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  1. You're getting an out here mate, bloody take it and count yourself lucky you are getting it at all. Knowing past disputes though and why MMDE pointed it out, people never take the chance and don't bother hiding what they are sure can't get caught with, get found out, lie, whine, repeat last 2 steps ad nauseum.
  2. I dont know if im just a glutton for punishment but i was really hoping for perfect silent runs for the game or "eliminate every enemy with the green beret" etc oh well, the fact it even got remastered is insane, still wish it had been the trilogy mind you.
  3. Its not a court system, nowhere does it say innocent till proven guilty. The timestamps are called into question and those are what would make you 'guilty' and you have to dispute why you think this is a wrong decision. The staff don't draw a paycheck and its not illegal to crack a sarcastic joke. If its that shocking to you there is nothing keeping you here except yourself.
  4. Nah mate, practice is all you need. Its tough at first, even fill your trick slots with easy input manual and grind specials and then cycle through them while tweaking them to add combo multiplier as well as the score its multiplying. Do you know what i mean or would you like more detail?
  5. From what ive read (i dont know if its all/limited to) anything to do with score or challenges is disabled with putting a cheat in. Its early days yet though so i don't know how reliable it is. What you needing them for?
  6. Not pointing fingers or anything mate but if theres anything untoward or unusual that you have no explanation for then hide them from public sight now or you'll lose your spot on the boards (if you care that is). Good luck going forward and thank you for just hiding when you dont have an explanation and not trying to BS your way out and around👍
  7. MOST_MODEST_OF_ALL_TIME What an odd flex...can't win them all i guess. Think this just needs a decision now, disputer disputer has given the method used, just needs determined.
  8. That won't be the whole explanation, just the first bit. It will have an explanation there unless its one of the CRT leaving a note to themselves.
  9. It won't be so hard to tell who did it what way if they pop the way OP says. It is a shame because people will mostly miss out on this amazing piece of software by opting to unlock them this way. Better there be a clear cut way to see the difference of who did it fully and who took the cut: unlike something along the lines of the trial trophies in SF4/SSF4 or the VR stuff in MGS2.
  10. Its obviously not completely broken otherwise you wouldn't even be able to play it to come to these conclusions. These are minor issues, that i agree i have seen a good few raise so i believe they are real but it seems a bit like you're just ranting out of frustration because you're one of the many chasing the Infallible trophy and its not going well. You have a few options in my eyes; • Stop thinking trophies and just play for fun? • Leave the game for a patch to come out and try again? • Just leave the game altogether, its not a necessity to play it?
  11. because it doesn't bloody matter! You are way, way over the leniency limit for flags hiding 2/16 or whatever won't make a blind bit of difference! You were told to stop making threads as your case is going nowhere and @B1rvine warned you if you kept it up you risk having not just your LB place revoked.
  12. Not sure about other regions etc because rarity differs by region but my rarities are for the UK; 3D Dot Game Heroes No More Heroes Demon Souls: Black Phantom Edition Ratchet & Clank Trilogy Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions
  13. Yeah im sorry i was looking forward to this but 15.99 is a joke for this. Its 4 years old and 7 quid on PC. Oh well onto the pricelist drop it goes to wait for sale lol
  14. Going to second this just so its clear, anything done in co-op, whether its online or couch will not give you the trophy for finish story playthrough with 'X'. I did 5 bloody runs with SoR4 Axel was sure i had it till i was 80% through the list and realised i still didnt have it cause id never done a solo run 😅 dont look at it as a massive time sink though as you will be glad of the practice when it comes to beating Hard with S Ranks and doing the game on hard with no continues 😬 good luck and have fun. Still love this game, hope we get a 5.
  15. Its the same as always, Star 69, Honor Roll and Professional popped at the same time which isn't possible, as they have an order but is typical save pattern unlock order. Also the typical sort of reasoning given as to why there's no way it happened. I feel a MMDE 🥱 incoming...