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  1. No, challenge mode is online and can't be accessed by offline means but thats all. I did NYM online and NYMHC offline to help minimise opportunities of a crash.
  2. I don't remember the situation exactly but i know the reason. Its something like when you first start the game, you get asked to go rescue someone from one of these locations at random Slaughter House, Lumber Yard etc (mine was Lumber) there will be a diamond there. Just look at it like the green ones are 'potential' ones based on that. Thats why if you count up all the Blues on the interactive map and add one green you will get the total for that square shown. Hope this helps you mate.
  3. I've often wondered but I'd probably switch sites at first though i imagine i would ultimately just throw in the towel with trophies. Might seem extreme but i can't visualise being thrown off the site, i don't see the accomplishment in cheating for a higher number, more impressive plats or more games even - as i loss in every aspect (through time, enjoyment and experience) so its harder to put myself in those shoes if that makes sense?
  4. I've heard the same about the game mate but i can only give my own experience. I'm 20 hours into the game (I'm very slow with Fallout games, no stone left unturned etc) and I've had 3 freezes, on all 3 occasions I've lost maybe a minute or 2 progress as the game auto saves with every zone or building entered. This is playing on the UK Complete Edition with 3 saves active in my list. (Just because of Bethesda games going mental if you stack loads of saves and flood the cache like Skyrim did). If you're careful and playing just the standard I'd say go for it, its very enjoyable and I'm finally starting to see why people love NV over 3.
  5. Non-mandatory? How would that possibly work? Its very unlikely they will change server status and even less likely they will change the trophy list requirements. As Fawlty says, it takes away from those that did the requirements in the first place. MKX had the invasions fixed (whether the petition helped or not is anyones guess) because the game is still active but MK9 had been dead a while before the servers went down. It sucks when you get locked out a Plat, i have several on my list including this, but everyone needs to suck it up, take it on the chin and move on. Looking for other ways leads to wasted time and folk trying workarounds etc through frustration. Sorry if it seems harsh but its true, this won't work especially for games of this age.
  6. Hey mate, just checking in, did you have any luck at all getting it to unlock? I started and finished this last night and the stats i had once trophy popped were; 2hrs, 3.6k damage landed; I've seen less juggling at the circus...jeez Kitana is a try hard and a pain in the arseπŸ˜‚ Also, not sure if its been mentioned before but i found this helpful so dropping it for others, using Raidens X-Ray drops 13 hits and is tracked in the invasion stats so helps keep a better tab on hits than damage estimation imo.
  7. Yeah its def odd you're nearly 4 times over the average. Its a pain but might be worth what i said above if it doesn't, writing off a trophy is always heartbreaking even a little.
  8. Jeez mate you've been building that number a while, I'm so sorry thats happened. Maybe if it doesn't pop and theres another invasion in the coming week; Back up your save and delete the save and do it from scratch in the time limit? Might be more productive than building on the number with potentially no end? Hope it pops for you 🀘
  9. You can never have enough San Andreas! The PS4 version is a direct PS2 port, PS3 is a port from the iOS version. Its not unplayable by any means and looks sharper (to a fault) than the PS2 port but it does have a few annoyances, the jumping is a little contextual for some reason which can be a pain and the timing is a little off in the Low Rider sequence (theres a few threads about it being really finicky to get a good score on) thats things i can remember bothering me but its not all bad, just not the same as the original. PS unless you can get it for a good price, stay away from the physical copy. It got a very limited run and can be very pricey in most regions.
  10. You're playing an RPG...speedruns, material grinds (especially) and ending playthroughs are bread and butter for most. I'm just going by the original, but you're supposed to go for these in your second to third run of the game, if you cared that much then leave it to the third playthrough, that way you'll have seen the Cutscenes-the fleshed out versions with the extra dialogue in the other run and then speed through the bosses inc skipping the scenes for your trophies. Or you could save before the bosses and just reload for the time trial aspect. Remember we are a set of people in a niche hobby/interest and not what the creators might have in mind at all times. We are the minority when it comes to it and most devs only add these trophies cause its a requirement.
  11. Odd request and everyones probably passed it now but my partner recently got into it, does anyone have Peaches and/or Apples in Animal Crossing: New Horizons they could spare one of for a quick trade? πŸ˜… it would complete the set as she has the others. Also @Dr_Mayus i love that cat! Always hood for a laugh. That, the Billie Eillish video and the Witcher ones were so well done 😁😁.
  12. This is incredible mate, i applaud the dedication to putting it all down, especially the parts that detail when DLC is only on the game store and not the shop front. Seriously great work, it will help a lot of folk in these last few months of scramble. Legend.
  13. Smashing!! when did they go away exactly?
  14. Thanks for the reply man, yeah I'm the same, probably found the same vids/posts. Ive not really gave it much more of a shot, just taking a short break from it atm. Thanks for the info i might end up doing that pause thing if it comes to it. Hoping that i just get lucky with it but that poker, harlequin asshat is gonna cost me a TV or controller πŸ˜… Anyways, hell of an accomplishment, again, you should be proper proud. I'll probably post in like 3 months that i got it.
  15. Hey mate, i saw you got this accomplished last year, good job πŸ‘ Any tips? I've attempted this so many times I'm actively despising more tries. Sometimes i can get to 8 then i attempt again and it feels like 3 is on performance enhancers or something. Tried rhythm, tried speed, tried patience and i just don't get it πŸ˜… or is it a "kitting hitting the nail until its in job"