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  1. Its seems your experience is gonna be different from mine. Still searching. 😂😂
  2. 100Hours in and I am 99% sure I still need this rare room and the level 2 event room for the plat. Sigh... keep on grinding. 😄
  3. Overgrown ruins has just appeared with 95%
  4. Yeah that works, although only 2 surveys show up, the rest are weapon progress. The two survey cards do not show tracking details though/no percentage. just playtime estimate and fully explore the crimson wastes message......
  5. Hey. I currently have no activity cards showing, even though I have no survey trophies. Of the six activity cards, excluding B4 Echoing ruins (seen powerpyx card image) do they show gold containment room as a requirement? or just ciphers/logs and archives?
  6. Agreed. Season 3 should at least be priced less that 1 and 2 as it has less playable content.
  7. New Season Pass 3 links updated.
  8. I played the first two missions last night, and its surprisingly good. So IMO its worth playing at least the base game for the plat.
  9. So contemplating playing this, and was confused over the DLC purchases. I didn't think the season passes were very clear on info so I have found out the below in case it helps anyone decide (with UK Store links). Whilst typing this and researching, it seems just buying the season passes will get you 100%. If this info is wrong, let me know and I will amend. Base Game free on PS Plus April. Season Pass 1, £29.99 (Was £14.99 in last April sale) Season Pass 2, £28.99 (Was £14.49 in last April sale) Season Pass 3, £28.99 Released 04/05/2021 DLC's in same order as shown on PSNProfiles list. Season 1 DLC 1, Mission 1 - Terror Lab, £5.79, Also included in Season Pass 1 DLC 2, Mission 2 - Blood Count, £5.79, Also included in Season Pass 1 DLC 3, Mission 3 - Deeper than Hell, £5.79, Also included in Season Pass 1 DLC 4, Caged Fear (Horde Map) - Not available separately on UK PSN Store as free with game. Season 2 DLC 5, Mission 4 - Damnation Valley, £5.79, Also included in Season Pass 2 DLC 6, Mission 5 - Alpine Blitz, £5.79, Also included in Season Pass 2 DLC 7, Mission 6 - Dead Zeppelin, £5.79, Also included in Season Pass 2 DLC 8, Graveyard Shift (Horde Map) - Not available separately on UK PSN Store as free with game. Note: Damnation Valley Horde map is free I believe. I obtained They're coming to get you Barbara Horde map (Final Departure) trophy, but have not purchased Season 2. Season 3 DLC 9, Mission 7 - Terminal Error £5.79, Also included in Season Pass 3 DLC 10 TBA DLC 11 TBA I am presuming at this point, until confirmed None more hard (Base game/last mission) and The blighters got through a second time (Frozen In Fear Horde Map) trophies will not require any purchase (free).
  10. I have just solved it. The three genies I have are the normal ones. I must have started the Luna requests but not continued so she was stuck midway in the first request. I discovered bricks on same wall she was on so was able to continue. 😂 Feel a bit stupid now, but with the fact I discovered others on Google with the same problem, I will leave this post in case it helps others in the future.
  11. Hey, is there a solution to this. Completed game, but Luna is stuck near door in Lighthouse. Have made the 3 genies earlier in game, but I cant remember if they ever went down stairs as videos seem to show. Also Luna never moved the blocks to the beam to the 2 pages. Does this require a game restart?
  12. I had the same running stuttering issue. Also with the same Dualsense, in the menus, like in collectables or loadouts, it kept going down. So must be an issue with left stick not centralising properly. Same controller also affected in other games so being sent back under warranty.
  13. I traded Agronomic Treatments, if you get a buy and sell systems close to each other at the right price you can make +27500 each. T9 with +700 cargo with a modified FSD for range got me about 80m per/hr. Not the greatest but was more guaranteed than mining for me (post nerfs) Took me about 3 weeks active play to hit 5b.
  14. Think I did full ranking with two teams of four doing capture the flag, connecting at the same time to be put into the same map. I worked out (at the time) capture the flag to be the best exp/hr, one person capturing the flags per game, then alternating. But then this was back in 2017. If you were exceptionally good at Death match you could get a better exp/hr I think, but CTF was pretty much steady xp.
  15. Really? Oh shite. Thanks for letting me know. 👍