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  1. If this is the same place I`ve encountered, in that compound there is in the back a big hangar with one huge robot enemy, after defeating this dude my mission ended.
  2. 17 gb patch 1.04 downloading right now... I'm gonna wait to install this before starting the game at all.
  3. I have platinumed Alice Madness Returns, since last update so there goes that one from the list...Still need to complete dlc but with all the info regarding shitty controls I am really put off from starting additional content, for now.
  4. #166 God of War (ps3) #167 Titanfall 2 Man...that Become the Master trophy was the most brutal challenge I have endured so far.
  5. First update, finished God of War and Bioshock Infinite. Next will probably be Alice Madness Returns.
  6. Ok, here wo go. Started: - God of War 1 [100%] - Bioshock Infinite [100%] - Metal Gear 4 Guns of Patriots - Mass Effect 3 - COD MW3 (only DLCs left) - The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Vanquish - Alice: Madness Returns [84%] - platinum Not started: - Mass Effect 1 - Mass Effect 2 - Alone in the Dark Inferno - Puppeteer - Catherine - Hitman Blood Money - Hitman Contracts - Hitman Silent Assassin - Dishonored - Killer is Dead - The Bureau: XCOM Declassified - Silent Hill 2D - Silent Hill 3D - Silent Hill Downpour - Metal Gear 2: Sony of Liberty - Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater - Zombie Driver HD - Fallout 3 I probably have more on system or on discs but cannot remember now. If I can play and finish half of these, I will be satisfied.
  7. If anyone wonders, one bad thing led to a good thing....My hard drive in ps3 has began showing signs of near-future-death. I have replaced it with new hard drive, downloaded Chaos Theory again, and game worked normally, all the way to the platinum.
  8. Sign me up. I have 3 God of War platinums. - GoW III - GoW Ghosts of Sparta - GoW Chains of Olympus
  9. 1. Demon`s Souls 2. Demon`s Souls 3. Demon`s Souls
  10. I have digital trilogy of splinter cell games for ps3, and managed to get through first two games without too much hassle. However when I tried to start Chaos Theory, game stays for infinite time at loading screen. Has anyone experienced the same, and successfully reaolved the issue? I have deleted game and downloaded again but without success, same thing happemed after new installation.
  11. No trophies also, PSN and our site clashing again :/
  12. @BlindMango This is some heavy s*it man Keep up the good work!
  13. So, how did YOU solve this problem? To break this chain of unanswered questions....
  14. Just to advise you and everybody else, my problem got solved yesterday. After approx. 10 days of going back and forth via emails to PSN support, finally something was done from their side and I got an opportunity to download episodes 7 and 8. Support was initially sending general replies and some simple solutions which did not helped at all, even repeating the same responses over and over. I have sent them at least 1 email per day, trying to explain the situation, sent them pictures to substantiate the issue and reason with them, finally they have decided that this problem is above their capabilities and they transferred my matter to Handling Team. The next day problem was resolved. So it is possible to help us out, only you must be persistent and coming from the correct point of view. Truth to be told, I don`t give a $hit about Minecraft (I will play it eventually) but do not want to be jerk around for my money, especially when I already spent hundreds of euros for games and ps plus. Cheers!
  15. Ok, if that is the case (Season Pass does not include Adventure Pass) - then I bought Deluxe edition which had all of that. Since I am 100% sure that the thing I paid for had ALL of the episodes. ALL! Unfortunately I have deleted email from Sony from my inbox but purchase date was 06th September 2017. How can you explain that episode 6 is available to me but not 7 and 8, since Adventure Pass is covering for 6, 7 and 8? I am convinced that something has bugged out on psn store when they removed season pass, adventure pass and deluxe edition. I do not really understand what is the point of giving the consumers/players time do download the products they have paid for until some deadline when they will delist any content from Sony psn store, and then remove some shit from store that is preventing you to do get your game fully downloaded.