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  1. Pretty sure you can just do that in a single turn in modern Yu-Gi-Oh
  2. Me looking at the platinum image:
  3. Combo Master Activate Ether Tide with all characters. No More Apologies Man... fuck this game lmao
  4. Patapon 2 remastered
  5. Kamitani says that because the project took so long, he cannot help but remember all the problems they ran into. He mentions Atlus getting angry at them for the lack of progress at a dinner after Tokyo Game Show 2018, and feeling that he was going crazy after rewriting the plot over and over again for three years and yelling in the middle of the night. Maenou says that there will never be another game like 13 Sentinels, and that it is absolutely impossible to make a direct sequel, and Hirai says that it is a miracle that it was completed. Kamiya says that even if the game sells well, he would not be able to make another one, and Atlus would not permit it in any case.
  6. Thankfully it does seem like it's selling well nowadays, but the game had a pretty rough development cycle, with Atlus getting pretty mad at them at some point.
  7. Japanese only, digital only, and you couldn't transfer the progress to the full game. I don't think it's available for purchase anymore. The game almost killed Vanillaware, so I guess they needed an extra buck at the time
  8. Dragon Quest XI Wouldn't go back to it now that XI S is out
  9. Yeah, that's the prologue version. A demo containing only the prologue. You had to pay for it btw
  10. yeah, they'll probably make some
  11. Not only for Lego, but for every game. For some reason the PS5 forces HDR on non-compatible HDR games, so that always make it look terrible
  12. One-Day Adventure Recover Shiho's memories. Gotta respect the originality. I haven't played a game yet where fuckin' everybody has amnesia.
  13. yeah, people are a bit too passionate here. Don't overthink it, just play whatever looks fun and you'd have easy access to it.
  14. ok that is epic Did not like how slow the demo was when I tried
  15. Yeah, since you've already have access to P5 Royal, I'd say play that
  16. Just the Two of Us Go on a date for the first time.
  17. For 2022, a new year resolution of mine was to save the posts I like to make on the Most Recent Platinums thread. I like to post my opinion on the games I plat there, and it's definitely the best place to do so I feel, but I've started to feel bad about my long winded posts being lost to time, so I've decided to look back on my posts there on this account and repost all of them here, and after that I'll be posting all of my future posts there too.
  18. Better than eFootball 2022 😂
  19. you can host from the ps5 too, but I think you'll have a better luck hosting on PC and joining on PS5
  20. Just checked it myself, just go to the game's folder and open it's exe multiple times (As much as you need). It can make boosting by yourself a lot easier. Just be mindful that it gives an account error when you open it for the second time, so other instances will have to be guest accounts, so have chat set for "Quick Chat Only"
  21. Think you might be better off finding a way to import a copy from Japan on the cheap. Pretty unlikely tho Japan doesn't do sales on PSN like we do over here
  22. bruh, you can't just post a plat like and not even brag about it. Tell everyone how awesome you are, you deserve it