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  1. Platinum #89 Super Super Trophy Unlock all trophies Definitely reminded me of the good 'ol days of Top Gear Platinum takes a while longer than I'd like to, but it's a good idea to turn off your brain and play this while listening to a podcast or something
  2. Damn
  3. Hey Fellas. I made a video about ten easy platinum trophies on ps4. I'd appreciate if you guys watched it:


    1. Midnight Kitten

      Midnight Kitten

      Nice vid homie.

    2. DesmaBR


      Thanks, I appreciate it

    3. ee28max


      Amazing video 👍

  4. European Sound Shapes
  5. Platinum #85 Grand Finale Acquire all trophies. I like the first game, it was a mess but, I admired it's ambition. But hmmm, the sequel sure is something I made a video about it on my youtube channel, check it out if any of you are interested Also, don't try to get the platinum. Just don't.
  6. Marvel's Spider Man Really want to play that
  7. Collector Gather all 21 unique accessories. Straight up one of the worst RNG I've ever had to deal with. I'm actually mad.
  8. KH Birth by Sleep Props for defeating the Unknown with Terra
  9. Ninjin: Clash of Carrots
  10. Terminator Salvation Kinda wanted to play that, just to see how bad it is