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  1. Not accusing you or anything because obviously don't have evidence but with what Shadio pointed out it really is quite suspect you would enquire into something like a save wizard 2 weeks ago and now a weird trophy pop has happened πŸ€”πŸ˜–
  2. Your World and Country Ranking is already showing as Soon, so you've done it right mate. Shouldn't be too long till your back on the boards πŸ‘
  3. You have the reason for getting flagged there in the info given, so you'll have to post that in order for us to help you. Also if you want to dispute it, you will need to unhide the game so we can look at your list for reference.
  4. Congrats mate, that's quite an achievement. I used to love the GH series but just fell away from it, didn't quite have the skill needed for some of what was being asked lol glad you got done what you aimed for 🀘🀯
  5. Not that it will really help with your decision making directly, I guarantee almost all of those games (with the exception of Persona Dancing Collection) will drop in price in the January sales, so you may end up getting more for your money. I'm personally holding off on my pick ups till after Xmas If I had to pick I'd say Persona DC and Hellblade (Physical) will be the ones without an immediate price drop, although HB will most likely be discounted digital if a boxed copy isn't a necessity to you as it is for me lol.
  6. Nah sorry mate, but I think you're telling a packet of porkie pies here. I can also see at least 1 more game on your list (withing a 5 seconds of loadi g your list, didnt even have to comb) where there's a common save file usage trophy unlock sign. So you'd be better off hiding whatever else you've used save files in to unlock trophies before anything else is found and you get taken off the leaderboards altogether. Just a heads up. (Btw a common mistake; you don't need to have the platinum in a game for it to be called out)
  7. I didn't really have any problems on the Vita apart from some slow down and dropped frames on the last 2 bosses (that and getting my arse absolutely handed to me like 4 times before I beat them, oddly the first one was the tough part) good to know, you can let the dev know if you want, he's on this site and I think the first achiever of the plat on the EU PS4 board.
  8. Massive fan of the original games, still got my Master System mostly for this and a few other titles. I enjoyed the actual revamp of the original but I felt they could have done a bit more with it, so the spiritual successor will be the next trial. Seems like a nice list for this type of game, nothing stressful just an exploration filled good time.
  9. @Smashero <- The one with the knowledge awesome so I wasn't 100% wrong (more like 70% correct, up high! Nobody? Aww) the more I know...πŸ˜‚ Yeah I was trying to understand and give benefit of the doubt but was hard with limited knowledge. It seems more simple that CFW is the case, at least something odd is happening that I don't think is on the up and up, because using the memory cardless method you mentioned Smash is just waaaaay to much trouble to go to for benefit and isn't exactly like the Hotline Miami cases where it's cross save between the V and 4 that causes some timestamps to be skewed.
  10. This doesn't make sense to me at all. Now I'm ready to be proven wrong as this is not from super knowledge and its just the way I think it works, okay? No shouting at me lol Vita 1: lets say you had this already, it's got your account on it etc it has a memory card in it and that has Soooooooper Meat Boy! on it. You got this from the PSN either on PS+ (could raise problems later if it is) or purchased. Vita 2: you just buy this and fire it up, you transfer your memory card over that has SMB(!!!) on it and you start playing it, everything fine so far? Nope, because AFAIK a memory card is locked to your own account so there isn't people trading memory cards full of games over the net and selling 'em on eBay and the like. So you add your PSNID to the Vita but then surely you can't get "Missing Time Stamps" as you have loaded a profile onto it which means that vita will be online to verify its an existing account and because of this has already been online and because it was linked to at least the first? Also if you had somehow got the memory card on Vita 2 to actually load the content without already being synced to psn with your profile, which we have covered; so basically blank with no PSN ID, a memory card with SMB on it actually read by the system etc wouldnt the Vita restrict you from starting the game? I ask because I do know (If it was bought for free as a PS+ title) that if the PS+ starts a new month and you haven't booted something like SMB or any other game you got with the service up in a while and it's not hooked to WiFi at the time it will tell you to go online to verify the license and that your sub has been renewed. Otherwise it will stop at the touch box to load the app and just keep putting you back to that once this message appears. So I imagine that the memory card in this system with no account on it (somehow loading content) would do the same as it can't verify the license on anything on this new system be it the ID or online, follow me? Not trying to be an arse here but AFAIK is this not the way it works? Please feel free to poke holes in this story as I say it's not mega-researched, just my understanding as it sits right now. Thoughts? (I apologise this is long winded, trying to give as much I do as I know and examples for people to bounce around, it may be over written though, sorry!)
  11. Never played it, last Asterix games I played were on Master system and one I found in an old arcade. I will give it a bash when the price is right as I am fond of the characters and the old adventure books such as Asterix and Cleopatra etc. Is it something people would recommend? OP seems to like it at least.
  12. It's been a mistake and you've been told that, it will get done when it's done unfortunately it's taking longer than normal due to people's personal lives. Remember these people don't get paid for this so just keep your shorts on if you can, no idea why you would need back on the leader board so desperately anyways. Shouldn't be too much longer I'd imagine
  13. I know it may be annoying but if this flag gets overturned in your favour (which it seems like it will in the current state) and the person you speak of, flags you again and again they will be less likely to to be approved for moderation as it will just look more and more like a personal vendetta. Don't worry, if you've done nothing wrong and this is just a petty one sided squabble it will be sorted in the end
  14. You'll have to hide it mate, it's not something that will get hidden by someone on the PSNP end. You can hide the game on your trophy list on any of the 3 platforms and when you earn another trophy it will finish the process and it will be hidden here and the banner should disappear off your profile.
  15. Awesome work mate, enjoy that drink and some well deserved rest, your commute and work day sounds like a nightmare rolled into one so big props for doing this on top. Cheers