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  1. I can only answer up to here as I havent finished the full thing but feel decently qualified to answer some. 1. Its turn based but free flow, the minute you get the chance, open the menu and set the AI to wait. Which will give you more time for actions otherwise they will constantly take digs at you and you encounter a Behemoth quite early in the game which can be nasty if you aren't familiar with the systems. 2. I've not had any problems with with trophies and from stuff I've read its normally the fault of the player not having me the requirements or not checking the guide for when it should pop like chapter stuff not popping as quick as they think. 3. Theres 2 incredible guides on GFaqs that I've used, one is in the supplement section, it doesnt give you a full hand hold just breaks it down as, speak to these folk in this order, do these tasks and this is the percentage you should be at periodically. Save at the beginning of each chapter. 4. You will get used to the combat system, if I were to rank every system used in FF it's on the low end near the bottom. The quicker you go with it the more you will get used to it and even enjoy it, it's slightly similar to XIII in the way you must change your characters base function to meet certain needs. So if you've played that, stop whining (Arnie voice intended) if not, then it's great practice if you're going through the series when you reach that point. 5. Very good analogy, true it's not the greatest but it's far from the worst. I'll pose this in a different way, (these are not my opinions so don't @ me whoever you are) VII was applauded and people mostly hate VIII or at least did for a long time. X was applauded and people hate X-2 see the pattern? It's not as good as the predecessor so it gets a tougher time. It's the black sheep but people in recent years have been like "yo wheres X-3?!" The only game I've ever really seen more divided in fans is SH4: The Room, everybody hated it at launch (excluding myself) but now the series has shot itself, it's now recognised as great and misunderstood at first. Don't let others opinions put you off and let us know how you get on later on. Ps congrats on your Plat for FFX, it was quite a journey but you got there lol
  2. The reason is usually given to you but it's your job to post it otherwise it's just speculation, I speculate it's because you got the last trophies you needed (puzzle 15, 14, 8 and the final for finishing all) within about a minute of each other. That's the problem, now you have to explain how you did these faster than the puzzles take to load and then why the final trophy that acts like a mini plat takes almost a minute to ping.
  3. This one has annoyed me quite a bit. I followed a trophy guide that didnt list Self Improvement as an online trophy. I got everyone that was listed with Online Required then when I was scrolling through on the 1st of June it said it was unobtainable too. Raging to say the least but oh well, win some and lose some.
  4. Has anybody checked to see if this game works around problems with a new PSN ID? I saw that it's worked for a few people who had problems with Far Cry 2. Just a thought, I'll admit I don't know this game or anything about it other than it's one of those feared MPs that bug out and lock things for users ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…
  5. It was all put into a bundle, every part including all the dlc cosmetics for MP. If it's not on the store it has been delisted, I vividly remember reading that it would be taken down eventually but no date was given. If you grabbed the big bundle while the MP purge was going on it will be in there somewhere, just have to sift through the 100 odd items to find it I think. If you havent figured already the dlc menu doesnt work and hasn't for some time, get it from your purchased list.
  6. Use stealth where you can even if it's for the first part of a mission then when cover is blown go loud and all out. I played 3 a good load before this and still died a bunch from what I remember. Just don't beat yourself up about it as you don't lose anything aside from a little set back in location, the quicker you make peace with it the quicker you will have fun going back and hunting who got you. Also the game is designed to be tongue-in-cheek 80s movie aesthetic so the enemy count can be absurd at points, it gets easier when you upgrade, get more health etc. I found the pistol for stealth along with shurikens best. The Sniper is great for range and powerful. Also remember your D20 to lure enemies places and stay away from Blood Dragons! (on easy it looks like you can take them and get close but it's a waste of resources until they are hunting missions) Just have fun with it, it's a unique experience and i personally loved all the Terminator references in it. Was so sad they havent continued doing it for each FC game. Good Luck Soldier!
  7. Sadly mate it is the case, but thanks for realising your account is your responsibility. Most just pass the blame to family member XYZ. If it's the only case just hide it and move on with your hunting and you will be back on the leaderboards ๐Ÿ‘
  8. It needs to appear in the list on the menu. Unlocking it just means it appears in labyrinth moving forward and can be found. Good luck in your journey mate.
  9. You need to basically do it all anyway for your triple star license. The person you pointed out before editing didn't have the same problem as you, they had Sumo Wrestled unlocked well before Yokozuna. You don't and that's what you have to explain. People know the Yokozuna glitch, it's in the forums and I think even the guide, that's not what the problem is here.
  10. Or y'know someone from the Removal Team that's seen this many a time and would know better regardless of gender. Are you 5 or are you still holding a grudge from April? (Nice name change and hide btw). OT I think that's 5 flags at least now.
  11. Yes, most would because just like other folk in the same situation they think they have either covered their tracks well, believe the service they paid for is done by a person manually and not a computer or just plain arrogant to think they've one upped the system. Nobody thinks they will get caught till they do and sadly they only have themselves to blame.
  12. You've gained +1 flag from me anyway, I know theres more but it's all I can personally do. You can post your SS if you'd like or think it will help but I'd actually say that chances are you have more flags and they wont be getting removed, we could just wait for a mod to pick...โ— <- this is where I got to before B1rvine has replied appeared on my screen lol.
  13. Yeah, find people in a situation similar to yourself. People who have popped the trophies in a similar way or have experience glitches etc that would cause this because as @Kristycism stated; You seem to have not only become incredibly efficient at Downwell without really remembering anything about it. You also jumped through about 4 other games for the Vita in a short period and also messed with the dates these games were played. The acting hurt and grabbing the valued member shield never works unless you don't actually have something to hide mate.
  14. Yeah I was being purposefully dry and sarcastic, i didn't actually want a location and if it bothered you that much why divulge at all? Sorry if I hurt your feelings petal, no offence meant. I don't really believe your story though hence the attitude and lack of respect shown. It's not pictures of the wedding we would like proof of it's more the trophies that need an explanation for.
  15. Sweet when and where was your holiday? Wish I got to take my PS4 with me on holiday. Should any body put much faith in the fact that you got 44 of your 107 rarest trophies in the space of 10 days? Must have been a pretty boring vacation for you to have done all that gaming or while you and your brother were doing this epic marathon on Vita, was a cousin at home covering the PS4 side of things?