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  1. Platinum #140: Skylanders Superchargers (PS4)

    First trophy: 27th Dec 2015 11:20:38 AM

    Time to platinum (real time): 4 years, 3 months, 3 weeks

    Time to platinum (in game time): Around 30 hours

    Platinum rarity (PSNProfiles): 7.88%

    Game rating: 8/10

    Trophy rating difficult: 5/10


    After more than 4 years, it's finally done! I started this game with my kid and we had a lot of fun together playing this. The Skylanders franchise is very underrated in terms of gameplay and fun, pretty much all of these games are great! Of course, you need a lot of figurines to be able to do a couple of trophies, hence why the rarity of the platinum. Pretty fun game if you can get it on the cheap!