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  1. Honestly I think this game is getting criminally underrated. I'm having an absolute blast with the story and crew, glitches are so minimal I'm astounded at the grilling the game is getting. Fallout 4 is far far worse and seems to get a free pass for everything it failed at in my opinion. The only thing I really consider very underwhelming is the character customization. I went into this game worried and have come out so surprised at how much it feels like a great new mass effect game. The whole concept of settling a new galaxy is a great theme to explore and i'm just loving it. I get the feeling people didn't want to like the game (because of the diversity and SJW label put on bioware) before it came out and this mentality is creating such a negative buzz around the game. Anyway just my opinion take it how you will. For reference to the other ME games I would put Andromeda as my second favourite behind ME2 (keeping in mind I'm about 25hrs into Andromeda). More focus on exploring planets in this game (semi-open world) than the previous trilogy and combat is more mobile.
  2. Hey, could you sign me up for Heartless Armed Angel Rank? I have the Persona 4 Dancing All Night Platinum. Thanks!
  3. When starting out wasn't really trophy hunting but soon turned into a completionist .
  4. Could you add me to Bronze Rank? I have the Resogun platinum. Thanks!
  5. Forgot just how amazing Dragon Age Inquisition is, I really hope Mass Effect Andromeda borrows from it.

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    2. Not_like_therest


      For me its about equal. I loved the relationship my shep had w/ liara and the chars.Especially the citadel dlc. But I love the world/lore (in ME too) and combat equally in DA (comparable to the relationships).

    3. Dani061094


      When I played Mass Effect 2 I felt equally about both series but after Mass Effect 3 I definitely think Dragon Age is the better of the two now.

    4. madbuk


      I prefer Dragon Age. Couldn't get into Mass Effect (although I hear the second is an improvement). The rover controls are horrendous, and it feels like a lot of the gameplay is inside of that thing.

  6. Could you update me to silver rank, I now have; - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc - Virtue's Last Reward Thanks!
  7. Transformers because if the movies are any indication...
  8. Sign me up for Bronze Rank, I have the Danganronpa 1 Platinum. Thanks
  9. This is one of my favourites. It's so epic when you beat the game and it plays over the credits.
  10. #48: Enlightenment Difficulty: 7.5/10 Enjoyment: 7.0/10 Finally got back to this knowing The Last Guardian was likely going to be at E3 2016. Was enjoyable overall, can't say the 2 hour speed run wasn't super frustrating but it was a great challenge.
  11. Enjoys a variety of games, most often completing them. Not much of a multiplayer gamer, loves Jurassic Park!
  12. If this is true then I would expect Red Dead 3 to be unveiled quite soon.
  13. Uncharted Golden Abyss, last Uncharted game I have yet to platinum and I don't know if I can get through all those treasure sets.
  14. Brutal Legend, I remember that I got to 48 wins for the Conqueror trophy and my progress completely reset, still salty . Though I see you already have it, still a massive grind to platinum.
  15. Has anyone managed to find out any new endings? SPOILER; I suppose it could just be that the axe and dummy finger are only red herrings.