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  1. @madbuk I understand what you're trying to say but I just can't get it. There's a couple stages to each level of this mini-game, and the last stage keeps destroying me. Stage 1: Inner and outer circle, no babies, slow spawns, lots of time to hit them (2-4 seconds) Stage 2: Inner circle only, babies, faster spawns, medium time to hit them (~1-maybe 1.5 seconds) Stage 3: Inner circle only, babies, extremely fast spawns, little time to hit them (<1 second probably) Once you get to Stage 2/3, you can't afford to run around and hit them all. So you have to stand in the middle and hit them. But tapping the joystick in the direction of the target and punching at the same time drags you off center, and you have to readjust. Readjusting is possible in Stage 2, but in Stage 3 it really isn't. If you get off center and miss one, you pretty much can't keep swinging and keep up, so you end up missing 4-5 minimum (and often times more if you can get back on rhythm with the targets coming up). Now that I'm on the level of this mini-game where missing any normal target takes away a point and babies take away 2, I'm finding this next to impossible. I haven't hit above 25/40 and most of my tries end up in the 10-15 range. Also, there's basically no guides for this (and I doubt there would or could be). Only advice I've ever really seen is 1) stand in the middle and 2) just have faster reaction time.
  2. I've even completed all the Batman Arkham challenges in every game as well! I honestly believe this trophy is harder than any of those challenges.
  3. I'll be a bit more clear. I don't have any issue with difficult trophies. Soulsborne games have probably been my favorite series of games for many years now. I've completed games like N+ in the past. High difficulty trophies, no death runs, speed runs, etc are enjoyable to me especially because they're challenging and also a legitimate part of the game that the creators have anticipated and designed for. Trophies like "I LOVE PUNCHING" and "Social Lubricant" seem liked tacked on mini-games that add no value to the game whatsoever. It's those kind of trophies I take issue with. And I do believe in "don't knock it until you try it", so I went into this game thinking that this party couldn't be THAT bad. But this mini-game is frankly ridiculous.
  4. This is a bit of a rage post nonetheless, but here goes. As I said in the title, what is it with games randomly putting in random trophies with extremely high difficulty which have nothing to do with the core game itself? I'm currently running through Psychonauts, and there's a random trophy in here called "I LOVE PUNCHING" to complete a 5 levels of a minigame, which even the first level of said minigame seems to require the reaction time of a god. I don't understand why they put this in this game, as it has nothing to do with the main game itself. It reminds me of a another trophy: WATCH_DOGS: Social Lubricant: Complete level 10 against all 3 Drinking Game oppponents Honestly, ridiculous trophies like these makes me remember the entire game negatively, since the time-consuming and frustrating experience ends up being the most memorable thing about the game. Why do developers continue to do this? (and I'm aware Psychonauts is a decade-old game, but I can only assume this damn challenge is in the original game too, and the trophy list was only recently created)