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  1. The Evidence is in the timestamps themselves, they were marked as being earned too close together and now they aren't and they also weren't on your profile when they are supposed to have been according to that screen. It seems you've been caught out, we dont need to see the rest of your profile to make a decision so you can stop holding it from public view like its a prize to be won, its up to you to provide proof that these are legit, but just to remind you-this profile has already been deemed illegitimate for the leaderboards.
  2. It definitely can't be done in an hour. I've just finished the GTAIV online stuff and i would've prayed for a way to get 10 that quick 🤣. OP that's a really weak defense and doesn't tell us much, it could be any number of reasons you did it in this manner, its the longest grind for a start. Only doing that one makes it less likely to be caught out. The "i couldn't have robbed the house as the TV is still in there" is just a deflection.
  3. You have 2 options. Unfortunately you will have to hide the game regardless of how it was unlocked as it isn't legitimate for the leaderboards. Or keep it on your profile and forfeit you placement on the boards. You couldn't have Platinum'd the game anyway so it wouldn't be a massive blow to your profile. On a side note did you cut the power while it was unlocking that way? Such an odd way of them popping.
  4. I'm with you on this one, can only keep fingers crossed but it probably won't happen. Not sure why but i love Roguelikes on the Vita, its just a very suitable genre for a handheld with that "one more go" mentality. Still waiting for Gungeon to be playable on it lol. Oh well, this is a pleasant surprise. Didn't give it much hope after the time lapse since the last but better late than never.
  5. I know mate I'm with you here, I was desperately waiting for Windu. Hell i wouldve been chuffed with Qui-Gon, Old Ben, a turned version of Anakin and Kylo so they are playable with small tweaks for there opposite sides. Still so many possibilities that will never happen, probably even with a 3rd installment. Oh well it's still came a really long way since its release and they could easily have left it where it was (seriously can't believe they took the time to fix it at all 🤣) it's been a lot of fun and I've had more fun out it than I have done with most shooters this gen.
  6. Theres not really anyway to prove it as far as I know and that's what the problem is. Theres nothing to have stopped you loading in getting one, logging out and back in and recording yourself doing it on CC or with Phone (could be wrong but AFAIK) You would be best asking a member of the CRT by looking up the staff member directory, messaging them and getting the word straight from them. Here: Also don't worry if they don't get back to you instantly, none are online and they all have FT jobs, families etc. Be patient 😉. Mostly as you will just get a bunch of yes and no answers in here and ultimately you would end up just taking the answer that suits your intentions, as we all would. Good luck.
  7. Theyre most likely dealing with the 100 or so that were flagged before them, you have to admit its not a very thankful job to be doing as somebody from each side of the fence moans at them no matter what way the argument goes usually. Everybody complaining about the whitelist function, i dont really get 🤔 Thats why you can hide the game and not be stricken off the leaderboards, you get that leniency in case of things like this. It would be a lot worse if you had a trophy popped in a game beyond your control and completely lost your place because of it. Then i would get the aggravation about the situation. Also if it was implemented into the whitelist the way people are calling for it, (which last i heard had already been put to bed, as SR stated it just wouldnt fly being done that way) it wouldnt count towards your total anyway, sure the list would be viewable but it wouldnt count for anything numbers wise and people would see that because majority in the know are aware of its problems. A lot of the folk desperate for this feature are also ones with 3 strikes that are using this as the last straw to grasp too to get back on the boards forgetting that they had essentially already closed the casket lid before the nail got hammered in.
  8. So, over just a pool mini game that takes a bit of parience, it negates the other 90 odd hours of awesome story, quirky and interesting side quests and the fully realised world youre given to explore? Thats a shame, pass from me then...
  9. Which is why this system exists in the first place, i know it sucks having to hide it after all your work but at least you have an option and arent just taken off altogether. You couldnt have Platted the game anyway sadly so its not a massive loss.
  10. The playstation 3 can have a tendency to be a little backwards at times but you will need to explain how you beat Veteran then 20 mins later Hardened mode without having the American, British and Russian story milestones pop first. The reason will need to be better than "PS3 sucks, its not my fault" as that doesnt explain anything useful. Portugese to English translation for reference: And am I to blame that the system sucks? Both in one and the other I did according to the rules.
  11. Im reserving myself till i hold and use it first hand. I didnt like the PS4 controller when it was first shown and now i collect the damn things lol same with the Gamecube, its one of my favourite and to this day confortable controllers IMO but when i first saw it in Magazines etc i thought it looked like Nintendo had licensed it from the same that made that colourful little xylophone/piano thing that toddlers play with 😅 anybody else thinks it looks like the androids from Detroit when the skin isnt on... 🤔
  12. Ive been doing 2 recebtly and so far every game mode has been populated and its been enjoyable just getting bits and pieces done while having fun in the game itself. Currently 57% done and 2XP is active atm so thats a bonus. PS @KTILLA23 you also get a bonus +1 for being a boss for having Fei as an avatar 👍
  13. Is that the excuse you used/will be using? Cause yours are popped too close together as well...
  14. I honestly dont mean this to come off like i know its going to, but if you really wanna get back on the leaderboards mate, with the exception of your Dragonball titles theres really no major time sink games on your profile youve platted. Might just be worth mulling it over if you care. (I honestly dont mean any offense or anything as any plat is an accomplishment, i just mean from a stat perspective, 11/326 completed games etc)
  15. Not saying this is you or that you have done anything unorthodox mate but, just so you know the folk that do cheat trophies are usually always daft enough to boast about it -or- more often than not dig their own hole before getting shown that they fell in 😅😅 hope this gets cleared up for you.