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  1. Odd request and everyones probably passed it now but my partner recently got into it, does anyone have Peaches and/or Apples in Animal Crossing: New Horizons they could spare one of for a quick trade? 😅 it would complete the set as she has the others. Also @Dr_Mayus i love that cat! Always hood for a laugh. That, the Billie Eillish video and the Witcher ones were so well done 😁😁.
  2. This is incredible mate, i applaud the dedication to putting it all down, especially the parts that detail when DLC is only on the game store and not the shop front. Seriously great work, it will help a lot of folk in these last few months of scramble. Legend.
  3. Smashing!! when did they go away exactly?
  4. You keep passing the buck, its your account and its your responsibility. You admitted yourself to using a friends save, which has caused trophies to pop in a manner not normally obtainable through proper play. This results in the game being flagged. You might not find it fair as it was years ago, but the 2 flags before being off the LBs is designed for people like you who did something silly in the past like this or used the unencrypted saves for quick plats back in the day. You might not like it but neither do people who spent 50 hours+ finishing the game legit. Either hide the flagged items and continue on knowing better or don't and wait 'for a better site' off the Leaderboards.
  5. Thanks for the reply man, yeah I'm the same, probably found the same vids/posts. Ive not really gave it much more of a shot, just taking a short break from it atm. Thanks for the info i might end up doing that pause thing if it comes to it. Hoping that i just get lucky with it but that poker, harlequin asshat is gonna cost me a TV or controller 😅 Anyways, hell of an accomplishment, again, you should be proper proud. I'll probably post in like 3 months that i got it.
  6. Hey mate, i saw you got this accomplished last year, good job 👏 Any tips? I've attempted this so many times I'm actively despising more tries. Sometimes i can get to 8 then i attempt again and it feels like 3 is on performance enhancers or something. Tried rhythm, tried speed, tried patience and i just don't get it 😅 or is it a "kitting hitting the nail until its in job"
  7. Of course you will say that though, you're biased on the subject as it directly effects you. Does your buddy still have your user on his system?
  8. Honestly mate, just mark it in notes and grab it on the next PT. As EE said you need a minimum of 3, i missed 2 collectibles in the school, restarted and when i was doing my 2nd and 3rd PTs i was like "-.- that was a complete waste of time starting again, never out this place it feels like" hope you're enjoying the game, its a bit jank in parts but i wish the whole series came to PS as it was genuinely enjoyable, except that bloody burger spin side mission...
  9. Wow they really are trying to phase the platform out properly when they won't allow straight transactions from DC and CC 😪
  10. When you started this game (Mar '09), according to your trophies, you only had 3 months left to obtain Real World Winner. You got it (Jan '11) a little more than a year and a half after it was no longer obtainable (3rd June '09) through legitimate means. So you will need to rack your brain to remember what happened, cause otherwise it looks like savefile usage or edited timestamps. As your profile says: fix those lies.
  11. The plot thickens...maybe op thought it would have limitations? It usually gets deleted so i won't but *insert dramatic beaver gif here*
  12. Mines works the same as yours mate, on PS3 when you sync thats it, its a waiting game. There is no background sync, you watch the bar are prey it goes quick. I even sign out after syncing to look at list progress as when i come back out the game it freezes me till its done loading my whole list. Worst thing about the system.
  13. Yeah! Then make him a cake of bees! What a shit gift, im sure he meant well but still.
  14. If its a great injustice and you've been flagged due to haters, then it shouldn't have to be hidden mate, that's not a thing. You don't keep flags you didn't bring about except in 1 or 2 instances (modders popping trophies in BOII for instance). Yeah though, wait and see what the CRT say.
  15. Hide anything else you did the same way, I'm seeing one or two things that are quite suspect, so don't try your luck.