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  1. The plot thickens...maybe op thought it would have limitations? It usually gets deleted so i won't but *insert dramatic beaver gif here*
  2. Mines works the same as yours mate, on PS3 when you sync thats it, its a waiting game. There is no background sync, you watch the bar are prey it goes quick. I even sign out after syncing to look at list progress as when i come back out the game it freezes me till its done loading my whole list. Worst thing about the system.
  3. Yeah! Then make him a cake of bees! What a shit gift, im sure he meant well but still.
  4. If its a great injustice and you've been flagged due to haters, then it shouldn't have to be hidden mate, that's not a thing. You don't keep flags you didn't bring about except in 1 or 2 instances (modders popping trophies in BOII for instance). Yeah though, wait and see what the CRT say.
  5. Hide anything else you did the same way, I'm seeing one or two things that are quite suspect, so don't try your luck.
  6. Both stories seem a little off to me. Ive checked the majority of Latest achievers for VC and nobody fell into this same pattern and even if it jumped up, wouldn't it unlock Butcher first anyway? GTAIV: so were you just in freeplay or playing BDB part 2? We have the resident expert and the only reason i have the MP done. @ProfBambam55 could tell us if this is a thing (sorry for the summons mate but i recall you having knowledge of even things that were patched out in the past etc.)
  7. In game method of joining a random hacked lobby and unlocking the remaining trophies and then being silly enough to lie about it like you know something others don't. There's hundreds, thousands maybe waiting for a viable way of getting round this so, nice try but dont lie
  8. Yeah, always worth it as most games are 10 and under. Word of advice, write a list of 10/+ games you would want to play on it and if its easy to do and you get way above 10 then go for it. If its just the Metal Gears you wanna play though, FYI 2/3/PW are on Playstation Now in the MGS Collection. I still actively have 50+ games on the 3 to play and finish, wouldn't go past it at any point.
  9. Can you post the reason given for the dispute but you probably have no recollection because they popped so fast you didnt bother to count them. I think i can safely go out on a limb and say you are talking nonsense. This is either edited timestamps or save file usage. Everything from October 15th or so is clearly not legit, resident evil trophies seconds apart from different modes. EW difficulties popped in seconds. GTA, the 2 most time consuming MP trophies in seconds and all these games done back to back after being left for years unfinished. Good thing you don't mind being on such a leaderboard because i doubt you'll be back with this profile. (Even if it happened the way you say it did, you did what? Just suddenly over the space of 3 days you just put all these ultra rare plat games with hardest difficulties and games with unfinished DLCs into your dusty PS3 and due to a database rebuild after a crash it just started stringing all these unearned trophies together? Not even a convincing/plausible lie. Much handy! Such money save...)
  10. •Its been documented several times that you can unlock Crushing with just a normal PT instead of forcing you to play Hard like previous efforts from UC series on PS3 as skateak pointed out. It still doesn't explain this list as Crushing unlocks (which should pop every lower diff with it) but instead 3 hours later the other 3 difficulty trophies unlock (in quite a strict time frame as well, as even the UC3R lists speedrun trophy allows more time im sure but thats more an opinion i guess) but N/H pop, then 30 mins later; Easy unlocks. Do you have any ideas how this [email protected] •Whether its your save file used with LBP2 or not it's still against the terms of the LB in the guidelines post, but the CRT can tell usually what save has been used to unlock them. •You would have to produce evidence that this actually works as the game was server based and i can't find any note of there being a LAN option let alone using it to get the trophy for finishing a MP match. Shouldn't be difficult to reproduce if the method is usable as you say.
  11. You say you haven't cheated but the CRT have evidence in your timestamps that you have. Saying you haven't with no evidence doesn't make it so. You won't guilt trip your way back onto the boards especially because you haven't lost access to those games, you still own them and can access them with a fresh profile. Hopefully with this 4th forum you've opened with the same answer you'll let it go 👍
  12. That video, to me at least, shows no proof of anything. You boot up the game and go to the time trial menu thats it, you spend more time loading the game than focusing on the info needed so it comes off as a smokescreen, you provide info that makes you look helpful but it shows nothing, the video is near impossible (at least on mobile) to stop on the last second to even get info then it cuts off. The forum you linked from ps3t is from 2010 and details a crash, which you haven't mentioned happened to you at any point so is just pointing out someone having a problem with the trials, not the "problem" you have so is irrelevant to the case. These are trophies that are quite difficult and have widely had save files used to obtain. Yours look like this has been done IMO and it doesnt help they are in reverse order of how they should be obtained. I have done these trophies, offline and experienced no such problems, they are in order as they should be.(Disclaimer of sorts)
  13. This is like telling someone to go ahead and shoot then grabbing paper to shield yourself...
  14. I'm pretty sure there was something about it as its the only reason i did it, i don't usually do the ranked side of CoD hence why I've packed the series in now. Activision have never done anything in the interest of the gamer (again look the series now)only in the money, 98% of Blops 2 sales for the last 6 years will have been second hand so even though there's lots of players that love it they aren't seeing money from it so why keep it updated?
  15. Blacklist was a bug they refused to fix and went down without notice. Black Ops III got fixed because it was still the current CoD at the time and folk were buying the DLC that couldn't be finished, they had to fix the d3coration trophy as well. This CoD is 8 years old, the League Play was on for 3-4 years and had plenty of notice that it was going down (around June of that year IIRC) BBB can't really do anything as nothing was really breached. @Alihsan621 I'm sorry you've had to throw in the towel mate, it sucks the infection route didn't work 😕