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  1. 10/10 I like your collection just saying
  2. I did use Ice Titan in ps3 versio as each time it gives 1 or 2 levels up maybe even 3 if lucky with guarding against the ice attacks back at him and ofcourse im going to use this on ps4 versio too guarding always gave like 8 exp and you can get lot of exp in the fight i would say if playing as around level 50 you get to level 100 after 25 battles against it or so
  3. I Need those too but i dont have anything for day but it seems i cant finish it off
  4. I unlocked this and last years skins and everything else in summer games
  5. 10/10 Some pretty hard games out there
  6. I had 100 less than i had and i had 5 wins 5 loses
  7. and even if you had finished the story you couldnt redo any memories
  8. Boundles are cheaper than invidual dlc too
  9. I think both, i dont have all dlc's for all my games but while playing game i try see if dlc price is dropped cheap so i can buy it
  10. okey its time to me stop trophy hunting so good luck to all who still stays to hunt them

    1. Saltyie


      m'kay, see you next week Juke

    2. Souls_BaKer


      Thanks juke ! :)

  11. To me only hard is the city race to stadion, beaten that game meaby 100 times on ps2 yes some points hard but i only still think hardest is city race to stadion
  12. I have glitches with fire, i always get stuck with 2 flames...
  13. Im not sure but i didnt use anything and solved them with no sweat, around 1-2 hours for all puzzle in total
  14. challenge 200 trophies in 1 month if cant do i stop playing

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    2. Neputyunu


      Your dialect must be pretty weird when Juli rymhes with Trophy. (= .... Juke, I cant see SoundShapes six times in your profile. :P

    3. dernop


      yeah, last time it was including auto popping soundshapes IIRC. so that's out of the question unfortunately ;)

      @neputyunu: well, the "y" of trophy sounds exactly like the "i" of juli, whereas "july" would be pronounced like "ei". that's enough rhyming for me :P

    4. juke1974


      Im not going to play soundshape, only game that meaby i add is lego marvel super heroes in the peril on vita