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  1. That's just it though, I'd finished up all thirteen of the ctOS towers. I think only the Privacy Invasion icons showed up in that District after I'd gotten the tower there done.
  2. It'll be in the Pawnee District somewhere. I had the same problem on my game along with missing the three burner phone icons on my map in that district. None of the locales for them were hidden under other side mission icons either on my end.
  3. Hmm... that would make sense if that's the case. The site I looked up the locations for just said that I'd get a call after getting that sixth body found but didn't detail a when or if it was story-linked. I'll play through further and see if that clears things up then.* *If that's the case I understand the Missing Persons icons not showing up for Pawnee district but that still doesn't explain how I'd been missing the three burner phone and the QR code icon on my map there. I'd finished up all the ctOS towers already so it wasn't like that was an issue.
  4. I had to initiate a chase for the guys I had to take down, using any hacking to neutralize the enemy cars that followed after to try to stop me. That was the easiest method for me though a good ol' grenade launcher can easily cripple a car or so if you're on foot. I wouldn't recommend that unless you have a vehicle handy next to you or your take down targets might get away while you're clearing out their friends and playing catch up.
  5. I had finished all the way through Act 1 before I realized that I had been missing 3 burner phones, a QR code and a Missing Persons. After scouring my map for their icons I was coming up empty, none of them were showing up. So, I took to the internet. Luckily I noticed that Pawnee had three burner phone locales and so started there on my run with a guide's help and found them all there. But now I have a new problem... I've found all six bodies and I have yet to get the last Missing Persons mission. I looked it up and apparently the serial killer was supposed to call Aiden after I found all six to initiate the last one. I got no such call. I even backed up to the main menu and jumped back in. Damien called me to kick start the next campaign mission but I received no call from the killer for that Missing Persons mission. Has anyone else had this issue yet?