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  1. To be honest it looks like you used a save for spec ops (at least what you couldn't do yourself) and the black ops 2 looks like the same but mostly because of the work that's involved in the campaign etc but you could have came across the same problem a lot of disputers have had with this title. You do know that even if this a molded lobby nobody would believe you now you just told a pack of porky pies...
  2. It's not a matter of thinking mate, the evidence speaks for itself. I'm not talking about the ngu link or anything but the jumps in actions done within a minute or so is ridiculous. We don't come here with the intent to bash you or anything it's just the facts usually speak for themselves.
  3. Usually if it's just a riddles trophy out of place it is understandable but look at your AA list on PS4 compared to the PS3 version. It looks like trophies didn't start unlocking till the last 75% of the game. The list is all over the place and looks like you either used a save file or attempted to beat the game with a low completion time but then gave up on the idea. (example:- all the trophies earned first are from when you were in the greenhouses fighting Ivy, then beating up the henchmen at the jokers mouth lair then the game finishes and you start getting them in actual order, stopping zsasz and rescuing the COs from the contaminated chamber). Just my 2 cents but did you ever attempt anything like this OP?
  4. "I deleted my character" most helpful tidbit of information exchanged...won't matter anyway, your list is a mess, all the points Sergen has made and just the fews games I have checked it just reeks of cheating.
  5. Garbage, I've never heard of so many people who are lucky to get saves etc from a broken PS console. We have seen this before in a previous dispute I'm sure (anyone else remember the exact one, I'm drawing a blank?) this might be harder with language barrier though.
  6. I don't know if you are explaining right or whatever but from what I get from your post is, you have been accused of hacking before, you got back on the leaderboards and now have been found out again for it? Post the reasons for being flagged please as it's just guess work if you don't.
  7. @Artful is it not possible that like kills 63-73 were done in the middle of the 75 kills without dying run? Not played U3 so I honestly don't know but just seems a trophy for alternating combat and gunplay could be earned in this time? Just an FYI as of an few weeks back every platform is able to be flagged as long as you have the game on your profile @PSXtreme_ this is very true, plus MMDE has just said it's like he's not used saves before (sarcastically if I'm not mistaken ;)) so he's either flagged for more than this or he's checked the resume and it ain't looking good for the candidate.
  8. Hmm I'll leave this up to more capable people than myself to decide (not that I could anyway Xd) it's been a while since I played infamous myself but there just seems something odd about this, but I don't want to go pointing fingers unless I'm 100% of the exact situation, which I'm not. (I'm heading out now and will check in again later, if I've been wrong I will hold my hands up though as it might just be a unique situation).
  9. Well your trophy list shows you finishing your good playthrough on 12th of July 2011, getting your 50% shards done on the 13th of July 2011 then coming back to do the evil playthrough in May next year so what you just said makes no sense cause you got 50% on console A not console B. There's just something really odd about your list that I cant place.
  10. That makes no sense mate, you would have unlocked it before hand, I'm looking at your trophies in date order. You did a full playthrough making Good Karma choices, that trophy I have pointed out is story related, you make one choice or the other. Yet the good choice never unlocked and still hasn't for some reason while the trophy for the evil choice didn't unlock either but did on your second playthrough. It's as if you skipped the part of the game with that choice entirely, that doesn't seem like a sync issue. Your story doesn't add up to my knowledge.
  11. Also, I'm not trying to be overly critical so if I seem so I apologise, but I find it slightly fishy that you would get 50% shards back up your save only to have your console die then do an evil playthrough a year later. I don't know if I find it weird because that isn't how I tend to operate with my games etc or if it is odd in general, did you suspect the PS3 packing in? (breaking down, sorry I'm Scottish lol)
  12. How did you get through your whole first playthrough (Good Playthrough) and not reconcile with Trish, which would/should be the choice you would make. The only other choice to be made would be Confirmed Bachelor but you didn't accidentally pick that first time through either cause it pops when it should on your 2nd time round (Evil Playthrough). Am I remembering wrong? One of those has to be picked so why doesn't it reflect that?
  13. The Rogue Legacy trophies are weird to say the least, the 20 hours you could technically just stand in the first Hall ( no enemies) to get that, but the find all blueprints trophy that early and all runes is garbage, I might be remembering wrong but I think k some of the runes are only in like new game + and even if I'm remembering wrong, to get all those without dying 20 or more times is mental, I knew this games enemies and mechanics inside out in the end and I still couldn't have done that in a new game. Something funny there.
  14. Needs to look up the meaning of Irony too...
  15. You didn't do this legit at all chief, it actually looks like the classic "trophies were popped while playing MP by someone" other than yourself but you can't even really use that excuse now due to saying what you have, it would stay flagged regardless but you would have kept more credibility if you told the truth. @jujuthebest95 you've just been removed from leaderboards by thinking Christmas jokes would cover your cheated profile, so your word is as good as silence. Even if he had 20 friends with 20 ps3s you can't level select until the levels have been beat and you can't go between single player to zombies to do arguably one of the hardest trophies in the list in under 10 seconds. It just doesn't work that way so pull the other one Ho Ho Ho.