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  1. Option 1 - contact the guide maker and ask them to port it or Option 2 - ask them if for permission to copy it with credit to their work. Option 3 - write your own guide. People always appreciate it, duplicate guides are allowed here.
  2. Its hard to put a patent on physics The game is on my list for sure, I just haven't had opportunity / need to play my PSV for a while.
  3. I have more games than free cash so i wait for deals and ps+. I can’t understand preorders and people who wait in line for games.
  4. Finished Ni No Kuni. After 90 hours of Pokemon, I need to shoot something. Deus Ex: MD, Mad Max, or Fallout 4?

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    2. Masamune


      Really? I might have to look into this Mad Max game then. xD I noticed you need an internet connection for the "Up to the Task" trophy, anyone know if you need PS+ for that (or is it just one of those things where you get daily quests or something)?

    3. PooPooBlast


      I don't remember reading anywhere that it did. But if it did require ps plus then I wouldn't know since I always had a subscription

    4. Masamune


      I seen one place where someone said you don't need PS+ for it, only a connection, so that's good. ^_^ It seems kinda stupid that you even need a connection for something like that though. You'd think they could easily make that trophy available without it? :hmm: 

  5. I see Sony is sliding back to their old ways.
  6. They have talent, you can’t take that away from them. What I agree with is that the music is formulated to sell and it does. Good thing they can’t make me listen to it! Myself, i’ve recently refilled my old 200CD changer and am loving the music I bought back in the days before the internet ruined any magic music had for me. I like a handful of bands from the 2000s on but there sure ain’t as much original music as there used to be. , 3wk and are pretty good a finding new artists to listen to that haven’t been fondled by the industry, if anyone is looking.
  7. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, ie trophy streak stopper aka trophy avg downer. Power levelling familiars for now, before the Dark Djinn battle. Good game, I rarely, if ever played this genre of game. I can see why this one is popular, but I am not used to sinking this much time into a game. About 45 hrs in and maybe half way through by my estimates, just looking at some of the grindy trophies.
  8. Yes. Why, is there a prize for maintaining a 100% profile?
  9. Maybe your inventory is full? I got kicked a lot when I had full inventory. *I wrote the guide for PSNP and mentioned rubberbanding, but I also warned people about being banned so there is (was) some risk to it. Good luck everyone, it was a good game while it lasted 👽🔫
  10. Nice list. Thanks! Not sure if I can play Beyond again but I’ll gladly take the PS3 and Vita games while they still hand them out.
  11. Oh it is. I have to click once to be disappointed and then click a second link. I could have just gone straight to the store. I suppose I was spoiled by the awesome sales posts by@NathanielJohn That said, ANY single post list beats clicking ‘next page’ 7 times on the ps store, but doing it via PSNP forums is pointless. Don’t bother.
  12. When i open a sales thread I’m expecting to see a list of what’s on sale in the first post, otherwise the thread is pointless. We all know when the sales start each week.
  13. I've written a few guides for niche games. It's still appreciated, even more so than a guide for a game that has many guides and walkthroughs already written.
  14. The time trials are total bullshit.
  15. It is a fun game, but not 100 hours fun unless you can get a group together, and I don't recall if you can with this game.