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  1. Hey Danny D, I think you just need to keep playing other quests. I had the same issue and I cant recall what triggered it but I kept playing other side quests and eventually Mason's quests progressed. Not sure how you feel about using guides, but there might be answers here :
  2. its not in here?
  3. While no side quests have been missable, they are not replayable on the same playthrough and there have been trophies tied to side quests before. Thanks for that. I referring to the past BL games where you essentially need 2 playthroughs solo for max levelling in the base game.
  4. Rewards Card and Damn, Gina - potential for some hefty requirements there. Glad to see all the character related trophies removed. I like to try them but not to the extent that was required in the past. Enough play-throughs already for those that don't get level boosted by others. It'd be fine if you could change characters when you go from VH to TVH to UVH.
  5. The gameplay and controls were fine for me no complaints there. I did lose interest in the story so i was glad it was possible to skip most of the dialog. They dont force you to do all of the side quests which is also a plus. I also skipped much of the battles while going from point to point when i couldnt fast travel to certain areas by just running past the enemies. Played on normal for a while, then i got the OP armor and played on easy heh. Only at the end did i find out that story is even easier than easy! Its the kind of game that anyone should be able to find some joy in since you can make it easy ir challenging for yourself. Lots of weapons, and great graphics too. To me it was more stimulating than Fallout 4 and way less frustrating than Just Cause 3 so all in all a decent open world game. Like Tomb Raider but open world. EDIT - OK here is what does bother me about this game. I just started my Ultra Hard speed run and noticed a few things that I didn't on lower settings. 1 - Aloy trips on some objects and stops running. It wouldn't be an issue if this was consistent and predictable. But its not. Sometimes she vaults over larger objects but trips on a pebble??? Its an issue when trying to evade on higher difficulty. 2 - Evade by rolling is useless because the enemies attacks adjust as soon as you input the move. ie, you still get hit. Also seems true when using concentration mode. After you fire the enemy conveniently moves and your shot misses... No way for the player to adjust for this. Essentially concentration is useless and you have to battle reactionary at full speed.
  6. I feel you OP. I really enjoyed the Batman game I played but for the life of me couldnt get combos at all so i gave up on the plat and the series.
  7. Really cool! Congrats to you and a shout out to PSNP so you have a place to share it. That 6 seconds is PS4's fault, trophies seem to take ages to pop on this compared to the PS3.
  8. Already have DSIII and can't Batman. An off month for me but no biggie, lots of backlog on the PS4 already.
  9. They took the tickets from a couple with a child, so there are three tickets. But yeah, there are holes in the plot in many places.
  10. Guacamelee 2 : Complete is also 50% off, so I bought it. Also NORTH, Drowning and Sherlock DD. Four games total, so a good sale I think. Been a while since Ive bought anything... Also if you don't have The Bioshock Trilogy then now is the time to get it. Only $15 for the best gaming experience PS has to offer.
  11. Outlands Canyon - The Crater of Misplaced Enthusiasm is where I got it. Play on normal and get a low level freeze gun. There are Cryo plants and all forms of Torks there. More room to move around than the cave, and more enemies spawn.
  12. which trophies have you hidden? will you go back and try to complete your earlier games where possible?
  13. Oh yeah Dishonored is great too! still: 1-Bioshock 2-Metro (probably) 3-Dishonored
  14. Quite easily the Bioshock series for me. One of the few stories I have bothered to follow. I haven't played the 3rd Metro yet and love that story as well, but its got its glitches.
  15. Thanks for those Borderlands Pre-sequel tips, I had no idea of such possibilities 👍

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      no reason to stop the session but this method could be easier. here is more detail

      good luck!

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      well if I can do everything alone then I have no reason to keep the session up. I'm still new to the ps4 and that trick is something I would have never imagined to exist and I thought I needed 4 pads.