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  1. This, it might be safe to say, is staying flagged with the KH and the Arkham games. We should have this locked so they can get back to glitch farming Gales in Traverse Town with Bambi and Commissioner Gordon.
  2. I would have a tough time saying this is legit imo@MMDE. The loading times alone would make the first 2 trophies further apart. Even freeflow silver into gold are a bit close, you would have to have a perfect run on every map AFAIK. I'm not saying it's impossible, just doesn't seem plausible.
  3. Not possible to get this trophy before HB, you need access to the End of the World and the enemies Angelstar and Invisible which have a 8% and 6% drop rate respectively for an item called Gale, the aforementioned item is used in 5 of the 30 synthesis 'recipes'. You would also need Stormy Stones from Neoshadow for 2-3 recipes and this heartless can only be fought in one room in EotW, impossible to see before HB.
  4. Not saying it's impossible but your time to plat overall is quite astonishing, even on easy and using a guide, to get all the collectibles do the challenge of the gods and the speed run trophy? Quite the feat!
  5. I need to ask @tlal_q8_22 when the trophies started popping in black ops 2 what did you think/do?
  6. Advanced review copies maybe. There a store near me in Glasgow where you can get new releases almost a week early most times, they charge an extra 10 for it but you can get it that early. Usually just the what and who you know. No point in getting agitated about it mate, somebody will always have it sooner lol
  7. Hey there's no need for that cheek/hostility, especially when you want others to listen to you. Your story is very weird, why would you back up a save and not sync your trophies, especially after finishing a game? Were you online at the time you played? At the very least you've popped trophies in a weird order using your save or someone else's so it's against the rules regardless. PS it might just be a language barrier but I'd consider it an "upgrade" going from a HDD that was busted, burned, fried!! To a working one imo.
  8. You're supposed to be the one with any ideas mate, I don't mean to sound rude but you have to look at it from our side. MMDE or anyone else isn't gonna sit and give you multiple options or stories as to what could have happened cause then you are likely to go "yeah that's what happened". With trophies popping like this you must, somehow, know what happened or are hiding what happened. Not saying you did because I wouldn't want to accuse anyone but if you have used a save, it's actually less embarrassing to fess up and not get caught out to be honest
  9. Post the reason you are flagged for please, you might not see it but it looks like you are just ranting about something to do with guitar hero.
  10. The jump-rope and the Excal II trophy puts a lot of people off I'm sure, not an easy feat speedrunning FFIX.
  11. That's a stretch man and I'm being polite with that term. It's pretty clear that MMDE knows what you've done, he sees this all the time and can probably tell with a seconds glance now. But if you get hacked and lose control of your profile, those people will check for details on psn accounts etc and what they can salvage or destroy, they do not do annoying/tougher parts of games for people so that when they get the details back you have an easier time with platinums....
  12. My 3 latest (I don't often get plats back to back, but when I do....) They happen to all be ultra rare lol #104 Modnation Racers: Roadtrip #105 Transformers: War for Cyberton and #106 which I'm very proud of is Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Never really posted in here but I'll start, just felt so good after getting BOI, not the hardest plat but blood sweat and almost tears went into it, so very to finally have it. The DLC can get stuffed for the time being
  13. Nope, I'm with @Cleggworth on this one. I wouldn't care so much about if people were having things like terminator salvation etc but giving people essentially a free pass for getting free plats on some of the well known harder games to get platted? No way. I know the black ops 2 and waw ones happen without the knowledge of the person and that isn't fair, so maybe adding a 1+ or something to the number of flags like we do with Socom and Fuel and still having to hide, but I'm not on board for just allowing them to display it because then people will start actively hunting these lobbies. There's countless posts about these lobbies now so if you wanna play the older cods online with randoms make a sub account to do that. Even make a topic in the games that this happens on warning people about it so it appears at the side of the lists so they are warned maybe? It's a double edged sword really, I don't like that it happens to people without them doing anything but it still shouldn't be given the go ahead.
  14. I haven't done much more after this but I got this the other day, I didn't get the pop for 'Three of a kind' for killing the drunk guy and the two enemies in the bunks in the mission Crew Expendable. Atthe end of the mission I didn't get the pop for 'Retro Shooter' either. When I checked my list I had got both right on time etc they just didn't pop on screen. Now sure what it is but maybe something by to do with the copperhead update?
  15. Nah he would man, all it would take is one or two people to fall for the trick with half decent accounts or a credit card from parents saved on it and it would be worth it. I work in Credit operations and these people don't give up, although this guy's a rookie to some stuff I've seen, probably couldn't get a free lolly out the dentist with this scam.