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  1. I dont want to pile on or anything but usually, if you dont know the game, havent played it or the like its usually best to not give an opinion unless you know something from a previous dispute with a specific outcome that pertains to the case at hand. Just for future reference...
  2. OP needs to explain how they got All Endings to pop way before Perfect Crime and So Close, both of which are required scenarios for the trophy as they count for parts of the 18 endings. It's hard to believe not 1 but 2 of them didn't pop when they were supposed to or that you didn't reload the checkpoint at the warehouse when they didn't show up to repeat them. Any ideas what happened?
  3. Both save abuse and give your friend their clothes back.
  4. Nothing will ever take those memories away mate, if you don't care about the number of trophies and more about the rate of completion I say you should just consider starting again like a fresh season of a show you like. Any games you fancied adding to your profile before now, put on the new one and any new games going forward. You'll know better for next time but you'll always have the key to those memories (god I sound like a kingdom hearts cutscene ffs)
  5. Oh good! You are back, at least you were more pleasant than your last dispute, but if it was made clear to you, your last dispute closed with at least 3 flags still active so there's nothing to be done here. You are already off the leaderboards permanently. Just so you know.
  6. That was quick, what made you change your story? You admitting you did at least one of these yourself?
  7. You aren't supposed to make forum posts for this type of thing, it's what game sessions are used for. Just an FYI.
  8. I know one thing for certain, $50 wouldn't be enough for me to redo the first let alone the 2nd! The money issue; if someone is that frivolous with money for the sake of trophies then I don't see why not but only for something fast and enjoyable to me like the Hotlines or Arkham games, never a sandbox game with a massive online component, that would eat way too much time up and I procrastinate with my games enough as it is 🤣
  9. An additional flag has been added for an old favourite in this neck of the woods, the list seems all over the place. Even if these things were fully your fault, they aren't legitimate and not wanted on the boards I'm afraid.
  10. You didn't play, plat and cheat DMC5 but you felt you should be putting it in your Trophy Cabinet....?
  11. I've been aiming at buying this game for a while, probably will this week now after seeing the phrase "appeared in the vendor after purchasing a decent amount of rewards with chicken nuggets" 😂
  12. Majority won't read the rules even if they were in bold 24 italics and underlined 8 times, let's be serious about it. I'd agree with the above more if the disputer came in and did along the lines of the following; "I know what I did, I don't want to hide them, I'm fine with being off" I think the dig PSE took was more that they came in, blatantly lied about something clear cut and proven, that a save file has been used and tried to worm their way out of it.
  13. You complain about not having enough support for you, you would have support but your trophies are clearly out of order, you reasoning behind it is sketchy at best and you seem to think the game is at fault. The game is buggy in some aspects and it's been reported as such but the way you explain it would make the trophies pop in the correct order regardless so your excuse doesn't make sense and you were the one who linked to your channel so don't complain when it gets used as evidence/partial reasoning against you.
  14. Yeah I knew they were rampant in MP and very common in Zombies but I didn't think they would be sad enough to bother with the campaign for some reason. Oh well that's this whole game that needs to be done in private.
  15. Don't worry so much about levelling either. Don't spend absolutely ages grinding as from every play through of a BL game you struggle to make it over 35 before the first play through has finished. There isn't a cap but the enemies will dip from 256xp to 12 to 1 to none and you will be forced to move to the next PT. Just a heads up.