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  1. Oh I forgot, if I can choose my Muramasa portrait I would like Arashimaru. Thanks.
  2. Sign me up please. I have: Aphoteon Axiom verge Dust: an Elysian tale Guacamelee Guacamelee stce Odin sphere Salt and sanctuary Shantae and the pirate's curse Shantae half genie hero Strider Sundered Teslagrad. I have Rogue legacy and Muramasa Rebirth too. My 100%s: Shantae: Risky's revenge Momodora 4.
  3. You can try as much as you want, you just need to win every boss once while taking no damage and once while not using any power. Thanks for this topic guys, it helped me a lot during my valhalla run. The worst were Fe no damage (I mean, really devs? I couldnt even see those stupid flying hammers coming at me...) and Odin no powers. The game is good and fun to play but man oh man, you better pray those RNGods for mercy.
  4. Anytime @Rose Amicitia and Mi2Lethal Thanks guys :-)
  5. For the court house: I used Granny's strat and I have never died there on Mein Leben. The only thing that I do differently is the part upstairs, there I use sturmghewers for killing all the enemies swarming at you and the turret just against the 3 super soldatens. I think this is the best way to deal with that fight. For the final battle: once again Granny's strat worked really well for me, I reached Frau Engel with 96 armor and max health lol. His strat here isnt risk free but it works 9/10 times and I find it to be the most consisten.
  6. I finally got the platinum, it was the hardest thing I have ever done trophy wise. Thats not because of the difficulty (it wasnt that bad actually) but because of those 50 minutes of unskippable cutscenes. I quitted the game and played other stuff for almost a week because of that... Anyway, the game is really awesome, one of the best FPSes I have ever played and the satisfaction for splitting in half that nazi whore's head on Mein Leben is well worth the pain. I can't wait to play the DLCs!
  7. Sign me up please: Killzone Killzone 2 Killzone 3 Killzone shadowfall Killzone mercenary Thank you very much.
  8. Sign me up please: Uncharted: Drake's fortune Uncharted 2 Uncharted 3 Uncharted 4 Uncharted: golden abyss Uncharted: the lost legacy Im a fortune hunter, right?
  9. Sign me up please: Demon's souls EU/USA/ASIA Dark souls Dark souls 2 ps3/Sotfs Bloodborne Dark souls 3 Thank you😃
  10. Add me in champion of the gods please: God of war God of war 2 God of war 3 God of war: chains of Olympus God of war: ghost of Sparta God of war: ascension
  11. Sign me up please. I got: Devil may cry Devil may cry 2 Devil may cry 3 Devil may cry 4 SE Dmc both ps3 and ps4 but I got the 100% only on ps4. If Im not wrong I should be under Smokin' sick style, thank you.
  12. I really liked the first RDR, I hope this isnt going to be too similar to GTA V. That game had a good story but the free roam and multiplayer were soooo boring.
  13. Im going to buy this, Im a huge Vanillaware's fan, I love their games. I hope that someday they will remaster Muramasa rebirth too, that is my favourite title. If you loved Dragon's crown and/or Odin sphere then you MUST try it with all its dlcs. One of my favourite game of all time hands down.
  14. Well, now I have to play it. I see that the box art is awesome, now it became a must for me😁 Im going to buy this, the art design looks gorgeous. Lets hope that the brush works fine with the DS4.
  15. Kidman's dlcs are really good, I hope she'll come back as a playable character in the second game.