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  1. If you want to do them now man, ive seen a few sessions floating about in recent weeks about it. I think you need to be on level 13 to be able to access all that the MP needs. They aren't tough by any means, take maybe 25 mins max if you are all talking etc. If you haven't started the game yet at all though just be ready for a massive grind, a big time to complete and boredom as the MP is by far the easiest and quickest thing in this game when it boils down to it.
  2. I had this happen to me a good load of times. Me personally, i used the King of the Hill server, i was the only one on there majority of the time (9am UK time). I loaded in and waited for either The Divide or the Forest to come up, if i found the collectible or someone joined and found it, waited for them to leave, backed out and joined again with new collectible and tried again as it loads same map. A few tips i found; Dont just look for the green glow, majority of the time it wasnt there depending on location unless in a dark corner. The box looks out of place and when you find one, study it a little if you can - sounds weird - but knowing the colour, size etc will help you find more. The.boxes.arent.just.on.ground.level; i dunno why i convinced myself they would be but i was shocked as i found some up high on ledges i.e. every collectible in the Forest for me, was on up rocks, like even the ones up where the log bridge is. I found 17 on The Divide alone, they cant be in spawn areas, so as soon as you're out the orange barrier - everything is free game but they are mostly middle map on there and i only encountered 2 in a duplicate spot, the others were all unique to what I'd seen before. I was gonna write this trophy off as it just seemed like a massive ridiculous task but after you find 5 or so it goes quicker, you know spots they may be or never would be and i went from 4 to 25 in about 2 and a half hours, even competing against some players (most of the time they wont shoot at you and just look for themselves, this may change the closer to close date) The Divide, Forest and Penthouse are all preferred maps, at least for me, Forest is bigger but as i say they were all on the rock mounds. Divide was my fave, i only ever got Penthouse once but did find the box in seconds on there. Good luck mate, sorry for the long post but i hope any of it helps you or anyone else even a bit!
  3. Nah man, there is some MP stuff that requires you to be a certain distance through the game but its all online. I actually liked the grind, at least for the base game but yeah when getting to max level in the base took x amount of time and the dlc grind took almost double that then it out stayed its welcome quite a lot at that point. That and the enemy variants to fill the pages, took me so long to find the Bogeyman variant πŸ˜‘
  4. Im pretty certain it will mate but honestly at that point, the physical version of Amazing Spider-Man for vita 2nd hand is about $70+ and thats me hunting around, all the Spider-Man games for PS shot up in price and so did vita physical stuff so its a double sided bad situation, unless its your fave version of your fave game its just not worth it for the sake of trophies.
  5. Yaaaas! for a change i actually have one of these! πŸ˜‚ i know thats nothing major in the grand scheme as theres folk out there with all of these in their cabinet but Max Payne 3 is my proudest plat, not even my rarest but god i put work in with that game. Not to mention i wrote it off the day it released after seeing that NYMHC trophy. Anyone whos shooting for an UR plat even not off this list, don't give up, its that rarity for a reason but it will be yours!
  6. God no. Even the trophy guide advises you make tactical saves to chop the time down. You did all the work and even if you say do NCR line in one and then reload on the strip and do Caesars line there's still an awful lot of work to be done depending on how well equipped and set up you are for the journey ahead. I just recently finished New Vegas to 100% and it was a great time but compared to 3 it took me so long to get to grips with all the extra stuff, ammo types, DPS system etc
  7. No, challenge mode is online and can't be accessed by offline means but thats all. I did NYM online and NYMHC offline to help minimise opportunities of a crash.
  8. I don't remember the situation exactly but i know the reason. Its something like when you first start the game, you get asked to go rescue someone from one of these locations at random Slaughter House, Lumber Yard etc (mine was Lumber) there will be a diamond there. Just look at it like the green ones are 'potential' ones based on that. Thats why if you count up all the Blues on the interactive map and add one green you will get the total for that square shown. Hope this helps you mate.
  9. I've often wondered but I'd probably switch sites at first though i imagine i would ultimately just throw in the towel with trophies. Might seem extreme but i can't visualise being thrown off the site, i don't see the accomplishment in cheating for a higher number, more impressive plats or more games even - as i loss in every aspect (through time, enjoyment and experience) so its harder to put myself in those shoes if that makes sense?
  10. I've heard the same about the game mate but i can only give my own experience. I'm 20 hours into the game (I'm very slow with Fallout games, no stone left unturned etc) and I've had 3 freezes, on all 3 occasions I've lost maybe a minute or 2 progress as the game auto saves with every zone or building entered. This is playing on the UK Complete Edition with 3 saves active in my list. (Just because of Bethesda games going mental if you stack loads of saves and flood the cache like Skyrim did). If you're careful and playing just the standard I'd say go for it, its very enjoyable and I'm finally starting to see why people love NV over 3.
  11. Non-mandatory? How would that possibly work? Its very unlikely they will change server status and even less likely they will change the trophy list requirements. As Fawlty says, it takes away from those that did the requirements in the first place. MKX had the invasions fixed (whether the petition helped or not is anyones guess) because the game is still active but MK9 had been dead a while before the servers went down. It sucks when you get locked out a Plat, i have several on my list including this, but everyone needs to suck it up, take it on the chin and move on. Looking for other ways leads to wasted time and folk trying workarounds etc through frustration. Sorry if it seems harsh but its true, this won't work especially for games of this age.
  12. Hey mate, just checking in, did you have any luck at all getting it to unlock? I started and finished this last night and the stats i had once trophy popped were; 2hrs, 3.6k damage landed; I've seen less juggling at the circus...jeez Kitana is a try hard and a pain in the arseπŸ˜‚ Also, not sure if its been mentioned before but i found this helpful so dropping it for others, using Raidens X-Ray drops 13 hits and is tracked in the invasion stats so helps keep a better tab on hits than damage estimation imo.
  13. Yeah its def odd you're nearly 4 times over the average. Its a pain but might be worth what i said above if it doesn't, writing off a trophy is always heartbreaking even a little.
  14. Jeez mate you've been building that number a while, I'm so sorry thats happened. Maybe if it doesn't pop and theres another invasion in the coming week; Back up your save and delete the save and do it from scratch in the time limit? Might be more productive than building on the number with potentially no end? Hope it pops for you 🀘
  15. You can never have enough San Andreas! The PS4 version is a direct PS2 port, PS3 is a port from the iOS version. Its not unplayable by any means and looks sharper (to a fault) than the PS2 port but it does have a few annoyances, the jumping is a little contextual for some reason which can be a pain and the timing is a little off in the Low Rider sequence (theres a few threads about it being really finicky to get a good score on) thats things i can remember bothering me but its not all bad, just not the same as the original. PS unless you can get it for a good price, stay away from the physical copy. It got a very limited run and can be very pricey in most regions.