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  1. I managed to get this trophy by crafting all of them in a single row.. just craft a theme, a weapon and an outfit on the same go, I mean don't restart or turn off the console. Hope it helps
  2. Play in competitive mode, at the beginning of part 3 you'll get an Endgame Agenda, make sure you complete the objective you are assigned
  3. Make sure to calm down Vanstone before removing the bomb or Becky will die. At Cabain you need to find the spy cam at end of Part 1, then pick it up at the end of Part 2 when you go back to that cabain. To get Chinatown, just make sure you don't find evidence about Simon, so everyone will buy Becky is the killer
  4. I just created this new topic
  5. Ok this is not intended to be a full guide or walkthroguh. I just want to mention how I got all my story trophies.. please know that there might be different ways to get a trophy since there's a lot of paths in this game This is obviously full of spoilers Any advice? use pen drives and cloud storage as much as you can.. Bad Blood: On part 1 convince Judge Vanstone so Finn comes out of jail under police custody (See ‘Ace in the hole’ trophy). When you get to Adam’s house, Finn will tell you about Adam. Mickey Finn: Take a drink at the bar, during part 3. (By doing this Becky will wake up in the hotel) Partners in crime: You need to get to the hotel as Becky. I found two ways to do this, both on Part 3. One way is to drink from the bottle at the bar. The other way was not drinking from the bottle, but failing all the QTE when you get in your car (right after leaving the bar). Now, I recommend don’t drink the bottle at the bar, this will trigger your parner not to believe you after the bomb, since you’ll be drugged and he won’t trust you. After the bomb scene, when SWAT is coming, either your partner will call you or you will be able to call him. Becky will ask him for help, your partner must say he’ll contain SWAT so Becky can escape.Now, being friendly with your partner is determinant for this. Don’t threaten him and try to always be nice to him. (Note: You can tell him to go fuck himself and get ‘The f bomb’ trophy in the same playthrough and still earn his trust and help, just make sure you never threaten him when you get the chance. Rat in the trap: At the beginning, don’t invite Becky over to exmine the case files. Becky must catch Felicity in the cabain. Make sure you get all the main evidence to rise suspictions about Simon (Particularly the spycam at the cabain where Calvary dies (Check trophy Blue Movies), find also the clue that leads to the ‘Play Room’ at the orphanage, and also follow Simon to the bathroom when he drops his cup). At Part 3, at the bar, team up with Felicity to break into Simon’s house. When Felicity gets to Simon’s house, choose investigate, find the 3 clues in the basement, then don’t hide, instead run away. After the hotel, Becky needs to still be alive, call Felicity and choose meet at exit 12. Butter Fingers: During Part 2, you’ll get to choose 3 places to investigate. Choose Orderly from Las Palmas. Follow Vernon to the roof and then tell him to drop his weapon 3 times. Stalker: At the end of Part 2 you’ll come back to the cabain, make sure you don’t fail the QTE when the prowler comes in. Chinatown: There must be plenty of ways for the investigation to hit a deadend. I got by turning myself to the police at the end of Part 3. (But make sure you don't Find enough evidence to rise suspictions about Simon, that scenario will always end up in the investigation hitting a deadend) Sins of the Father: at the orphanage, examine the clue on the floor to the right, on the ground there’s a loose part of the wall The Killer Unmasked: Find as many clues as possible, particularly the spy cam behind the picture on the wall in Calvery's cabain (see trophy Blue Movies), find the ‘Play Room’ at the orphanage, also go after the hooded person that was following Becky during any of the 3 investigation places, and you also want to follow Simon in the bathroom when he drops his cup so she’ll confirm Simon is the one who has been following her. Becky now sees Simon as a suspect so she start looking into his past. At Part 3, at the bar, Becky needs to team up with Felicity. When Felicity breaks into Simon’s house, investigate and find all 3 clues in the basement. Felicity confirms Simon as The Trapper and trophy pops up. Night Moves: See trophy Rat In The Trap to learn how to break into Simon’s house Dressed to