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  1. Pretty much the same. Had about 4 disconnects and one lag for about 15 seconds. Other than that pretty smooth. I don't give a fuck what people say, it plays just like a fallout game, and I like it.
  2. Same session or did they log out between revives?
  3. I'm doing daily boosting sessions for these (GMT late evening) and for Never Go it Alone! : Join 20 Teams. Although joining teams and then Field Medic you should get naturally. Join or FR me if interested.
  4. This trophy is a pain in the arse. No skill involved so not technically hard, just need to be bloody lucky. I still need it...
  5. I presumed it was reported the universe is so big you would never meet anyone (which you cant anyway). And tailoring of this statement also means finding someone else's system/planet would be low'ish. This is only my 8th or 9th warp, and I already have two people in the same system. BTW, Tooch24, had uploaded a planet in the adjacent system along the atlas path, but not uploaded the system name.
  6. Just discovered this universe is getting smaller....
  7. Last night I warped into a system with an ongoing space battle. I warped inbetween the local space station and a fleet of ships, one of which was MASSIVE. The fighters leaving the station were firing at the big ships fighters with me stuck in the middle, ripping into my shields. I legged (flew) to the space station. Checked some trades and left the station to find all very quiet with not a capital class ship in sight. I can only presume my sudden arrival to the system sent them all running for the Nebulas.
  8. If you had come to tutorial from another save/world, you may have already been on one or more of the other 7 biomes. (23 total?) If you only ever played on tutorial, then I don't know.
  9. Tutorial only had 16 out of the 17 biomes needed ?
  10. Aaah, ok no worries. I could always get my kids to do it while I'm at work, their minecraft geeks. (*ponders trophy sweatshop*) Muhahaha.
  11. Hi Avatar, Yeah just synced and got the 69%, silly me. I finally got witcher 3 yesterday, so hmm, decisions........ I suppose most of the dlc are easy, that biome one can be a pain though. I hope the dlc will detect where you have been previously on old saves, or will you have to start a new game OR only register where you've been AFTER you D/L DLC on an old save.... ?
  12. Aah I see, on PS3. My PSN profile still states 100%, alought the DLC packs are not completed. ? Aah I see again, PSNP is not updated , Sony app states PS3 69%. FFS, I havent got time to keep going back to old games.
  13. Hi all I need both the online trophies. Starting playing sept 2013. Any help appricated!!!!!!!!! Cheers Ara Psn: Ara_Dax
  14. Seed trophies have glitched for me, and reloading game, even quiting application and reloading does not solve it. New game for me I think....
  15. Want to get 2015 Battlefront. Fallout 4 R6 Siege No Mans Sky Need to get already released Witcher 3 The Order Walking Dead Vita Season 2 Murdered Soul Suspect Need to get whenever released Division Horizon Zero Dawn Final Fantasy 15 The Tomorrows Children Got and still need to complete Bloodbourne Alien Isolation Driveclub MG Ground Zeros List goes on.... Toooo many games, not enough time......