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  1. Cool, where's the videos? Edit: There's the videos
  2. Smite Seems kinda hard getting it these days
  3. Uncharted 1 Still haven't played that one
  4. Super Street Fighter IV
  5. Yeah, keep pressing until they show up
  6. Hyper Light Drifter Seems like a cool game
  7. First one came out this week, 2 comes out later
  8. Bully Really want that platinum
  9. Platinum #96 Father and Son Obtain all other trophies This really feels like this generation's Resident Evil 4. A massive reinvention of the franchise that could really use some shake-up, and one that just like RE4, I'd be willing to put it on my favorite games of all time. It didn't make me cry per se, but it sure hit me hard at some points. ... But this platinum is a paaaaaaain. Trying to go anywhere takes a ton of time, making backtracking to find stuff especially annoying; the map is unrealiable at best, and most of the collectibles you can only track how many you got, making you guess which ones you're still missing. Also, fuck those green birds that stay really far away, so you have to throw the axe just right.
  10. Hey, mine's fixed now Cool