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  1. 1 hour ago, ValerioM91 said:

    After getting all the other trophies I’m currently playing the level 4-3 on extreme, earning about 1200-1500 medal every time. Did you find a better way?

    The level I grinded was 5-1 on Extreme if I remember correctly. I was able to gain almost 2 levels per run. Also, don't forget that you need to collect all the hidden skill points in all the levels.


  2. On 12/26/2018 at 2:55 PM, MrBeens said:

    Here is how to get this trophy (and the 60 second one):


    When you are close to the ground or walls, you will see the red lines indicating a grind.  You must keep these going for 15 and 60 seconds in one continuous grind.  It has to all be in one go, and cannot be interrupted.  You do not need to, nor should you activate boost during this period.


    Here are the essential tips for these trophies.


    1) Use score attack mode, as you cannot do the 60 second one in Race or Time Trial, since you will be disqualified for missing too many rings.

    2) Listen for the announcer lady to tell if you have broken the streak.  Once you start the grind, she should not say anything until you finish it.  If you hear "Boost Full" or "Awesome" or something to that effect, that means you broke the grind and will start over from 0 seconds the next time.

    3) Here is the one that tripped me up.  You must successfully complete the grind, i.e. come out of it and end it, to get the trophy.  If you do it for over the amount of time required, but then crash before coming out of it, you will not get the trophy.  I thought this was bugged because I was grinding forever and never getting the trophy, but it was because I was just going as long as I could until I inevitably crashed.  Only when I accidentally broke the streak after 60 seconds did the trophy pop.  This can be tricky as you may not be sure if you have gone on long enough before breaking it, but risk crashing if not breaking it.

    4) Location 1 for the 60 second one - The snowy stage, Start by going down the middle, then sharply over to the right into the canyon to the right of the first tunnel/cave.  Then just follow this smoothly down the mountian, going to the right once approaching and going under the bridge.  

    5) Location 2 for the 60 seond one - The 4th area with the jungle canopy trees.  Just stay on the right side of the course all the way down.  This is the most direct straight shot, but can be a little more tricky than the snow stage as the canopy floor can be very bumpy instead of smooth like the snow area.


    Hope this helps.

    Just to add a visual representation, here's a video showing how to do it easily:



  3. L0a49bd.png

    Platinum #136: Ghost Giant (PSVR)

    First trophy: 24th Apr 2019 9:32:01 PM

    Time to platinum (real time): 11 months, 2 weeks, 1 day

    Time to platinum (in game time): Around 8 hours

    Platinum rarity (PSNProfiles): 40.99%

    Game rating: 8/10

    Trophy rating difficult: 3/10


    This is the perfect entry point for a new Playstation VR owner. The game is simple, but also shows a lot of features of the headset. It's simple but in a good way. Each stage is like a little puzzle on it's own. The story starts out as a very cute one and starts to be very moving and deep near the end. All in all, I would recommend this game to every Playstation VR owners. Recommended!


  4. Hey guys!


    Quick question: Which level is the best to level up for the Overpowered trophy? I'm having a hard time grinding this out and I'm sure there's a great level to level up, but I haven't found it yet. The lack of information about this game is also an issue.


    Also, which level is the best to get the Mass Destruction trophy? I haven't had any luck yet with this one.


    Thanks! :-)


  5. Just now, IntroPhenom said:


    Where might it be free?  NA store has it for ten bucks, at the moment.

    It was listed as free last week for sure, but now you're right, it's listed at 9.99$US. That's weird...


  6. Here's an easy strategy for killing the Adamantoise, which is one of the hardest and longest trophy in the game. I don't see this strategy using the ring of Lucii much around the internet or in trophy guides, so I decided to make a 2 minutes video explaining how to do it in a couple of simple steps. It literally took me 5 minutes to bring the beast down and the other strategies involved a high party level and a one hour strategy which you don't even need for the platinum.


    If you have any questions, let me know :-)


    Thanks for watching!


    Visual guide: 



  7. Lb0b140.png

    Platinum #132: Emerald Shores (Playstation 4)

    First trophy: 11th Nov 2018 8:12:57 PM

    Time to platinum (real time): 1 year, 3 months, 3 weeks

    Time to platinum (in game time): Around 4 hours

    Platinum rarity (psnprofiles): 38.97%

    Game rating: 6/10

    Trophy rating difficult: 1/10


    Not much to say here! I got a review copy in 2018 from the developer of this game and finally got around to platinum it. The game is fine if you like 2D platformer and a quick and easy platinum. It's nothing incredible, but it get the job done. I also think it's free right now, so go get it!


  8. We played an insane 0.00% troll level made for Dave from DGR in Super Mario Maker! The Twice Twice really got me this time, I was confused beyond belief! Hope you enjoy! :-)

    What are your favorite type of levels to watch from the channel? Troll? Challenging? Precision? Kaizo? Let me know in the comment section below!




  9. This is simply the best cheese I discovered in Super Mario Maker! It was simply delicious! This is how you cheese a 10 red coins kaizo level!

    Thoughts on this beautiful cheese? Let me know in the comment section below and as always, thanks for watching! :-)