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  1. Now games can have "Unreleased Trophies"? kinda cool ngl
  2. Fuckin went back to Duel Links, dammit
  3. big brain move
  4. As long as it didn't cause you to unlock any trophies, it's fine.
  5. Legend of Mana
  6. Hard Corps Uprising
  7. @percy547389126yv aight buddy, this is it. Your 1000th platinum.

    Better be a good one.

  8. Page 54: Lost Page "What a blunder... Even with my wounds, I cannot believe that fish bit me. Now my left leg is gone. This battle has gone from bad to worse..." me playing level 3-3 in Mario Bros 3
  9. unknown.png


    I'm getting old

    1. funboy1246


      yea....twerking.....thats what they're doing....sure.

    2. BlindMango


      We have failed to teach the younger generation the history of trolling in online games, if we drop them into one or two Modern Warfare 2 lobbies we'll catch them up to speed in no-time lol

  10. c-can I hold L1 instead?
  11. Hope they'll put in a trophy for beating Demifiend on normal difficulty (or higher)
  12. I haven't played this one in particular, but if you go to the Configuration setting, you should be able to find a "Text Skip" option, select "All Text" instead of "Only Read Text" (Or something, I'm just basing off the VN's I've read) Then, just hold the skip button (Probably , but check the button settings just in case), and you skip flash through the dialogue. Then, just select the correct choices as the guide shows