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  1. Ìm really interested to see how the conversation between the OP and MMDE goes, especially after their outburst earlier. Either way it's bending the rules to a degree regardless and I don't think it will really go that well, especially after what Taz has just posted.
  2. Please us the Game Sessions section to request partying up with up people and not the forum space. Just a heads up.
  3. I might be missing something but I'm sorry mate and no offence intended but I don't buy this story for a second. You didn't boost the trophies for the leaderboards with another player? Let's put aside the fact you weren't on the leaderboards in the percentile you should have been and chalk that up to a glitch, but you, playing solo the way it's supposed to be and getting kills legit managed to beat out teams of 4+ players who played nothing but KZ2 MP and where every kill they get would be a headshot? We are talking people getting 100+ headshots per match for like 10 hours a day for up to a week and some of them didn't even make the cut? Yet you, unboosted bare in mind, got it all in the same week as doing the story and DLC trophies and doing stuff in other games too? It's just to much believe, there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the week for one person to complete this tremendous task especially with the ridiculous requirements that were needed for those leader board trophies in the dying weeks.
  4. From what I can see just from initial searches, it comes in a standard box, not even a steel back case and the season pass included is a code and not something the disc alone would give you access to. Unless you're getting as awesome price (If the region on your profile is correct then I'd say 175-235 SEK, that's me converting from GBP) and from what I've seen review wise even that is generous, especially if theres no season pass. If you aren't really looking forward to this game and are just swayed by it being "deluxe" I'd give it a miss mate.
  5. In previous experience deluxe editions, especially second hand ones, are in most cases worthless. Unless they come with a figure or statue that you will cherish or at least value the look of often there's not much point. Any DLC or codes they come with will have been used most likely, even if you are told different - test them before buying (via PSN store online). In most cases said statue or figure is usually cheap in quality and the rest is just packaging you are being over charged for. If it's Black Ops 4 for the black ops pass btw be careful, apparently people are buying it solely for the access to that and selling the game on. Sorry for the rant/essay and it's your choice in the end so don't let me sway you but I wouldn't want to see anybody from here get robbed or taken for a ride.
  6. Uhh, my name is David...and I'm an addict. At first it was just one, y'know? It was exciting, fun and a lot of other people were doing it too. It made me feel good about myself, then it started to be all I thought about. Soon i started using whatever i could get my hands on, no matter if it was the premium regular stuff or cheap and uncheerful stuff to fuel the habit. Then it was less fun, I was losing sleep and gaining agitation, it was then I realised, it was just Hannah Montana and Ice Age 3, it didn't matter at all. I've since changed my ways and my account since then and so far I'm 6 years clean, but if even one person can learn a lesson from me then this has all been worth it. Thank you. P.S I don't mind if people on my friends lit know my name as I don't usually add people I don't know on at least some friendly level or know I will get to know them to that standard.
  7. Continuing to start new threads for the same garbage is gonna get you in trouble mate, AFAIK you are already above your limit for flagged titles and you have yet to post proof or tangible evidence that you are wrongly flagged, just an fyi telling us we have to 'wake up' or are 'lifeless' doesn't count as evidence.
  8. Wether you used the Yokozuna glitch is irrelevant mate, you should've unlocked Sumo Wrestled before Yoko, yet it unlocks like 20 mins after. You need to explain how this happened. For AJ or anybody else wondering:- The Yokozuna trophy is for beating all staff ghosts in time attack mode. The glitch allows you to play 4 time trials and beat the ghosts causing the trophy for beating all the ghosts to pop, but you need to delete the patches for the game as they fixed this glitch in the 1st or 2nd patch IIRC. So it still doesn't explain, even using this glitch how the 2 trophies popped like they did for this user.
  9. This isn't the place to do that, you'll need to make a gaming session for boosting trophies.
  10. This isn't a court room it's an Internet forum, the rules don't really apply in the same way, which has been stated before. Not only that, as you say, "the accuser has to prove the guilt" bare in mind (in a court) the defendant has to prove the innocence so your analogy is kinda silly, at least to me (no offense intended). It has shown up on another dispute:-
  11. You aren't being punished for it, it's just the rules of the leaderboards. can't be a massive deal to hide it really, it's not like you could've got the platinum in it anyways, sadly.
  12. It seems to me more like you loaded a save got caught for it, saw the dispute then went looking for any sort of excuse that would get you out of it. I'm a pessimist though, but it looks like you loaded a spec ops 100% save and then blasted the campaign as quick as you could. Just an opinion though.
  13. I can confirm it is mate, it doesn't matter if you don't always make it back for the class (sometimes it's more than a chore, having to skateboard or bike from the carnival, for instance, to get to a class) if you miss Maths 3, it won't skip forward to Maths 4 it will always be the 3rd lesson when that class comes up, same for failing a class, you will repeat that class until it's finished. Also when the last chapter is done the classes will just rotate in and out so don't worry about getting them done before the final mission. Hope this helps, if it does let me know if you got any other questions, if it doesn't I can word it different or give a better explanation.
  14. I'm gonna try (in vain most likely because Sergen has tried to do the same) save you some time man. The apology is nice because jumping to 'you don't have a life because you are doing this to me' defence is really childish. That being said, it's not an offence thing, you haven't p'd off the wrong person or anything. There's literally nothing that can be done, you are flagged in too many games now and won't be returning to the leaderboards due to that. It also doesn't help that MMDE clearly knows you are/were up to something, sorry bud but baking a round of cakes as an apology wouldn't even help this, damage has been done, sorry.
  15. The mods don't care how high you are on the leaderboard, they've stripped ranking from several types of people; high rankers, people who have contributed to guides and roadmaps, some more well known forum members. There's no favouritism getting shown here, just an odd situation which I'm sure if anyone here had been impacted by the same thing and been called out for it you would be rallying the other side of the argument.