kill: Dressed to kill: You need to be successful in at least 2 of the 3 places you can investigate during Part 2. To be successful at the undertaker's widow's house you need to be: respectful-serious-sympathetic to her, she'll then recognize the photo Becky shows her. At the orphanage, find the clue that leads to the "play room". At Vernon Lemay, you need to talk him down from the roof and then when you're questioning him in the alley choose the last dialogue option "don't fuck with me" Ace In The Hole: At the beginning of the game, Felicity will have the chance to speak with Jude Vanstone. Just by telling him that it’d be appropiate since Finn could really help with the investigation you’ll get him out easily. Anyway, this dialogue should do it: ‘Skeptical-Frustrated-Confident) Trust and Fugitive trophies: Fugitive: Have Finn out of jail under police custody (see trophy Ace In The Hole) At Part 2 when Becky, Felicity and Finn meet at Adam’s house, first loosen his cuffs, when you’re inside the house, follow this dialogue ‘Surprised-Assertive-Surprised-Confident-Curious-Puzzled-Confident’. (‘Fugitive’ trophy popped up at cinematic when the news say Finn has escaped). After that I continued by teaming up with Felicity (see trophy Rat in the trap), at the beginning of Part 3, at the bar you should receive a phone call from Finn telling you that he’s contacted Adam. (There ‘Trust’ trophy popped up) Antitrust: First, playing as Felicity at the beginning of Part 1, during the cell scene with Finn, follow this dialogue ‘Cynical-Impatient-Skeptical-Sarcastic-Curious-Pessimistic’. After that, choose to go to Judge Vanstone and follow this dialogue ‘Skeptical-Frustrated-Confident’, you should be able to convince Vanstone to get Finn out of jail. At Adam’s house, first loosen his cuffs. Inside the house, follow this dialogue ‘Serious-Dissmisive-Troubled-Cautious-Relaxed-Dissmisive-Angry’ and then when Finn tries to escape, fail the QTE. After that, I went on over the investigation finding all the evidence and teaming up with Felicity (see ‘Rat In The Trap’ trophy to learn how to break into Simon’s house) When Felicity was investigating Simon’s basement, Finn snuck up behind her. Then, as Becky I avoided the hotel and came directy to Simon’s place, trophy popped up Red wire, blue wire: When Becky wakes up at the hotel, Vanstone is there also, laying on the floor with a bomb inside his stomach. Choose STAY, then don’t shoot at him, choose dialog options to make him very nervious, tell him there’s not much time left so he’s heart will beat faster. Then choose to operate to try to remove the bomb, but as you have no enough time to do it, the bomb explodes and Becky dies. Bomb squad: When Becky wakes up at the hotel, Vanstone is there also, laying on the floor with a bomb inside his stomach. Choose STAY, then don’t shoot at him, choose dialog options to calm him down. Tell him there’s plenty of time left and things like that, do not tell him there’s a bomb inside him, so he’s heart won’t beat faster. Then choose operate to remove the bomb. You should have enough time to get rid of the bomb and save yourself. Mercy Kill: When Becky wakes up at the hotel, Vanstone is there also, laying on the floor with a bomb inside his stomach. Choose STAY, then shoot him Gross Misconduct: Your partner mustn't help you at the end when SWAT comes for you. To do that, make sure not to give an alibi when Calvary dies and your partner comes to Becky to ask questions. Also make sure to be rude and threaten him as much as you can. Ath the bar, drink the bottle, that will trigger your parner not to trust you since you'll be drugged. After the bomb scene in the hotel when SWAT comes for you, flee. When you make it out of the building your Sargeant will be outside, be rude to him and then you’ll get the chance to shoot him. Case closed: When you make it to Simon's house as Becky (Survive the hotel or avoid the hotel at all), Simon is dumping gasoline in the basement, choose the sympathetic (compasive) option first, he'll try to run and if you've earned trust with your partner he'll corner Simon and Simon will take him hostage. Once this happens do not shoot until he lets go of your partner. This will not kill him, only wound him so you can arrest him. Dead or alive: Same that Case Closed trophy, but don’t choose the sympathetic dialogue when Becky finds Simon, choose the other one and you’ll get the chance to shoot him. Echoes: Basically the same that goes for ‘The Killer Unmasked’ trophy but