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  1. Hold it back longer, but not too long or the power % starts going back down.
  2. I'm not sure how you got top dog and didnt win the cup? Top Dog takes more than one Pro season to complete; 45-60+ very good rounds of golf. Fed Ex Cup is awarded for finishing a Pro Tour season at the top of the leader board. You must complete an entire season of the Pro Tour before it is triggered. Can be done on any difficulty.
  3. I got this trophy today on TPC Boston. I think I have figured out why sometimes this doesn't pop when it looks like it should. Making changes like which tee box to use, weather off, course conditions etc has no effect on the trophy but makes it easier to golf. I missed several 3 inch putts the first time i tried. Not ashamed. To get the trophy your golfer has to be PAR or better (stroke count), NOT your TEAM OVERALL SCORE - these are not the same. Your stroke count is hidden on the scorecard if your partner finishes the hole so you can either keep stroke count on paper or make sure to be the one sinking the putts. Stroke count is visible while you are playing the hole (upper left). The other teams score is irrelevant. How stroke is counted: Every stroke counts for one. Even if you do not sink the putt but made an attempt it will count against you. This is why it is important to make sure you (not your partner) finish the hole. Examples: Par 4 You putt for birdie first but miss = 4 strokes Your partner scores the bird after you = 3 strokes Your team score is -1 but your golfer is EVEN. Par 4 You putt for par and miss = 5 strokes ( you are now over PAR for that hole and +1 for the last two holes) Your partner finishes the hole = 4 strokes Your two round team score is showing as -1 but your golfer score is actually 1 over so you will not get the trophy but cannot understand why. I hope that helps. TLDR; TPC Boston is a PAR 73 so you must finish the round with less than 74 strokes to player to get the True Legend Trophy. Remember, we are using an exploit. So the game will only pop the trophy if you have met the requirements (Par or better on Legend difficulty). Winning the match doesnt matter, your team score doesnt matter. Only your total stroke count at the end of the round.
  4. Flash Sales were better.
  5. yes. i havent worried about getting the trophy yet, but have soothed BB many times and expected it to pop but it hasnt.
  6. True, but I expect those titles will also hit NOW in the near future. Thanks for the reminder that I should play SotTR before my sub expires!
  7. Time to stop buying Plus and switch to NOW. This is ridiculous.
  8. The collectibles can be a pain in the butt and there are lots of them. When I first loaded the game I was immersed, it was legit tense and the maps felt massive. After the first playthrough and getting the collectibles everything shrank and the fear went away. Cadet is a bit of a joke. Then Authentic happened. This is how the game is meant to be played imo. I wasnt really loving it until I tried Authentic. Now I understand why people pour days upon days into this game.
  9. You can 100%. Everything is included.
  10. The answer is yes and no. A player can only collect items they do not yet have. So if you are paired with someone who has all the collectibles then they wont be picking any up for you. Once a person has the collectible trophy, ideally they would reset their collectibles for the overwatch maps so they can recollect them in case their partner doesnt have them, as a courtesy.
  11. That part I agree with, it shouldn't happen. I didn't realize that was the issue. My mistake. digression: When I heard there would be no more trophies for PS4 I decided it was time to finish the last grind (K-Driven) and was sort of, only sort of, surprised that the same glitches were still there over a year later. Free game at its core. You get what you pay for.
  12. Thank you!
  13. Its a great game, and even better than great if you consider the price. Sorry but just because you aren't getting free trophies it doesn't make the game itself a POS .
  14. Left Behind is DLC pack #1 on the PS3. It is part of 100% completion. I don't have 100% because the Left Behind DLC never was a good price. I was hoping to get 100% using PSNow.
  15. Kind of happy about this, even though I love the game. Now I can just grind out the k-board travel and then go to PS5.