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  1. The first game I struggled with the combat, in this one I found the platforming to be more difficult. Both games are close in difficulty and both require patience, practice, and perseverance for the average gamer. Collecting the key parts for the good ending is probably the biggest challenge. For hard mode I played most of it as Jaguar, i did switch to Pek for the boss fights until i got the health charge unlocked. And I used Javier for the final battle, i was getting shredded in a costume. I also dont understand how they call this a 10-20 hr plat unless you only do the hard play through - my hard play through was 13 hours. The plat took me 45 hours, and still have to do all of the Proving Grounds DLC which could take another 8 or so hours while estimates are 1-2 hours lol.
  2. its not. its me.
  3. FML.
  4. thanks, now i just need to base game!
  5. trophy list on this site shows all can be obtained but two
  6. i "buy" them all, you never know. i was avoiding trying ones that i didnt think id like and ones with lots of DLC but ive started to care less about S ranking every game i play and will be trying more of them. ill still avoid the really grindy or really hard ones, thats no fun for me.
  7. i havent read anything about it, im unspoiled. ill buy it one day. not sure when.
  8. I recently bought a hobby farm tractor in real life, I was sooo excited. It was fun for about a week.
  9. I linked him to the DLC guide, i wasnt talking about basegame. OP isnt talking about NG+ though. Still curious how one goes straight to grounded without a single regular playthrough. EDIT - i just looked at OP profile and it appears they've already done the game on easy. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. waste of time.
  10. Awesome, how? The guide people use is incorrect if your claims are true.
  11. Its been a while but im pretty sure you cant go straight to Grounded, its locked out. Have a read thru the guide.
  12. All assumption, opinion and perception. Just because you dont like it, doesnt mean others shouldnt. Seriuously when did people stop understsnding this fundamental concept of human nature. The only time someone feels the need to defend their trophy list is when stupid threads like this are created. Seems to me its always those that somehow feel threatened by “easy bad fast garbage trash game” profiles that start these, not the other way around. Perhaps its is those types of people that need to look inward and answer to themselves why trophies matter, rather than those they target with these threads. Get over yourself Dr Phil.
  13. Judge much? Wow. Down vote if i ever saw a reason for one. The quality and enjoyment of games and gaming is a matter of opinion OP, im sure there are people out there who consider one of the games you like as bad. Got a question for you - why cant people understand that we are all different? This is a dumb thread sorry. You will not get an answer you can't already imagine for yourself. Posts like this will only cause animosity and argument. The first two responses are a clear sign of that, as is my response to one of them.
  14. getting this trophy was the most memorable part of BF1 for me. That and shanking the guy with the flamethrower. good times.
  15. No, its a spam magnet for hacks. Write a guide. We have forums, and people can discuss single trophy issues there, and they do, all the time. Its enough.