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  1. RDR2 Props on that one
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2 Nice
  3. Wolfeinstein II That one trophy scares me
  4. Bloodborne. Nice!
  5. Spec Ops The Line EDIT: Ooff, too late. I'll take Sekiro's plat
  6. By the Way... - Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World So, this game has like almost 300 special cutscenes that you have to watch in-game to unlock the game. (After finishing the game you can watch all of them on the main menu, but for the trophy, you have to watch in-game) The real problem with this trophy, though, is the fact that the game doesn't list anywhere these scenes that you have seen. So what I had done is print a list of all of them in the game, and started crossing the ones I've seen in game. Eventually gave up doing that, which probably was a blessing in disguise.
  7. Hm, now from what game I'd get my 100° platinum?

    1. ahmedelebiary


      Uncharted 4 of you still have it.

    2. AlchemistWer


      Look is father Kevin! :awesome: - Umm, why not finish .Hack//G.U? it's a awesome game.

    3. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Persona 4: Golden would be a nice choice. 

  8. #99 Lord of Ironrath Completed Season 1 of Game of Thrones. Had this and it's episodes installed on my console for more than a year, but never played it. Heard some rumors of people not being able to download this even if they already had brought it, which kinda freaked me out, so I thought I'd finish this before deleting it off. ... It's wank. Now I gotta think long and hard on what game to make my 100º plat.
  9. The PS3 version of Bioshock 2 Congrats on managing that online