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  1. The mods don't care how high you are on the leaderboard, they've stripped ranking from several types of people; high rankers, people who have contributed to guides and roadmaps, some more well known forum members. There's no favouritism getting shown here, just an odd situation which I'm sure if anyone here had been impacted by the same thing and been called out for it you would be rallying the other side of the argument.
  2. And just like the people of Gilligans Island, this still ain't going anywhere, even during reruns...
  3. Same, I saw him do a review on this aaaaages ago and it seems fun, I'll get round to it at some point
  4. Damn! It's ridiculous how people can do stuff like that and at the other end of the spectrum there's people out there too lazy to do Sound Shapes and Telltale games without a downloaded save. OT though, if you're wanting to get a group together for various GH games, just in case they go offline, I'd make sure they are dedicated and not just 'up for the idea of getting some UR platinums'. Those games, especially Metallica from what I understand are no joke (and is one of them (greatest hits/smash hits, something like that is already down and has been for a while?). Wish you all the best with it though @mikey-72.
  5. Bloody hell @Lance_87 don't show @Sergen stuff like that. We will see him make videos of showing people up in Injustice using a guitar or beating ninja gaiden 2 with just a foot pedal from the drum set or something. Meanwhile I'm trying to figure out a budget I'd need to do both with a controller (read as: multiple controllers and dents in the wall)
  6. Even if this scenario turns out to be true, it's still not wanted on the leaderboards here I'm afraid so you will have to hide them, you can appear on the leaderboards still if there are no more flags. If you have used alternate means to get these done (not accusing just hypothetical), save file from Internet etc or even your own old one for any other game, hide them now. Just a friendly FYI, because your list will come under scrutiny now.
  7. You unlock Professional and Star 69 at the same time, care to elaborate how you did this? You also got the All Intel trophy to pop before the one for half of the Intel found (usually the common pattern for a downloaded save file). Thanks for at least trying to upload something that resembles proof, but it unfortunately doesn't prove anything other than you go 'downed but not out' before your plat, the video or whatever would need to prove and answer the above question to be useful. As for Cod Classic I count at least 10 campaign missions you've managed to skip ending up in Berlin and finishing the game on Hardened, also not something common cause it would make the plat a lot less tedious if you could just play the last level on each difficulty and run the story or regular.
  8. I know when I played on PS3 on my original account I didn't get Interactive Drama when it was apparently unmissable, i tested it a bit, if I didn't finish all the work Ethan has to do on his architecture project or play with Shaun and Jason fully (not running around with Shaun on your shoulders around the garden and just putting him down asap) it wouldn't unlock when it was supposed to. You're the first person other than myself encounter this problem mate lol when you to do it again: make sure Ethan signs his name, put out the plates and do a full lap of the garden before putting Shaun down and win the sword fight with Jason, that's always done it for me.
  9. If it's the older more squared original ps4 you have, I had this problem shortly after launch when I relocated the unit. If you look under the system the eject button (for some reason) hangs over the edge. Maybe the added pressure from the cloth did the same thing with your, where it was essentially reading as you holding that down. If it's a slim then I dunno lol
  10. To be honest guys and don't get me wrong, I hope it works as I've lost a platinum in Resistance 2 (Internet issues at the time) but even if they had given you the 6 months, there's a massive chance you wouldn't have gotten the 'Dedicated' trophy in the time anyway. Personally I waited an extra 4 months before mine decided to pop randomly. It's a glitchy horrible trophy so even if this scenario does go your way, be prepared for sadness either way
  11. I know this is technically unrelated and may not help anyone, but the same thing happened to me in the dying days of MN:Roadtrip for Vita. I had to backup my save and delete my game, then reinstall and reapply save to get it to work. This is just an FYI though, I don't know if that would fix anything or if the online data is stored the same way, so maybe read up on it as a last resort. Wouldn't want anyone losing already made progress just to end up losing everything with no bug fix
  12. The evidence is in the timestamps. You're right this isn't an official site, but why are you so bothered about that? If it is legit though do you think anybody really cares about how much faster you got the treasures in uncharted using the method you supposedly used? No, so why put yourself through all that extra work, just play the game the way it's supposed to be played and be glad of the experience.
  13. It wouldn't matter if "it's allowed by Sony" which by the way it's not, hence why majority of games have save encryption now for this very reason, Fifa 09 didn't have this but that still doesn't make it okay. Sony doesn't run this website, it's just a very well made independent site and its not wanted on the leaderboards here. By the way, your analogy is silly and isn't in the same vein as what happened to you, the analogy you used would be if you boosted with the help of another player to get the trophy and someone tried to call you a cheater for getting help, which you didn't. You took someone elses work, tried to pass it off as your own and got caught for it, so yes it's considered cheating, as it would be in school for instance, if you passed someone else's work off as your own which you're taught from a very young age, is wrong. Sorry if it seems like I'm being rude, but you won't get anybody agreeing with you that what happened to you is unfair, except maybe someone else that got caught the same way.
  14. So is this technically the 4th disputed game? The Nathan Drake Collection (1-3) and Dark Souls II:SotFS by the looks of it, that's 4 flags so far, unless more are found or some get successfully disputed (which isn't likely because you've already admitted to save slumming the order of the treasures in UC) so looks like you will be taken off the boards mate.
  15. Hey, I know there's a language barrier but it may even be better if you try to explain in your native tongue because you keep repeating yourself and we are still none the wiser as to the point you're trying to get across. What is this huge or continuous notification you speak of? What triggered it? Was it something to do with the game? (along the lines of gamelan recording blocked etc) I know things like notifications can make trophies act odd or delay them a little, but for them to delay, all through a ten minute game to ultimately unlock within 35 seconds of first to last, is a bit much to imagine or comprehend (without proof mind you, which you may be able to provide and then it would be a different story) Even answering the above questions would help us figure out what happened or whether it's a plausible scenario.