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  1. Most folk want something for free when it comes to this stuff I've found, it's sad that you have to expect 'payment' first but something that you're perfectly at liberty to do with what you are doing for people. It was more the fact there was no offer of anything, no please, nothing from them, and as I stated they've had time to run the series (SP campaigns) at this point so it's really just unwillingness and laziness at this point on their part.
  2. 《User has already stated twice that they feel they've run enough people through it, I think you'll have to find someone else I'm afraid.》Just an FYI for the future, it really doessnt look good (unless the settings dictate otherwise) when you won't even bother to send the person you expect to help you a FR and you expect them to add you, they would already be going out of their way for you. (Side note: between your first request and last one you could've run this game on this difficulty setting half a dozen times by now lol) 《Since advised otherwise》
  3. If you consider SoM tedious then do yourself a favour and don't ever start Star Ocean: TLH... Probably not one for RPGs in all honesty, personally i wouldnt consider SoM tedious (only played the original so I don't know if they e added anything) so if you find that, I'd steer clear of the genre.
  4. Through Vita and PS4 you can delete it via the actually trophy system. If it isn't synced with your actual profile via online, you could delete your local user and that would sort it. Other than that I'm not sure, but it wouldn't effect anything having it hidden, can't show hidden trophy number on a 0% Game after all.
  5. It's been done so it looks like it could be legit. 100 logs is the first trophy and it should usually be Romper Stomped, Patient on the Loose or Shoot the Limbs. They also got 4 fully upgraded weapons at one time and fully upgraded stasis and rig, even with a duplication method I don't think you can buy Power Nodes to put into stuff. You're guy is right mate, the list is bogus at first glance if you know what to look for. Only reason I saw it is I was playing this today It's already been reported so I don't mind mentioning your Final Fantasy XIII is completely BS as well. Love to know how you got Treasure Hunter without maxing a single Crystarium role or completing all Cie'th stones missions.
  6. I don't know if I'm misunderstanding the way you've written this, but why would there be a save sitting there after buying ps+? (explanation from the OP please)
  7. They obviously don't care enough to even follow simple guidelines. I bet they copy pasted the one word too...
  8. A lot, a little over 1000 I think. I have my own reasons for doing it, neither to do with being ashamed or having cheated anything. I just don't like seeing my list with all that red on it and the bars all empty (it sounds ridiculous I know but it's a side effect of the anxiety I have, I'd start pressuring myself into doing them quicker, spend a load of time and frustration attempting to make a system out of it and then when it isn't going as fast as I want I'd start getting disheartened and it would put me off doing anything else etc) it's a horrible cycle that I know might sound stupid and petty to most, I even know myself its silly and that it's just trophies, they don't matter but it's a very real thing I deal with no matter how small others see it as. I get worried and panic when I see people pointing fingers at people in the disputes section for having x amount of hidden trophies but I do also know that it's something people who alter trophies do quite often, see? Back and forth I go. It's something I have worked on loads over the past year, bringing my total from somewhere in the 3.5k region to where it is now at just over 1k just by chipping away at some older games i never fell into right awat and I hope at the end of this year it will not be a thing. TLDR; loads of hidden trophies, I have issues that cause it, no matter how pathetic people find it, it's a very real issue I deal with. No I don't cheat it's for my own benefit. Laters
  9. Unless you can prove that something fishy wasn't done with Street Fighter IV or the two copies of Injustice then no, nothing can be done. You are at your 3 flag limit and are removed from the leaderboards because of this, there is no ways around it unfortunately.
  10. If anything it makes the legit users like us look really nice and lets be honest how many people that have cheated trophies actually heed the warning and hide anything, they either don't bother or think "nothing else would be found" it's like a claxton type warning before the banning starts, kinda like the Purge movies. The siren goes off then MMDE, grimy (and now B1rvine it seems 👍) run around with giant hammers with BAN written on the base 😋
  11. It's a nice idea and all mate and some of the games are quite fondly remembered but these are mostly like old school Amstrad, Speccy ports etc that Ocean did. The licenses of these games will have died years ago and would never come out on PS4 as there wouldn't be enough demand for them. Most Americans have probably never seen half of Oceans games outside of Youtube videos. As I said, nice idea, wishful thinking and I don't wanna sound like a downer but; What can we do to get it out for Ps4? Nothing, Sony wouldn't touch a project like this ever. What can we do for publication? I can't even think of a company that would foot the bill for an odd collection such as this so outside of emulation and roms I doubt it would ever happen. Same goes for your Taito post, even if Taito/current owner SE would want to put those Flintstones games out for whatever reason, I'm pretty sure Nintendo would have something to say about it. They do still actively fight emulation to this day and probably still have their claws in it somehow.
  12. I agree, the OP is just clearly stalling thinking he will either change your mind or that you will give the ol' hair ruffle, pat on the back accompanying a "get out of here you scoundrel, don't do it again" line. Nothing of what he has said is very believable and is obviously feeding MMDE garbage with pictures of other products, says g they are actually the version of a game that doesn't exist. I worked in games retail at the time FIFA 09 came out, to my knowledge nothing like this existed. The UT patch gave the PS3 version trophies which was March, RWW became unobtainable in April. If EA had sold a newer version of the game at this time just to do that there would've been articles all over the place about it (especially because this was when EA were riding high from the previous holiday season where Dead Space and Mirrors Edge were released and people were talking about how EA were trying new things and applauding them for it, this scenario would've been bigger news than it was. TLDR; I don't buy it and you will need proper sufficient evidence to prove otherwise, also stop saying "I'll show you my FIFA skills" it makes you look like a 7 year old boasting.
  13. You shouldn't really have the trophy then. Go back to it in a few months and the game hopefully won't be as stale, but if you aren't doing it yourself you really shouldn't get to show the trophy for it like you have.
  14. Same, I had no clue but I was instantly stoked when I saw it lol crash and the boys is probably one of the most hilarious couch multiplayer games I've ever played and the few that I've played I've enjoyed of the other Kunio kun games so I'll pick it up at some point and give the plat a bash.
  15. Damn that is a sexy set if I do say so myself. I don't think I'd have paid that for it but I would've fought long and hard with the thought at least. Very nice pick up mate.