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  1. I've been just mashing the random button and choosing the first thing that looks fine
  2. According to Kotaku, Overwatch 1 will become unplayable in October
  3. Platinum #175 Grand Finale Obtained all trophies in Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk. Aight, so this has been quite a long time coming. It took me 3 years, in fact, ever since I've first played it in January 2019 And that's all because of that damn Three Towers of Umbra stage I honest to god could not figure out how to get past that stage, multiple times I would try to start this again and get stuck again. It really wasn't until last year when someone posted the actual full maps of each area alongside a full walkthrought of the game, that I've actually managed to find out what I had to do. Of course, I would end up getting stuck again at the final boss of the game, so that was unfortunate. At least then I just knew that I just had to grind a bunch. It sounded pretty boring, so I've shelved it again. But, recently, I've decided to go back to it and push through it. I've grinded for a few hours... and the final boss went by really easily, oops. Of course, that was just the normal final boss; to plat the game you do have to beat the post game final boss, and that's one scary mofo. Even with my party all at lv 99 and playing on Easy, it was still a pretty close fight. I am glad I am finally done with the game, especially now that the sequel is announced to be coming out next year. Really wanted to finish this before that got released. I personally think this game is stellar, this truly is NIS at their best. And if somehow the sequel is half as good as I hear people say it is, it might end up being my favorite game ever.
  4. Thinking of making this my 175 plat That, or Labyrinth of Refrain
  5. P3P was how I finished the game. But I just wished they'd did a remake, P3P on the big screen is gonna be rough, especially with that AI upscaling they showed
  6. Known for being fan of emojis 👀
  7. Platinum #170 Utawarerumono Acquired all trophies. I remember back in 2017 when Mask of Deception was about to release. I was told by people online that I should watch the anime of the original game that aired in 2005. And that's what I did back when, and I gotta say, that was a pretty cool anime. I'm glad I've watched. But I couldn't help but feel like playing the actual game would've been better, y'know? So when they announced a remake of it, I was planning to get it, but since I had watched the anime and knew the plot, I've though to just wait for a sale on PSN. And so I've picked it up on the last sale it was, and boy am I glad I did. This really ain't as good as the sequels. I'd advise anybody to just watch the anime myself. The SRPG in the Mask games was serviceable, but here it's really bad; the maps are small, and there isn't any strategy for them. The final boss took me a goddamn hour to beat, fucker just had way more HP than he should. The game is also really ugly, running at 720p and 30fps even on PS5. I sure hope this is the last 720p game I play. It also doesn't help that the assets weren't even made for 720p in mind, most likely made for 480p since this was a 2002 game. They even cropped the CG images to fit in a widescreen when they were 4:3 originally, which I hate when they do that. The plot is really why you'd play this game, and it's not as good as I thought it would be. I remember watching the anime and thinking it was skipping stuff from the game, but nah, that's just how it was. The world they made is pretty cool, and I wish I could've seen more of it, but the plot just jumps around with nothing really tying it together. It's kind of an issue with older anime stuff, and I guess I can't be too harsh on this 2002 eroge game. I was actually impressed by how much the main character fucks like, sexual intercourse. Of course, you don't see actual sex in this, but I though they'd just cut those scenes outright, but they just cut right when the sex happens I guess. One thing for sure, I didn't need to see how Kuon was conceived haha. I am glad I have all 3 plats now, but the first game is a bit rough. I'd recommend just playing the sequels. Platinum #171 Living Legend Obtain all trophies. Took advantage of a ps store glitch that was giving the game for free on PS4, and upgraded that for the PS5 version. Told myself that, just like any AAA game, that I'd just wait for a good sale or pick it up on PS+; and me getting the game for free made me want to just upgrade. Like, why not? If I'm gonna play it, might as well be the best version there is. And I'm glad I did, because the PS5 version is divine. The graphics are divine, and the dualsense implementation is the best one from what I've tried. Crossing a wooden bridge on your horse is simply divine, makes me want every game to use it like that. ... Too bad I don't like the game. Honestly, the first 10 hours and so it's pretty hype, but after that you've seen everything the game has to offer. It gets so tiring uncovering all of the ? on the map. Definitely was forcing myself to play this one. The first time you see a fox inviting you to follow it, it's hella cute. But when you're doing it for the 100th time, I was just sick of it. I don't think I'll be doing the multiplayer DLC, at least not for now. It was a reminder that I am really not into these kinda games.
  8. Still have my old PS3 slim I've installed cfw on it, so I won't be using it to get trophies anymore sadly
  9. If it's a game I'm ok with giving the publisher money and I really wanna play it right there, I'll buy on release. Otherwise I'll wait for a sale
  10. Dragon Quest XI
  11. Good compromise. Wish all of the games would have trophies, but I think it's better for as many games to be on the service. Just gonna hope the higher profile games will have 'em, it would be silly if MGS1 or Bubsy 3D didn't have it. ... And they'd be at least one new game with trophies every month.
  12. I dunno
  13. You should be able to buy it separate once it's out And if you brought the PS Classics version for PS3/Vita/PSP, you'll get it for free.