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  1. Hope everything is fine! Also thanks for the help, really appreciate it.
  2. Hey guys.. could anyone help me with 2 weapons I failed to get by cutting tails? Both Priscila's and Seath's weapons... the rest I'll try to get on my own but I'd like to have these 2 weapons for my second playthrough. Thank you!
  3. Really.. is there a glitch that keeps this gun from dropping? I've been playing the raid mode for 40+ hours already, almost level 50 and I never got a single ONE of these! Even tried opening super rare cases on RE.NET and it just won't drop! Did anybody else have this problem? Update: I Finally got it. Halfway through level 49 it still won't drop in game. So I just went to RE.NET and burned all may points in cases. it took around 30 case to find one! I reckon the drop rate for this one might be incredibly small.
  4. I just logged into my account and I can confirm that now it tracks when it's more than 999. I currently have 1018 Ooze kills, so maybe that shouldn't be a problem anymore? To be honest I'm not even sure the website and console trackers are the same.. but better safe than sorry, I guess.
  5. Really, this guy helped me A LOT during my playthrough. I'm almost done and I thought maybe I would share this in case anyone is struggling with HC.
  6. From what I can tell I think some collectables might be missable. I found one of the dolls in one of the ghosts specific section and I don't think you can replay these. There's also some easter eggs that have trophies related to them that I think are missable as well.
  7. I just finished chapter 2 today (I actually started on this chapter by mistake... it's the easier to find, I guess) and I have to say that so far I love it. I feel the puzzles are not that hard, for now.. it's basically about finding something here that you'll then use somewhere else, opening new rooms and pieces of the story. A few times you'll have to solve an actual puzzle and I was left scratching my head a few times.. but overall not too bad. My only gripe so far is that, sometimes if you don't know what you're supposed to do you're gonna be carrying an item around that you absolutely do not need. Inventory is very small and there are some items that you just can't store (like a sledgehammer, or a stool...). I think this adds to the "realism" of the game but I spent a long time walking around with a stool because I thought I had to use it somewhere and that was not fun... 😂 Also, there's some really weird easter eggs, but I find them entertaining. Anyway... so far I would strongly recommend the game if you like horror. I'm loving the story and the atmosphere, been waiting for something like this for a long time.
  8. I was so hyped for this game but now that I bought it I can't bring myself to play it. I'm actually scared! hahaha But I'll get there...
  9. Thanks for the reply! I was confused i couldnt find mention of punchline anywhere in the game
  10. What the hell are these? How do you get them?
  11. I finally got it! I used grim missions and killed everybody. I also played on normal and tried to get multi-kills whenever possible. Thanks for your reply.
  12. The trophy guide doesnt go into detail on how to get it and im having some problems getting the points needed. Even killing everybody im still coming short sometimes. I get zero points for ghost and assault but thats still not enough for getting the maximum panther score.. anyone has some tips? what difficulty should we play?
  13. I just got this trophy last week.. I was the last person alive when I completed the gen and then escaped through the exit gates. it popped no problem.
  14. If you're playing killer the queues are super fast, I always find a game in less than a minute (playing in europe at least). Playing survivor it can tike a while.. so play with friends and enjoy the conversation. But the game is far from dead.. I play it every week, there's still a lot of people playing and the devs are always releasing new content, updates and fixes.
  15. Hey guys, im looking for people who can help me get this trophy or who need help too. Just add me and lets do it! GUUUUU2099