towards the challenges! Known glitches Sound is junk Those stupid storms at just the wrong time So much pointlessness to it all Well, gotta start what you finish.. And for the record, I really enjoyed other games like this one, just not this one. Its pretty sad when I'd rather play KZ:intercept Co-op solo than this game.
  12. I don't care either way but it does make sense to have "simple" and "detailed" options button.
  13. For the most part, it isn't hard. It is easier to play with others if you don't mind them "helping" you get trophies. By that I mean sometimes you will get a trophy for killing a boss even though it may not actually be you that does it, but someone in your squad. eg - I got the trophy for killing the Eidolon Teralyst yesterday and hardly did anything to get it. Some trophies for the story quests have to be done solo, and those can be tougher if you are not ready. To get ready all you need to do is grind for better gear, mods and unlocks. In the last 6 weeks I put about 80 hours into the game and am now just two silvers away from 100% (have not put any real money into the game). A warning - this game can be addicting and there are seemingly endless tasks to stop it from being repetitive. The learning curve is a bit steep and the damage system is not entirely intuitive and the game doesn't really help you figure it out even though they sort of try in the Codex. Its best to read other forums and places online that you can tolerate to get info on how to be effective in the game.
  14. Its only Kuaka and Condrocs that are considered beasts.
  15. I dont use my name anywhere. What’s the point?