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  1. FF X-2 HD EDIT: Whoops. Final Fantasy VII
  2. Platinum #80 Extraordinary Adventurer Proof that you thoroughly read "Periplus of the Gaete Sea," written by Adol Christin. Man, I really should've done everything in one playthrough. Playing it again just for the difficulty trophy wasn't fun at all, and Nightmare wasn't even all that hard. Anyway, while I am not a big fan of the path the series has been going, this is a major improvement over Seven and Celceta. Just the fact that you can jump in this makes things far more interesting. I still miss the Ys VI formula; but oh well, I understand why they did this. Really like the exploration part which reminded me of Xenoblade, which is always a good thing; especially since I had originally played this before picking up Xenoblade 2, felt like a nice appetizer.
  3. Demon Souls Some sick dedication in getting 2 plats for it
  4. The Witch of Hemwick Defeat the Witch of Hemwick. It's been 2 years since I last played this game. whoops
  5. VA-11 Hall-A
  6. Wow, definitely Mortal Kombat on Vita
  7. Platinum #79 Batman: The Telltale Series I'm Batman Complete Batman The weakest of the Telltale games I've played; runs like shit, the story is weirdly boring (I like that they tried to do different things with it, but not a big fan of what they did) and it's overall it's a very subpar game. I'd expect better from an IP like Batman
  8. Bloodborne Wish I could just stop and play this for a while EDIT: Whoops. @NeoGrayFox I'd go with MGS2. Great plat
  9. Openhearted Fisherman Explored thoroughly with Sahad. More like I rubber-banded my controller and walked in circles thoroughly with Sahad. Anyway, this is the last of the trophies for my first playthrough, just gonna wait until the patch arrives to do my Nightmare playthrough