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  1. I tried this one day and it was pure hell...Need to watch yt and come up with some kind of strategy. Guide said that it is most difficult miscellaneous trophy.
  2. The first I did in CoD WaW was to play DLCs and complete zombie trophies, mostly I played solo and with a friend, but also I played numerous times with other people online...Never saw any hackers or experienced anything of that sort. Most annoying thing was that there was no coordination as everyone was playing for themselves, not as a team...But I did got carried by one team for that 20 wave trophy, so online can be helpful as well.
  3. I just got it last night so it seems that it`s working...Maybe it took me 8 matches to finish up to 25th round, maybe 7...I am not sure, all I know that I have on my list of maps 5 of them showing golden chalice...two remaining I got playing with random people online, but did not registered in my menu, but obviously it did register somewhere in the background.
  4. No, I recently got this trophy and RCXD kills counted just fine. Try to do few more and see what happens.
  5. Thanks for replying but this is wrong. You probably don't remember but you should choose one class (Engineer in my case) and stick with it for all 3 playthroughs in order to reach lvl 60. Anyway question still stands if Engineer powers are cumulative over multiple playthroughs or must be done in 1 sitting. I am going with the latter for now.
  6. Thanks for answering on this. Maybe you remember (if you chased platinum here) your last run as Adept class, which takes you to Citadel for a couple of hours casting that class powers onto fast travel console. My doubt is, if I as an Engineer, should waste my time and get all of 75x trophies in one playthrough, or I can use them across three playthroughs (casual, hardcore, insanity) and they will eventually pop.
  7. I have tried to find out on internet but failed. Does trophy progress for casting powers carry over in new game plus, or for example casting 75 times Sabotage must be done in the current playthrough. I know that kills carry over but nowhere it`s explicitly written what is the deal for powers. Thanks in advance.
  8. #172 REMNANT: From The Ashes
  9. That is exactly what I meant. First time inserting disc into ps3, old game and there is update 1.20 out there...hopefully this should still be working, since download of games will also work.
  10. Will this affect updating ps3 games on discs? Hopefully not, since I have bunch of them that I did not started yet.
  11. If this is the same place I`ve encountered, in that compound there is in the back a big hangar with one huge robot enemy, after defeating this dude my mission ended.
  12. 17 gb patch 1.04 downloading right now... I'm gonna wait to install this before starting the game at all.
  13. I have platinumed Alice Madness Returns, since last update so there goes that one from the list...Still need to complete dlc but with all the info regarding shitty controls I am really put off from starting additional content, for now.
  14. #166 God of War (ps3) #167 Titanfall 2 Man...that Become the Master trophy was the most brutal challenge I have endured so far.
  15. First update, finished God of War and Bioshock Infinite. Next will probably be Alice Madness Returns.