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  1. Maybe post your questions to that thread then, rather than starting a redundant one with attitude.
  2. I enjoyed the game so much I Platted it twice! TLDR by OP: OP went legit to get some trophies that required MP but was met with people playing the game for fun and wouldn't straight up help so hate mail ensued. *The experience had by OP is not worth a forum post itself, but the responses and ongoing banter have saved it. Thank you all for your participation.
  3. can i have my money back? stop whining people and enjoy the games you are playing.
  4. Looked thru my history, never had a plat on the b-day. Two days before, and a day and two after but never on. Kind of surprised actually.
  5. I used to rage quit online MP shooters, mostly CoD series. Then I just pain quit them all together. 😎
  6. Whaaaa. Whaaaaaa whaaaaaa.
  7. Lego kits also went up in price. This is what inflation is people. A PS5 is a luxury item which no one needs. I get that no one under 20 has been part of any real adversity, heck at 45 ive barely seen any. Just remember, it could be worse, potentially we could be waiting in line 4 hours for a loaf of bread.
  8. There are many reasons to look at someones profile, not all about trophies,but maybe games they play, comments they make about games etc. Nice try though. Im certainly not gushing over leaderboard toppers. Maybe I was just looking to see who completed The Bit Trip, so I can ask them for tips. This is an off topic response though, not even close to relevant to OPs topic. I dont get it either, but some folks here really seem quite intent on being on top of some random stat list that is truly meaningless. (easy games should not be allowed, autopop is cheating,whahwhahwhah) I dont understand why it matters to them, only explanation is that they feel their Plat should be worth more because it was harder to get... Sony says it isnt so they gotta shut it. Simple as that.
  9. IMO theyre all worthless (except for the digital purchased content) but if someone is dumb enough to give me money for it, gimme a call.
  10. Hostile? I can do that if you want, so you know what it actually means. Why revive a topic like this? Its pointless, rhetorical, and frankly trolly in nature. Provide your useless opinion like I did and focus on the topic, not me and my poor attitude.
  11. Whhhhhhhhooooooooo cares. Its a function that Sony provided. Deal with it.
  12. I already finished the game and did all the requirements. If Sony says I get the trophies again just by reloading on a different console then I guess that it how its meant to be. My opinion is that people focus way too much on leaderboards when doing something that is largely considered to be a hobby. I got some hard truth for y’all: no one cares about your trophies except you and a few others that think getting a trophy somehow makes you a special person. It doesnt. Lock this necrotrash.
  13. TLOU Pt2 had way less players so they made this easier. Not surprised, and people happy for no MP (yet). I think there will be plenty of DLC for MP and difficulties. Theyre gonna milk it.
  14. Just fyi, collectibles are saved in your “game settings” file. So dont overwrite it from the cloud like i did.
  15. No you can save and turn off the console. I suspect you both missed the hard to see symbols. The fortune teller at the start has a decision and throughout the game there are not only comments to decide on but also run/hide decisions that have to be head/heart consistent. I misses this on my first attempt too.