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  1. It just so happened that you've been playing the Call of Duty titles, you played the entirety of you way through the game legit as well as getting a prestige in MP for the trophy and you were left with pretty much just Big Leagues to unlock, which is an unlockable trophy. Then you put it in your Trophy Cabinet, a more pessimistic person would say this wasn't coincidence.
  2. You may not have used cheats but you have used a save file from either the internet or sourced from somewhere else either is a violation of the leader board rules. Sub 3 mins for Socom? Come on now, you couldn't realistically get one of the trophies from this title in that time frame let alone the Platinum. It took you longer to 100% Aabs Animals, guess you must've taken the day off from speedrunning when you did that game...
  3. Trophies while the games didn't exist. Trophies while trophies weren't a thing. Trophies while PS2 was Sony's thing. As a hobby they shouldn't be your thing, the only thing posting this to IG etc would do is waste others time.
  4. If you want to set up a new account and fill it with all the Platinum fodder in the PSN store, taking advantage of multiple stacks etc then that's your choice and yeah you will be high on the leaderboards, be my guest. Some other folk prefer having as many platinums as possible, some like only UR plats and challenging stuff and some just like playing what they like and others maybe having a high completion stat. The way the system is atm people play what they want to and it gets scored accordingly, maybe it could be an option if someone had time for it but unless you are offering the service it's a bit of a massive ask for already busy people. Just be happy collecting trophies that you want and less about a number that doesn't get you anything or what people you will never meet think of said number.
  5. Nobody here is taking abusing you or being inappropriate, one person made a tiny joke using your name, hardly anything to get offended over. People are poking holes in your ridiculous story, you as the person having the story poked, don't like the way this is going because nobody is taking your side. Nobody should take your side because the reasoning is false. The mods can see original times, so the times you are using as evidence are false. Even if SFIV got u flagged it wouldn't do anything to change the situation so there is no point in fighting so hard to get it overturned. You have been caught, you are the profile holder so even if you long lost cousin thrice removed played Hannah Montana with a save file, you are the one who gets held accountable, remember that.
  6. I'm by no means 100% certain mate but AFAIK they are still fine to be gotten without NEAR. I got ad hoc trophies in Modnation after the plug was pulled on that function so there isn't problems there. I do know thought that maybe the lack of unlocks could be due to the fact the game isn't available digital anymore and the physical Vita copies are quite pricey in the UK (£35+ from CeX last i checked, mid last year) for a sub par platformer. If anybody knows better though please step in, but from past research that's the big put offs folk have about it.
  7. I'm gonna hazard a guess that it was because it contained the word ass.
  8. I second this, seems like it's popped up a few times in the last few months and it's a daft idea in all but one instance I can think of. It's a shame that some games MP may get shut down without any notice, I couldn't do the Resistance 2 MP because my ISPs connection was dire at the time and wouldnt connect with anyone but it's not a big deal because having a 100% profile is realistically, out of reach. Any game could just have it's servers shut off or launch with a glitch and never be patched, stopping you from getting the Plat. If you care that much just start a new profile and do your research beforehand, stop letting digital pictures and numbers that mean nothing to anyone but the owner, ruin your gaming experience. Just be happy with what you earn and be proud of it.
  9. This should be closed, OP clearly doesn't care about this as the one word "dispute" isn't a dispute and has been online and posted since opening so just isn't bothered it seems.
  10. In life or does this have something to do with a game...? (I keep reading that statement as Marty McFly getting chased out of the house in BttF 2, "damn right you made a mistake!")
  11. TOAST13TOA5T - Defensive Fighter. (Killzone 2, still not platted yet and this was the same first trophy on my original account too 🤔 need to get my act together)
  12. Kluivert making space in the box to slot it home, I watched the game with my dad lol needless to say I was Kluivert the next day on the playground (with absolutely none of the skill of course but I was 9 so blah! XD)
  13. I don't understand why you are still angry about this let alone posting about it in such an obscure thread. It was you that wasn't getting the point being made in the first place which was the syncing of saves wasn't a problem or how quick they auto pop but how you apparently used a vita cloud save for a profile not linked in any way with your current account to pop plats on said account. Also some other points: •it doesn't matter if you (*i*) didn't do it, you are responsible for what happens on your account. •what is with the blackmail talk, who is blackmailing you about what? •It would effect rank cause it would give you extra points moving the person and persons below you.
  14. This should be locked or deleted. This is something that should be posted in Gaming Sessions as it will just gather a bunch of people who want the same hand out.
  15. Lmao 😄😄 I'm sorry for laughing but as a Scot this made my day with the way you worked the topic.