also make sure Finn tells you that Daniella wasn’t a hostage but a co-conspirator during Adam’s house at Part 2. For that, follow this dialog option at Adam’s house: first loosen his cuffs, during the conversation, select ‘Surprised’ and then ‘Assertive’, Finn will thank Becky for listening to him and also tell her the truth about Daniella. Now call an arrest order on Daniella. Well, after that, I went on over the investigation teaming up with Felicity. After she investigated Simon’s basement, there comes up a scene where you see how Daniella has been detained, she then identifies Simon as The Trapper. Truth hurts: Have Finn out of jail under police custody. When Becky and Felicity meet Finn at Adam’s house, follow this dialogue options: ‘Serious-Dissmisive-Troubled’ so she will tell Finn about Calvary’s death. You’ll also get this trophy when going for ‘Antitrust’ trophy. Fourth degree: Play through the game teaming up with Felicity (see ‘Rat in the trap’ trophy). When Felicity investigates Simon’s basement, he’ll eventually come in, don’t run away, choose HIDE. Then fail every QTE. When she’s tied up at the chair, fail the QTE again, Simon will dump gasoline on her and light her on fire. Wipeout: Both Becky and Felicity die. There’s plenty of ways to do this. See ‘Fourth degree’ to learn how to get Felicity dead. See ‘Red wire, blue wire’ to learn how to get Becky dead. Becky can also die at Simon’s basement by failing a QTE when Simon throws the knife at her. Becky can also die if she shoots her sergeant. You can kill them both at the same time if you want if at the end of “Exit 12” ending by failing every QTE in the end. (See ‘Rat in the trap’ trophy for “Exit 12” ending. Goodbye world: Same that Rat In the trap trophy: but make sure you save Vanstone at the hotel (see trophy Bomb squad). When you meet Simon at exit 12, select sympathetic dialog, then disdainful dialog, Becky will tell him that Vanstone is alive, Simon will try to shoot himself, make sure you fail the final QTE just in case. The F bomb: After Calvary dies, your partner will ask many questions aboout Calvary’s death, select ‘fuck you’ dialog option. Blue Movies: Playing as Becky during part 1, find the spy cam behind the picture on the wall. At the end of part 2, when searching for clues again, find and grab the spy cam, look on the desk to the left. Choose Wisely: Part of the stroy, can’t miss it. Gun Shy: Don’t shoot your gun. There are some moments when a character might use their weapon and shoot even if you didn’t shoot by yourself. Those shots don’t count for the trophy. Just make sure you don’t shoot when you have to chance to do it. CSI: Self explanatory. There’re always 3 clues to look up on every search, find them all before time’s up and get the trophy.
  6. I thought you needed help and came here to tell you how I got it, thanks though
  7. Bomb squad: at the end of my playtrhough, Becky got druged and kidnapped, whe woke up at a hotel, Vanstone was there also, laying on the floor with a bomb inside his stomach. Choose STAY, then don’t shoot at him, choose operate to remove the bomb. Blue Movies: Playing with Becky, there was an investigation moment when you seach for clues, the same moment you run across Felicity, the spycam was one the 3 clues you need to look up, that’s how she finds it. Truth hurts: Playing with Becky, I had to to convice Vanstone to get Finn out of jail at least for 3 hours, then took him to Adam’s house. There I got the chance to tell him about Calvary’s death Chinatown: I got the ending where Becky turn in to the cops, and eveyone thinks she's guilty. That's where the trophy popped along with the rest of the trophies for having finished the game
  8. I normally don't pre-order games.. (at least not until one week before they get released), but I might pre-order ME Andromeda
  9. Batman Arkham and NFS definitely.. and sadly I must add Mass Effect to that list.. 1st and 2nd were really great, but the 3rd one really disappointed me in a lot of ways
  10. I never preorder games, I see that pretty useless..
  11. Spanish, which is native language and some enlgish
  12. Until Dawn - 1 day, 6 hours
  13. Unfortunately they've removed CSI games from the store Telltale games I've played and completed: - TWD completed this one three times (xbx360, PS3, PS4) (Still got to play season 2 though) - The Wolf Among Us - Game Of Thrones
  14. I have 2 consoles: PS3 and PS4 Both are connected to my TV Two consoles died on me: PSX and Xbox360
  15. Fallout 3 Skyrim GTAV