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  1. Is that you admitting you didn't do it yourself or am I just over-analysing that statement? Btw not to kick you when you're down or anything, but even though you won't get the plat taken away, you could get 1000 plats and people would still not be impressed if this is the way you get them. Can't be proud of something you didn't earn. That's just my opinion though.
  2. Not being a d#@k man but if you put the OT into Google there's a good set up that comes up (the copy function on my phone doesn't work right or I'd post it, not being one of those "GFE so use it" people lol) but I'd advise against it, you'll spend ages blowing up what you have to rebuild it costing caps and blackout spots in production, just leave yourself decent space to upgrade your rooms to 3-long each if you can. PS if you don't have it yet the trophy for raider attacks becomes 5X longer if you expand too quick so don't be worried about building so fast
  3. Hmm I don't really get your reasoning here mate, the informants tell you the locations of the Extortion Files, you don't need them for the trophy, if you use a guide or know where they are AFAIK you can just go get them. The trophy doesn't have anything to do with the informants either, just the files themselves so it doesn't make much sense to me that your trophy popped (for all files and the first riddles trophy before that) after 20 minutes of knocking informants around. Not sure what you mean about where my mistake? It's not always a timed thing, you either get flag autonomously by the system (sometimes I think but that may just be for certain high target trophies) or one of the community does it after spying a discrepancy in the order. If it was a common bug that you could point out and say "there's loads like me" then it would be agreed as a silly mistake, but it's not so this is why you're being asked for an explanation looking for anything like this being asked about anywhere to back this up, but not finding it so far.
  4. This doesn't make sense to me but I've never tried it this way. My understanding is that you'd have to get all the Data files in the game and then you will be prompted to go to Edwards hideout and you then destroy his Pc which releases the block on the door, which you then hack to open and go down a little hallway to a wall with a green ? on it, you investigate this to find the first trophy. The guide on PST says you don't need the Anarky tags and the Plaques for it, you still need to get the other 270 files/relays dotted around the map to even access the room this is in, so your story doesn't make much sense I'm afraid. (at least to me and what I know of the game it doesn't, never heard of it the way OP describes so if I'm wrong I will hold up my hands and apologise :)).
  5. Well we will just agree to disagree, I'm not dragging a debate of character through the OPs dispute any further, as I said it's not the place for it and we won't convince each other regardless so let's just leave it at that, shall we. Sorry for the derail.
  6. Not feeling sorry for them is different with not empathising with them. Feeling sorry for a cheater is stupid because you're right they chose to cheat. You might say he doesn't empathise either but if he didn't he wouldn't give so many people some sort of chance. Where as someone like grimy comes in with his iron hammer, no ifs ands or buts (not a bad thing by any means). You say he's unprofessional but it's not like he comes in and starts calling people names or slanders them, he cracks a few jokes or puts his foot down when clear lies are being told and will call BS when needed as anyone would do who's been jerked around as often over the same lies . Also you know he can't be a professional when he isn't paid? That's the definition of it, he may be representing this site just like grimy is but neither of them are listed in the staff directory from what I can see so not really an official capacity is it? This isn't really the place for this though as there is a dispute happening foremost here, probably not best to derail any further over opinions.
  7. And if it was a case of glitched trophies, in a game that's known for it, it does get taken into account. It's not so much that "look at the other games I have played/completed that are harder" is a poor defense, it's just its not a reputable defense in a case against a game that's trophies are clearly out of order, on a game with no save encryption, which other that Fuel and Socom, is the game that's had saves used on it to pop trophies the most in the history of trophies. The way to look at it simpler (and it was actually a case recently) getting a Platinum in Wolfenstein II does not give you the right to cheat Sound Shapes or anything else because it's easier and you have "proven yourself". I feel empathy sometimes as well and try to help where I can giving plausible explanations or instances of what could have happened but the sad fact is most people come in here and feign ignorance knowing full well they have cheated. Also try to feel sorry for MMDE, he does this for free, puts a tonne of work in and usually gets attacked or ganged up on for it, because people sometimes don't agree with him but he does try to hear things out as much as I'm sure he can, but hears a lot of nonsense that will make him wary of such things. The more you know....:P
  8. I'm not sure if there's a time issue with this like there has been with some but it looks like a save has been used to just pop all the spec ops stars. Everyone of the trophies from Honor Roll to Star 69 popped one after the other, and in a weird looking order to me. Anybody else?
  9. I imagine they would, I had correspondence from them when I got suspended for a week (I disputed a transaction with my bank cause they took it 3 times and they suspended me for it ugh). It wasnt much but it was still sent, surely you would have got something sent.
  10. I don't know if I'm the only one but I was really disappointed with the choice of weapons in comparison with 3 and 4. I know most people probably just used the same weapons overall in the old ones but I liked having the option of different assault rifles, full auto, three round burst, DMRs etc I didn't mind doing the outposts and towers because you got unique weapons for doing so. So far I've just felt quite let down by 5 compared to the past titles. I've just stuck with the M60, 50cal, silenced pistol and compound bow. Mix of both, good for stealth, full combat and taking down the annoying choppers.
  11. I forget the name because there is that any of these disputes now, but I remember chiming in on one dispute for AA and saying the exact same as @MMDEMMDE. It looked like they did the end of the game then the beginning of it according to the trophies, maybe look to that dispute for similarities?
  12. Yeah man, anytime after getting access to Weiss as a companion, (even in a new game) go to first floor in your house and you check a diary that will let you access it. (I think it's your wifes diary)
  13. I've done Nier on both the PS3 and 360, PS3 I did with the DLC and 360 without. I'd say in total it saved me around 10 or more hours (probably more) WITH it. Instead of waiting and grinding for enemy drops etc with the standard game, you are basically running through the DLC area breaking boxes with rare drops available from them, then you throw yourself off a bridge a few times and when you start back at your House, you have all the items and can run it again to gain more, even the way I've worded it you can probably guess it saves a good chunk of time. This is all from memory btw it could save more time, but I thought it'd be best to let you know rather than not get an answer ;). If the money's expendable to you I'd do it, but it's not necessary if you can't. Just an FYI the DLC needed to be bought through the game for me, it wasn't on the store, might be the same for you. In case you cannae find it.
  14. I made a separate save at the beginning after the first quest and went on to do the side quests and then reverted back to the previous save so I could get the light speed trophy. I wouldn't say many of the side quests are interesting, I enjoyed the ones that took you to the aerie etc and although boring, i liked fishing for those side quests. I loved the music in the game from all the areas so I didn't mind the mindless nature of the Side stuff. The DLC has an area or two that is quite a bit more productive for a lot of items for upgrading. Things like Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold Ores and D.Steels etc I found it worth having as opposed to not, hope this helps your decision.
  15. "You can see the date of each trophy on my psn profile" I had a quick scan and the longest plat I can see is 4 minutes... "stop judging people before certain about it" it's not always clear but your cade seems to be clearer than water mate. Ps that attitude will get you no where, especially against such a well respected member of the community such as the Dr. You've quite clearly got something dodgy going on with the contents of your profile.