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  1. DC Universe Online That's a pretty fine plat
  2. Actually, it's shutting down this Friday. Congrats on getting it, and sorry for those who were trying to plat it.
  3. Friday the 13th Congrats on that one
  4. Platinum #77 Platinum Collect all the other trophies to unlock I was in a mood for a PS2-era platformer, and I had gotten this together with a bunch of other games on the THQ, so I thought I'd try this one... This game is fucking terrible, do not play this.
  5. Platinum #76 Legendary Win all trophies in the game! Oh man, I finally got it. All those challenges really drained me. Rayman Origin is one of my favorite platformers of all time, but hearing horror stories about the Final Awesomeness trophy drove me away from playing this, but then I saw it at a really low price at a PSN Sale, so I thought I'd finally try it. While I can say that this game reaches higher highs than it's predecessor, it also reaches the lowest lows too. While some stages are incredibly ingenious and had me completely entranced by them, the other ones are Murphy stages; their gimmick just isn't very exciting, and his stages felt really bland in comparison with the others. I even managed to play them how they were meant to be played on the Switch (There's a demo available on it), and it's not better; maybe it's loads of fun if one player is controlling him and the other controlling the character, but by yourself, it's not fun. My favorite parts of the game were the Invasion stages; instead of having to speedrun stages, you get special stages that you have to complete in 40 seconds to get all the collectibles. They're really exciting, and even when I was playing at my best I'd win them by a second or two. Btw, there are online challenges in the game, which is the biggest problem in getting this platinum; even after getting everything in the game, you'll have to at least play it for around 3 months getting those gold cups (Being the top 20% of that challenge) in every single one. You could probably get it in 2 weeks if you got diamond cups, but those are only for the top 1%, and they're way too good at the game. I personally only managed to get it once.
  6. Couldn't believe it when I saw it. Hm, PS4 or Switch?
  7. Titan Souls Seems like a fun game