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  1. Yay
  2. Virtuoso Reach max level with all skills. God, this trophy fuckin stunk. But should be done with the game tomorrow
  3. Gonna say Crypt of the Necrodancer, because it's the hardest in terms of actual skill
  4. If anyone checks if the Junk Shop glitch still works, let me know
  5. Sorry for the bump, but I found these pricks on the groaning grotto. Went to farm skills there, and managed to kill it
  6. Congrats on being so good at the videogames
  7. Congrats chief
  8. Medievil Don't really wanna play that game
  9. Platinum #133 True Phantom Thief Earned all trophies. In a way, this is basically a Persona 5 version of The Answer from Persona 3 It's a sequel to the events of the original game, and it doesn't have social links/confidants. They're also both similar as in they're a fucking disgrace, God, I haven't felt this angry about a game in years. Fuck this stupid ass game. It's kinda hard to really shit on a game like this because it's the kind of game that you're gonna know if you'd wanna play it or not. Personally, I wasn't that interested in the game, I was very bummed out by how the story turned out in Persona 4 Arena, and Atlus releasing a Persona 3 Dancing game of all things. Y'know, the game where that certain someone dies? haha look at them moooooves But knowing myself, I knew I would end up playing this eventually, so fuck it, I'll just buy it know lmao. ... First things first, this game is hideous. Here's a screenshot of Persona 5 Royal Now here's a screenshot of Strikers Like holy shit, I haven't played a game where I straight up did not wanna look at it. The whole game just feels off, everything you look look like shit compared to the original game. Eventually you do get used to it, but the first hours or so, yeesh. The game itself it's fine, it's an Action RPG made by people who make those Musou games. It's way more similar to P5 than you'd think ... Would've been better as a musou, honestly. But it's enjoyable I guess, not my cup of tea. All the P5 features feel tacked on here. But the real problem here is the story. It stinks, it makes me irrationally angry, but it's the kind of stuff that's hard to explain without giving spoilers. So I'll just focus on two things. 1º Problem: The game is weirdly concerned with not spoiling the events of the first game. Makes sense, y'know. Strikers is the only Persona 5 game on Switch and PC, so I can understand that they'd make it approachable to newcomers. Heck, good idea for those who wanted to play P5, but don't wanna play that stupid "turn based" game. ... But they done in a way that makes no sense. These are not your favorite characters from the hit videogame "Persona 5", these are aliens disguising as them. Ann does not mention Shiho once. That's fucking creepy. The characters being gross oversimplification of them in these Persona sequels, but at least they have their backstories on them. Everyone just feels wrong here. But that pales in comparison to the real issue 2º Problem: Persona 5 Royal did whatever this game tried to do so much better So apparently Royal and Strikers were developed at the same time, and apparently there was no communication between the two studios. Which is a bummer, but it's ok. I would've liked the new characters from that game to be here, but what can you do? ... But an interesting thing here is that the new story in Royal and the story in Strikers are very similar, they were both trying to make the antagonists more sympathetic. Which I think makes a lot of sense, the villains in Persona 5 were quite frankly, cartoon'y villains, they were irredeemably evil. And that was the point, you weren't supposed to care about them, because the game wasn't about them. Persona 5 is arguably one of the most cynical and depressing games out there, because it was so desperately calling for attention towards itself. And that was important for the game to convey it's message, a very important message in this day and age. Yes, there was some very contrived, baffling and stupid shit that happens in that game, but it was necessary for the game to hit those notes. Sure, you could definitely done that without being the most stupid game out there, but game development is haaaard. Especially for a game that was trying to convey THAT message. A very hard thing to convey... and still be in Super Smash Bros. So for a sequel, it'd make sense to make the villains more like sympathetic, that would be the natural evolution. And golly gee, doesn't the new semester hit you like a truck? The character traumas in that made a lot of sense, they felt like stuff that could really happen to your everyday person, and they tied nicely to their motivations and how the plot unfolded. Sure, there's lots wrong with it, but it was a great addition to the game. In Strikers, there's one character with a backstory so goddamn ridiculous that I've just started laughing when I saw that. The game really pulled a Sword Art Online on me, smh. And none of their backstories tie in to the main plot, they could've be as evil as last time and the plot would be the exact same. Which makes it that obnoxious when they just shove their trauma up your face. Why do I need to fight the ghost of their trauma!? Why is "they used my name to sell stuff" a trauma!? GROW THE FUCK UP The only reason for them to have sad backstories and shit is so the Phantom Thieves can say "They weren't as evil as last time". I swear, every time someone spoke in this game, I could hear that certain someone screaming SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP God, I wish he were here. Would make no sense, but would make it more enjoyable. Fuck this game. I actually ended up just skipping the cutscenes at the end. I try to watch the cutscenes of every game, no matter how boring they can be, but I couldn't stomach for this.
  10. If you don't get Knife and Fork on the first area, reset. I used the laser to fight the final boss, you can be pretty far away from it and still shoot at it
  11. Aw, so that's how Mankind Sealed it's Fate



  12. You got me there lol
  13. You could use the Playstation Trophies guide But you may also want to dig through GameFaqs threads to find info on certain things Edit: The gamefaqs guide is quite good actually, might be better than the pst one The platinum is quite tough, have a flash drive at the ready and be backing up your save file whenever possible for the post-game stuff.
  14. It was nominated for Best Fighting Game on the Game Awards
  15. Would definitely beat the shit out of me in a fighting game