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  1. Platinum #110 (And trophy nº 6000) A Flash of Light Mastered Trails of Cold Steel III and earned every trophy. First time going for a thousand trophy milestone, and not gonna lie, that was pretty fun. Very frustrating, but very fun. Glad I can keep this plat on my milestones along the first and second games. Not gonna say much about the game, as I feel anything I say is gonna be a spoiler. But I will say that it's fucking bullshit that they expect you to have seen the secret ending of the second game; There must be some people who only finished the second game once, and they must've felt very confused when they see those characters having those kinds of interactions. Platinum #111 Mark of the Advocate Earned all trophies. Playstation Plus freebie for the month, and yeah that was pretty fun. Certainly helped that it had a lot of trophies, it helped me reach my milestone a lot. The only real problem is the gauntlet trophy, and yeah I can definitely see some people not being able to plat this due to it. Took me 2 hours to get, guess Trackmania Turbo's was a good practice. Otherwise, very easy and fast plat.
  2. btw, just reached 1000 posts! Sorry, everyone

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Feels good doesn't it.

  3. The faster way is to get platinum in every challenge. But that's not feasible. Just keep at it. Eventually you'll get
  4. Is there something funky going on with Titanfall 2? Every trophy related to killing Titans is weirdly unlocked way more delayed compared to every other trophy. Reminds me of the good 'ol PS3 days

  5. The new Modern Warfare. Looks fun
  6. Decided to just go for it and delete Facebook. Feels good.

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    2. DesmaBR


      Yes, I deleted all of it.

      Facebook is no more

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      Would that someone would delete the entirety of Facebook

    4. NERVergoproxy


      Don't worry Facebook will have everything there if you ever choose to go back....

  7. Platinum #106,107,108,109 Retro Gamer Earn all other trophies! Retro Gamer Earn all other trophies! Retro Gamer Earn all other trophies! Retro Gamer Earn all other trophies! All the save scumming made me feel like scum
  8. Welcome to the Jungle Started playing the game. In the night's darkest hour, you have travelled deeper into the abyss. I Wanna be In Pictures! Played back a replay in Replay Mode. The Net is Vast and Infinite Fought a Ranked match. Noticed someone from my friend list playing this, and though "lmao, let me ask them if they can help me with online trophies" They said ok, I installed the game and unlocked the online trophies. Not bad.
  9. Marvel Spider Man, really wanna play that
  10. The Witcher 3 Haven't played that yet
  11. Fifa 20 Have no patience for Sports games
  12. I think you'd be fun at parties
  13. Life is Strange Though it'd be funny