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  1. They had to take it down because they put the wrong price on it.
  2. Lego Worlds I like Lego
  3. It's right at the end of the episode, here's a screenshot of when you have to examine it
  4. Defence Debut For completion of Episode 1 of The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures from its opening chapter I heard the first trial was gonna be long as shit, but Jesus Christ, it took me 5 hours.
  5. uuuhh, any tips for Crash Team Racing? Tried playing it on Hard, and got wrecked.

    1. LancashireLad87


      Difficult to say without knowing how you play and what you have trouble with. As general advice I would suggest the following;


      - Make sure you can drift boost consistently getting a perfect drift boost instead of a good boost because it gives you more reserves which is useful for maintain sacred fire/blue fire.


      - Practice taking shortcuts in the time trials for tracks that have them as this will dramatically improve your gameplay.


      - Clever use of items, once your in first position and the AI is bombarding you with missiles, keep an item that can be dropped such as a TNT crate or a beaker so you come away unscathed.


      - Maintain a good driving line by hugging as close to the walls as you feel comfortable, you'd be surprised how much time this saves!


      - Not sure what speed class your using, speed is quite difficult to turn with. I used the Drift Class since it has superior handling and it's not much slower.


      - Don't let the trophy guides mislead you, there are more short-cuts in the game than the trophies tell you.


      - The best way to get better at the game is to play time trials and ring rally


      Hope this helps you out! 

    2. XchocomanX


      Drift boost like crazy. That's what I did. Although after time trials, Hard was a "cakewalk". I knew the tracks by heart.

  6. The game has a checkmark that tells you the trophy requirements So you don't need to worry about missing anything
  7. Great Ace Attorney trophy list is out:


    Seems like a pretty straightforward list, but I think I'll play NEO Twewy first and let people figure out the missables lol

  8. STRAFE. Seems like a cool game, I wanna play that
  9. You do be on that daily grind
  10. The game is 2 years old. Even if no one liked it, it's a bit ridiculous lol
  11. The Final Fight Awarded for fulfilling your destiny at last.
  12. KH RE: Chain of Memories Still the only KH I haven't finished
  13. Saviour of All Erdrea Awarded for defeating the Lord of Shadows and restoring the World Tree to its rightful place. look at me go, whee
  14. You're in for a nasty surprise when you see the Crash 4 trials.
  15. The only thing that counts for XP is the time you spend on a match. You should just play the bots mode and just piss around until the time expires. That's how I did it, but idk if that works anymore