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  1. TOAST13TOA5T - Defensive Fighter. (Killzone 2, still not platted yet and this was the same first trophy on my original account too 🤔 need to get my act together)
  2. Kluivert making space in the box to slot it home, I watched the game with my dad lol needless to say I was Kluivert the next day on the playground (with absolutely none of the skill of course but I was 9 so blah! XD)
  3. I don't understand why you are still angry about this let alone posting about it in such an obscure thread. It was you that wasn't getting the point being made in the first place which was the syncing of saves wasn't a problem or how quick they auto pop but how you apparently used a vita cloud save for a profile not linked in any way with your current account to pop plats on said account. Also some other points: •it doesn't matter if you (*i*) didn't do it, you are responsible for what happens on your account. •what is with the blackmail talk, who is blackmailing you about what? •It would effect rank cause it would give you extra points moving the person and persons below you.
  4. This should be locked or deleted. This is something that should be posted in Gaming Sessions as it will just gather a bunch of people who want the same hand out.
  5. Lmao 😄😄 I'm sorry for laughing but as a Scot this made my day with the way you worked the topic.
  6. I know it isn't helpful as much as you want, but I had trouble with them as well until I didn't, the I tore through them and they were my favourite events lol you'll get it soon enough mate, keep it up.
  7. But as you saw in the session mate, it very much turned into a debate/argument. If there's at least 2 sides of opinion then it can become a debate. Many follow your way of thinking so far, pretty much myself included, but there are others who don't and I just like seeing a well put opinion for both sides. Like the above great point from @VigilantCrow, I only ever looked at it as you shouldn't have the reward for something you can't do, never the point of view that it devalues the accomplishment for people who struggled themselves to get it.
  8. Thid is the other side of the argument that gets spoke about, how its a function put in place by Sony, it's not just for couch co-op stuff like Resogun DLC that needs it, but a lot of people are viewing it as cheap and that if you can't gain the trophy yourself, you shouldn't have it like you did the task. I just find it an interesting argument as it has many sides, even in the it shouldn't be done for tough trophies as you didn't make the hurdle yourself, but if it's something daft and easy then so be it, we have all been hindered by that stupid easy trophy that has us thinking why am I having such a tough time of this it's not even hard?! Then at the same time you have people who think if you can't even get the simple trophies done, you shouldn't be doing this at all because it is considered so simple, see what I mean? This is one of the views I have on it, I still remember the day I finished Rogue Legacy, not my rarest Plat but still a solid UR Plat (and my first UR plat). I never considered that I would get it as the wall seemed too tall for me to climb, but I started getting better at it, I still thought I'll never do the 15 deaths or less trophy, no way. I did it on the 8th death in 1 attempt, it took months of playing the game as a whole and when I achieved it, I almost threw my Vita I jumped so high out my chair when I landed the final blow. Now I know it's just a trophy but it's something I considered impossible and I overcame it, I honestly can't imagine having anywhere near the joy I experienced getting someone to accomplish it for me, out of my whole time doing this as a hobbyI still remember that moment like it happened 10 mins ago, I don't get why someone would rob themselves of that feeling of overcoming such a massive hurdle.
  9. If someone actually managed to successfully do Mein Leiben this way, with the input lag and only an hour at a time session, then that person needs a statue built of them in the name of patience lol I haven't attempted it myself but I intend to at some point and the challenge seems immense already without adding these handicaps lol
  10. Absolutely, this would be an awful option to follow. This seems to be, let's say, the first side of the argument. People saying that, it's a form of cheating, there's no point in asking for it etc. I've seen people fully admit to not having the skill to meet the requirement needed, which is totally fine, but they seem to think even though they can't do it they should still have a trophy for it and this is what is really winding some people up.
  11. So, I've noticed this a lot recently and have asked various people I know how they feel about it and I would like to know what the community thinks/feels about it. There has been an awful lot of people making gaming sessions, either asking/requesting that people do certain trophies for them via Shareplay. From what I've seen most requested ones I've seen are:- • Hardcore S ranks for Resident Evil 2. • Best of the best in MWR for beating the time. • The challenge trophy for the Witness • ....Becomes the Master trophy in Titanfall 2. (I've seen some proper mental requests as well, like can someone do the Mein Leiben trophy on Wolfenstein II which I had a chuckle at I'll admit). In some case it seems people are offering repayment for this, sometimes as something they can do in turn for the recipient, some offering monetary value for the task, sometimes nothing. Now I know how I feel about it but shall refrain from giving opinion in case someone uses it as a jumping point, but how does the community feel about this topic? Regardless of your opinion, keep discussion civil and don't resort to name calling. If anything, hopefully this stops full blown arguments breaking out in session message boards... So, opinions?
  12. Need to go here and create a Session if you want to boost trophies mate. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions Just choose your time and date and any details, then pick out what trophies you would like to go for. Keeps the forums from getting cluttered with these requests. Good luck with your Boost!
  13. Even boosting this game is a pain in the backside from what I've been told mate. Something about the War trophy rarely being successful due to bad online not everybody ever gets connected or stays connected etc
  14. The same way they do what they do in the first place, by being silly and immature. That's just a guess but I can't imagine anybody who actually gives a damn about getting the most out of their games etc doing nonsense like this to boost a number that literally means nothing, except to the owner
  15. If you consider SoM tedious then do yourself a favour and don't ever start Star Ocean: TLH... Probably not one for RPGs in all honesty, personally i wouldnt consider SoM tedious (only played the original so I don't know if they e added anything) so if you find that, I'd steer clear of the genre.