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  1. Last of Us Remastered
  2. Skate 2
  3. End of the Road? Get a gold medal on every track of the solo campaign Boy, I can't believe I actually got it. My very first -1% trophy (At this moment, 0.96% rarity). Just need to get those pesky 50 Trackmasters, and plat will pretty much be garanteed
  4. Lagoon Black clear Complete all Black Lagoon maps (Any medal) just... 10... more...
  5. Source: Steam Community Page Game will be available for free on Steam until it shuts down, if anyone's interested
  6. Would like to play Detroit: Become Human
  7. Valley Black clear Complete all Black Valley maps (Any medal) Phew, managed to do #180. Well, here's me trying the hardest level in the game, according to some people Anyway, now it's my rarest trophy, at 1.23%
  8. The patch still seems to be coming, btw
  9. What features are going away? Hunt (Ranked) Players will still be able to play Hunt by going into Quick play and Custom games Player Profile data Leaderboards will no longer be populated with player data The in-game store will be removed The newsfeed will be unavailable Player Badges will be unavailable Anything related to these features will be unattainable, I'd imagine
  10. True. I added a notice to my post. If I get info on what trophies would be affected, I'll add it in
  11. Source (And more information): 2K Support Website Online may still be available, but some trophies may become unobtainable EDIT: The Instant Artist Trophy may be the only one that you won't be able to get after servers close down, as this feature won't be available anymore. Everything else should still be possible to do with P2P multiplayer
  12. Canyon Black clear Complete all Black Canyon maps (Any medal)