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  1. Dragon Quest XI S
  2. Kisaragi's Story 50% Cleared Reached 50% in Tomi Kisaragi's story in Remembrance.
  3. idk if it's because of the PS5 or because I brought a new phone, but I'm having a way more pleasant time with the Remote Play app than before.


    Been playing 13 Sentinels on my bed using it, hardly any issues outside of some weird hiccups here and there.

    Feels really comfortable playing a game like that this way.

  4. Modern Warfare 2 Remaster Not because it's the "worst" game, but the lack of MP is a real bummer
  5. Blue sphere makes me sick. Even wheb I was a kid I couldn't stomach them in sonic 3
  6. Heya, the game got an update. You can grind Minos in Big Bang now
  7. Dragon Quest XI
  8. Shenmue III That's one plat I ain't doing
  9. Aight, From those 4 games I'd go with Yakuza
  10. Just to make sure, you didn't redeem Yakuza Kiwami on PS+ before? It was given on it a while ago.
  11. Gran Turismo 5 Whoa
  12. In One Fell Swoop Destroyed 150 enemy units with a single Sentinel attack.
  13. Hijiyama's Prologue Cleared Completed Takatoshi Hijiyama's prologue in Remembrance. Yakisoba-pan time
  14. Nex Machina I need to play that
  15. No Rest for the Weary Stab an injured crawling enemy. I think this is considered a War Crime